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July 30th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Biden orders tough new vaccination rules for federal workers President Joe Biden has announced sweeping new pandemic requirements aimed at boosting vaccination rates for millions of federal workers and contractors as he lamented the “American tragedy” of rising-yet-preventable deaths among the unvaccinated. Federal workers will be required to sign forms attesting they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus or else comply with new rules on mandatory masking, weekly testing, distancing and more. The strict new guidelines are aimed at increasing sluggish vaccination rates among the huge number of Americans who draw federal paychecks — and to set an example for private employers around the country. “Right now, too many people are dying or watching someone they love die and say, ‘If I’d just got the vaccine,’” Biden said in a somber address Thursday from the East Room of the White House. “This is an American tragedy. People are dying who don’t have to die.” However, pushback to Biden’s action is certain. It puts him squarely in the center of a fierce political debate surrounding the government’s ability to compel Americans to follow public health guidelines.

Biden’s Coercive ‘Vaccinate or Face Testing’ Plan for Federal Workers Tramples Rights, Violates Nuremberg Code Children’s Health Defense (CHD), in response to today’s anticipated announcement that all federal employees and contractors must either take the COVID vaccine or be subjected to routine COVID testing, said the action violates the U.S. Constitution and the Nuremberg Code, which clearly states that informed consent is essential in medical experimentation. As short-term complications from COVID vaccines are just now being reported and aren’t yet fully understood, and long-term outcomes won’t be known for years, it’s impossible to provide actual informed consent. CHD also points out that the COVID survival rate across all age groups is 98.23%. In children, the survival rate is even higher — 99.985% — calling into question the need for widespread COVID vaccination. “This type of coercion would be unthinkable to the founding fathers of this nation, and it should be unthinkable to all Americans today who value freedom from tyrannical governments,” said CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “Coerced medical interventions have been abhorrent to advocates of liberty and human dignity in every age,” Kennedy said. “The fact that these vaccines are shoddily tested, experimental, unapproved and so risky their manufacturers can neither obtain insurance coverage nor indemnify users against grave injuries or death should magnify our ethical revulsion.”

Capitol Police ordered to arrest staff and visitors not wearing masks after new House mandate U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were ordered to arrest visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol complex, according to a police memo issued by new USCP Chief Thomas Manger that was obtained by a member of Congress. Police were also advised not to arrest members of Congress for failing to wear masks but to report the lawmakers’ noncompliance to the House sergeant-at-arms, the memo says. House members have been subjected to fines starting at $500 for skirting mask rules. Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., got a copy of the memo distributed at Thursday’s morning roll call from an unnamed police officer, she told Fox News. Police she’s spoken to are “very uncomfortable” with this new directive that Cammack describes as “tyrannical.” “This is such an overstep of Speaker Pelosi’s authority to basically make our Capitol Police arrest staff members and report on members [of Congress],” Cammack told Fox News Thursday. “It’s absolutely unconscionable that this is where we’re at.” Cammack, like many other GOP reps, are up in arms about the return this week of coronavirus mask mandates at the House, regardless of vaccination status. The mask rules follow updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance in the wake of the rise of the contagious COVID delta variant and lower-than-expected vaccination rates.

Texas Gov. Abbott issues executive order prohibiting cities from requiring masks, vaccines Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, on Thursday signed an executive order prohibiting cities and other government entities in the state from enacting vaccine requirements or mask mandates to protect against the coronavirus, even as the virus’s more contagious delta variant drives another surge in covid-19 cases in Texas. Abbott’s order applies to any government entities receiving state funds, including counties, cities, school districts, public health authorities and government officials. He also declared that there be “no covid-19-related operating limits for any business or other establishment” in the state in order to “ensure the ability of Texans to preserve livelihoods while protecting lives.” The order, Abbott said in a statement, was to “provide clarity and uniformity” in the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The governor claimed that Texans had “mastered the safe practices” that help prevent and avoid the spread of covid-19. “The new Executive Order emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates,” Abbott stated. “Texans… have the individual right and responsibility to decide for themselves and their children whether they will wear masks, open their businesses, and engage in leisure activities.”

Kentucky state officials refuse to enforce virus mask rule Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear defended his mask requirement for state workers Thursday, brushing off criticism by state GOP officials who announced that they would not enforce the mandate in their offices. “Listen, I care more about my people than my popularity. I got the backbone to do what’s right for them and I wish other people did too,” a clearly irritated Democratic governor told reporters. “At some point you got to do the right thing for your people and not try to score political points.” Beshear said he isn’t able to take disciplinary action against workers in the Department of Agriculture, the office of the state treasurer, the Legislative Research Commission or the state auditor’s office who don’t wear masks, but he warned that they “face a much higher likelihood that they get COVID and they get really sick” if they don’t. Beshear issued the order for state workers and visitors to any state building Wednesday, prompted by a statewide surge in COVID-19 cases accelerated by the highly contagious delta variant. The state’s test positivity rate — which had dipped below 2% on July 1 — was 8.29% on Wednesday. In response to Beshear, three of the four agencies said Thursday they will not enforce the governor’s new mask requirement. Those three are run by Republicans chosen in statewide elections. The fourth agency, the LRC , which is co-chaired by the Senate President and House Speaker in the General Assembly, where the GOP holds substantial majorities in both chambers, also said it would not enforce the rule, media outlets report.

NFL QB Says He Only Got Vaccinated Because of League Pressure: ‘If You Don’t Fall In Line’ They’ll ‘Make Your Life Miserable’ As of Tuesday, 85 percent of NFL players have reportedly received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, but a hesitancy lingers among the remaining 15 percent. While some players such as the Buffalo Bills Cole Beasley are still refusing the jab, others like Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill acknowledged he gave in to league pressure to get vaccinated. “I’m currently in the process right now [of being vaccinated],” Tannehill told reporters during his Wednesday press conference at Titans training camp. “The NFL has kind of made it clear what they want to happen. If you don’t fall in line, they’re gonna to make your life miserable with all the protocols.” NFL protocols for those who refuse the jab will include wearing masks, travel restrictions, and potentially being forced to forfeit a game and paycheck if an outbreak occurs among unvaccinated players. “I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine, without the protocols that they’re enforcing on us,” Tannehill added. “I think it’s a personal decision for everyone, everyone has to make the best decision for them and their families. That’s kind of our mindset in this building. But they’re trying to force your hand and they ultimately have forced a lot of hands by the protocols.” The Titans are trending above the league vaccination rate, with 90 percent of Tennessee’s players already receiving their Covid shots. Other NFL clubs such as the Washington Football Team struggled to reach 50 percent.

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Scientific Authoritarianism Erodes Private Property and Human Liberty As a recipient of an E.C. Harwood Visiting Research Fellowship at the American Institute for Economic Research, I am inspired by tales of the principled battles that Colonel Harwood fought in support of the ideals behind the US Constitution. Taking his oath to support that great document as a lodestar, his support for the cause of human liberty and personal dignity led him to be a vocal opponent of the policies of FDR’s New Deal. As such, he continued doing so despite orders from his military commanders to cease his criticisms, eventually choosing to take early retirement from a promising military career as a graduate of West Point. My lesson from his brave acts against the most powerful institutions in the US is that being a true patriot requires supporting an ideology of individual freedom rather than accepting partisan interests that violate foundational precepts. As such, Americans wishing for a united and prosperous country should follow Edward Harwood’s example to challenge the authority of government officials and question assertions of “experts” they use for support. This contrarian behavior is even more urgent given the drift of public policy in recent years that would expand political powers beyond FDR’s wildest dreams, at the expense of private property rights and human liberty. As it is, public policies have become increasingly pointed towards responses to claims that irresponsible actions by humans are causing environmental degradation and climate change.

C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox The Delta variant is much more contagious, more likely to break through protections afforded by the vaccines and may cause more severe disease than all other known versions of the virus, according to an internal presentation circulated within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, the director of the agency, acknowledged on Tuesday that vaccinated people with so-called breakthrough infections of the Delta variant carry just as much virus in the nose and throat as unvaccinated people, and may spread it just as readily, if less often. But the internal document lays out a broader and even grimmer view of the variant. The Delta variant is more transmissible than the viruses that cause MERS, SARS, Ebola, the common cold, the seasonal flu and smallpox, and it is as contagious as chickenpox, according to the document, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times. The immediate next step for the agency is to “acknowledge the war has changed,” the document said. Its contents were first reported by The Washington Post on Thursday evening. The document’s tone reflects alarm among C.D.C. scientists about Delta’s spread across the country, said a federal official who has seen the research described in the document. The agency is expected to publish additional data on the variant on Friday. “The C.D.C. is very concerned with the data coming in that Delta is a very serious threat that requires action now,” the official said.

Studies uncover details of ‘exhausted’ immune cells in patients with chronic infections Chronic viral infections and cancer can cause “killer” T cells in the immune system to take on a state of dysfunction or exhaustion whereby they can no longer react to infectious invaders or abnormal cells like normal “memory” T cells. Two new studies led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and published in Nature Immunology provide insights into T cell exhaustion, which could lead to potential strategies to overcome it. One study, which was led by Georg M. Lauer, MD, PhD, of the Division of Gastroenterology at MGH, focused on differences between memory and exhausted T cells in individuals with human hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection before and after treatment. After patients were treated and cured, their exhausted T cells tended to take on some properties of memory T cells but did not function as well as memory T cells. “We saw some cosmetic improvement of the T cells that in a more superficial study could have been interpreted as real recovery, whereas in reality the key parameters determining the efficacy of a T cell were unchanged,” says Lauer. “A significant number of molecules that were altered were normalized after treatment, but others were stuck, and these were clearly the ones associated with T cell function.” This lack of recovery was especially prominent with a long duration of T cell stimulation by the virus; a shorter stimulation allowed the cells to revert to functional memory T cells.

Dementia cases worldwide expected to triple by 2050 Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, may become its own global pandemic within the next few decades, a new report warns. Researchers with the Alzheimer’s Association say dementia prevalence is likely to triple by the year 2050. That means over 150 million people worldwide would suffer from the memory-robbing condition within the next 30 years. The findings, presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2021, reveal that although the world’s health is generally improving in modern times, other factors are off-setting those gains. Researchers say their estimates show better education and improving lifestyles will likely prevent 6.2 million cases of dementia by 2050. Unfortunately, smoking rates and more people dealing with weight issues and high blood pressure mean 6.8 million people will be more likely to deal with Alzheimer’s. “Improvements in lifestyle in adults in developed countries and other places — including increasing access to education and greater attention to heart health issues — have reduced incidence in recent years, but total numbers with dementia are still going up because of the aging of the population,” says Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D., Alzheimer’s Association chief science officer, in a media release. “In addition, obesity, diabetes and sedentary lifestyles in younger people are rising quickly, and these are risk factors for dementia.”

FDA allows drugs without proven clinical benefit to languish for years on accelerated pathway Since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established its accelerated approval pathway for drugs in 1992, nearly half (112) of the 253 drugs authorised have not been confirmed as clinically effective, an investigation by The BMJ has found. Elisabeth Mahase, clinical reporter at The BMJ, carried out an in depth analysis of FDA data up to 31 December 2020 and found that of these 112 drugs approved in the last 28 years a fifth (24) have been on the market for more than five years and some have been on the market for more than two decades—often with a hefty price tag. The accelerated pathway allows drugs onto the market before efficacy has been proven, she explains. But as part of this approval, the manufacturer must conduct post-approval studies—known as phase IV confirmatory —to “verify the anticipated .” If these trials show no benefit, the drug’s approval can be cancelled. But further analysis of FDA data revealed that only 16 drugs approved through the pathway have ever been withdrawn. Most of these were shown to lack efficacy, but in some cases the confirmatory trials were never done. For example, Celecoxib (Celebrex), which was given accelerated approval in 1999 for the treatment of familial adenomatous polyposis (a genetic disorder that carries a high risk of bowel cancer), was on the market for 12 years before the FDA finally asked Pfizer to voluntarily withdraw it for this indication due to the efficacy trials never being done.

“Historic Victory”: Bayer to End US Residential Sales of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides In a move that environmental groups celebrated as a “historic victory” following years of campaigning to remove Roundup and similar weedkillers from store shelves, Bayer on Thursday announced that it will halt the sale of glyphosate-based herbicides to consumers in the U.S. lawn and garden market by 2023. “Bayer’s decision to end U.S. residential sale[s] of Roundup is a historic victory for public health and the environment,” Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety (CFS), said in a statement. “As agricultural, large-scale use of this toxic pesticide continues,” he added, “our farmworkers remain at risk. It’s time for EPA to act and ban glyphosate for all uses.” While calling the announcement “an important victory to protect the health of Americans,” Kendra Klein, senior scientist at Friends of the Earth, stressed that “action on this toxic weedkiller can’t wait until 2023. Major home and garden retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s must lead the industry by ending the sales of Roundup immediately.” The key ingredient found in Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide, is glyphosate. Described by the World Health Organization as “probably carcinogenic,” glyphosate poses threats to human health and to pollinators such as bumblebees and monarch butterflies. Bayer stated that it will switch Roundup and other glyphosate-based weedkillers to formulas that “rely on alternative active ingredients” in order to “manage litigation risk and not because of any safety concerns.” Thursday’s decision came in response to several legal battles that Bayer, a German pharmaceutical and biotech corporation, inherited when it acquired Monsanto, a U.S. agrochemical giant and creator of Roundup, in 2018.

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Hey RSB and Super D,
The main issue with all of this is that, and also I don’t really think anybody has said it like this, but they’re selfish for making us do something that could harm us or kill us, whether that’s the mask or the vaccine. And they say they care about other peoples health, that’s why they want us to mask or vaccine, but obviously they don’t really care about other peoples health, or else they would let us not mask or not vaccinate. They don’t want us to harm other people, but yet they’re harming us.


Yay!  I have been listening to your show for over a year now, and was introduced to the terrain theory of disease that you speak about.  Lately I am hearing it spoken of more and more.  On infowars this morning someone called in to promote this theory. Seems the word is getting out and people are waking up.  Thank you for being courageous to share the truth with all who will listen!

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