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July 24th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Daryl Gioffre

A former sugar addict turned health machine, Dr. Gioffre knows firsthand what it takes to overcome adversity and challenges to your health. His specialty is uncovering the root causes of inflammation and chronic illness, using a comprehensive, yet simple, seven-step plan to make healthy changes more convenient and sustainable. His approach is one of moderation, not deprivation, and uses cutting-edge nutrition to help you achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and energy. The founder of the Gioffre Chiropractic Wellness Center and Alkamind, he is a board-certified chiropractor in the state of New York (17 years). He is a passionate speaker and educator, certified raw food chef, live blood microscopist, Reiki master, and ultra-marathoner. He is also the author of GET OFF YOUR ACID – 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health & Energy (2018). He lives in New York City with his wife Chelsea, and his two children, Brayden and Alea.

Fauci: COVID-19 is “almost your worst nightmare” The unique characteristics of this pandemic may not allow people to completely eradicate it, but public health measures and good vaccines should bring “very good control,” NIAID director Anthony Fauci said Wednesday. Driving the news: “We are living, right now, through a historic pandemic outbreak. And, we are, right now, in a situation where we do not see any particular end in sight,” Fauci told a panel hosted by the not-for-profit TB Alliance. “It’s the perfect storm,” Fauci says. We often talk about outbreaks and pandemics, be they influenza or other pathogens, that have to have a few characteristics that make them particularly formidable. Well, this particular virus has that.”

About last night’s videos of Bill Gates. It makes me sad as the situation is rather hypocritical as I’ve read that he has not vaccinated his kids. I would have a hard time accepting his opinion in either case, but if he himself does not believe in vaccination but is trying to “sell” this idea to all the nations of the world… Ohhhhh!!! And also all the ideas about socialism in America – I grew up in USSR when the Soviet regime was still “alive” and although everybody in USSR had a job, place to live and means of existence meaning some amount of money, I really have not met a sane person wanting those times back. It caused a lot of pain in many people’s lives and there were big problems. The idea of communism may sound nice to some people but in reality it is not possible to do it as people are selfish, sinful and many want power. Just a little note from that time – I ate bananas for the first time in my life when I was 19 years old!!! -Aija

Cuomo: Police at airports enforcing pandemic quarantine Police officers are stationed at New York area airports to enforce the state’s strict quarantine rules amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the governor said. “Our quarantine enforcement is serious. And I want people coming into this state to know that. States have never done border patrol before,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a briefing on Thursday. “But we have police at airports. When you land, there is a police officer there. You have to fill out a form as to where you’re going. It is illegal to leave the airport without filling out the form.” (You can complete it online.) Anyone coming from a state with a high COVID-19 infection rate must quarantine for 14 days when visiting New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, the governors of those states announced about a month ago. The list of states keeps growing as coronavirus infections spike across the country. “We know that this virus travels. We know that we cannot hermetically seal the state of New York in our own little bubble,” Cuomo said. “So, when you see the virus coming up in these other states, it poses a threat to New York.”

Why Has Everyone Seemingly Forgotten How the Immune System Works? The media blitz surrounding the COVID-19 crisis strangely omits any mention of the power of the human immune system. It is critical for thinking people to look beyond the noise and learn why a healthy lifestyle and a targeted nutritional approach, which I’ve been passionately advocating for over 30 years in my practice, is such an effective strategy in response to COVID-19. This issue comes back to the great debate between two famous men of science, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp. The essential debate can be boiled down to this: Is it germs (Pasteur), that cause disease? Or, is it poor terrain (Bechamp), that allows the germ to gain a foothold and spread unabated? In other words, does exposure to a germ mean you’re destined to “catch” the disease or become “infected”? Does the germ have all the power to control your fate? Or, is the person who is exposed a receptive host? Is their immune system a fine-tuned machine, or weak and insufficient? In other words, is their level of resistance to the exposure high or low? See my recent Facebook post for a more detailed explanation of this “Great Debate”.

Get Off Your Acid: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health and Energy Easy, customizable plans (2-day, 7-day, and longer) to rid your diet of the acidic foods (sugar, dairy, gluten, excess animal proteins, processed foods) that cause inflammation and wreak havoc on your health.

Let’s talk about the four-letter word that’s secretly destroying your health: ACID. An acidic lifestyle–consuming foods such as sugar, grains, dairy, excess animal proteins, processed food, artificial sweeteners, along with lack of exercise and proper hydration, and stress–causes inflammation. And inflammation is the culprit behind many of our current ailments, from weight gain to chronic disease. But there’s good news: health visionary Dr. Daryl Gioffre shares his revolutionary plan to rid your diet of highly acidic foods, alkalize your body and balance your pH. With the Get Off Your Acid plan, you’ll:

  • Gain more energy
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Diminish pain and reflux
  • Improve digestion, focus, and sleep
  • Lose excess weight and bloating, naturally

With alkaline recipes for easy, delicious snacks and meals, Get Off Your Acid is a powerful guide to transform your health and energy–in seven days.

Comment of The Day!

In Montana, they’re now recruiting or hiring for contact tracers. This sends shockwaves through to my core, because as I have suspected and have been saying all along since the beginning of this madness that there’s most likely coming a day in the very near future when they’ll be rolling out testing measures (whether they call them mandatory or not, they will be regarded as essential for any participation and functionality) as a precursory requirement to enter grocery stores, hold a job, etc. etc. etc.. Now with contact tracing, it’s as if they’re getting ready to massively leverage huge amounts of control over our entire population. It’s quite horrifying. I feel like hiding under a rock already as it is, I don’t want to have to go get into confrontations every time I’m try to get into a store, or with customers inside if I do make it, or whatever the case may be; somehow there has to be a way forward that is not selling your soul; a person has to make a living, and even living itself seems like the hardest thing to do. It’s just dreadful what’s happening. I appreciate you talking about these important issues, I feel just as you do RSB. Although I may not agree with “all” of what Celest Solum brings forth from a theological standpoint, she has been spot on with respect to her understanding of the dynamics and workings of the World Economic Forum, and the strategy by which they’ve been rolling our their draconian agendas world wide. One should check out what she has to say and just watch what’s happening. It’s gettin’ real out here!
Sky Dance

Hour 2

Special Guest Ron Spence

Ron grew up on a dairy farm in Western Pennsylvania and was taught the value of hard work at a young age.  After high school Ron worked various jobs and paid for his own education with degrees in science and an MBA. He became a Vice President of one of the largest computer service providers in the US (ADP) and with that knowledge opened his own service provider company that became the largest in his market niche industry. He was later recruited by Sanyo Electronics as a senior Vice President and he soon became one of the CEO’s within the computer division of this multi-billion-dollar electronics powerhouse. Along the way he got sick and for over 10 years under the management of western medicine he got worse until he no longer wanted to live. By providence he met a young lady who was over 100 years old and a practicing naturopath. She placed his feet on the right path and he was able to restore his health within months after losing over a decade of life, at the prime of my life. This new found knowledge changed the direction of his life and for the next 30 years has done investigative research on health and nutrition, discovering cutting edge technologies that can make a major difference in people’s lives. However, this new path has also led him to discover the many falsehoods that exist in our current reality of which he is driven to expose.  Ron has built a number of large sales organizations while sharing his life’s research and experiences. Ron has retired a long time ago however the universe will not allow him to rest. Wait until you hear what he is doing now.

Two-thirds in U.S. have underlying conditions, at risk for severe COVID-19 As many as two-thirds of American adults have underlying health conditions that put them at increased risk for severe COVID-19, according to data released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At minimum, roughly half of U.S. adults have at least one of five high-risk health problems, which include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and obesity, agency researchers said. “Risk for severe coronavirus disease 2019-associated illness — requiring hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, mechanical ventilation or resulting in death — increases with increasing age, as well as presence of underlying medical conditions,” they wrote. “These findings can be used by state and local decision makers to help identify areas at higher risk for severe COVID-19-associated illness because of underlying medical conditions and guide resource allocation and implementation of prevention and mitigation strategies.”


Questions of The Day!

What are our rights when family or loved one is in/at the hospital? I believe we should be able to be by their side and know beforehand procedures might be done. I am suspicious of hospitals incentives for diagnosing cv!
I started listen to your show because I’m sick of the mainstream crap with their propaganda to hypnotize the public! I’m not one of the “Sheeple”. I do not own or wear a Slave-mask.
I first saw you when I work at CalJam events. Thank you. Lori LQ


I know some grandparents with newborn coming any minute. They are not up on vaccines and what to see transcripts and studies. How would you give homeopathics to a newborn, probably not pellets? water dilution? and which one to help protect if newborn parents are not up on the issue yet. You give it before and after every vaccine??? and for how long. Hate to ask since the better road is no vaccine but I could see her anguish about her new grandson, soon to be here. Thanks for your help. 😉

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