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August 17, 2022 3-5PM ET

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CDC Quietly Removes ‘Claim’ That Spike Protein Doesn’t ‘Last Long’ in Body After COVID Vaccine Between July 2021 and July 23, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a series of changes to its “Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines,” including adding — and then removing — a statement assuring readers the mRNA and spike protein “do not last long in the body.” Seven months after the shots were granted Emergency Use Authorization, I am sure the public was comfortably sleeping knowing that the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines WILL Be Rigorously Evaluated for Safety.” Two out of three is STILL pretty good, right? At least we can stop arguing about how the CDC should define “soon” and “not long.” But why didn’t CDC officials assure us that the spike protein will “eventually” be eliminated from our bodies? Is that too big a promise? And, it’s still a good thing that “mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines have been Rigorously Evaluated for Safety” … STILL. Thank you to Jessica Rose, Ph.D, and others who have pointed out that there is absolutely NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

CDC announces sweeping reorganization, aimed at changing the agency’s culture and restoring public trust Big changes are coming to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary as the nation’s lead public health agency. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky met with senior leadership at the agency this morning to lay out her plans for overhauling how the agency works. She plans to remake the culture to help the agency move faster when it responds to a public health crisis. She also wants to make it easier for other parts of the government to work with the CDC, and wants to simplify and streamline the website to get rid of overlapping and contradictory public health guidance. Staff will be notified of the change by email. More than 12,000 people work at the agency, which is headquartered in Atlanta. The changes will be aimed at improving the culture and restoring public trust after the agency’s acknowledged missteps in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The reforms follow a period of review and introspection at the CDC. In April, Walensky announced Jim Macrae, associate administrator for primary health care at the Health Resources and Services Administration, would lead a one-month review of the agency’s Covid-19 response efforts. At the same time, she charged three of her deputies to scrutinize operations and recommend strategic changes. Walensky has been meeting with groups of staff in person as employees return to their office after months of remote work.

Special Guest Kayla Montoro

Kayla Montoro is a New Jersey resident and former hospice volunteer coordinator, who was terminated from her position for refusing both the Covid-19 injection and testing regulations.  With her newly found freedom, she founded The Fifth Estate, a media source that is designed to insight critical thinking and spark healthy debate. She also launched the podcast Torch of Truth, where she shares her story, as well as stories of others, who would like a platform to do so.  Kayla holds her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Penn State University. She is currently obtaining her master’s degree in clinical herbal medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Kayla hopes to use her education and experience to bring back real journalism to America and assist in building a new healthcare system. She feels that everyone should have the freedom to decide for themselves what goes into their body, with proper informed consent and without prejudice.

For centuries, the press and news media has been known as the Fourth Estate. Our great country – The United States of America – has celebrated the fact that our government is a separation of powers into legislative, executive and judicial branches, with the Fourth Estate keeping these powers in check. According to the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) Code of Ethics, these four principles are the foundation of ethical journalism: seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently and be accountable and transparent. The SPJ is the oldest journalism association in the United States. Most of the Fourth Estate has proven to have gone rogue, not adhering to basic ethical standards of journalism. Over time, our research will prove this to be a common fact. With this said, we believe it’s time for a Fifth Estate; a movement by grassroots independent journalists to keep even the Fourth Estate in check. It’s time for We The People to stand up and it’s time for America to wake up.

WHO turns to public for monkeypox name change The World Health Organization, which is looking to rename monkeypox, called Tuesday for help from the public in coming up with a less stigmatising designation for the fast-spreading disease. The UN health agency has for weeks voiced concern about the name of the disease that emerged onto the global stage in May. Experts warn the name can be stigmatising to the primates it was named after, but who play little role in its spread, and to the African continent that the animals are often associated with. Recently in Brazil, for instance, there have been reported cases of people attacking monkeys over disease fears. “Human was given its name before current best practices in naming diseases,” WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told reporters in Geneva. “We want really to find a name that is not stigmatising,” she added, saying the consultation is now open to everyone through a dedicated website: Monkeypox received its name because the virus was originally identified in monkeys kept for research in Denmark in 1958, but the disease is found in a number of animals, and most frequently in rodents. The disease was first discovered in humans in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the spread among humans since then mainly limited to certain West and Central African countries where it is endemic.

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WATER WARS are about to erupt in America as dwindling supplies lead to legal clashes among western states WATER WARS are about to erupt in America, as dwindling supplies in Lake Mead and Lake Powell lead to federal intervention and legal clashes among the western states. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are drying up fast, falling to record-low levels. Their water levels now stand at approximately 25%. These lakes are fed by the Colorado River, and they are the primary source of water for seven Western states. The federal government is in control of the Colorado River. Federal officials with the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation are pressuring the seven western states to preserve the remaining water level and prevent the lakes from becoming dead pools. The seven states have yet to reach a deal and have failed to make the necessary cuts, leading to upcoming legal showdowns and possibly a new compact. Western states cannot agree on massive water cuts, leading to historic juncture The seven affected states must submit a plan to conserve billions of gallons of water by 2023. So far, the negotiations are not looking good. The states in the Lower Basin of the Colorado River – California, Arizona and Nevada, are struggling to come up with a fair plan for all. The states in the Upper Basin – Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah, are also clashing over resource allocation, and are blaming the Lower Basin states for not doing their part.

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Special Guest Christopher Key

What would you do to protect your children from toxic and dangerous injections? What would you not do? What about masks? Would you be willing to stand up to authoritarians trying to limit your children’s ability to breathe freely? Christopher Key has owned a health club called Steel City Fitness, which specialized in health and wellness, and co-owned a company called SWAT. He also started a company called Health Management Systems that utilized a device that measures body fat. He has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and he helped professional athletes and the public without drugs, chemicals, and surgery until the government came and seized everything he owned and shut him down. This happened seven years ago. He was recently fired from his job of six years for being a patriot and after standing against a tyrannical school board in Alabama. It was because of Key’s efforts that the mask mandate was lifted, and kids will not have to provide proof of inoculation to return to in-person learning in the fall. Since publicly announcing that victory and encouraging fellow Americans to fight against the unconstitutional mandates, he has been fired from his job by his ‘bully boss’. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, he has responded to a higher calling, and will be traveling the country to fight for YOUR KIDS!

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