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CDC coding error led to overcount of 72,000 Covid deaths A quiet change to how the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publicly reports Covid death details underscores the need for the agency to communicate clearly and transparently about rapidly evolving science, experts say. The past two years have created numerous communication challenges for the agency, which works with massive amounts of data from scores of different sources, including states and territories. “Mistakes are inevitable because humans are fallible, but there should always be an effort promptly to explain what happened and what’s being done to prevent it from happening again,” said Tom Frieden, a former CDC director and the president and CEO of Results Save Lives. “You have to over-communicate, basically,” he said. “Any time there is something that needs to be corrected, be upfront about it: here’s what happened, here’s what we know, here’s what we don’t know.” Last week, after reporting from the Guardian on mortality rates among children, the CDC corrected a “coding logic error” that had inadvertently added more than 72,000 Covid deaths of all ages to the data tracker, one of the most publicly accessible sources for Covid data.

New Yorkers fired thanks to vax mandate blast Adams’ exemptions for athletes Regular New Yorkers who lost their jobs to the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate gave Mayor Adams a Bronx cheer Thursday over his decision to grant exemptions for pro athletes and star performers — but not for them. Unvaccinated Harlem resident Elissa Embree, 43, choked back tears while telling The Post how she was sent home last week from preseason orientation for her job as a waitress at the Mets’ Citi Field, where Adams announced his controversial move earlier in the day. “I’m not as important as a Met is, because a Met will fill Citi Field, which fills the coffers of New York,” she said. “They don’t care about little ol’ me, who pays middle class taxes. The elusive ‘they’ don’t care that I have been out of work and that I have been at my breaking point.” The married mom of a 2-year-old daughter said she hasn’t been vaccinated because she’s had two miscarriages and is worried that getting jabbed could increase her risk for another. Embree also said she’d tested positive for coronavirus antibodies and was looking forward to returning to her job at Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House at Citi Field, where she’s made as much as $500 a game. “I thought we were all a big team here at Citi Field. This would have been my fifth season,” she said.

Consuming artificial sweeteners linked to cancer risk: study Consuming artificial sweetener could increase the risk of developing cancer, a large-scale study suggested Thursday, but experts not involved in the research said it was not enough proof to consider changing current health advice. Sweeteners are consumed by millions every day in products like diet soda, partly as a way to avoid weight gain from sugar — but how healthy these substitutes are themselves has long been a matter of controversy. To assess the cancer risk of sweeteners, researchers analysed the data of more than 100,000 people in France who self-reported their diet, lifestyle and medical history in intervals between 2009-2021 as part of the NutriNet-Sante study. They then compared consumption to the rate of cancer, while adjusting for other variables such as smoking, poor diet, age and physical activity. The participants who consumed the largest amount of sweeteners, “beyond the median amount, had an increased cancer risk of 13 percent compared to non-consumers,” Mathilde Touvier, research director at France’s INSERM institute and the study’s supervisor, told AFP.

Al Gore and the Dangers of Censoring ‘Misinformation’ While speaking at a climate change summit in Denmark in 2009, former Vice President Al Gore made an alarming statement. Citing research from Dr. Wieslaw Maslowski, a professor of oceanography at the Naval Postgraduate School in California, Mr. Gore said it was likely that the north polar ice caps would soon be completely melted. “These figures are fresh,” Mr. Gore said. “Some of the models suggest to Dr. Maslowski that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.” In his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Gore cited studies which said “in the next 50 to 70 years” the ice caps would be completely melted. What had caused the melting to suddenly increase by a factor of ten? Well, nothing. As NPR noted, Mr. Gore was misrepresenting the data of Maslowski. “It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr. Maslowski told The Times UK. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.” Gore’s office soon issued a statement saying the 75 percent figure was a “ballpark figure” Dr. Maslowski had used in a casual conversation with Gore several years earlier. Fortunately, both Gore and Maslowski were wrong.

Will the world clean up ‘information pollution’ in 2022? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the global community has depended on digital media and social media platforms on a tremendous scale, ensuring safety, connectivity and an informed citizenry – an unprecedented achievement. But the same information and communication technologies (ICTs) that have facilitated productivity and critical information flows are also the means by which false content and polarizing narratives have been amplified, all too often distorting healthy public discourse and impeding the effective implementation of public health initiatives. This is by no means a new challenge that public health, political, electoral and social institutions are now being forced to confront. Just like the COVID-19 pandemic, the developing conflict in Ukraine offers another example of the widespread diffusion of competing and often erroneous narratives propagated globally by diverse actors during times of crisis. During crises, critical, often life-saving information must be available to citizens in order to effectuate timely, successful responses. At the same time, they present opportunities for fringe groups and malign actors to exploit systemic vulnerabilities within our digital communications ecosystem.

A Plea for Nutrition in Medicine March is National Nutrition Month. I’ll use this occasion to issue a clarion call for making nutrition a linchpin of medical therapy across ALL specialties. Here’s a rundown of how it could advance the health of diverse patients:

  • Gastroenterology: Rates of IBS, GERD, inflammatory bowel disease and GI cancers are soaring. Diet has a major impact via food intolerance, toxicity of ultra-processed foods, and assaults on microbiome integrity. It’s now acknowledged that, in addition to traditional gastrointestinal ailments, perturbations in digestion may have ramifications for all the systems of the body.
  • Endocrinology: This specialty includes the management of diabetes, which has obvious nutritional correlates. Diet and lifestyle are paramount in preventing or reversing the consequences of blood sugar dysregulation.
  • Neurology: Neurodegenerative diseases have taken an increasing toll as our population ages. The discovery of the “gut-brain” axis implicates diet as a driver of brain pathology; blood sugar regulation may be a cornerstone of dementia prevention; key nutrients may support brain and nervous system health.
  • Cardiology: While efforts to encourage an ultra-low-fat diet by major heart organizations may be misguided when it’s actually excess carbohydrates that deserve the spotlight, it’s a time-tested proposition that there’s a diet-heart connection. In addition to prevention of atherosclerosis, key nutrients like omega-3s, magnesiumAged Garlic Extract, and CoQ10 may support care of patients with heart failure, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.
  • Rheumatology: New research supports the use of an “anti-inflammatory diet” as well as supplements like vitamin D, omega-3s, and curcumin in management of rheumatic conditions.

10 plant-based foods nutritionists eat every week If you could improve your diet in one step, eating more plant-based foods would be at the top of the list. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are rich in phytochemicals, which may help fight cancer and heart disease. They’re also full of fiber to make you feel full and nourished, which can help with weight loss. “The combination of fiber and phytochemicals from whole plant-based food sources that are nutrient dense and satiating have independent effects on things like cholesterol and blood pressure,” Maya Vadiveloo, assistant professor of nutrition and food sciences at the University of Rhode Island, told TODAY. People who most closely follow plant-based diets seem to be protected from dying prematurely from chronic diseases, a review of studies published last year found. But most Americans still don’t eat enough plant-based foods, experts noted. “Unfortunately, a lot of the unhealthy foods out there taste good, and also those tend to be what’s most convenient,” said Alexis Supan, a dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in Lyndhurst, Ohio.

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Special Guest Alec Zeck

We are a community of advocates, parents, teachers, actors, veterans, doctors, lawyers, and friends, who stand to ensure Health Freedom for all people. We come from every religion, political affiliation, socioeconomic background, and philosophy on personal health but are united in our belief that mandated medical procedures of any kind, medical coercion, or any restrictions on health choice violate basic human rights. We work to educate and empower our fellow citizens to defend this inalienable right. We declare freedom from the overreaching arm of Big Pharma and its bedfellows. We are unmovable and unstoppable.

We invite all of humanity to join us.


Health Freedom for Humanity unites people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of health freedom.

We believe that making one’s own health decisions, without coercion or force, is an inalienable right and increasingly under threat.

We welcome you to stand with us to protect and advance this right against all past, current, and future infringements, via education, personal empowerment, community support, and unity in action.


To uphold humanity’s right of medical freedom now and for generations to follow.

Biden Says to Expect ‘Real’ Food Shortages Due to Ukraine War President Joe Biden said that the world will experience food shortages as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and production increases were a subject of discussions at a Group of Seven meeting on Thursday. “It’s going to be real,” Biden said at a news conference in Brussels. “The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.” Ukraine and Russia are both major producers of wheat, in particular, and Kyiv’s government has already warned that the country’s planting and harvest have been severely disrupted by the war. Biden said that at the G-7 summit in Brussels earlier that he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau both discussed increasing their nation’s agricultural production to try to make up for shortfalls. Biden said he’s also urging all nations including those in Europe to drop trade restrictions that could restrict exports of food.

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