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Is Agreeing To Disagree – Unhealthy?

Disagreements can be a healthy antidote for biases A personal bias can influence everything from the brands we buy to the way we treat other people, and in today’s world, these pre-existing beliefs can lead to intense racial, political and religious conflicts. What if there were a way to reduce this bias? Research from the College of Business at Virginia Tech University suggests that it’s possible to activate a mindset that leads people to become open to questioning their assumptions. The study is available online in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. One of the reasons biases are so rampant is rooted in the human need for “cognitive consistency,” which means processing information in a way that confirms preset beliefs, explains Ann-Sophie Chaxel, a professor at Virginia Tech and author of the study.

Hardened Arteries – Should You Be Concerned?

Half of people aged 40-54 have hardened arteries: study Half of middle-aged people who are normal weight and don’t smoke or have diabetes may have clogged arteries, researchers said Thursday, urging stronger measures to lower cholesterol. A high level of so-called “bad cholesterol,” or LDL-C, is the main reason why apparently healthy individuals suffer heart attacks or strokes in middle age, said the report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). “Atherosclerotic plaques are present in 50 per cent of middle-aged individuals (40-54 years old) with no classical cardiovascular risk factors,” said the study.

Living Longer – How Important Is Quality Of Life?

People say they want to live longer—if in good health Longevity is a such a pervasive goal in public health policy and even popular media, but individually most people only want to live long lives if they will be healthy, according to a new study that includes a University of Kansas gerontologist. “People in three cultures from around the world are reluctant to specify their desired longevity,” said David Ekerdt, KU professor of sociology and gerontology. “To me this is interesting because longevity is such a valued objective, but at the individual level, longer lives are a goal ‘only if’ I remain healthy.”


The secret to live life up to 100 years – Be Stubborn! The trick to living a long, hearty life has been revealed. For everybody ‘dying’ to not die anytime soon, the code has been cracked and as it turns out, it’s something most people ace at without even trying. All one needs is strong dosages of determination. A bit too much of it, perhaps. That’s right – the key to living up to a hundred years is just being stubborn! Studies suggest that other than a healthy diet and regular exercise, keeping busy and a headstrong notion about what one believes in are also contributing factors to a ripe age. The study conducted was based on 29 people aged between 91 and 101, whose physical health was worse than their family members aged 51 to 75, but at the same time, it was found that the oldest inhabitants of nine villages in Cilento, south Italy, were in better shape than their younger relatives.

Maybe Men Aren’t As Whiny As You Think

Man Flu May Be Real, Study Shows Ladies, when he says he’s sick, believe him: The “man flu” may
actually be real. Dr. Kyle Sue, an assistant professor of family medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada conducted research to study if men were really worse off than women when they fall ill or if they’re just exaggerating their minor ailment derided as a case of the “man flu.” “It’s a frequently heard stereotype,” he toldCNN.

Hour 2 – Want A Healthy Gut? Hug Someone!

The Microbiome In Your Body Thrives With Regular Physical Contact Hugging helps the immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and induces sleep. Gut bacteria also appears to thrive with regular physical contact, suggests new data that shows ‘huddling’ actions lead to a synchronised microbiome. Beneficial bacteria in the gut are known to attack pathogens, manufacture vitamins and even act as anti-cancer agents. Recent research has strengthened the scientific understanding that the microbes that live in your gut may affect what goes on in your body.

5 Neat New Things You Need to Know About Gut Health Over two thousand years ago,
Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut.” The father of modern medicine was way ahead of his time. While gut health is not linked to every disease (as far as we currently know), continuing research into the gut microbiota is revealing just how important the communities of bacteria that reside there are to our overall health. Bacteria coexist with us – and some do things that help us (like make vitamins, break down waste, aid in digestion, and help plants absorb nitrogen from soil). Yes, there are bacteria that are dangerous (like the ones that cause tuberculosis, cholera, and Lyme disease), but most of the bacteria in your body is rendered harmless by your immune system.

Eating Right For Mental Health

Your mood depends on the food you eat, and what you should eat changes as you get older Lina Begdache, assistant professor of health and wellness studies at Binghamton University, along with fellow Binghamton researchers, conducted an anonymous internet survey, asking people around the world to complete the Food-Mood Questionnaire (FMQ), which includes questions on food groups that have been associated with neurochemistry and neurobiology. Analyzing the data, Begdache and Assistant Professor of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Nasim Sabounchi found that mood in young (18-29) seems to be dependent on food that increases availability of neurotransmitter precursors and concentrations in the brain (meat). However, mood in (over 30 years) may be more reliant on food that increases availability of antioxidants (fruits) and abstinence of food that inappropriately activates the sympathetic nervous system (coffee, and skipping breakfast).

Special Guest – Rick Jaffe Esq.

Richard Jaffe is a health care litigator, counselor and crisis manager, focusing on cutting-edge medical/legal issues. He represents practitioners, clinics, companies and health related organizations in complex health care regulatory matters throughout the United States, especially legal cases and investigations brought by federal and state government agencies. He has extensive experience in FDA matters, including clinical trials and new drug issues, Medicare and insurance fraud, professional licensure and criminal and civil scheduled drug prescribing problems. He has extensive experience in the stem cell field, both in the criminal and civil sides, and also works on matters involving dietary supplements.

Update on the Green Pharmaceuticals Homeopathy Case/You Do What You Can To recap and expand on my prior post on the case:( Green Pharmaceuticals which makes SnoreStop was sued by a bottom feeding (IMO) plaintiffs class action law firm for false advertising and unfair business practices in California. The theory of the case was that homeopathy is unscientific nonsense and none of the product’s ingredients have any possible effect on snoring. What made the case harder for the plaintiffs’ lawyers was that unlike most homeopathic products, the claims supporting SnoreStop were based on a gold standard clinical trial, i.e., a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, the results of which were published in a reputable international scientific journal. At the bench trial, the plaintiffs’ expert, a retired pharmacologist, disputed the validity of the study.

That Tickle In Your Nose Is A Good Thing!

How to make yourself sneeze: 13 ways to sneeze on demand Sneezing or sternutation is an involuntary release of air from the nose. It is the body’s way of getting irritants out of the nasal passages. Allergens, viruses, other irritants, and trauma to the nose can cause sneezing. Sneezes are typically powerful and can occur suddenly. However, sometimes people may have the urge to sneeze but are unable to do so. This inability to sneeze can be annoying, especially if there is an irritant in the nose or the person is congested. Luckily, it is possible to stimulate the body to sneeze. This article suggests 13 ways to sneeze on demand.

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