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Oct 7, 2018 1-3PM ET

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Welcome Back Doc Nuzum!

Daniel Nuzum NMD, DO, DN is a Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator with a passion to help others find their “vitality for life.” He is also a licensed Tribal Practitioner, a counsel licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine and an osteopathic doctor. In 2002, he founded Nuzum’s Naturals located in Nampa, Idaho. The clinic served the entire Treasure Valley until Dr. Nuzum chose to focus on creating formulas and supplements that will have an impact on global health.  His vast background is in many facets of natural medicine and deeply inspired by a passion for people and helping others. Dr. Nuzum frequently pursues opportunities to educate. He has made guest appearances on The Truth About Cancer, with Ty Bollinger, as an expert discussing the connection between fluoride and bone cancer.

Let’s Jab ’em All!

HPV vaccine Gardasil 9 approved for adults 27 to 45 The US Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved theuse of a human papillomavirus vaccine called Gardasil 9 for men and women between the ages of 27 and 45. The FDA previously approved the HPV vaccine for people age 9 to 26. “Today’s approval represents an important opportunity to help prevent HPV-related diseases and cancers in a broader age range,” Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said in a statement. Based on US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers, Marks said, “HPV vaccination prior to becoming infected with the HPV types covered by the vaccine has the potential to prevent more than 90 percent of these cancers, or 31,200 cases every year, from ever developing.”  According to the CDC, about 80 million Americans are infected with some type of human papillomavirus; an additional 14 million are newly infected each year. In fact, the CDC says, HPV infections are “so common that nearly all men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives.”

Question of The Day!

Can you please give me a citation for the Paul Offit quote on the front page?
“Vaccinations aren’t easy. This isn’t an easy thing to do. We ask a lot of our citizens. To get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and five shots at one time. It’s hard to do that, especially given that vaccination is a violent act, you pin the child down, you give them this biological agent against their will. The biological agent generally isn’t understood well by the parent, and to some extent not understood all that well by the physician.” –Paul Offit
This is an important quote. if true, and I would like to make use of it. Thank you! -Ingri

How Good Is Your Doc?

Doctors are surprisingly bad at reading lab results. It’s putting us all at risk The man was 66 when he came to the hospital with a serious skin infection. He had a fever and low blood pressure, as well as a headache. His doctors gave him a brain scan just to be safe. They found a very small bulge in one of his cranial arteries, which probably had nothing to do with his headache or the infection. Nevertheless, doctors ordered an angiogram to get images of brain blood vessels. This test, in which doctors insert a plastic tube into a patient’s arteries and inject dye, found no evidence of any blood vessel problems. But the dye injection caused multiple strokes, leading to permanent issues with the man’s speech and memory. That case, recounted in JAMA Internal Medicine three years ago, is no surprise. As a doctor in a large urban hospital, I know how much modern medicine has come to rely on tests and scans. I review about 10 cases per day and order and interpret more than 150 tests for patients. Every year, doctors in this country order more than 4 billion tests. They’ve gotten more sophisticated and easier to execute as technology has advanced, and they’re essential to helping doctors understand what might be wrong with their patients.

Half of Antibiotics Given With No Infection Noted After years of public health warnings about antibiotic misuse, a new study suggests the problem is far from being solved. Researchers found that of more than 500,000 antibiotic prescriptions they analyzed, nearly half were written without an infection-related diagnosis. And about 20 percent were given without an office visit — usually over the phone. It’s not clear how many of those prescriptions were actually inappropriate, said lead researcher Dr. Jeffrey Linder, of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. His team looked at patient records, and “bad coding” could be part of the problem, Linder explained. He was referring to the system doctors use for recording diagnoses. Still, the findings are concerning, Linder said. They suggest that some doctors are still doling out antibiotics too readily — probably, in part, because they assume patients want them, according to Linder. But such indiscriminate antibiotic use is a driving force behind the widespread problem of antibiotic-resistant infections. Antibiotics are effective only against bacterial infections — not the common cold or other ills caused by viruses. When people use antibiotics unnecessarily, that exposes bacteria to the drugs and gives them a chance to mutate and become resistant.

Is It Google Or … POOGLE?

What’s one of the most Googled medical issues? It’s dark, and it’s green, officials say A recent study revealed what medical symptoms were the most commonly searched on Google, state by state across the U.S. People turned to the search engine for a variety of health-related questions and concerns. Although many of the searches were for common symptoms, that was not the case in South Carolina. The  Palmetto State residents Googled about more than anything else was different from the other 49 states. They were concerned with the color of their poop, according to South Carolina residents were Googling “dark green stool” more than any other symptom over the past year, research from the study showed. Wisconsin was the only other state where the residents asked Google about the meaning behind the color of their feces. But unlike South Carolina’s “dark green stool,” people living in Wisconsin wanted the  to inform them about “light colored poop,” reported. The Palmetto State’s neighbors in North Carolina were far less colorful with their most common query. The most common symptom Googled in N.C., and New York, was “loss of sleep,” according to the study.

Hour 2 – What’s With The Outbreaks?

Typhus fever outbreak in LA prompts the question: What is it? The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced on Thursday that it is actively investigating an outbreak of typhus in downtown LA. While officials are looking into exactly where the cases occurred and how many people are affected, the infection is one that is usually spread via fleas from animals to humans. It has been reported in the past in California, Hawaii and Texas. In the wake of this news, it’s helpful to get acquainted with what typhus is and what to do to minimize the risk of getting it. Typhus, also referred to as typhus fevers, is actually a group of diseases caused by several different types of bacteria. Scrub typhus, epidemic typhus, and murine typhus are the various subtypes. While scrub typhus is seen worldwide and epidemic typhus is observed in areas of overcrowding and unhygienic surroundings, murine typhus is what has been mostly observed in the United States.

6 kids from MN diagnosed with rare, polio-like disorder Six children from Minnesota have been diagnosed with a rare but potentially severe condition that causes weakness or even paralysis in the arms and legs. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the six cases have been classified as Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) and were reported in children under 10 years old, living in the Twin Cities, central Minnesota and northeastern Minnesota. 7-year-old Quinton Hill from Lakeville is one of those six confirmed cases. “It’s been very scary,” his father James says. “There’s not much that can be done and as a parent that’s very difficult to deal with.” Quinton has lost a lot of the strength in his left arm, along with some weakness in his legs and neck. “Just to have him lift his head up a bit more to look to the side was a blessing, because we didn’t know if that was coming back,” Hill explains. The family has felt helpless these past few weeks, dealing with a disease doctors know very little about, but thanks to other families, who are going through the same condition they are, they’re now feeling better about their situation.

Kudos To The FDA?

FDA revokes use of seven food additives The US Food and Drug Administration on Friday revoked the use of seven food additives after environmentalists and food safety experts presented data showing six of the synthetic flavoring substances and flavor enhancers caused cancer in laboratory animals. The seventh synthetic flavor, styrene, was removed because manufacturers no longer use it. The FDA decision is “an important victory for consumer confidence,” Laura MacCleery, policy director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said in a statement. MacCleery added that the FDA action was a response to a 2016 petition and a subsequent lawsuit asking for an FDA response. The six substances are synthetically derived anibenzophenone (benzophenone), ethyl acrylate, eugenyl methyl ether (methyl eugenol), myrcene, pulegone and pyridine. Benzophenone can no longer be used in rubber articles that come into contact with food, the FDA said.

GMO Update!

Top 6 foods you probably had no idea were GMO Back in the mid-1980s, Americans started becoming much more health conscious than ever before, with aerobics, “Jazzercise,” and “low-fat” foods sweeping the fitness and health food markets like there was no tomorrow. Millions of Americans wanted to eat “right” and get in shape, and it wasn’t just a fad. Little did hardly a soul know that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) were secretly being embedded in the genes of corn and soy, and 90 percent of those staple U.S. crops would never be the same – now to include dangerous insect-and-weed-killing genes inside their DNA makeup. Then came the 1990s. Nutritionists figured out there are important fats we should all be consuming regularly, such as from whole, organic foods like avocados and raw nuts. Health studies began revealing that the “food pyramid” was a scam to sell more meat and dairy to already chronically inflamed American consumers, while the biotechnology freaks were working in their labs on more genetically mutated “recombinant” Frankenfoods, like further bastardizing our precious grains.

Glyphosate Everywhere!

Glyphosate Residues In Corn, Soybeans And Pet Food, US FDA and Cornell University Reports Show The world’s most used herbicide, glyphosate, has been found in corn, soybeans and pet food by two different testing studies released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cornell University this week. The FDA report released Monday on their 2016 testing program, showed that 2,670 domestic food samples were tested for pesticides, 99% of which were found to be in compliance with federal EPA pesticide residue standards and 4,276 imported food samples were tested, 90% of which were found to be in compliance with the EPA standards. The FDA also tested for glyphosate and AMPA (the main metabolite of glyphosate) for the first time in a small range of products in 2016, these included corn, soybeans, eggs and milk. The results showed that glyphosate was found at high but legal levels in soybeans and corn but not in eggs or milk.

Who Wears The Pants In The White House?

Melania Trump reveals she confiscates Donald’s PHONE – and doesn’t agree with his Tweets US First Lady Melania Trump has revealed she confiscates the President’s phone because she doesn’t agree with his tweets. The former fashion model, 48, opened up about her husband’s behaviour on Twitter and said she tells him if she dislikes one of his posts. She was speaking to New York Times journalist Katie Rogers in Egypt and added she wants the public to focus on what she does, and not just what she wears. Rogers posted a series of tweets and revealed that Melania even takes his phone away when she takes an exception to a particular post. The journalist wrote online: “MORE from FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), who told me she sometimes takes the president’s phone away. “On his sharp words on Twitter: ‘I don’t always agree with his tweets and I tell him that.’

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