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June 8, 2019 3-5PM ET

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Medical Doctor: CA Mandatory Vaccination Bill Would Actually Harm Public Health As a doctor, I believe in the science underlying vaccination, and what Jonas Salk, Edward Jenner and others in this field contributed to our understanding of how immunization works. But I am steadfastly against Senate Bill 276 because it is trying to fix a problem that does not exist. Vaccination rates for children in California are above levels for ”community immunity.” According to California Department of Public Health, 99.3 percent do not even have medical exemptions. Further, over 97 percent have received the MMR. The majority of measles outbreaks are from unvaccinated foreign travelers, and spread mostly by vaccinated adults. Unless we are willing to close our borders entirely, there will always be measles outbreaks. With over 39 million people currently living in California, and even with the 36 measles cases, there is still only a 0.000091 percent chance of contracting the virus, which with today’s medical advancements usually amounts to a few days of a rash and fever. Not only is there no reason for this bill from a science or math perspective – which will cost taxpayers nearly $400 million as estimated by a PhD colleague who worked for Cal Department of Health’s Immunization Branch – this bill is catastrophic from a medical-legal perspective. As a licensed physician, I am required to personally examine patients. I was required to go to many years of school so that I can recognize what laypeople might miss: that certain treatments might be harmful to certain patients.

What and how you eat affects your odds for type 2 diabetes The kind of foods you eat, and even the order in which you eat them can affect your odds of developing type 2 diabetes, three new studies suggest. Dr. Rekha Kumar, an endocrinologist at NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City, reviewed the findings. “Emphasizing fruits and vegetables and whole foods is a very practical and easy way to manage type 2 diabetes,” she said. “Half your plate should be green, even at breakfast, when you could have an egg white omelet with spinach for example.” As for the sequence of eating, Kumar said vegetables, high-fiber foods and even protein take longer to leave the stomach, which slows down the rise in blood sugar levels. “Theoretically, changing the order you eat foods could have implications on weight and appetite control,” she said

Type 1 diabetes: Drug delays onset by 2 years Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease affecting about 1.25 million children and adults in the United States. Some people have a higher risk of developing type 1 diabetes than others. Age influences risk; this condition is one of the most common chronic ones to emerge in childhood. Males are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes than females, and having a family history of the disease also increases the chances of developing it. Geography also seems to play a role in type 1 diabetes risk. For instance, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Sardinia have the highest incidence of type 1 diabetes, whereas China and South American countries have the lowest. For people whose risk is high, a new study brings some interesting and hopeful insights. Researchers — led by Dr. Kevan C. Herold, from Yale University, in New Haven, CT — have found that a drug called teplizumab can delay the onset of type 1 diabetes in people with a high risk. Dr. Herold and the team published their findings in The New England Journal of Medicine and presented them at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions, in San Francisco, CA.

Question of The Day!

Are there Prosthetics I can use to help break my 4 y/o sons toe walking habit? He gets monthly adjustments from a DC, and his primary is a DO who i love. But, the foot doctor keep pushing me to take my son to pediatrician before she would work with me so i walked out of her office. The oxygen therapy & HCL therapy i received has help with his behavior and speech. Also, is excretion of heavy metal has greatly improved. But, i need help with toe walking. What can i do when even foot doctors are brain washed? At this point i only trust DO’s & DC’s


More awareness needed about lead exposure from firearms, researchers say Researchers are warning that lead-based ammunition is posing a risk to firearms’ users and their families, with a culture of denial about the issue among the firearms community. In a letter published in the latest New Zealand Medical Journal, researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington and Massey University say that while the risk of lead absorption from lead-based paint is well known, there is far less awareness of the risk from  use. According to the World Health Organization there is no known safe level of exposure to lead. In New Zealand, a greater than or equal to 0.48 micromoles per litre must be notified to the local medical officer of health. One of the authors of the letter, Dr. Marie Russell from the University of Otago, Wellington, says lead exposure from firearms can occur through several pathways, including from lead ammunition and primer which release fumes and particles close to the face that may be inhaled; from lead dust at indoor firing ranges that may be ingested from hands, or inhaled; and from consuming lead-shot meat.

Hour 2

I’m Feeling Great’: How Alternative Medicine Saved 10-Year-Old Boy’s Life After Two Bouts Of Cancer One of the goals of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is to not only find cures for pediatric cancer, but to find less toxic and more innovative treatments for childhood cancer. On Thursday, CBS3 hosts our 13th annual Alex Scott: A Stand for Hope telethon. After two bouts of cancer and a bone marrow transplant, a less toxic treatment saved 10-year-old Danny Feltwell’s life. Danny is back in the gym at Nemours duPont Hospital, smiling and playing ball. “I’m feeling great right now,” Danny said. It’s a dramatic change from before. Danny’s young life has been filled with a roller coaster of highs and lows after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma when he was 2 years old.

Mom who favors holistic treatment disappears with daughter who reportedly has cancer  Wilsonville police are asking for help from the public as they search for a 13-year-old girl. Kylee J. Dixon takes medication and needs medical care, police say. Authorities believe Kylee’s mother, Christina Gale Dixon, ignored a court order to take Kylee to the Department of Human Services. The two are believed to be in Oregon or Washington. A friend of Christina and Kylee Dixon told KGW that Kylee has cancer. Christina was using CBD and other holistic treatments to care for her daughter at home when the state intervened. Christina Dixon started a GoFundMe campaign, asking for $50,000 to pay for naturopathic medicines and to assist her with “legal representation.” In her plea, she mentions in part, “I’ve always been a strong soul, independent and self sufficient, so this is extremely hard for me to even do, it’s taken me months to write this and the only reason I am is because I’m cornered and have been threatened by DHS and the Evil Doctor that’s pissed off that my Daughter didn’t die!!!”

Half an hour of sun exposure daily may lower risk for pediatric IBD Higher sun exposure in the previous summer or winter is associated with a lower risk for having pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), according to a study recently published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Elizabeth Ann Holmes, from the Australian National University in Canberra, and colleagues recruited 99 children (ages 0 to 17 years) with IBD from two large hospitals in Melbourne, Australia, as well as 396 control participants from the day surgery unit of one of the hospitals. Surveys assessed demographics, previous sun exposure, the likelihood of sunburn (skin sensitivity) or tanning following sun exposure, use of sun protection, , and parental smoking and education. The researchers found that for each 10-minute increment in leisure-time sun exposure in summer or winter, there was a linear 6 percent reduction in the odds of having IBD. Results were consistent when including only the most recently diagnosed cases, only Caucasian cases and controls, and only those with symptom onset within the year prior to study entry and when adjusting for age or physical activity.

Comment of The Day!

Robert, did you hear the rumor that certain members of Women in Government were offered a million dollars to sponsor pro-vaccine legislation in their state? Given the number of pro-vaccine bills, this re-enforces the “FACT” that our government has been bought and paid for by big pharma.


Study finds FDA dermatology advisors receive payments following drug approvals  A team of researchers led by a member of the University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty at the Anschutz Medical Campus examined post-advisory financial relationships between U.S. physicians who advised FDA committees during dermatological drug approval processes. Critics of these industry-physician relationships claim these types of payments could incentivize advisors to alter their voting habits. The findings are published in a research letter in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. “It’s known from previous studies that financial payments to FDA advisors can take place after a drug is approved but this is the first time we’ve researched and seen that this trend spans to the dermatology field,” said Robert Dellavalle, MD, Ph.D., professor of dermatology and  at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dellavalle adds, “It’s hard to control post-advisory financial relationships since it’s not on the record going into the committee and top doctors can be paid as ongoing academic advisors for a variety of reasons. Regardless, financial conflicts of interest in  are important to discuss and monitor.”

Why scientists are searching the ocean for new drugs The oceans cover more than two-thirds of Earth. As the adage goes, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean. The sea’s ability to transition from dark, explosive rage to serene, crystal-clear calm has terrified and beguiled humanity since we first visited the beach. Given the vast, untapped nature of Earth’s oceans, it makes sense to plumb their depths in the hunt for new and innovative treatments. Marine animals, plants, and microbes have evolved a unique portfolio of chemicals to defend themselves and aid communication. Scientists are keen to know more about these novel compounds. There are a number of reasons why life in the sea has developed a distinct selection of molecules. For instance, animals that are anchored to the floor and do not have armor plating, such as sponges and corals, need to find other ways to defend themselves. In many cases, chemicals are their weapon of choice. Additionally, marine creatures tend to have relatively primitive immune systems, and some live in overcrowded habitats, such as coral reefs, where defending themselves is a full-time job.

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