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September 8th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Fewer Americans Than Ever Think Biden Has A Clear Plan To Fight Covid, Poll Finds A Gallup poll, conducted August 16-22 among 3,552 adults, found 42% of Americans do not believe Biden has elucidated a clear plan of action to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, up from 35% in July. The poll marks the harshest review of Biden’s pandemic messaging since October—a time that covers his candidacy, time as president-elect and time as president—according to Gallup’s polls, and for the first time ever fewer Americans, 40%, were positive about his coronavirus communications than negative. Opinions on communications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state governors have followed similarly negative trajectories, the poll found. While opinions on the CDC fluctuate, they now skew decidedly negative, Gallup found, with 41% saying they do not believe the agency has communicated a clear pandemic plan. That level of negativity has only been recorded twice before—once in September amid heightened concerns over the rapidity of vaccine approval (41%) and again in January amid skyrocketing cases (40%)—though the number of people expressing a positive attitude towards the CDC’s pandemic communications (32%) remains above nadirs from those two times (25%). Opinions on communications from state governors, which have consistently been more positive than negative since Gallup began polling the topic in June 2020, are souring, with 35% of Americans believing there is no clear communication on pandemic response from governors, up from previous polling, although 41% still believe governors are communicating clearly on the crisis.

Biden will make major COVID speech Thursday outlining ‘six-pronged’ plan based on more vaccine mandates and school policies President Joe Biden on Thursday will present a six-pronged strategy intended to fight the spread of the highly contagious COVID Delta variant and increase U.S. COVID-19 vaccinations, the White House said on Tuesday. The United States, which leads the world in COVID-19 cases and deaths, is struggling to stem a wave of infections driven by the variant even as officials try to persuade Americans who have resisted vaccination to get the shots.   Rising case loads have raised concerns as children head back to school, while also rattling investors and upending company return-to-office plans. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters traveling with Biden aboard Air Force One that he will lay out the six-pronged strategy ‘working across the public and private sectors to help continue to get the pandemic under control.’ Asked about possible new mandates, Psaki said the White House would offer more details later about the plan and acknowledged that the federal government cannot broadly mandate that Americans get vaccinated. ‘We need to continue to take more steps to make sure school districts are prepared and make sure communities across the country are prepared,’ Psaki added. On Wednesday, Biden is scheduled to meet with White House COVID-19 advisers. The United States has recorded roughly 650,000 COVID-19 deaths and last week exceeded 40 million cases.

Whopping 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job if vaccines are mandated A new poll suggests a significant share of unvaccinated Americans may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccine mandates put in place by their employer.  A Washington Post-ABC News poll asked unvaccinated workers whose employers have yet to impose a vaccine mandate what they were likely to do if getting vaccinated was required to go into the workplace.  The poll found 16 percent of unvaccinated workers would get the shot, 35 percent would ask for a medical or religious exemption and 42 percent would quit their job. When asked what they would do if they weren’t given an exemption to opt out of the requirement, 18 percent of those surveyed said they would comply and 72 percent said they would quit. Just 18 percent of respondents said their employer currently requires workers to be vaccinated, and about 30 percent of workers whose employers don’t have mandates are unvaccinated, according to The Washington Post. More than half of Americans surveyed, however, favored businesses requiring employees who go into the workplace to be vaccinated, with 52 percent supporting the idea and 44 percent opposed. The poll comes as more businesses are expected to put COVID-19 vaccine requirements in place after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was granted full Food and Drug Administration approval. A recent survey of 961 U.S. employers that employ nearly 10 million people found 52 percent of companies could have one or more vaccine requirements for workers by the fourth quarter of 2021.

First responders nationwide resist COVID vaccine mandates March 11, 2021. It was supposed to be a turning point in the coronavirus pandemic for Erin Tokley, a longtime Philadelphia police officer, Baptist minister and 47-year-old father of three. It was supposed to be the day of his vaccine appointment. Instead it was the date of his funeral. Tokley — “Toke” to his friends and family — died on March 3, becoming the Philadelphia Police Department’s sixth confirmed COVID-19 death. Philadelphia officers first became eligible for their shots in late January and Tokley was eager to get it as soon as he could. But he fell ill in early February, before it was his turn to roll up his sleeve. The resurgence of COVID-19 this summer and the national debate over vaccine requirements have created a fraught situation for the nation’s first responders, who are dying in larger numbers but pushing back against mandates. It’s a heartbreaking situation for Tokley’s widow, Octavia, as the 21st anniversary of their first date approaches on Sept. 10. She said she has moved beyond her anger at other police officers who are refusing the vaccine, and is now disappointed. Her husband’s life couldn’t be saved, but theirs still can. “I don’t want to have to be there to support your family for this,” she said. “Nobody deserves this, especially when it can be prevented.”

Seattle could lose over 200 cops due to COVID vaccine mandate, report says Over 200 Seattle police officers could lose their jobs over the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate because they’ve either not received the jab or would refuse to hand over their private medical data, according to a report Monday. The Jason Rantz Show on the city’s KTTH said the number represents about 20% of the department’s deployable staff. The department and Mayor Jenny A. Durkan’s office did not immediately respond to after-hour emails from Fox News. The Officer Down Memorial Page said 132 members of law enforcement have died of COVID-19 this year. Last year, the total figure was 241—making the virus the leading cause of law enforcement line-of-duty deaths. No national statistics show the vaccination rate for America’s entire population of first responders but individual police and fire departments across the country report figures far below the national rate of 74% of adults who have had at least one dose. The KTTH report said Durkan’s mandate requires city workers to take the jab by Oct. 18 or face termination. The report said losing 200 additional officers after last year’s push to defund could be devastating to the city.

3 in 5 Americans think it costs too much money to live a healthy life  Does living your best life simply cost too much money? Almost six in 10 Americans agree that being healthy is too expensive. A new survey of 2,005 people finds 59 percent see the high cost of health and wellness as a major barrier to living a healthy lifestyle. It’s even more difficult for those who live in cities, with 68 percent of urban-dwellers saying the cost of staying healthy is too high. The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Naturade, also asked respondents what their biggest priorities are when it comes to health and wellness. Mental health tops the list, with 65 percent saying it’s very important — with “living in a safe environment” (also 65%) and “having good relationships with friends and family” (61%) following closely behind. Another 59 percent of all respondents say they exercise more than three times a week, suggesting that Americans are still at least trying to practice healthy habits despite the possibility of other systemic barriers.

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Profit motive in medicine may contribute to a broken health care system Profit motive in medicine may contribute to a bloated, complex, and fragmented health care system said the American College of Physicians (ACP) in a new policy paper published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The paper, Financial Profit in Medicine, goes on to say that the principles of professionalism and medical ethics should ensure medicine retains a patients-over-profit orientation and protects the patient-physician relationship. “In recent years, we have seen become increasingly business-oriented with more for-profit entities and private equity investments,” said Thomas G. Cooney, MD, MACP, chair, Board of Regents, ACP. “We need to be sure that profits never become more important than in the practice of medicine.” The paper explores how commercialization of the health care system can create conflicts of interest, undermine access to high-quality care, and fracture patient trust. Emerging trends such as consolidation, mergers, and integration in the health care sector could have positive results, like enhanced collaboration, or negative ones, like higher prices for patients. While the paper cautions against the potential harms that could be caused by corporate interests and influences in the health care sector, it does specify that profits are not inherently negative.

Digital venture shines light on the pharma prescribing power of nurse practitioners and physician assistants One-third of all prescriptions this year will be written by nurse practitioners and physician assistantsmaking them a key target for pharma. Thanks to the pandemic, the importance of NPs and PAs emerged as many took on more responsibilities. Those upgraded duties are only expected to grow as the demand for doctors outstrips supply. By 2033, the U.S. will suffer a shortage of more than 55,000 primary care doctors and 86,000 specialty physicians, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). “NPs and PAs are writing a billion prescriptions and the value of those prescriptions is about 30%, regardless of the disease state,” said Carmen Mazzatta, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of the Point of Care Network. To help pharma companies reach this group of advanced practitioners, Point of Care Network is partnering with healthcare marketing and analytics company Lasso to launch a more targeted approach. POCN Specialty is built on a database of more than 400,000 NPs and PAs with information about their clinical diagnostic, treatment and prescribing behaviors. Its own data reflect the AAMC’s doctor shortage predictions. POCN sees a 45% surge in nurse practitioners and a 31% growth in physician assistants by the end of the decade, with only 4% growth in the number of medical doctors in the same period.

Ohio judge reverses colleague’s decision on covid patient’s ivermectin treatment: ‘Judges are not doctors’ Last month, an Ohio judge ordered a hospital to treat covid-19 patient Jeffrey Smith with ivermectin after his wife sued, alleging that the facility refused to give her husband the drug, despite him having a doctor’s prescription. Since mid-July, Smith has been in West Chester Hospital’s intensive care unit, battling a severe case of covid, according to court records. Ivermectin — a deworming drug that some people are using to prevent or treat covid, despite several public health agencies advising against it — was Smith’s last shot at survival, his wife and guardian, Julie Smith, argued. But on Monday, after Smith’s wife and the doctor who prescribed him the ivermectin failed to provide “convincing evidence” at a court hearing to show that the drug could significantly improve his condition, a different judge reversed course. Butler County Judge Michael A. Oster Jr. ordered the hospital to cease administering Smith, 51, the unproven treatment, arguing that “judges are not doctors or nurses.” “Based on the current evidence, ivermectin is not effective as a treatment for COVID-19. … Even Plaintiff’s own doctor could not say [that] continued use of ivermectin would benefit [Jeffrey] Smith,” Oster wrote in an order filed on Monday.

Questions of The Day!

Hey Robert and Super Don!
Thank you for all of the excellent natural health info, please keep it up. As of the last few days I’m starting to see this trickle in the news about people getting this deadly “West Nile virus” and it sounds awfully suspicious and I’m wondering if the system is trying to cover their tracks of vaccinated injury. I actually know someone, an older man in very bad health already who they say has the West Nile virus and it’s in his brain and he got intubated just a couple days ago. Are you hearing any news like this and has your radar gone off? Would love to hear you and Super Don’s thoughts.
Amiri (a-my-ree)


Do you have any suggestions for endometriosis? Thank you!


Hi there. I thought I heard you speaking about a homeopathic remedy to counteract the effects of the COVID “vaccines”. Is there a separate one for each injection – ie. Astraseneca, Moderna, Pfizer?? . . . and, if so, how does one go about accessing these remedies, as well as guidance on how to use them, etc.


Hi Robert,
You mentioned last week the homeopathic remedy Bothrops. Can you provide me vendors that sell the Bothrops homeopathic remedy?

Children’s Health Defense Sues FDA Over Approval of Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine Children’s Health Defense (CHD) on Aug. 31 filed suit in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its acting director, Dr. Janet Woodcock, for their allegedly deceptive, rushed licensure of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine. CHD argues that the licensure was a classic “bait and switch,” allowing Pfizer, the Biden administration, the U.S. military and employers to exhort people to take “licensed” vaccines when in fact the vaccines available and being administered continued to be the Pfizer-BioNTech Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines. According to the lawsuit, the FDA violated federal law when it simultaneously licensed Pfizer’s “Comirnaty” vaccine and extended Pfizer’s EUA for its vaccine that has the “same formulation” and that “can be used interchangeably,” according to the FDA. The law (21 U.S. Code § 360bbb-3-(3)) on “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies” requires the EUA designation be used only when “there is no adequate, approved and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing or treating such disease or condition.” The lawsuit alleges once the FDA approved and licensed Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, there was no further basis for the FDA to preserve the EUA status for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that Pfizer acknowledges has the “same formulation” and is “interchangeable.”

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