Are your symptoms from toxic mold?

This is what toxic mold can do…

Dr. Margaret Christensen has a 26-year old, mold-induced, schizophrenic son who has been in and out of severe psychoses for the past 6 months, and a husband with rapidly-progressing Parkinson’s from exposure to mold and Lyme.

And, she discovered toxic mold in her office in October, which was the cause of neurological symptoms that she has spent many hours over the past 2 months trying to resolve.

As you can see, she created The Toxic Mold Summit [click here to register for free now] practically out of necessity, and it has become a labor of love for her family, colleagues and the patients she helps every day.

Dr. Margaret says, “There’s a reason few have tried to do a toxic mold event — it’s an incredibly complicated topic.”

Almost 20 years ago, she was a successful OB-GYN with a booming practice. Then, she began having debilitating fatigue, was unable to think straight and her body hurt all over — so much she closed her practice.

Her family also showed unhealthy symptoms: learning difficulties, insomnia, severe mood swings, migraines, ADD, asthma and bronchitis, tremors, sinusitis.

After 8 years of sickness and the feeling of helplessness from not finding the cause, they found toxic mold in their water-damaged house.

Personally learning about and recovering from toxic mold and biotoxin illness led Dr. Margaret into integrative and functional medicine. Now, she sees the devastating consequences of exposure to mold mycotoxins every day.

She has learned how toxic mold exposure can cause such symptoms as:
* Hormonal imbalances
* Brain issues
* Chronic gastrointestinal problems
* Autoimmune challenges
* And more…

Exposure to toxic molds from water damaged buildings is very, very common (and completely underdiagnosed). At least 50% of homes and 60% of commercial buildings — churches, schools, dorms as well as office buildings, even your car — have had some kind of water issue.

And, with at least 20% of the population being very susceptible to mycotoxin illness, no wonder there’s an epidemic of mystery illnesses occurring!

—>>Join me to learn more at The Toxic Mold Summit, free and online!

Dr. Margaret is here to help you, by sharing what she has learned from her own health challenges!

Yours in Health,

Robert Scott Bell

P.S. Did you know? There’s an epidemic of persons with chronic sinus infections who have spent years on antibiotics (which don’t seem to help). Toxic mold exposure may have triggered (and continues to trigger) these infections — there’s help to be found!