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Nov 15, 2019 3-5PM ET

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Medicines pose global environmental risk, experts warn Residues from billions of doses of antibiotics, painkillers and antidepressants pose a significant risk to freshwater ecosystems and the global food chain, a new analysis said Thursday. There are growing fears that the unchecked use of antibiotics in both medicine and agriculture will have adverse effects on the environment and on human health. When animals and humans ingest medicines, up to 90 percent of active ingredients are excreted back into the environment. Many medicines are simply discarded — in the United States alone an estimated one third of the four billion drugs prescribed each year ends up as waste. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) compared data on concentrations of pharmaceutical residue in water samples worldwide as well as prescribing trends and water purification regulations in various countries. One study cited in its report estimates that 10 percent of all pharmaceuticals are potentially harmful to the environment — including hormones, painkillers and antidepressants.

Americans have spent billions treating diabetes Americans’ wallets take a serious hit from the treatment of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association estimates that treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes cost $327 billion in 2017, according to a study commissioned by the organization. The figure represents a concerning 26 percent increase from the previous estimate of $245 billion, which used data from 2012. Of that total, $237 billion is attributed to direct medical expenses, the ADA says. Major contributors to that number are hospital inpatient care and prescription medications, each of which accounted for 30 percent of direct spending. Antidiabetic agents and diabetic-specific supplies represent 15 percent of costs, and visits to the physician’s office added up to account for 13 percent. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Diabetes costs the U.S. economy another $90 billion from lost economic productivity, according to the study. Sources of the deficit caused by diabetic complications include absenteeism, reduced productivity at work, inability to work and early mortality.

Special Guest Dr. David Kennedy DDS

Dr. David C. Kennedy, a pioneering biological dentist, practiced dentistry for more than 30 years and retired in 2000 to work full-timetoward improving the dental profession and public understanding of oral health. He has produced more than 30 documentaries including a recently released blockbuster documentary film about the fundamental reasons behind the 18,000 excess infant deaths annually in the United States. Dr. Kennedy is the Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (, which was formed to review, support, and disseminate research on the suitability of materials and methodologies used in the dental practice. He is currently the Information Officer on fluoride for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He has lectured to dentists, physicians and other health professionals all over the world on the subjects of preventive dental health, mercury toxicity, and fluoride. He is the author of the book How To Save Your Teeth With Toxic Free Preventive Dentistry that provides instruction and insight for both professionals and the layman on how to provide and receive toxic-free dentistry, Dr. Kennedy and his wife, hosted by the China Medical University and the People’s Republic of China Department of Endemic Disease Control, produced his first documentary film titled Crippling Waters on the problems of excess natural fluoride in drinking waters of China and the government’s efforts to reduce fluoride intake. His most viewed film on YouTube is Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas that highlights the 20 years of pivotal medical research funded by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology into the impact of mercury from dental amalgams. Smoking Teeth has rapidly become a best seller for the IAOMT and the internet version is available for free viewing at In addition, he, with the help of Michael Connett, has compiled a series of videos into a two-part DVD made for use in the home, office or play on public access TV, titled: Fluoridation, Let The Truth Be Told Parts I & II.

FDA approves Shionogi’s antibiotic Fetroja with spooky mortality warning label Shionogi’s newest antibiotic, Fetroja, has now earned the FDA’s stamp of approval, a win for patients with certain antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections and few treatment options. But its official label warns of higher mortality rates with the new med compared with other antibiotics, showing just how badly today’s doctors need treatments to tackle resistant infections. But the warning could also torpedo the drug’s chances with physicians. The FDA approved Fetroja (cefiderocol) on Friday to treat patients with complicated urinary tract infections, including kidney infections, caused by susceptible gram-negative microorganisms like E. coli. Shionogi said in a release Fetroja works by using a “unique method” to penetrate the bacteria’s cell walls and attack microorganism strains growing increasingly resistant to antibiotics. The FDA’s approval was based on phase 3 trial data showing Fetroja eradicated bacteria and resolved symptoms in 72.6% of patients after seven days. Only 54.6% of patients who received an alternative antibiotic hit the same primary endpoint.

Question of The Day!

Hi! Quick question. My Naturopath says I have high levels of radiation. Ive heard you talk about the EMF home protectors. In your opinion, is Qi Technologies a reputable resource to help me and my family protect our home. I’m looking for a whole home protection? What do you recommend? Thanks for your help. Cathy

Special Guest – KC Craichy!

KC is Founder and CEO of LivingFuel, Inc., a leading distributor of superfood nutrition, and author of the best-selling book SuperHealth – 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality and his most recent book The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!. Through his work, products and teaching, KC is on a mission to change lives.

The inspiration for success began with past health challenges of KC’s wife, Monica, former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA, who looked like the model of health on the outside but on the inside it was a different story. KC also had early struggles of being overweight and out of shape. Monica’s experiences of anxiety, fear, panic and depression more than 14 years ago and the futility of conventional medical approaches (drugs, psychotherapy) led KC to vow to find an answer. Through years of research and trial and error, Monica has gained back complete health and her vibrancy. Monica has not taken any medication since deciding to find the answer and today she and KC have five wonderful children.

KC wrestled with a challenge of his own: he was overweight. In high school, he discovered the power of proper nutrition which led to a life of research and understanding. He began to unlock the keys to maximum performance and metabolism and since has spent his adult life as a health-conscious athlete, forging a vision to develop a new approach to healthy living. It’s a simple, no-nonsense strategy that aims to help people of any age look, feel and live better.

Hour 2

Germany to fine parents who don’t give children measles vaccine German parents who do not vaccinate their children against measles will face fines of thousands of euros under a law passed Thursday, according to The New York Times. Under the law, set to take effect March 2020, all children seeking to attend preschool must provide proof of immunization, as well as all children 6 and older, who are legally required to attend school, according to the Times. The new law comes as health officials have reported more than 500 cases of measles this year, part of a broader trend of the disease making a comeback in parts of the world where it was once eradicated due in large part to parents’ failure to vaccinate. “My understanding of freedom does not stop at my level as an individual,” German health minister Jens Spahn said, according to the Times. “It is also a question of whether I am unnecessarily putting others at risk.”

Nano-particles in air pollution linked to brain cancer risk Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have for the first time linked nano-particles in air pollution to increased risk for brain cancer. In a study published Wednesday in the journal Epidemiology, researchers report that a one-year increase in pollution exposure of 10,000 nano-particles per cubic centimeter raised the risk of brain cancer by more than 10 percent. Nano-particles, or ultra-fine particles, are commonly found in vehicle exhaust, particularly that produced diesel cars and trucks. “Any time you burn anything, these small particles are produced,” study co-author Scott Weichenthal, an epidemiologist, told UPI. “These particles are so small the can get into our bloodstream and into our brains.” And once there, they can do significant damage. Weichenthal and his colleagues assessed the relationship between air pollution and brain cancer in two Canadian cities — Toronto and Montreal — but he noted that the “types and levels of air pollution” in most major cities across North America — including the United States — are “similar.”

Take care of your gut, it’s your first defense against cancer Taking care of your gut may be one of the ways that you can keep the threat of cancer at bay. A study published in the journal Nature Communications found that gut bacteria can enhance the ability of the immune system to fight cancers, particularly melanoma. The study was a collaboration involving over 40 scientists and three hospitals. It was led by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute. The researchers believe that their findings can improve and personalize treatments for cancer. Melanoma is a rare type of skin cancer. It is most likely to invade nearby tissue and spread to other parts of the body. For this reason, it is considered a serious and life-threatening cancer. Although it is only responsible for about one percent of all skin cancers, metastatic melanoma is the leading cause of death by skin cancer in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). The ACS estimates that approximately more than 96,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma, while over 7,200 people will die due to skin cancer this year in the U.S. (Related: Melanoma (skin cancer) found to be easily prevented with low-cost Vitamin B-3.)

Should Medical Schools Test Applicants For Empathy? In most cases, it takes a number of human interactions to build trust between two people – or develop the assurance that the other person’s character and abilities are worth us risking our sense of self. But when it comes to providing health care, putting your trust in another person can mean the difference between sickness and health, or life and death. In fact, research has shown that doctors who are more empathetic (meaning they possess a cognitive attribute that involves understanding a patient’s perspective and an ability to communicating this understanding, with an intention to help) are more trusted, and thus have better patient outcomes and demonstrate greater clinical competence. “When patients feel like their doctor cares about and understands them, they are more likely to trust,” explains Mohammadreza Hojat, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and human behavior and Director of the Jefferson Longitudinal Study at Thomas Jefferson University. He adds, “Patients who trust their doctors are likely to reveal more about their lifestyle and other factors relevant to their illness, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments.”

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