Advanced Medicine Monday! Dr. Rashid Buttar, thyroid, sex or sugar, cannabis for cancer, PTSD lupus, silver aloe protocol, urine therapy and more!

September 25, 7-9PM EDT

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Advanced Medicine Monday With Dr. Rashid Buttar!

Dr. Buttar joins us for a special hour 1 edition of Advanced Medicine! Here is what we have on tap for today:

Is your thyroid sleeping on the job?  The thyroid is one of those functional parts of the body that doesn’t get a lot of attention until it starts having problems. Although this little gland in your neck is a small one, it produces the thyroid hormone that affects your metabolism——and indirectly, every other function of your body. Having a sleepy, underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can lead to some real health problems, making diagnosis and treatment essential.


One-Quarter of Cancer Patients Use Medical Marijuana, Study Finds One of the most well-known purported uses for medical marijuana is to alleviate symptoms related to cancer treatment, and a new study finds that use of the drug among cancer patients is not uncommon. In the study, which included more than 900 cancer patients in Seattle, nearly one-quarter reported using medical marijuana in the past year. In addition, almost all the participants said they wanted to learn more about medical marijuana, according to the study, published today (Sept. 25) in the journal Cancer.

More proof stress will kill you: Study finds a link between PTSD and lupus Women who’ve been exposed to trauma or have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are thrice as likely to develop lupus, according to new research. The study, published in Arthritis & Rheumatology, contributes to the growing body of evidence linking high levels of stress to autoimmune diseases.


Sugar over sex? Almost half of those polled would rather give up sex for a year than sacrifice their daily sugar hit A survey carried out by SimplyHealth revealed that the U.K.’s excessive sugar consumption continues to affect a large number of people, many of whom even willing to forgo sex than cutting back on their daily sugar intake. The survey examined more than 2,000 respondents and found that 41 percent were willing to sacrifice sexual intimacy rather than reducing their sugar intake. The survey also found that one in 10 people said they could not go a single day without sugar.

NHS refusing services to smokers, obese patients until they go to health boot camp for six months Obese people, as well as smokers, will be refused of services by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service(NHS) until they go to a health boot camp for six months to try and lose weight, according to a Daily Mail report. These patients will be referred to the health optimization program of the NHS and taught to improve their behaviors before having surgery. The plan will be executed in the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), a health trust in East Yorkshire which serves 313,400 patients.

Question of The Day!

Dr Bell and Dr. Buttar,

Hello I just recently had a colostomy it’s to be for six months and then reversed.
I had been suffering from from diverticulitis and been put on antibiotics several times. I also have microscopic colitis. I would really appreciate your help in preparing my intestines for the upcoming surgery to get the best results and then know how to keep them healthy.

Thank you


Hour 2 – Are More Docs Getting It?

New report indicates more doctors now open to integrative medicine A survey carried out by the consultancy firm Pure Branding revealed that an increasing number of doctors have started incorporating integrative medicine into their practice, which in turn may prove beneficial to the supplements industry. The survey, called Integrative Physicians Market Landscape, examined more than 1,000 integrative doctors from 49 states. Data were obtained from various health organizations and media partners such as the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, American College for Advancement in Medicine, and the Academy of Integrative Pain Management as well as the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, the Functional Forum, and Today’s Practitioner.

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Comment of The Day!

Firstly you saved my sons life. Secondly can’t wait to meet you at the convention and I did not want to tag you but we were just in discussion about you

More Questions of The Day!

Dear Dr Bell
We heard you speak at the Toronto Whole life expo in May 2017 and were impressed with the information regarding use of Sovereign Colloidal Silver for Gastro-intestinal problems. We have been using this month on and month off (roughly 1oz daily) with aloe vera (1 oz) in the morning as was suggested (+ probiotics at night). We also subsequently met you at the booth. The notes I made from your lecture have gone ‘missing’.
Could you kind enough to give us the full regime, dosage and duration of therapy or a link ofr the information.
Thank you ever so much
Dr Raman Gokal


This is a continuation of my messages from February 6, 9, 28, and April 4, 2017.

My son and I have ordered and received our sovereign silver. Yesterday we stopped at the library and ordered the Stockton aloe. When it arrives, we both plan to begin the silver aloe protocol. You recommended it for my son’s long-term sinus problems. I have some issues that I am hoping to resolve as well.

This is a large investment for us and we want to be sure to do it exactly right. There is a lot at stake financially and as far as our health. I am wondering if you have anything written on exactly how to implement it, or if you are available for answering questions/concerns that we might have as we begin this process. We have spent $900 on the silver and aloe so are anxious to do it right. Is there anything we should be aware of or expect – herxheimer effect or anything to watch out for? Do you recommend mixing the silver and aloe or just swallowing them separately? Is there anything else you recommend we do in addition to the silver and aloe – special diet or anything to do or not do during the process?

Thank you for any additional input you have to guide us as we take this big step.


I watched your youtube on the nebulizer you use and I can not find any place that carries the one you use. I like that one because it doesn’t have the hoses. Do you know where else I can get the one you have?
Thank you so much


Hello RSB!

I have stumbled across some interesting information about urine therapy! Have I heard you make reference to uropathy or am I just imagining it? It’s a hard concept to adjust to but it appears to be a legitimate healing method. I like to know all my options in the event of emergency. I use coffee enemas so I understand the aversion to a topic like this. Have you ever tried this therapy? Thanks! You’re my favorite!


 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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