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July 16, 2019 3-5PM ET

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This Morning’s Doctor Chris slams Melinda Messenger for publically expressing opinion on HPV vaccine Melinda Messenger has been branded ‘irresponsible’ after admitting she won’t be immunising her 13-year-old daughter Evie with the HPV vaccine. The former model told This Morning’s Dr Chris Steele she was worried about the known side effects of getting the jab including fever, headaches and nausea, alongside rumoured links to other chronic illnesses. But Dr Chris has slammed the 45-year-old for expressing her concerns in the ‘public domain’, fearing other mothers would now follow suit. ‘Looking at the scientific bodies, objectively, in every way you’re getting the same results,’ he said.  ‘I have been through this with the German measles scare, MMR – all the mums coming to me and I try and try and persuade them. ‘What upsets me Melinda, is that you’ve actually come out into the public domain and said this. You could have just said this privately.’


More breastfeeding could save the world $1 billion every day Not enough breastfeeding costs the global economy almost $1 billion each day due to lost productivity and healthcare costs, researchers said on Friday, as health experts urged more support for nursing mothers. A new website developed by researchers in Canada and Asia showed that the world could have saved $341 billion each year if mothers breastfeed their children for longer, helping prevent early deaths and various diseases. Known as the “Cost of Not Breastfeeding”, the online tool used data from a six-year study supported by the U.S.-based maternal and child nutrition initiative, Alive & Thrive. “It is a human right, it saves lives and improves the prosperity of economies,” Canada-based health economics expert Dylan Walters said about the importance of breastfeeding.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Sues Beech-Nut Nutrition Company For Claiming Their Baby Food Is 100% Natural Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) announced a lawsuit today against Beech-Nut Nutrition Company. The complaint, filed in Washington, DC, asserts that Beech-Nut’s material misrepresentations and omissions violate the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act. The complaint states that Beech-Nut’s “labeling and marketing of the Products deceives parents who seek to be mindful of what is contained in the baby foods they provide to their infants.” “The Plaintiff, Children’s Health Defense, brings this unlawful trade practices case on behalf of itself, its members, and the general public, seeking relief including an injunction to stop the deceptive marketing and sale of the Products.”

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Dietary quality influences microbiome composition in human colonic mucosa It is well established that diet influences health and disease, but the mechanisms underlying this effect are not fully understood. Shedding light on the diet-health connection, a team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine reports today in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition an association between diet quality and microbiome composition in human colonic mucosa. The researchers found that a high-quality diet is linked to more potentially beneficial bacteria; while a low-quality diet is associated with an increase in potentially harmful bacteria. They propose that modifying the microbiome through diet may be a part of a strategy to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. “In this study, rather than looking at individual diets, we focused on dietary patterns as defined by the Healthy Eating Index (HEI)-2005 and how they relate to the ,” said corresponding author Dr. Li Jiao, associate professor of medicine-gastroenterology and member of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine. “In a previous study, we found that HEI-2005 is associated with reduced risk of pancreatic cancer.”

Gut microbes protect against neurologic damage from viral infections Gut microbes produce compounds that prime immune cells to destroy harmful viruses in the brain and nervous system, according to a mouse study published today in eLife. The findings suggest that having healthy and diverse microbiota is essential for quickly clearing viruses in the nervous system to prevent paralysis and other risks associated with diseases such as multiple sclerosis. A condition that causes progressive damage to nerve cells, multiple sclerosis has become more common over the past several decades. Viral infections in the brain or spinal cord are thought to trigger this disease. Some scientists believe that changes in the way we eat, increased sanitation or growing antibiotic use may be causing detrimental changes in the  that live within the human body, potentially increasing the risk of multiple sclerosis and other related diseases.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert!

Can you discuss fasting? How often, how to properly do it, and its benefits? Also, is the loss of lean body mass a potential during the process? It seems there are differing views on the topic.

Thank you!

Scientists link frequent use of sleep medication with changes to risk of developing dementia Many older adults who have trouble sleeping take medication to help them sleep. New research, presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2019, suggests certain groups of people who take sleep medication may be at a higher risk of developing dementia. Two different studies have investigated the link between  and risk of developing . One examines the difference between people from white and African American backgrounds, the other compares men and women who take sleep . In the first study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, participants aged 70 to 79 were asked to indicate how frequently they took sleep medications. A total of 172 people reported taking sleep medication over five times a month. Over fifteen years the scientists used  and memory and thinking assessments to determine whether participants developed dementia. The researchers adjusted for environmental and lifestyle factors as well as the APOE4 Alzheimer’s risk gene. They then compared the results for people from different racial backgrounds, and different genders.

Even one small glass of juice or soda a day can increase cancer risk, study says Scientists have previously warned against drinking too much soda or juice. Now they believe even one small glass can pose possible dangers, according to a new report. Researchers from health institutions in France recently conducted a study, published in the British Medical Journal, to determine the association between cancer risk; , such as 100% ; and artificially sweetened ones, like diet beverages. To do so, they examined more than 100,000 French adults, who participated in the ongoing French NutriNet-Sante study. The participants, who were followed for about nine years, had an average age of 42 and completed at least two questionnaires about the types of food and drinks they usually consumed. The authors also considered factors, such as age, sex, , family history of cancer, , and .

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