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Apr 14th, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Meet the New Billionaires Club: COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) told Americans on Apr. 1, 2020 that modeling reports suggested COVID-19 infections could eventually “kill 100,000 to 240,000 Americans,which was considerably less than the worst case 1.7 million mortality figure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talked about on Mar. 13,and a fraction of the doomsday 2.2 million mortality figure projected by a scientist at Imperial College London.The next day, Fauci called for an all-state nationwide lockdown7 and CDC officials instructed Americans to cover their faces with cloth masks if they have to leave their homes to buy food or seek medical care.

Coronavirus Vaccines Are Under Development, With 3 in Human Trials, WHO Says There are 70 coronavirus vaccines in development globally, with three candidates already being tested in human trials, according to the World Health Organization, as drugmakers race to find a cure for the deadly pathogen.The furthest along in the clinical process is an experimental vaccine developed by Hong Kong-listed CanSino Biologics and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, which is in phase 2. The other two being tested in humans are treatments developed separately by U.S. drugmakers – and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, according to a WHO document.Progress is occurring at unprecedented speed in developing vaccines as the infectious pathogen looks unlikely to be stamped out through containment measures alone. The drug industry is hoping to compress the time it takes to get a vaccine to market — usually about 10 to 15 years — to within the next year.

Coronavirus case and death counts in U.S. ridiculously low Johns Hopkins University of Medicine’s Coronavirus Resource Center, as of April 13 at 7:02 a.m., reported 557,590 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the United States and 22,109 deaths due to COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.The current population of the United States, according to, is just over 330 million.Do the math. That means 0.17 percent of America’s population has been infected by the coronavirus. That means 0.007 percent of America’s population has died from the coronavirus — we think.As Johns Hopkins also notes: It all depends on the testing.“With more testing, more people with milder cases are identified. This lowers the case-fatality ratio,” the site reported.

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Also, is there any benefit to alkaline filters?

Far-right US politicians label lockdowns anti-constitutional In deeply conservative eastern Washington state, a prominent state lawmaker kicked out of his Republican Party caucus labels the coronavirus as a foreign bio-weapon, accuses Marxists of using the pandemic to advance totalitarianism and rails against lockdown restrictions imposed by the Democratic governor.A California teleconference last week to consider sport fishing limits in rural areas unprepared to handle influxes of anglers descended into chaos — with callers branding state officials as “fascists” and declaring it was time to “make fishing great again.”Across the U.S., elected officials from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma suspicious of big government and outraged with orders to close churches, gun stores and other businesses deemed non-essential insist that the public health response is being used as an excuse to trample constitutional rights.

Vermont Decrees Home Farming “Non Essential”, Forbids The Selling of Seeds…It is more than a little alarming to see state officials now beginning to drill down into products that stores will be permitted to sell, or not sell, within businesses that are permitted to remain open during the COVID-19 mitigation effort.Interestingly Vermont is the home state for Comrade Bernie Sanders; a candidate for the position of president, and is a self-described socialist with favorable opinion toward Comrade Fidel Castro of Cuba.  Amid all of the control efforts by various totalitarian state officials, this connection does not seem accidental.Roping-off sections of products, and banning the sale of specific and designated products within businesses that are operating contingent to the approval of the state authority, takes the control function of government to an entirely new level.We The People, perhaps as a group who have taken some basic precepts of freedom and liberty for granted, would be wise to look at what is taking place within the big picture.

WWE deemed ‘essential business’ in Florida, will resume live shows WWE was deemed an “essential business” in Florida, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said Monday, allowing the company to resume live television shows from its Orlando training facility and Full Sail University in Winter Park.The decision, outlined in an April 9 memo from Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office, could open the door for other sports to resume in the state.According to Demings, WWE initially was not designated as essential and therefore was not exempt from the state’s shelter-in-place order, which took effect April 3 and runs through at least April 30. That decision was reversed after “some conversation” with DeSantis’ office, Demings said Monday during a news conference.Essential businesses that are supposed to remain open during Florida’s stay-at-home order include those in the health care, financial, energy, food, communications and transportation sectors.


Hour 2: Dr.Ravi Kulasekere PHD,ND

Dr. Ravi Kulasekere is a graduate from the Trinity ND program, and a board certified holistic health practitioner. He is also a board certified medical physicist, a career that spanned almost 13 years in the field of cancer care. Here he was forced to look into vaccines in 2011 when in his hospital job required him to be vaccinated annually with the flu shot in order to keep his job. While refusing to be vaccinated, in November 2016 he voluntarily left his position as chief medical physicist at the county hospital in Cleveland, and opened his own holistic health practice Do No Pharm Naturopathy LLC in Lakewood, Ohio. Since 2011 he has also been diligently studying the untold science behind vaccines and has been a vocal supporter, both online and offline, of informed consent and the ability to choose to be vaccinated or not. He has provided both written and in-person expert testimony at many state sponsored bills in OH that are aimed at removing vaccine choice and is also actively involved in the health freedom advocacy group, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom and Health Freedom Ohio In his spare time, he loves to travel, enjoys gardening, ethnic cooking, astronomy, being active in the vegan community in Cleveland and playing with a toddler and her train set.


OAN Exposes Ohio Gov. DeWine’s Big Lie This video exposes excellent examples of media failing to question Government officials about their clearly unconstitutional and unwarranted behavior during this health emergency.  Those in Ohio can scroll to the :50 second mark on the video to see Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s false claims that it was his acting so aggressively and early that drastically reduced the number of cases in Ohio exposed as a big lie.The fact is that the Governor and his unqualified Health Director were GROSSLY exagerating the threat in Ohio from the very begining and that NONE of their projections have ever come true!  The actions he has taken were uncalled-for and unnecessary and are causing catastrophic damage to the state of Ohio and it’s citizens.It is now becoming clear that Governors in states like Ohio have done more harm than good by their draconian, unconstitutional actions both in killing more people than they saved from Coronavirus and by destorying the life savings, jobs, businesses, and mental health of millions of citizens in every state.

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse At least 15,000 cars and trucks are expected to descend on Michigan’s state capital on Wednesday to protest what they’re calling Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s tyrannical new guidelines to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the state.The so-called “drive-by” demonstration – in order to maintain social distancing — aims to bring traffic to a gridlock in Lansing and protest the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order by Whitmer, a Democrat, mandating what businesses could stay home, what some businesses could sell and ordering people in her state against any gatherings – no matter the size or family ties.“Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people,” Meshawn Maddock, an organizer of the protest with the Michigan Conservative Coalition, told Fox News. “Every person has learned a harsh lesson about social distancing. We don’t need a nanny state to tell people how to be careful.”The protest – called “Operation Gridlock” – would be just one of a number of demonstrations of civil disobedience around the country by Americans upset with their state’s stay-at-home orders amid the pandemic.

Why are Health Food Stores Closing During this Pandemic? One state governor is shutting down health food stores that sell vital supplements as “nonessential” businesses. We must fight back and make sure others don’t follow suit. Action Alert!Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered all nonessential businesses in the state to close for 30 days. In defiance of federal guidance, he has included health food stores in that order. It is pure lunacy to limit people’s access to health products and foods that can boost immunity during a pandemic. We must all send messages to our state officials to push back and ensure similar moves don’t happen across the country.The Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance on which businesses are “essential” and allowed to stay open during the pandemic. It clearly states that “workers supporting groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail…that sells human food” are considered “essential.” Recall that supplements are food and regulated as such.

“You are safer outside than inside.” Disease expert criticises restrictions Social restrictions on people sitting on a park bench or walking on a beach don’t make biological sense according to an infectious diseases expert.Professor Peter Collignon from the Australian National University medical school said if people stay two metres apart it should be adequate social distancing.Professor Collignon’s comments come as NSW and Victoria introduce strict social restrictions.”You are safer outside than inside,” he said. “I do not see how anyone’s going to get this virus if they keep two metres away from someone and I don’t see how anyone’s going to get it if they sit on a park bench In Newcastle a family were moved along by police from their trip to the beach.Professor Collignon said extreme measures were unwarranted and risked rebellion, especially among younger people least at risk from the virus.”My real worry is if we overdo it now we will have people particularly in 30s and 40s who will say ‘stuff this’,” he said. “I think this is not sustainable for six months. We have to do everything we can to minimise the spread to others, but not do things that don’t even make biological sense.”


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