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Apr 15th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Would you give up health or location data to return to work? Cameron Karosis usually strives to protect his personal information. But a scary bout of COVID-19 that began last month with headaches and fevers, progressed to breathing problems and led to a hospital visit has now left him eager to disclose as much as possible to help halt the virus’ spread.Karosis has already shared personal details with Massachusetts health investigators. And if he was asked to comply with a disease-tracking phone app that monitored his whereabouts but didn’t publicly reveal his name and Cambridge street address, he said he’d do that, too.“I’m sick and I’m under a quarantine — hold me accountable for it,” the 27-year-old software salesman said. “You have the potential to kill other people.”As countries around the world edge toward ending lockdowns and restarting their economies and societies, citizens are being more closely monitored, in nations rich and poor, authoritarian and free.New systems to track who is infected and who isn’t, and where they’ve been, have been created or extended in China, South Korea and Singapore. And a range of other surveillance systems – some utilizing GPS location data, some gathering medical data – have been debated or piloted in Israel, Germany, the U.K., Italy and elsewhere.

John W.Apsley,MD(E), ND, DC, Cert.Ac.

Author, Instructor, Clinician, Researcher Co-Founder of ICRM

Going into the summer of 1976 John had qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 200m butterfly when he suddenly lost his health. Under full athletic scholarship at Michigan State University (MSU), John was provided the best healthcare from MSU’s two medical colleges, one allopathic the other osteopathic, but to no avail.

Soon thereafter he traveled to Findhorn, Scotland, where he consumed his first true regenerative nourishment in the form of a Findhorn garden-grown tomato. From that profound moment of mind/body bioenergetic exhilaration and euphoria, he began to understand precisely why and how the long-living peoples attain superior longevity and live virtually disease-free. As a direct result of his continuing health crises now tied to his profound experience at Findhorn, John began training in eclectic, integrative and naturopathic medicine by first attending multiple lectures and 21-Day workshop intensives under the late John R. Christopher, ND. From that early start in his training, this led him to become a licensed naturopathic physician in North Carolina in 1988, which he maintains to the present.

Sangeeta Pati, MD, Facog

Co-Founder of ICRM

I was born in Princeton, NJ and brought up in the USA, Europe and India by my amazing parents; Dr. Jogesh c. Pati who is an elementary particle physicist and Geeta Pati who is a gifted Children’s Science Writer.

My formal schooling consisted of a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology (with Honors) in 1986 from University of Maryland, a Medical Degree in 1990 from University of Maryland School of Medicine (with Honors) and a Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Georgetown University (with Honors). I am Board Certified by American Board of Ob/Gyn and also Board Certified by American Association of Anti-Aging and Bioregenerative Medicine. So, why am I so passionate about the mission to help the body heal itself using regenerative approaches to approximate nature.

In 1983, while I was in my undergraduate program, I started as a Computer Programmer at NASA. Feeling the need to impact more directly the human condition, I moved on to Basic Laboratory Research from 1984 to 1988, as Research Assistant at Litton Bionetics and National Cancer Institute. Luckily, I was blessed to apprentice with Michael Potter MD, a pioneer in Immunology who was instrumental in inspiring me to pursue natural methods to boost the immune system with Vitamin C and eventually to go to medical school.



Comment of The Day:

Hey there Robert and SuperDon
Re: the question you seem be asked every single time you are on the air lately:
I came across a very detailed, patient, clear and illustrated explanation of the testing used for Covid-19 — as well what this means covid really is. (i.e., not the cause)
You may have already seen it, but it sounds like Dr. Andrew Kaufman understands this phenomenon similar to you.. so in case it it is useful to others i am sending the link —

Thank you for your faithfulness as warriors for health truth – absolutely essential for the path to Freedom. It’s amazing to be alive at this time as the forces for good and Truth are accelerating and abounding even as the forces for evil work to increase —

Question of The Day:

Hey Robert,

Thanks for all your terrific and steadfast coverage of all things health and “Covid-19” () through all this insanity. You’re always my go-to for the latest to cut through all the BS. Anyway, since vitamin D (in addition to the other key nutrients) is such a big topic right now, I’m hoping you can help simplify a blood level question I can’t seem to find a straight answer to for the life of me. Is there a general or specific rule of thumb to determine (once a specific blood level has been identified) how much vitamin D3 one needs to continue to take on a daily basis in order to continue to elevate their blood levels by let’s just say 10 ng/mL. For example, I’ve been supplementing with roughly 10,000 IUs almost daily for a little over 2 months now. I took an at-home test and should have my test results within a couple days. What I can’t seem to ever find an answer to is how much D3 one needs to take to keep increasing their blood level by a particular amount. I know it likely varies, but for someone of say 150 pounds, could you estimate approximately how many IUs would be required (and for what period of time) to keep increasing my levels by a certain amount, say an additional 10 ng/mL…and if that dosage would be consistent at different blood levels. I’m really trying to optimize and want to better understand how much to take if I’m not there. Any insight or clarification would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thanks – Mike

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Why are the World’s Top Vaccine Promoters Frantically Warning About the Frightening Dangers in Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine? Why are the world’s top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine? Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines.At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying.Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs. Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died.In this video footage, Offit, Hotez and even Anthony Fauci (in an unguarded moment), warn that any new coronavirus vaccine could trigger lethal immune reactions “vaccine enhancement” when vaccinated people come in contact with the wild virus.Instead of proceeding with caution, Fauci has made the reckless choice to fast track vaccines, partially funded by Gates, without critical animal studies before moving into human clinical trials that could provide early warning of runaway immune response.

Bill Gates’ Plan to use Microneedles to Deliver COVID19 Vaccine and Embed Vaccination Status into the Skin Last year (2019) we published an article about how Bill Gates was working with a group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had developed a method of embedding a person’s vaccination record directly into their skin using a special dye that is invisible to the naked eye.It uses a new technology of microneedles which also can more easily deliver a vaccine with a “Band-Aid-like device” that is placed on the skin. A skilled nurse or technician is not required to administer the vaccine which also implants the patients vaccination record into their skin like a tattoo, allowing for more rapid delivery of vaccines. See:Bill Gates’ Plan to Use Invisible Ink to Tattoo Vaccination Status into Children’s SkinCeleste McGovern, writing for, writes that this technology is now being deployed for the new COVID-19 vaccines.The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated more than $21 million towards developing a vaccine technology that uses a tattoo-like mechanism which injects invisible nanoparticles under the skin that is now being tested in a vaccine against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Did Xi Jinping Deliberately Sicken the World? We often ascribe a basic level of humanity to even the cruelest leaders, but People’s Republic of China leader Xi Jinping’s actions have forced us to rethink this assumption. Although the emergence of the novel coronavirus now known as SARS-CoV-2 was probably not due to China’s actions, the emphasis that its authoritarian system places on hiding bad news likely gave the disease a sizable head start infecting the world. But most ominously, China’s obsession with image and Machtpolitik raises serious questions about its lack of moral limits.At some point the Chinese Communist Party learned of the epidemic and made a decision to hide its existence, hoping it went away. Exposés in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post and the Chinese mainland’s Caixin show that the information that did flow out of China early in the crisis did so only because of the courage of individual Chinese people in the face of government repression. People in the Wuhan epicenter, however, began to get wise — and scared— by the end of December 2019, forcing their government to say something. The authorities gave the impression of a nontransmissible disease already under containment. We know now this was entirely false, likely designed more to ease civil unrest than protect the people.

They’re coming for the First Amendment: The target is Fox News and its coronavirus coverage A significant constitutional legal battle, under the radar for the past two weeks, has now emerged into the open. On April 2, an obscure Washington state group, WASHLITE, filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Washington against Fox News and several additional media defendants. Among other demands, WASHLITE (Washington League for Increased Transparency and Ethics, a non-profit corporation) is asking that the court, in the words of Times of San Diego which broke the story on April 2, “keep the cable network from airing false information about the [coronavirus] pandemic.”WASHLITE’s 10-page legal complaint alleges that Fox News broadcast false reporting about the coronavirus, including opinion commentary that the pandemic was a “hoax.” In particular, statements made by Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network hosts Sean Hannity and Trish Regan on March 9, it is alleged, “were deceptive because they caused consumers to fail to take appropriate action to protect themselves from the virus, mitigate its spread, and contributed to a public health crisis and preventable mass death.” [emphasis added.]

Edward Snowden warns that governments may use coronavirus to limit freedoms Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, has warned that governments may use the coronavirus to curtail freedoms.In an interview with Vice last Thursday, Snowden said world leaders who claim new emergency authority will hold onto that power well after the pandemic ends.He talked about emergency powers born out of a crisis, while referencing mass surveillance and certain measures implemented out of 9/11 — including the Patriot Act.“As authoritarianism spreads, as emergency laws proliferate, as we sacrifice our rights, we also sacrifice our capability to arrest the slide into a less liberal and less free world,” he told Vice.“Do you truly believe that when the first wave, this second wave, the 16th wave of the coronavirus is a long-forgotten memory, that these capabilities will not be kept? That these datasets will not be kept?”He says those measures were deemed temporary but have continued to stay in place in some fashion.


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