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July 28th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID America’s Frontline Doctors stormed into Washington D.C. today to host their first annual White Coat Summit on Capitol Hill to combat the misinformation and propaganda on COVID being fed to the American people through the corporate media, while successful treatments against COVID are being censored by Big Tech. They held a brief press conference first that was sparsely attended, and where impassioned doctors, all of whom deal directly with COVID patients, claimed that the American people were being deceived, and that “nobody needs to die” from COVID, because all them are successfully treating COVID patients with effective cures that are being censored for political reasons. The purpose of this summit from their website:American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign. We can speculate on how this has happened, and why it has continued, but the purpose of the inaugural White Coat Summit is to empower Americans to stop living in fear. If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease.

Facebook Takes Down Viral Video Making False Claim That ‘Hydroxychloroquine Cures Covid’ Facebook has taken down a video posted by right-wing news site Breitbart and retweeted by President Trump, showing a doctor vehemently making false claims that antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine is a “cure for Covid” that allegedly racked up 17 million views before being removed. The New York Times’ tech correspondent, Kevin Roose, said he couldn’t remember any video that “spread this quickly,” adding that it spread faster than conspiracy film Plandemic that was viewed at least 8 million times before social networks took action. While YouTube took the clip down, a two-hour stream of the same group of doctors making similar claims about hydroxychloroquine, citing limited studies, remains on the Breitbart YouTube channel. The video shows a group of people who call themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors,” standing on the steps of Capitol Hill, led by Stella Immanuel, a Houston-based doctor who labeled studies casting doubt on the effectiveness of the antimalarial drug as “fake science.”

Twitter Hits Trump Jr. With Temporary Suspension Over Video Touting Hydroxychloroquine Twitter hit Donald Trump Jr. with a temporary suspension Tuesday after he shared a viral video of doctors talking about the use of hydroxychloroquine in the fight against coronavirus. Trump Jr.’s spokesman Andrew Surabian shared the message Twitter sent explaining the suspension and the post that had violated the company’s “policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” “Big Tech is the biggest threat to free expression in America today & they’re continuing to engage in open election interference – full stop,” Surabian commented. The original video, posted at Breitbart News, showed a number of doctors in Washington, D.C., speaking about their own positive experiences in using hydroxychloroquine in conjunction with other treatments for the novel coronavirus. Trump Jr. shared the video and captioned it, “Must watch,” before it was apparently removed by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Dr. Fauci Rebukes Trump’s Tweetstorm Against Him: ‘I Have Not Been Misleading the American Public’ Dr. Anthony Fauci shrugged off Donald Trump’s attacks in light of the president’s new tweetstorm smearing his medical recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci gave an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday, who immediately asked him to react to Trump’s new tweets undermining Fauci, dismissing face masks, and promoting hydroxychloroquine. Trump’s tweets have been called out as a promotion of misinformation, and when Fauci offered his thoughts, he once again stressed the importance of wearing masks, adhering to social distancing, and following public health guidelines. “The overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in coronavirus disease,” Fauci said. After that, Stephanopoulos asked him about Trump’s other tweets accusing him of being a fraud who has misled the American public. “Can you continue to do your job when the President of the United States is publicly questioning your credibility in this way?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Miami Police Setting Up ‘Mask Traps,’ Issuing $100 Fines to People Wearing Masks Improperly It’s been less than two weeks since Miami-Dade County announced it would be fining people for not wearing masks in public. Already, Florida media outlets are filled with stories of people cited for wearing masks improperly, lowering masks to sip a drink, or removing their face coverings once outside of a store. On Thursday, the Miami Herald reported that the Miami-Dade Police Department has issued 162 citations for violating the county’s mandatory mask ordinance, which comes with a $100 penalty. One woman, Johanna Gianni, says she removed her mask in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store in North Miami Beach, when a police officer approached her and wrote her a ticket for not wearing a mask. Gianni told the Herald the parking lot was nearly empty and that she felt set up by police. She’s not the only one. The ABC affiliate Local10 reports that Dean Gonzalez was fined while leaving a North Miami Beach Publix because his mask didn’t cover his nose. The encounter was captured on video; in it, an officer can be heard telling Gonzalez that improper mask usage is as bad as not wearing a mask at all. Gonzalez accused the cops of setting up a “mask trap” and said that they threatened him with arrest if he didn’t sign the ticket he was issued.

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Special Guest – KC Craichy!

KC is Founder and CEO of LivingFuel, Inc., a leading distributor of superfood nutrition, and author of the best-selling book SuperHealth – 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality and his most recent book The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!. Through his work, products and teaching, KC is on a mission to change lives.

The inspiration for success began with past health challenges of KC’s wife, Monica, former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA, who looked like the model of health on the outside but on the inside it was a different story. KC also had early struggles of being overweight and out of shape. Monica’s experiences of anxiety, fear, panic and depression more than 14 years ago and the futility of conventional medical approaches (drugs, psychotherapy) led KC to vow to find an answer. Through years of research and trial and error, Monica has gained back complete health and her vibrancy. Monica has not taken any medication since deciding to find the answer and today she and KC have five wonderful children.

KC wrestled with a challenge of his own: he was overweight. In high school, he discovered the power of proper nutrition which led to a life of research and understanding. He began to unlock the keys to maximum performance and metabolism and since has spent his adult life as a health-conscious athlete, forging a vision to develop a new approach to healthy living. It’s a simple, no-nonsense strategy that aims to help people of any age look, feel and live better.

Petition for: MATH+ Protocol (Treatment Protocol #2 for Covid-19 Inpatients) Background: The death rate from Covid-19 is still higher in the USA than in several other countries (such as Japan, India, Taiwan & Singapore). There is good evidence that the death rate in the USA could be reduced by providing more effective care for inpatients with Covid-19 before they become ill enough to require intensive care unit. The MATH+ protocol used by the Covid-19 Critical Care Working Group ( on Covid-19 inpatients appears to be saving lives. Ongoing clinical evaluation and data collection from the doctors who are part of the Covid-19 Critical Care Working Group can make the MATH+ protocol better & better with time, especially if Covid-19 patients are treated VERY soon after hospital admission. The protocol is based on numerous medical journal publications over decades. It is the hyper- inflammation, not the virus itself, that damages the lungs and other organs and ultimately causes death in COVID-19 patients, along with clot formation. The doctors using this MATH+ protocol have found it to be a highly-effective combination therapy in controlling clots and the extreme inflammatory response in the hospital setting.

Petition for: HZ+A Protocol (Treatment Protocol #1 for Covid-19 Outpatients) Background: The death rate from Covid-19 is still higher in the USA than in several other countries (such as Japan, India, Taiwan & Singapore). There is good evidence that the death rate in the USA could be reduced by providing more effective care for outpatients with Covid-19 before they become ill enough to require hospitalization. Research from several sources (1,2,3,4) suggest that the combination of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and optional Azithromycin (HZ+A Protocol) is a reasonable and clinically valid treatment approach that would likely reduce the progression of Covid-19 illness so that hospitalization should not be required. This treatment protocol is primarily for the pre-hospital setting, even though it may be effective early in hospitalization.

Vaccines are remarkably safe, review finds Vaccine label changes have made vaccines even safer than they were before, and they remain “remarkably” safe, Israeli-based researchers reported Monday. A review of 58 different changes to labels on vaccines made between 1996 and 2015 has shown very few dangers in vaccination, and changes that were made were mostly to ensure people vulnerable to side effects or allergies were protected, they found.”These data highlight the robustness of the vaccine approval and postmarketing surveillance processes and confirm population vaccination as a major public health strategy,” the team at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center wrote in their report, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Vaccine experts worry about a small but vocal group of vaccine skeptics who have cast doubt on the safety of vaccines, which go through a rigorous process of testing before they are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and other global drug regulators. The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, said he’s worried about some Americans’ skepticism of vaccines and said it could affect the people’s acceptance of the vaccine. The first phase III trial of a possible coronavirus vaccine started in the Unites States on Monday, and Collins stressed that while development went quickly, the NIH was not cutting corners on safety.

Pfizer could earn $15B-plus in COVID-19 vaccine sales: analyst On the heels of Pfizer’s $1.95 billion COVID-19 vaccine deal with the U.S. government, one analyst says the drugmaker could earn many more billions in revenue on its potential vaccine—if the program succeeds. At $1.95 billion for 100 million doses, Pfizer’s deal sets a price-per-dose of $19.50, which Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Sam Fazeli sees as a “precedent” for other groups operating on a profit model, he said in a radio interview. The deal is contingent on success in the clinic and delivery of 100 million doses. Pending success for a one-dose regimen, Fazeli’s team calculated a potential “windfall of more than $15 billion” for the company, according to a note seen by Bloomberg. A spokeswoman told the news service that Pfizer is pursuing a two-dose regimen. Under that two-dose regimen, the $39 price for the course would be “almost 30% less than what others charge for a seasonal flu vaccine,” she told Bloomberg. The price incorporates “public health requirements during the pandemic,” she said.

Link confirmed between a healthy diet and prostate cancer prevention The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that more than 23,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020. Among other risk factors, more and more studies point to diet as a major factor in the development of prostate cancer, as it is for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Using data from a study conducted in Montreal between 2005 and 2012, a research team led by Professor Marie-Élise Parent of Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) has shown a link between diet and prostate cancer in the article “Dietary Patterns Are Associated with Risk of Prostate Cancer in a Population-Based Case-Control Study in Montreal, Canada,” published in Nutrients in June. INRS Ph.D. student Karine Trudeau, the lead author of the study, based her analysis on three main dietary profiles: healthy , salty Western diet including alcohol, and sugar-rich Western diet with beverages. The first profile leans heavily towards fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins like tofu and nuts. The salty Western diet with alcohol includes more meat and beverages such as beer and wine. The third profile is rich in pasta, pizza, desserts, and sugary carbonated drinks. The study took age, ethnicity, education, family history, and date of last prostate screening into account.

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