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July 22nd, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Fauci, Top Biden Officials Subpoenaed in Lawsuit Alleging They Colluded With Social Media to Suppress Free Speech Top-ranking Biden administration officials — including Dr. Anthony Fauci — and five social media giants have 30 days to respond to subpoenas and discovery requests in a lawsuit alleging the government colluded with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech “under the guise of combatting misinformation.” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on Wednesday served third-party subpoenas on Twitter, Meta (Facebook’s parent company), Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Schmitt and Landry on Tuesday filed discovery requests seeking documents and information from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Fauci, its director; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre; Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy; and former Disinformation Governance Board executive director Nina Jankowicz. Discovery requests also were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and its director, Jen Easterly; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “In May, Missouri and Louisiana filed a landmark lawsuit against top-ranking Biden Administration officials for allegedly colluding with social media giants to suppress free speech on topics like COVID-19 and election security,” Schmitt said in Tuesday’s press release.

Dr. Fauci’s Retirement Pension ($414,667) Will Exceed President Joe Biden’s Salary ($400,000) This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), announced his retirement effective January 2025. By then, he will have turned 85 years old and served in the federal government for 59 years. Our auditors at crunched Fauci’s cash pension payout as of his anticipated retirement date. Today, Fauci earns a federal salary of $480,654 per year. However, by 2024, Fauci will likely be making $530,000 in salary – an increase of nearly $200,000 since 2014. Therefore, we estimate that Fauci’s first year pension payout will exceed $414,000 – more than the salary for the President of the United States ($400,000). In 2021, in my then-column at Forbes, we first reported that Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee making $417,608 (2019, last available salary) and then earned $434,312 in 2020. For both years, Fauci was the top-paid federal employee, out earning “the president, four star generals, and roughly 4.3 million of his colleagues.” Fauci’s salary then increased to $456,028 (2021) and he makes $480,654 today. We estimate he’ll make $504,686 (2023) and then $529,921 (2024).

Special Guest – Vera Sharav

A public advocate for human rights is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) which serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor. AHRP Infomails have a wide following: they are read by physicians and scientists, public health officials, journalists, lawyers, and patient advocacy organizations.

Her advocacy achievements include: suspension of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide experiment (CHEERS) on children; complaint led to two federal investigations on the use of children in foster care as guinea pigs in experimental AIDS drug and vaccine trials; suspension of smallpox vaccine on children; suspension of “violence prediction” experiment that exposed 6–11 year old NYC boys of color to fenfluramine ; opened a public debate about the ethics of relapse-inducing experiments in schizophrenia patients. Organized families and victims of unethical research to join her in testifying before the National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) — re: unethical experimentation on mentally disabled psychiatric patients; those testimonies led to a prize-winning series in the Boston Globe, “Doing Harm: Research on the Mentally Ill” — ultimately resulting in the shutdown of 29 clinical trials at the National Institute of Mental Health (1999).

Mrs. Sharav served on the Children’s Workgroup of the National Human Research Protection Advisory Committee where she was the sole dissenter objecting to expanded use of children in high risk medical experiments. She has testified before public policy advisory panels including, the Institute of Medicine — against human pesticide experiments; against prison drug research; numerous FDA hearings, against misuse of psychotropic drugs for children.

She has been an invited presenter at various professional and academic forums: World Federation of Science Journalists, London; National Academy of Sciences Policy Fellow program and National Public Health Association re: screening for mental illness; Consumers Institute for Medicines and Health, Stockholm — re: America’s overmedicated children; Columbia University; NY Hospital, Cornell; U.S. military medical ethics forum; University of Texas.

Her recent peer-reviewed publications include:  Screening for Mental Illness: The Merger of Eugenics and the Drug Industry, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry (2005); Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research Harm Children With and Without Disabilities,” Journal of Disability Policy Studies (2004); “The Impact of FDAMA on the recruitment of children for research,” EHPP (2003); “Children in Clinical Research: A Conflict of Moral Values,” American Journal of Bioethics (2003); The ethics of conducting psychosis-inducing experiments,” Accountability in Research (1999).

Special Guest – Scott Schara

Grace Schara, a beautiful 19 year old young girl with Down Syndrome, died on October 13 at a COVID hospital – a hospital following the government treatment protocols that continue to fail at preventing COVID deaths. Many hospitals are committed to following what the government dictates, and receive financial benefits by doing so. Grace’s case highlights many abuses, along with the dangers of financial temptation. This is a tragic story that can help wake us up to what’s happening in many hospitals today and turn us to the only One who can truly fix this mess.

By listening to, and reviewing, the links and documents on this website you’ll learn who Grace was, the care she received, the specific combination of medications suspected to have killed her, the financial incentives COVID hospitals are offered, and the possible agenda behind this tragedy. Most importantly, we hope you know God is real and cares about each of us.

Scott Schara (Grace’s dad), and his daughter Jessica (Grace’s sister), were given a rare opportunity to witness what really happens inside the doors of a COVID hospital. The fear of COVID, being spread by the media, has the population convinced to be afraid of this virus. This fear causes people to not challenge the hospital policies preventing advocates, family members, and caregivers in the room with COVID patients. As this family studied what happened with Grace, they have become aware of thousands of similar cases where advocates attempted to push back, but the hospitals proceeded with their agendas instead. It is hard to believe this is really happening here, in America.

This family’s conclusions are this: Once the hospital realized they would not convince the family to give the hospital authority to put Grace on an unnecessary ventilator at the doctor’s discretion, it’s probable that Grace was worth more dead than alive; perhaps there were patients, who would better facilitate their goal of profitability, waiting in ER for a COVID bed to open. On the final day of Grace’s life, after the doctor proclaimed how well Grace was doing, he unilaterally labeled Grace as DNR and then a combination of IV sedatives and narcotics were administered over a short timeframe that no one would likely survive, especially if already in respiratory distress. After reviewing the details, you be the judge.

Before going public, the family submitted a detailed summary, with supporting research, to the hospital with a request to meet with the CEO and the doctor involved. The family recognized their ethical and Biblical responsibility to give both of them the opportunity to discuss their perspectives. The hospital response was a refusal to meet.

The family has not taken the FEMA funeral reimbursement money available to them ($9,000). Cindy Schara (Grace’s mom) says, “We don’t want their dirty money.” Taking the money would be an acknowledgement that Grace died of COVID. As you will learn, she did not die of COVID!


Holocaust Survivor and Covid Protocol Victim Team Up to Spread Warning

 FREEDOM, WISCONSIN, July 19, 2022 — When Vera Sharav looks back on the repressive measures that eventually led to the atrocities of the Holocaust that she survived, she’s reminded of the fear, propaganda and censorship utilized by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime to begin the long march that ended in the death camps. She senses similar government directives and the complicity of the medical establishment in carrying out medical murder reflects the German policies of the 1930’s.

Scott Schara agrees. He lost his 19-year-old daughter, Grace, who had Down Syndrome, to illegal, unethical hospital protocols in October of 2021. Physicians and nurses administered powerful, contraindicated drugs to Grace that ended her life. In addition, a physician also wrote his own Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order on her without family knowledge or consent, ensuring no one would attempt to revive her. Schara believes Grace was targeted because of her disability.

Sharav and Schara have now teamed up to warn others about the worldwide genocide currently underway, with one being the survivor of genocide and the other a victim of the current genocide. Sharav is a public advocate for human rights, and the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) which serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor. Schara is the founder and president of Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc., and is an advocate exposing how hospital systems are being used during this worldwide genocide, and a proponent of God’s solution to the problem – repentance and faith in Him.

“It’s difficult to comprehend the outrage that people have about Holocaust comparisons when Winston Churchill said, ‘Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,’” Schara said. “This comparison isn’t trivial – it’s real and people are losing their loved ones every day to the genocide happening within hospitals all around the world. I fell victim to trusting medical professionals, just as during the early years of the Nazi regime, people fell victim to the T-4 Euthanasia Program that attempted to eliminate the disabled from society. The slogan after the Holocaust was ‘Never Again.’ The fact is that during the Covid Era of the last two-plus years, the world hasn’t learned from history and ‘Never Again’ is happening now.”

Sharav views everything through an historical context that clearly show similarities of then and now.

“Grace Schara’s story should open people’s eyes if they first realize this story follows the same trajectory of T-4, the directive to get rid of the disabled,” Sharav said. “German infants and children under three years old were the first medical murders in Nazi Germany.”

As was the case in World War II, a coordinated effort using physicians, nurses, scientists, and media propaganda, the world today adopted Nazi-style methods to control billions of people. Today’s technology makes the process applicable on a much larger scale as people are forced into digital concentration camps, according to Sharav.

“Nazi doctors were able to do what they did by disqualifying their patients as human beings. They regarded them as damaged goods, therefore you can do anything with them. Same thing for prisoners, and same thing for children. These are the voiceless,” Sharav said. This is once again happening by treating nonvaccinated people and those who are injured by the Covid jabs as pariahs unworthy of life, she said. “People have been programmed through an education system that teaches people to defer to authority. Deferring to authority and obeying what is dictated by authority, is collaborating in one’s enslavement.”

The governmental authorities worldwide have used fear of a virus that has a greater than 99-percent survival rate, along with the media and Big Tech to propagandize and censor dissident voices, respectively, to control the masses in much the same way as Hitler controlled Germans, except he controlled physically, while the current control is one of psychological means.

With slogans such as “safe and effective,” “we are all in this together,” and “do your part,” the psychological impact through repetition has had dire consequences on millions of people. The promised vaccine savior has been a catastrophic disaster in terms of efficacy as health authorities admit it doesn’t provide protection from infection or protection from transmission; while its safety is suspect considering the numbers reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which traditionally only accounts for 1-10 percent of actual adverse events. The latest figures include more than 29,000 deaths, 15,000 heart attacks, and 165,000 hospitalizations.

“Those of us who have not accepted this Covid injection – we are the control – which they want to eliminate, badly. You see, the control group messes up their whole claim, which is you can’t live without the vaccine,” Sharav said. Since no long-term studies can be accomplished if the control group no longer exists, both Pfizer and Moderna eliminated their control groups once the Emergency Use Authorization for their products was approved by the FDA, citing ethical concerns from not vaccinating the participants.

Both Sharav and Schara believe a way to end the genocide is through mass noncompliance and always questioning authority, neither of which happened during the Holocaust.

“Even if you were only given one talent, do something with it,” Schara said. “Above all, don’t succumb to the inevitable ‘solution’ those behind the chaos will put forward – we are in a spiritual battle that man’s solutions are not part of.”

Seeing the whole world fall under lockstep with Covid is a dangerous path that we must remove ourselves from, Sharav said.

“The more concentrated government power, the more dangerous it is for human beings. Our best safeguard is having the power spread out. This was the genius of our forefathers. What they [those in control] want in this so called ‘Great Reset’ or ‘New World Order’ – Hitler also talked about a New World Order – is total control. One government. One digital currency. And no place to go for grievances,” she added.

Through Sharav’s first-hand knowledge of the Holocaust, and Schara’s first-hand knowledge of hospitals that he refers to as the “new killing fields,” the duo hopes to save lives through history and education.

“Never simply trust your doctor. Make them earn your trust or you or your loved ones might be the next in line to succumb to this genocide within hospitals,” Schara said.


Hour 2

Special Guest – Eddie Stone

Over the course of two decades marketing and making nutritional supplements, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the same problems found in Big Food—pesticides, ultra-processed ingredients and toxic additives—were also found in most “health” supplements. In fact, most supplements are anything but healthy. I knew that needed to change. Your family, my family, all families deserve better. When we fuel our bodies with the right ingredients, we fuel our potential. Ideas sprout. Possibilities grow. Happiness takes hold.A new way was needed. So in 2012 Touchstone Essentials was born with a commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and sustainability. The solutions we offer are pure and simple. We aim to make organic goodness accessible and affordable. So we cut out the middlemen and make our wholesome, carefully-crafted supplements available direct online. It’s all the good from nature, delivered right to your door. Welcome to the good inside.

This Powerful Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox Can Change Your Life


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This all natural mineral is mined from the earth, cleaned, remineralized, nano-sized, and then suspended into water molecules using sonic technology so that it can travel everywhere throughout the body and exchange a mineral ion for a heavy metal ion, which is then “caged” and escorted out of the body in 4 to 6 hours. Hence, why many people notice such drastic improvements in a short amount of time!

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Read our article about the little-known miracle mineral detoxifier here

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Why Medical Freedom is the Prerequisite to All Other Freedoms Recently, a trial court in New York, which calls its trial judges “Justices,” struck down Governor Hochul’s attempt to create a rule that would have allowed New York to quarantine virtually anyone on a whim and without any judicial process.  Obviously, this is a tremendous victory for all of us who believe in medical freedom, but Justice Ploetz’s opinion leaves many important questions unanswered.  That’s not a criticism of Justice Ploetz because the case did not require him to address these issues, but the nature of our victory means that we cannot rest in our fight for freedom. Before COVID, New York law permitted its governors to suspend New York law during an “emergency.” During COVID, New York further amended its law to allow its governors to rule via decree during such emergencies, thereby replacing the suspended laws with regulations.  In response, New York’s Health Commissioner issued Rule 2.13, which created a new quarantine process that rendered moot the rest of New York’s Constitution. To challenge the Governor’s attempt to become the Emperor of the Empire State, Uniting NYS, a non-profit, and several members of the New York legislature challenged the legality of Rule 2.13, and the Court had to decide whether or not the Legislature’s grant of authority to the Governor was consistent with New York’s Constitution. Ultimately, Justice Ploetz determined that Rule 2.13 was too radical a departure from the pre-existing quarantine law, thereby requiring him to invalidate the Rule. Specifically, Rule 2.13 eliminated the requirement that a person subject to quarantine must be sick.  In addition, the Rule eliminated both the ability of other medical professionals to release quarantined individuals and the requirement for a hearing before a magistrate while simultaneously empowering the Commissioner to commandeer local law enforcement to enforce his or her orders.  These changes, combined with the Commissioner’s inability to cite any actual evidence of need, led to the Commissioner’s defeat in Borrello. But what does any of this mean for defenders of medical freedom?

Five-second rule? Half of Americans would even eat food from floor after 10 seconds! The average American eats food off the floor about four times per month. That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 Americans which reveals that 44 percent follow the so-called “five second rule.” This common rule of thumb states that if you drop food on the floor, you have five seconds to pick it up and eat it without worrying about cleanliness. Depending on the scenario, 52 percent agree that there are some places they would extend the rule to 10 seconds. Those places include their own home (63%), a restaurant (55%), and a hospital or medical facility (55%). However, everyone has their limits. Almost two-thirds (63%) have places they would never consider eating food off the floor, including bathrooms (60%), public streets or sidewalks (59%), and airports (57%). Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ecolab, the survey sought to uncover how respondents’ standards of cleanliness have changed over the last few years. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) are concerned about cleanliness when attending large events now, compared to 58 percent who were concerned prior to the pandemic. Since the pandemic began, half of respondents have raised their standards for cleanliness. Another 27 percent say their standards have remained the same. Moreover, 32 percent believe their standards for cleanliness will increase over the next year.

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