RSB Coronavirus prevention and recovery – Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! (Updated 10/22/20)!

Anyone who listens to The RSB Show for any length of time knows that I question official stories, especially when the news media goes apoplectic with new infectious disease pronouncements that portend the second coming of the 1918 Spanish influenza. Do I dispute that there are many people who are sick in China and some have died? Of course not. But context is necessary to determine whether to panic as the pharmaceutically conflicted mainstream media would have us do with their constant focus on victimhood and imminent death from another scary germ. Nowhere in their fear porn onslaught is there an acknowledgement that most (by far) who have contact and may contract Covid-19 survive. They LIVE! Does that not feel more uplifting and accurate? Please absorb the profound perspectives in Serfs of Globalism: In the Age of Corona, What Dies First Is the Inalienable Right to Not Worry by my good friend Celia Farber. Celia even mentions the problems with confirmatory tests (RT-PCR) that cannot confirm the presence of an actively replicating coronavirus. For even more perspectives questioning the official story on Covid-19, listen to any of my recent radio broadcasts with Jon Rappoport from NoMoreFakeNews. Despite my insistence that the testing for any infections agent or agents be fully validated to a medical standard that withstands scientific scrutiny, we must still strengthen our immune defenses. So now what do we do?

I do not recommend burying your head in the proverbial sand and pretending that nothing is going on.

Yes, there are respiratory realities that should concern us all, particularly in the winter months when we spend more time indoors with minimal sunlight exposure. Combine that with chronic, low-level dehydration and lack of physical exercise, along with exposure to airborne toxic pollutants and various mineral deficiencies and you have a recipe for flu and flu-like manifestations.

How’s your microbiome? The seat of 70% of your immune system is assaulted daily with antibiotic water (chlorine, fluoride), much less pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs, heavy metals, additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings and refined sugars. What do you think is the result of such exposures? But no, it’s the virus. It’s always the virus, which is typically a cover story to distract you from exposure to industrial pollutants through air, food and water (see the second sentence of this paragraph). But if you insist on believing in the Covid-19 boogeyman without evidence (no, PCR is not enough), there are still things you can do to become the hero of your prevention and healing response journey.

What follows is not medical advice, nor is it an exhaustive list of steps you can take to stay well in the midst of viral onslaught (real or imagined). This is just what I am doing (on top of eating cleanly, hydrating with ECHO water (molecular hydrogen) and protecting my family from harmful EMFs with Qi Technologies (validated with double blind placebo controlled testing). I am attempting to keep it simple and direct. If you already utilize immune modulating strategies, you may wish to add this into the mix:

Prevention: 450mcg Innate Response Selenium daily (selenium is the key mineral to keep your cells from dysregulating, thus preventing viral activity from within)

Prevention: Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Sovereign Silver or Argentyn 23) 5mL, 3x daily (silver ions are virostatic, meaning they stop viral replication on contact, in addition to immune modulating properties that benefit white blood cell/B-lymphocyte activity)
Prevention: BetterWay Health Beta Glucan – Two capsules 2 – 3x daily (one of the most studied and validated natural substances to modulate and strengthen immune response)
Prevention: Plus CBD Oil (as needed) to reduce immunosuppressive anxiety 

Prevention: Homeoprophylaxis – viruses can be transformed into nosodes via serial dilution and succussion, becoming homeopathic attenuations (potencies) for administration prior to, or during exposure to circulating viral particles (exogenous or endogenous). Exposure via homeoprophylaxis poses no risk of actual infection because the viral particles are neutralized and unable to replicate during homeopathic manufacturing process. Corona viruses and influenza viruses are typically prepared each fall/winter season to safely sensitize the immune system to seasonal infectious threats. It is not necessary to elicit an antibody response for your immune system to be better prepared for exposure. There is an energy to all things that precedes its physical manifestation, so alerting the body via homeopathic viral frequencies is a great advantage (and much safer) than vaccination, especially as circulating viruses continually mutate in response to the environment they are given. My dear friend and fellow homeopath, Cilla Whatcott, has an excellent blog and webinar for those who would like to learn more about homeoprophylaxis. This exclusive webinar is available for download for only $1.

If you would like to go further in your homeopathic education, please consider Clinical Homeopathy 101+ Lecture on Demand from Trinity School of Natural Health by Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.

What if I miss the prevention window?
Response: 900mcg Innate Response Selenium daily until resolved
Response: Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Sovereign Silver or Argentyn 23) 5mL, nebulized, 3x (or more) daily until resolved. I have also taken oral doses hourly to get through an infection crisis many times, particularly for my children, now 20 and 14 years of age, who have never taken an antibiotic drugs. Ever.
How to nebulize bioactive silver hydrosol: Nebulizing the bioactive form of silver into the lungs provides immediate and direct cessation of viral, bacterial and fungal activity there.
Remember, people do not typically die of flu or corona virus, but of secondary complications due to liver and other excretory pathway congestion and thus their bodies cannot clear the cellular debris from a successful immune intervention fast enough. This results in compensatory excretion routes (like the lungs) being utilized to clear the debris that the liver and kidneys are unable to handle (you can help your liver with ALTA Can-Gest). Accumulating fluid and mucus becomes a breeding ground for secondary infections, many of which are already resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotic treatment. This is why bioactive silver hydrosol direct delivery by nebulizer is so important, as there is no bacterial resistance to the active form (ion) of silver.
Homeopathic remedies: Bryonia alba, Antimonium tartaricum, Drosera, Spongia tosta, Gelsemium, Arsenicum (any potencies: 15x, 12x, 12c, 30x, 30c) Page 101 of Unlock the Power To Heal goes into more detail on lung recovery options, including the use of Lobelia tincture. Dr. King’s also has homeopathic complex remedies for respiratory issues, including Lungs & Bronchial Relief and Multi-Strain Flu Relief.
Please remember, the preceding is not an exhaustive list of things you can do and this in no way constitutes medical advice. If you are suffering with acute respiratory difficulties, please consult your chosen health care provider.
Despite the victimization programing of the mainstream media, the power to heal really is yours!
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