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June 24th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Coronavirus: Why Africans should take part in vaccine trials There have been numerous scare stories about trials for a coronavirus vaccine being carried out on people in Africa.However, scientists say that it is vital that Africans take part in these trials, arguing it could jeopardise efforts to find a vaccine that works worldwide – and not just for richer nations.In March, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced a global “solidarity trial” looking at finding promising treatments for Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus.As there are no known cures yet, an effective vaccine would play a critical role in preventing and controlling the pandemic, the WHO says.It would train people’s immune systems to fight the virus stopping them becoming sick.So far one vaccine trial has begun in South Africa – and one is one waiting approval in Kenya.Yet the issue has been plagued by controversy.And while vocal opposition to vaccinations of any kind is not new, the current debate in Africa centres on a race row.’Colonial mentality’It was sparked by two French doctors discussing a trial in Europe and Australia looking into whether a tuberculosis vaccine would prove effective against coronavirus.During the TV debate, they both agreed it should be tested in Africa too, one saying: “If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we be doing this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatments, no resuscitation?The tone of the comments caused a backlash.

Herd immunity threshold could be lower according to new study Herd immunity to Covid-19 could be achieved with less people being infected than previously estimated according to new research.Mathematicians from the University of Nottingham and University of Stockholm devised a simple model categorizing people into groups reflecting age and social activity level. When differences in age and social activity are incorporated in the model, the herd immunity level reduces from 60% to 43%. The figure of 43% should be interpreted as an illustration rather than an exact value or even a best estimate. The research has been published today in Science.Herd immunity happens when so many people in a community become immune to an infectious disease that is stops the disease from spreading. This happens by people contracting the disease and building up natural immunity and by people receiving a vaccine. When a large percentage of the population becomes immune to a disease, the spread of that disease slows down or stops and the chain of transmission is broken.This research takes a new mathematical approach to estimating the herd immunity figure for a population to an infectious disease, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The herd immunity level is defined as the fraction of the population that must become immune for disease spreading to decline and stop when all preventive measures, such as social distancing, are lifted. For COVID-19 it is often stated that this is around 60%, a figure derived from the fraction of the population that must be vaccinated (in advance of an epidemic) to prevent a large outbreak.

Has the Merck Pharmaceutical Company Killed More People than the U.S. Military or Any Terrorist Organization? Which private corporation has likely been responsible for the deaths of more innocent people than any terrorist organization or military regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere? For us, the answer is evident: Merck and Company.Iatraogenic medicine, or medical error, is now the third leading cause of death in the US after cardiovascular disease and cancer. The majority of these deaths are caused by FDA approved drugs’ adverse effects and from patients taking multiple medications without thorough clinical research to determine the safety of their synergistic effects. Consequently our health agencies’ oversight and monitoring of drugs on the market is dismal. One of the worst corporate deals the US government may have ever made in modern history was to acquire the American subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical firm Merck and Company during the first world war. Later in 1953, Merck acquired a competitive drug maker Sharp and Dohme, thereby establishing itself as America’s largest drug developer and manufacturer.Since then this corporate Medusa has ensnared thirteen other drug firms, including Scherring Plough, which it acquired for $41 billion. The two pharmaceutical giants had earned $47 billion in combined sales at the time the merger was finalized in 2009.

Fluoride Toxicity Trial Update The landmark federal trial pitting Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and others against the US EPA over water fluoridation came to a dramatic turning point Wednesday.  FAN has argued that fluoride’s ability to impact the mental development of both the fetal and infant brain posed an unacceptable risk to millions of Americans (and others) drinking fluoridated public water supplies. The dramatic moment came when, after both sides had completed their summary statements, the federal judge surprised everyone by recognizing the key plank in the plaintiffs’ case and undermining the key argument in the EPA’s case.The judge said:“So much has changed since the petition was filed…two significant series of studies – respective cohort studies – which everybody agrees is the best methodology. Everybody agrees that these were rigorous studies and everybody agrees that these studies would be part of the best available scientific evidence.The EPA appears to have applied a standard of causation, which from my read of TSCA is not accurate. It’s not a proper allocation. It’s not the proper standard.”In short, after 20 years of work by FAN and its supporters, and 70+ years of campaigning by opponents of fluoridation since its inception, Wednesday felt like a moment in time where the validity of our objections was finally recognized on a world stage.According to FAN director Paul Connett, PhD,“While this is not a final victory for FAN it indicates a path forward to achieve that final victory. Needless to say, we are very excited about this outcome.

Say what? Scientific jargon turns readers off, diminishes one’s interest in science Discharge petition. Laparoscopy. Vigilance decrement. Neuroplasticity. Political and scientific jargon like these are often quite hard to understand in articles and discussions. In fact,’s mission statement rails against this language: “StudyFinds sets out to find new research that speaks to mass audiences — without all the scientific jargon.” Good thing, too. An Ohio State University study finds that not only is specialized terminology difficult to understand, it makes people lose interest in science.In the study, researchers had participants read one of two versions of a science article: one full of jargon and the other using more colloquial language. People who read the jargon-filled version reported feeling less informed about the topic, and less qualified to discuss it. Even if the difficult lingo was defined in the article, readers ultimately felt less interested in science.The authors suggest confusing terms jump right off the page for some readers and push them to quit before really giving the article a chance. “The use of difficult, specialized words are a signal that tells people that they don’t belong,” explains lead author Hillary Shulman, an assistant professor of communication, in a university release. “You can tell them what the terms mean, but it doesn’t matter.

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Why do some homepathic remedies work for some people but not for others? How do you approach the individual as a homeopath?

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Controversial California study claims Americans are OVERESTIMATING their risk of getting coronavirus and that the odds of infection are around one in 4,000Americans may be overestimating their risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, a controversial new study from California suggests.Researchers found that, on average, a person who has a single contact with an infected individual has a one in about 4,000 chance of becoming sick, without using preventive measures such as social distancing or wearing a mask.For the middle-aged, the risk of hospitalization is nearly one in a million and the risk of death is almost one in 20 million.The team, from Stanford University and the University of California Los Angeles, says action from local and state governments, attention from the media, and the lack of feeling in control may be influencing the public’s perception of risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the virus can easily transmit between people, most commonly through infected droplets from coughs or sneezes.However, the federal health agency has never issued a hard number for the general public’s infection risk. Dr Rajiv Bhatia, a clinical assistant professor of primary care and population health at Stanford, told that there are several articles about data on cases and death, but not risk.

Summer rays can inactivate coronavirus in 34 minutes, study says Midday sunlight is capable of inactivating 90 percent or more of the SARS-CoV-2 virus after 34 minutes of exposure, a recent study found.Study authors calculated the expected inactivation by UVC and solar UV radiation in cities around the world at different times of the year. They concluded SARS-CoV-2 should be inactivated “relatively fast” during summer in many populous cities worldwide, pointing to the role of sunlight in the occurrence, spread rate, and duration of coronavirus pandemicJose-Luis Sagripanti and C. David Lytle wrote the study, which was published in the journal Photochemistry and Photobiology earlier this month. The scientists are retired from the US Army and Food and Drug Administration, respectively, the New York Post noted.Further, they found only Miami and Houston get enough solar radiation to inactivate 99 percent of the virus in the spring. During winter, most cities will not receive enough solar radiation to produce 90 percent viral inactivation during midday exposure, they wrote.From December until March, “the virus will persist infectious for a day or more in winter, with risk of re-aerosolization and transmission in most of these cities,” the study found.The two authors conducted their calculations using a model for estimating solar inactivation of viruses of biodefense concerns, they said, adding that the methodolgy was validated with Ebola and Lassa viruses.

Sammy Hagar Vows to Play Concerts Regardless of Coronavirus: ‘If Some of Us Have to Sacrifice on That, OK’ There’s been a variety of responses to the ongoing coronavirus in how it’s impacted the world at large and concert business as a whole. But Sammy Hagar has taken it to another level.In an interview with Rolling Stone as part of a piece where they spoke to 14 artists about how they’re dealing with the pandemic, and the former Van Halen singer didn’t hold back.“I’ll be comfortable playing a show before there’s a vaccine, if it’s declining and seems to be going away. I’m going to make a radical statement here. This is hard to say without stirring somebody up, but truthfully, I’d rather personally get sick and even die, if that’s what it takes,” Hagar said.He went on to say that he’s willing to pay the ultimate price in order to help save the economy if that’s what it takes.“I would rather see everyone go back to work. If some of us have to sacrifice on that, OK. I will die for my children and my grandchildren to have a life anywhere close to the life that I had in this wonderful country. That’s just the way that I feel about it.”And he concluded: “But there may be a time where we have to sacrifice. I mean, how many people die on the Earth every day? I have no idea. I’m sorry to say it, but we all gotta die, man.”In recent months, Travis McCready reopened the concert biz up with a show in Arkansas, while there are drive-in shows planned for the coming weeks as well. So it seems like the Red Rocker could get his wish sometime soon if he so desires.

‘Herd immunity music festival’ to take place in July, against the advice of medical experts The world’s first “herd immunity festival” is set to take place next month, going against the advice of medical experts Music events worldwide have been cancelled to limit the spread of coronavirus, but the three-day-long festival in Ringle, Wisconsin in the US plans to go ahead in July.Included among the Herd Immunity Fest performers are artists such as Static-X, Nonpoint, Dope, Bobaflex, and Royal Bliss.Described as a “mini-fest”, the event will take place outdoors at the Q&Z Expo Centre. Promotion for the event makes no mention of social distancing measures.On Facebook, one of the event’s organisers wrote: “When the lockdown first happened, my first thought was OK we can all do 2 weeks, then it went on and on, things were getting cancelled, I started to worry about people not only for this Covid but mental, physical, financial.“As humans we NEED other human contact. MUSIC in itself is great, but the live streams as I am sure you all know is just not the same we need LIVE , feel it to the bones, run shivers up your spine MUSIC with people around us. Takes us all away on a trip that unless you have felt it you won’t understand.”The festival will be the first rock festival featuring recognisable acts to take place since the pandemic began.The “herd immunity” theory posits that allowing the virus to spread through the population encourages people to quickly develop immunity,

Infant vaccination rates plummeted during the lock down, so why did INFANT mortality rates also plummet to historic lows? Vaccines are praised as the golden standard for saving millions of lives worldwide. That’s the promise that we are led to believe as parents ritualistically submit their infant sons and daughters to a cornucopia of state-sanctioned injections. Well-baby visits are designed to introduce up to 26 liability-free vaccinations in the baby’s first year of life, during six or more visits to a pediatrician.However, during the covid-19 lockdowns, well-baby visits were cancelled and vaccination rates plummeted as a result. More parents stayed home, nursed their babies, watched them closely, and kept them away from pediatricians.When the national emergency order was declared, provider orders for routine pediatric vaccines dropped significantly. The Vaccines for Children Program and the Vaccine Safety Data link reported a drop-off in vaccination coverage starting in the third week of March, as hundreds of thousands of parents stayed home and skipped well-baby visits. The downward trend was observed from March 23rd to the end of April for all non-influenza vaccines, especially measles-containing vaccines.If vaccines are so important for an infant to live, then why didn’t the infant death rate dramatically increase as vaccination coverage fell? The data shows that the opposite effect occurred; infant deaths actually plummeted to historic lows! In the U.S.,

Johnson & Johnson told to pay $2.1 billion over cancer-causing talc powder The decision by the Missouri Court of Appeals cut by more than half the $4.4 billion a jury had awarded 22 people in 2018. The court agreed that some of the plaintiffs should not have been included in the case as they were from outside the state.But the Tuesday decision upheld the awarding of damages for the company “knowingly selling products that contained asbestos to consumers.””Because defendants are large, multi-billion-dollar corporations, we believe a large amount of punitive damages is necessary to have an effect in this case,” the judgement said.”It is impossible to place monetary value on the physical, mental and emotional anguish plaintiffs suffered because of their injury caused by defendants.”A spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson said the company would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court of Missouri, according to the Wall Street Journal.Johnson & Johnson has faced thousands of lawsuits across the United States alleging it failed to warn consumers of the risk of cancer from asbestos in its talc-based products.In 2019 a California jury became the latest to award millions in damages to a plaintiff who said the company’s baby powder had given her terminal cancer.Last month the firm announced it was discontinuing production of its talc-based baby powder in the US and Canada, in part due to the “constant barrage of litigation advertising” over the product.It will continue to sell the product in the rest of the world, it added.

Cannabis & Cancer … Censorship & Conspiracy The cannabis plant (also known as the hemp plant) has been used in just about every culture for centuries. In fact, cannabis is included in the 50 fundamental herbs within the cornucopia of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been cited in ancient texts as having a healing effect on over 100 ailments. In recent years in the United States, the collective mood is changing in regards to cannabis/hemp (aka “marijuana”).Personally, I prefer to use the term “hemp” or “cannabis” since those are proper names for the plant, and the truth is that the term “marijuana” (derived from the Mexican slang “marihuana”) was popularized in the early 1930s by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (which later became the DEA) in order to make this amazing plant sound sinister and to elude the public’s existing familiarity and comfort level with the plant and the medical application of cannabis/hemp tinctures. “Marijuana” was not a commonly smoked recreational drug at the time.Currently there are over 3 dozen states where it is legal for patients to use “marijuana” for medical purposes. Pending federal legislation may open up opportunities for federally-funded medical research, including human clinical trials. This will further prove cannabis’ track-record when it comes to healing a number of disease conditions − including cancer.In the mid-1990s, renowned Israeli researcher Dr. Ralph Mechaoulam, professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, made an exciting discovery that would forever change how we look at our biological relationship to plant medicine. Dr. Mechaoulam discovered a subtle system within the body that seemed to have a balancing effect on every other system. He called it the Endocannabinoid (EC) System and it can be found in all mammals, including humans.

Question of The Day


I was introduced to you via The Truth About Cancer and have been l listening to your podcast for at least 6 months now. I love it, and listen as I’m running. My Dad was a smoker for years, quit at least 10 years ago, but was recently diagnosed with COPD. He was also prescribed a statin which he took for about a year and then weaned off and told his physician he wasn’t going to take it anymore. He’s working hard on eating better and getting some exercise. He’s open to suggestions and I’d love to give him some natural or holistic treatments for COPD. He was initially very concerned with the fear around COVID and his respiratory complications. He’s now living his life as usual and can see through much of the fear propagating and lies around COVID. I’d love to be able to arm him with some natural treatments, especially as we enter into the fall and winter of this year. Thank you so much for your help, and your constant message of empowerment!

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