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Colorectal cancer is rising, Rigorous Trials Needed for Accelerated Approval , 10 bombshell bills on medical freedom, Tuberculosis jail threat, Colonscopy concerns, Gut health and MORE!

March 26th, 2023 1-2PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Colorectal cancer is rising among younger adults and scientists are racing to uncover why Nikki Lawson received the shock of her life at age 35. A couple of years ago, she noticed that her stomach often felt irritable, and she would get sudden urges to use the restroom, sometimes with blood in her stool. She even went to the hospital one day when her symptoms were severe, she said, and she was told it might be a stomach ulcer before being sent home. “That was around the time when Chadwick Boseman, the actor, passed away. I remember watching him on the news and having the same symptoms,” Lawson said of the “Black Panther” star who died of colon cancer at age 43 in August 2020. “But at that time, I was not thinking ‘this is something that I’m going through,’ ” she said. Instead, Lawson thought changing her diet would help. She stopped eating certain red meats and ate more fruits and vegetables. She began losing a lot of weight, which she thought was the result of her new diet. “But then I went for a physical,” Lawson said. Her primary care physician recommended that she see a gastroenterologist immediately because she had low iron levels. “When I went and I saw my gastro, she said, ‘I’m sorry, I have bad news. We see something. We sent it off to get testing. It looks like it is cancer.’ My whole world just kind of blanked out,” Lawson said. “I was 35, healthy, going about my day, raising my daughter, and to get a diagnosis like this, I was just so shocked.”

FDA: Rigorous Trials Needed for Accelerated Approval The U.S. health regulator on Friday proposed cancer drug developers in most cases conduct more rigorous trials to seek accelerated approval for their candidates.The Food and Drug Administration’s proposed recommendation follows criticism for the accelerated approval pathway, as well as an independent federal review into it after the controversial nod for Biogen Inc’s Alzheimer’s treatment Aduhelm. Accelerated approvals allow quicker nod for therapies that target serious and life-threatening conditions. The FDA proposed using “randomized controlled trials” (RCT) where patients receive either a therapy or another alternate treatment, compared to conducting a trial testing the drug without a comparator, known as single-arm studies. Single-arm studies can be conducted in some cases, but those need to be discussed with the agency beforehand, it said. “Given the limitations of single-arm trials, a randomized controlled trial is the preferred approach to support an application for accelerated approval,” the FDA said. Drug developers usually depend on such “single-arm” studies to gain accelerated approval, and then conduct another trial post-nod to confirm clinical benefits. The regulator suggested two approaches – one of conducting one RCT each before getting the accelerated nod and then to confirm the benefits, and another of holding just a single trial to seek the nod and then follow-up over the long term.

Horowitz: Top 10 bombshell bills on medical freedom to put COVID fascism into the grave It’s the biggest story in American history. Our government helped create a virus, seized power and ruled by executive fiat, locked down the people, banned human breathing, created dangerous therapeutics that killed and maimed millions, blocked safe treatment for the virus, and built a biomedical surveillance state that is growing by the day. We are now in the fourth legislative session since this began, and most red states have failed to even scrape the surface of these issues to ensure that COVID fascism never happens ever again – even as they are preparing for the next round. Are we going to allow our life and liberty to continue to hang by a thread with no reforms? This week is the three-year anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve,” which turned out to be a paradigm shift in human rights that, to this day, is flattening our life and liberty and appears to be elevating death rates and depressing birth rates. Are we going to walk away from this without ensuring governments can’t do this again? Sadly, most of the good bills have been killed this year without any chance to even get medical freedom legislation to the desks of red-state governors. But there are still a few bills that are worth fighting for in as many states as we can. To that end, here are the top 10 bills that have been introduced around the country and need to be signed into law in as many states as possible … before it’s too late and they do this again.

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Do you know how to help my friend? She was Tested w/ inactive TB. They are making her take this med for 4 mos. She didn’t 3x but they are threatening jail!!! – Grace


I did some routine blood work to see where I was. My labs came back a little alarming. My iron level was a 5 so I’m very anemic. I also took a stool test and found out I am losing blood in my stool. My doctor (naturopath) wants me to do a colonscopy but I don’t want to. I am doing your aloe-silver protocol, juicing, and taking black seed oil as well as many suplements including selenium and copper. Do you have any suggestions and what would you do if it was you or your wife? Thank you! Nicole – Nicole

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