Vegas shooter: the “bump stock” revelation contradicts the official scenario—Oops – by Jon Rappoport

October 9, 2017

There are so many holes in the official story of the Vegas concert shooting, anyone who buys it should consider laying out cash for condos on the moon.



The latest piece of fraud? The bump stock revelation.

A bump stock is a legal device that turns a semi-auto weapon into a simulation of full auto: faster fire rate. Legislators are falling all over themselves to ban it.

According to press outlets, the accused shooter, Stephen Paddock, brought not one, not two, not five, but 12 rifles to his hotel suite at the Mandalay that were outfitted with bump stocks.

At the same time we’re told Paddock left a note in his suite that revealed he was calculating distance and gravity and other factors—he was carefully plotting out his upcoming shooting spree to obtain the highest degree of accuracy.

There is one problem with that claim.

Bump stocks aren’t accurate. And if Paddock had even superficial knowledge of weapons, he would know that. “No one seems more mystified by the sudden enthusiasm for bump stocks—from both gun nuts and gun grabbers—than gun store owners. Because bump stocks sacrifice accuracy for speed hunters, sportsmen, and most other enthusiasts have little need for them, some experts say.”

“’I’ve always thought these bump stocks were just a novelty,’ Andrew Wickerham, owner of the 2nd Amendment Gun Shop in Las Vegas, told The Christian Science Monitor. ‘They’re not that good, and they’re hard as hell to control’.”

“’I will order them if someone wants one, but I highly discourage them from purchasing. It’s not safe, they don’t work, and it’s a gimmick,’ Tallahassee gun retailer Will Dance told CNN Money.”

One of my source on weapons wrote this: “There are some devices (like AutoGlove and Bump Fire) that can simulate full automatic fire, but they cannot be used accurately or effectively.”

“The [weapon] on the right [in a photo taken in Paddock’s hotel suite] with the Bump Fire device has something like an EOTech or RedDot optic that is only good for close quarters shooting and out to maybe 75 yards [far shorter than the distance between Paddock’s suite and the concert grounds]…”

Again, if Paddock was making careful calculations to ensure accuracy in his shooting spree, the last thing he would do was bring TWELVE rifles outfitted with bump stocks with him.

Yet another piece of the official scenario crumbles.

Were these twelve rifles planted in the hotel room? Was the room set up by others as a stage prop?

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Jon Rappoport

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