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October 18th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Colin Powell, first Black secretary of state, dies at 84 from complications of COVID-19 Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19, his family announced. He was 84. Powell, the first Black secretary of state and the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was fully vaccinated, his family said in a post on his Facebook page. “We want to thank the medical staff at Walter Reed National Medical Center for their caring treatment,” the Powell family wrote. “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American.” Powell had battled various other ailments. His wife, Alma, also had a breakthrough case of COVID-19, but responded to treatment. Born April 5, 1937, in Harlem, New York, to Jamaican immigrants, Powell was a ground-breaking figure in Washington and garnered respect from both sides of the aisle. Powell joined the U.S. Army after graduating from college in 1958. Across his 35-year military career, he served two tours in Vietnam and was stationed in West Germany and South Korea. He would go on to serve in top roles under four presidents, first as national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan, and then as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton, the first African-American to hold the role. Powell then was tapped by President George W. Bush as secretary of state.

Fox News anchor deletes tweet suggesting Powell’s death ‘raises new concerns’ about vaccine efficacy Fox News anchor John Roberts deleted a tweet on Monday that suggested former Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s death from COVID-19 complications raises “new concerns” about the long-term efficacy of inoculation. Powell’s family announced his death in a statement that also said the 84-year-old had been fully vaccinated. He also reportedly had been diagnosed from multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that weakens the body’s ability to protect against infections. Roberts’s deleted tweet said “the fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term.” It was met with an immediate backlash online, where plenty of those responding noted that Powell’s age and specific health history put him at a higher risk for COVID-19.  In a series of follow-up tweets, Roberts explained he’d deleted the tweet because it had been interpreted as being “anti-vax.” Roberts said he had encouraged people to get vaccines and that he also though booster shots could be important.

Bidens caught violating DC mask mandate at posh Georgetown restaurant President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were caught violating Washington, D.C.’s indoor mask mandate by walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without masks on Saturday. The maskless Bidens were recorded leaving Fiola Mare while flanked by masked Secret Service agents. The two dined at the pricey Italian seafood restaurant on the Potomac River after attending a service at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, according to The Daily Mail. Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser reinstated an indoor mask mandate in July amid the surge of the delta variant. The Bidens also violated Fiola Mare’s mask policy, which mirrors the city’s. “Per CDC guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s executive order, all individuals over age 2 are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be always worn while in our restaurants, except while eating and drinking. Thank you for understanding,” the restaurant’s website says. Fiola Mare did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment in time for publication.

In Gavin Newsom’s California, COVID-19 Rules Are for Those Without Political Power When should you be forced to get a vaccination and when should you be exempt? In California, it depends on how much political clout you have. The California Attorney General’s Office announced Tuesday that it will appeal a federal judge’s September order that would require all state prison staffers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The notice of appeal comes after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom declared last month that Democratic officials should “lean in” to COVID-19 prevention efforts, citing their “moral authority” to save people’s lives. And it comes after Newsom’s office announced on October 1 that California would become the first state in the country to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for students, pending full Food and Drug Administration approval of the vaccines. The power dynamics at play here are not subtle or hard to divine. California is insisting that school children get vaccinated, while simultaneously fighting to protect prison guards from a vaccine mandate, because students, who are at very low risk of serious COVID-19 complications compared to older age brackets, don’t have a public sector union with deep pockets. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), the state’s powerful prison guard union, donated $1.75 million to Newsom’s recall defense.

Nearly 40% of California state workers are unvaccinated against COVID despite Newsom order The COVID-19 vaccination rate is lower among California state workers than among the state’s general population, according to data from the state Human Resources Department. Fewer than two-thirds of state workers — about 62% — were vaccinated as of Oct. 7, according to preliminary figures provided by department spokeswoman Camille Travis. That compares to a rate of about 72% among all Californians, according to state data. The employee data is incomplete, accounting for about 213,000 of the state’s 238,000 employees, Travis said. But the relatively low rate identified so far suggests many workers weren’t moved by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s July orders to workers to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing. Several of the largest state departments shared vaccination rates for their staff: 52% of California Highway Patrol employees, 60% of Department of Motor Vehicles employees and 60% of prison employees have received the shots. Caltrans reports a higher rate, with 70% of its employees vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Revolving Door: All 3 FDA-authorized COVID shot companies now employ former FDA commissioners Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product? In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process. That appears to be the exact strategy utilized by Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and the company that founded Moderna, which have rostered a series of former top ranking government officials into top positions in their respective organizations. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the ultimate personification of the revolving door mechanism, sits on the board of Pfizer. The frequent Pfizer-sponsored CNBC guest also maintains several thousand shares of Pfizer stock, and he is compensated well into the six figures on an annual basis. Gottlieb earns millions from his continually increasing board appointments to a plethora of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

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Special Guest Mary Holland

Mary Holland is a former Research Scholar and Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program at NYU School of Law. She has written several law review articles and blog posts on vaccine law and policy and is the co-author and co-editor of the books “Vaccine Epidemic” and “HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed.” She has testified to retain or expand vaccination exemptions in the California, West Virginia, Maine and Vermont legislatures. She has appeared in several documentaries and programs on vaccine issues. She is chair of the advisory board of Health Choice and a member of the advisory boards for the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, the Otto Specht School and Actionplay. Educated at Harvard and Columbia Universities, Holland has worked in international public and private law. Prior to joining NYU, Holland worked for six years at major U.S. law firms, with three years based in Moscow, Russia. She also worked at a U.S. human rights organization as Director of its European Program. After graduating law school, she clerked for a federal district court judge in the Southern District of New York. She has taught courses at Columbia Law School and has served as a consultant to the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Program.

RFK Jr: Times Square Rally For Freedom Oct 16 (Updated – Photos) Grammy Award winning singer Victory Boyd opened the RFK Jr. Rally For Freedom on Broadway in Manhattan on October 16 with her beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. NFL Cancels Victory Boyd National Anthem Performance After Singer Refuses to Vaccinate for Religious Reasons explains: “Boyd was set to sing the anthem at the NFL’s opening season game on September 9th. But emails sent to Boyd’s father and manager, John Boyd, made it clear that the gig was canceled because of the singer’s refusal to vaccinate.” “When asked why Boyd did not get the vaccine, the singer specifically mentioned her faith as the reason. “I am in prayer to make sure that the Lord guides me into the right decision concerning receiving an unproven injection with artificial properties that can potentially have a long-term effect on my reproductive health. If I want to take the vaccine, the decision will be between myself, my doctor, and my God. At this point, the Spirit of God is leading me to take a stand for freedom of choice.””  RFK Jr. and Dr. Larry Palevsky spoke to a wildly enthusiastic crowd.

Fauci: People ‘react against me’ when ‘truth becomes inconvenient’ Dr. Anthony Fauci has argued that he is an easy target during the coronavirus pandemic because he stands for “science, data and hard facts” rather than “conspiracy theories.” Fauci has been a target for both praise and ridicule throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as he has been the face of the government response. His role has seen him struggle to navigate the torrent of information and guidance that flows between the public and government, trying to defend “the science” amid various “conspiracy theories.” However, he has positioned himself as on the side of “science, data and evidence” and those who “disagree” as conspiracy theorists. “I have stood for always making science data and evidence, be what we guide ourselves by,” Fauci told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “And I think people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality, that’s looking them straight in the eye.” “Those are people that don’t particularly care for me, and that’s understandable because what I do and I try very hard is to be guided by the truth,” he added. “And sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me.”

Fauci says Americans can enjoy holidays with family if fully vaccinated President Biden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, provided reassurance to Americans eager to spend time with relatives in the coming months, saying on Sunday that they could convene if everyone is fully vaccinated. “I believe strongly that, particularly in the vaccinated people, if you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated, those who are eligible — that is obviously very young children are not yet eligible — that you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy Halloween, trick-or-treating and certainly Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas with your family,” Fauci said on Sunday during ABC’s “This Week.” Fauci said that when the level of COVID-19 transmission is down, fueled by the vaccines, “there’s no reason at all why you can’t enjoy the holidays in a family way.” “That’s one the reasons why we emphasized why it’s so important to get vaccinated, not only for your own safety, for that of your family but also for the good of the community, to keep the level of infection down,” Fauci said.

Free food and healthy, too: Small town grows its own veggies Need a tomato for a sandwich? In one small community, it’s as easy as picking one from a plant growing downtown. Durand in Shiawassee County, southwest of Flint, offers an “edible landscape,” a variety of free fruits and vegetables. The city council recently gave the gardens a vote of confidence by agreeing to spend up to $500 a year, The Argus-Press reported. “At the end of the day, $500 from the budget is a drop in the bucket for a program that has done so much good for the citizens of Durand,” said council member Matt Schaefer. Program leader Michael Nazarian estimates the edible landscape will produce more than 300 pounds of fruits and vegetables this year. Nazarian approached the city last spring, pitching his idea as a way to invigorate downtown and promote healthy lifestyles.

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