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August 5, 2022 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

US declares public health emergency over monkeypox outbreak The federal government declared a public health emergency Thursday to bolster the response to the monkeypoxoutbreak that has infected more than 7,100 Americans. The announcement will free up money and other resources to fight the virus, which may cause fever, body aches, chills, fatigue and pimple-like bumps on many parts of the body. “We are prepared to take our response to the next level in addressing this virus, and we urge every American to take monkeypox seriously,” said Xavier Becerra, head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The declaration by HHS comes as the Biden administration has faced criticism over monkeypox vaccine availability. Clinics in major cities such as New York and San Francisco say they haven’t received enough of the two-shot vaccine to meet demand, and some have had to stop offering the second dose to ensure supply of first doses. The White House said it has made more than 1.1 million doses available and has helped to boost domestic diagnostic capacity to 80,000 tests per week. The monkeypox virus spreads through prolonged skin-to-skin contact, including hugging, cuddling and kissing, as well as sharing bedding, towels and clothing. The people who have gotten sick so far have been primarily men who have sex with men. But health officials emphasize that the virus can infect anyone.

FDA considering dividing Jynneos doses into fifths to increase vaccine supply The Biden administration is considering splitting doses of the smallpox vaccine, which are being used to prevent monkeypox amid the current outbreak, into five smaller doses, the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thursday. FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said during a briefing that his agency was looking into possible solutions to increase the number of available doses of the Jyenneos vaccine. One of these proposed solutions is dividing the current doses into fifths. “We’re considering an approach for the current doses of Jynneos that would allow health care providers to use an existing one dose vial of the vaccine to administer a total of up to five separate doses,” Califf said. “This approach which we’re referring to as dose-sparing, would change the method of administration for Jynneos which currently administered subcutaneously.” According to Califf, this proposed change would involve injecting the reduced Jynneos doses in between layers of skin, creating a “pocket” for the vaccine. “There’s some advantages to intradermal administration, including an improved immune response to the vaccine,” Califf said. “It’s important to note that overall safety and efficacy profile will not be sacrificed with this approach.” An FDA spokesperson told The Hill this change in the monkeypox vaccination strategy was being considered because it had become “clear to all of us that we would not meet current demand with the current supply.”

Special Guest – Todd Callender

Todd is an international lawyer, licensed in Colorado but practicing primarily outside of the United States.  More recently, Todd filed the first suit against the US Department of Defense, Dept. of Health and Human Services and Food and Drug Administration (August 2021) in Robert v. Austin, which sought to stop the “vaccine” mandates in the DOD and, inter alia, caused the DOD to abandon “forced vaccinations” while ensuring access to exemption procedures for nearly 400,000 service members. Todd was responsible for opening trade and commerce between the United States and Cuba in 1997 by obtaining the first US travel, business, OFAC and export licenses granted during the period Cuba was a designated Enemy of the State (US).  Todd was the first US licensee and Company allowed to operate Cuba since the Cuban Revolution ended in1959.  Todd ran a clinical field trial of a needlefree mass vaccination device in collaboration with Cuba and the US State and Commerce Departments for three years with the consent of the US Treasury Department and with observance by the WHO.  Todd had occasion to do business with many vaccine manufacturers and global health organizations at that time including but not limited to Pfizer, PATH, FDA, WHO and Cuban Ministry of Health  Todd has been practicing law for 28 years and currently serves as the principal in the law firm Disabled Rights Advocates PLLC and is the CEO of a large health & disability insurance group.


Hour 2

Special Guest Sam Anthony

I have been in the finance/investment world for decades. My experience with numbers, people, and businesses around the world prepared me for the passionate journey of starting [your]  [Your]news media is the only social news site in the world offering national and local news with affiliates. You can submit stories to be published and shared locally and around the world! We don’t provide just any news, we provide your news! [your]News is here to give you access to what’s happening in your area as soon as it happens. The [your]news Citizen Journalist is a network of people who have an opportunity to report what they see first hand, connect with their community, share their voice, and contribute to democracy by sharing information with other members of society. At [your]News we are here to be your source for real news that matters most.

Monkeypox cases in Africa not concentrated amongst gay men, says WHO Monkeypox outbreaks in Africa are not concentrated among gay men, unlike in other parts of the world, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Africa CDC said on Thursday. Outbreaks of the viral disease have been reported from 78 countries, mostly in Europe, and 98% of cases outside the countries in Africa where it is endemic have been reported in men who have sex with men, the WHO says. But in Africa, where repeated outbreaks have been documented since the 1970s, the pattern of transmission is different, the experts said. “Currently 60% of the cases that we have – the 350 – 60% are men, 40% are women,” said epidemiologist Dr Otim Patrick Ramadan, who was answering questions on monkeypox at a media briefing organized by the WHO’s regional office in Africa, and who was referring to the continent’s number of current cases. He said that more than 80% of cases in Africa were in countries where transmission had happened before, and that typically people were initially exposed to the virus through contact with animals carrying it, before passing it to household members. He added that women typically took care of sick people at home, which was one of the factors in the spread among women. Dr Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, acting director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told a separate media briefing there was no evidence that transmission among gay men was a specific factor in African outbreaks.

Question of The Day!

Hi. Robert and Don. If Jonathan is on today this may be a question he can help with. My husband is undergoing evaluation for a heart transplant due to heart damage from Cardiac amyloidosis. Today the infectious disease person came in to talk to us. He ended up pushing vaccines especially COVID v. I explained to him that we do not take vaccines because of our religious beliefs. He said that may hinder my husband from getting a transplant if he doesn’t get shots. I asked if we were being descriminated against for our religious beliefs. He said it isn’t descrimination. It just shows that you will do everything possible to take care of your health. To me it felt like coersion. I figured this would come up. We are opposed to abortion and don’t want to use the products. Also we believe the shots are dangerous and evil especially because hubby already has heart damage. I mentioned Robert Malone and Peter McCullough’s objections to the shots. He had no knowledge of them. He talked about all the robust safety data. He also said the shots are FDA approved. I said they were emergency use approved. He argued that they are fully approved. Fully immersed in the Kool aid. He went into a speal about how the v works and even drew pictures! I redirected him back to the fact that we hold religious belief against using aborted fetal cell products. He still wants us to reconsider. Can you help direct us to help? We are both very upset. My husband believes he will have to do this in order to have a chance to live. This is so wrong. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Toxic Toilet Tissue We can add toilet paper to the long list of products that are contaminated with PFAS; this pervasive contamination has led experts to recommend many Americans get tested for PFAS. It’s time to ban these dangerous chemicals. Action Alert! We recently told you how PFAS contamination is worse than we previously thought because it has been found in a huge bevy of products for which it wasn’t added intentionally—PFAS can leach into products during the manufacturing process, and companies don’t even realize it. Now, a new report found that PFAS are present in several major toilet paper brands, demonstrating another route of exposure for these ubiquitous chemicals. Considering recent findings on the high levels of PFAS exposure among the population and the evidence demonstrating the serious human health concerns from this exposure, the government’s own National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) issued a report recommending PFAS blood tests for broad swaths of the population. All of this is happening while the EPA is asleep at the wheel. This cannot go on. The report, issued jointly by Mamavation and Environmental Health News, found that 4 of 17 toilet paper brands tested positive for fluorine, an indicator of PFAS. Levels of PFAS ranged from 10 parts per million (ppm) to 35 ppm in four brands: Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper, Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Bath Tissue, Tushy Bamboo Toilet Paper and Who Gives a Crap Bamboo Toilet Paper. We reported previously on the extensive use of PFAS in cosmetics and other personal care products, and the particular danger this route of exposure poses. Lipstick that contains PFAS, for example, could inadvertently be ingested; PFAS in mascara could be absorbed through the tear ducts. And once PFAS enter the bloodstream, it stays there and accumulates—they aren’t called “forever” chemicals for nothing. Note that makeup is absorbed through the skin, and chemicals absorbed through the skin directly enter the bloodstream. Toilet paper containing PFAS will touch the skin, and in sensitive parts of the body with many blood vessels.

How to Detox Your Kitchen: Here’s What to Boot The Whole Home Detox series is dedicated to removing the causes of chronic illness from our homes, one room at a time. Everywhere you look people are starting a new health program; perhaps they are embracing minimalism or trying to save money. They could be trying all of the above after finding themselves with excess bellies and tight pants but skinny paychecks and empty wallets. Meal planning is all the rage with people preparing freezer meals ahead of time in carefully parceled portions. They are brown-bagging it to work in hopes that they are saving their health along with some spare change. The sad irony is that in the effort to get healthier some people are actually exposing themselves to more toxins that are messing with their brain, weight, hormones, and reproductive health. If not from their food storage containers than certainly the food itself. This article isn’t going to make judgement calls on foods that Crunchy-Granola-Hippie-Mamas might deem bad, i.e.,  flour, dairy, alcohol or caffeine. No way! Those items are more preferable in a real-food diet than the nasty hidden ingredients we’re about to talk about below. And don’t get us wrong. In this economy, we’re not suggesting you throw things out and go hungry. Just replace the items below with a better alternative in the future, as you’re replenishing your food.

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