Happy Easter! Dr. Bryan Ardis, COVID origins, Watch The Water, Snake Venom, Hour 2 ENCORE – Paul Barattiero, Hydration, Synergy Science, Anti-oxidant water, ECHO water options and MORE!

April 17th, 2022 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Dr. Bryan Ardis

I am Dr. Bryan Ardis

In early 2020 I lost my Father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time, I have been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans, in many of our “institutes of health”. I am passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. My focus is on medical freedom, education, and waking up the world with the truth. I hope to inform, inspire and empower those who are struggling with personal health issues. I promise to deliver real research and applicable information that can free people from emotional despair and fear, created by symptoms of disease and disinformation. Ardis Labs and the Ardis Healing Center have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, including, from countries as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland and many more. I am the CEO of ArdisLabs and Host of The Dr. Ardis Show. I sold the Ardis Healing Center in October of 2018, and now consult the three practitioners who have taken over the practice, which now carries the name, North Texas Healing Center. I co-founded TruLabs LLC and formulate all of the hydration products we make. You can find my podcast, “The Dr. Ardis Show”, on vokalnow, rumble and right here on the site.

Scientist James Lyons-Weiler Weighs in on Snake Venom Theory Dr. Meryl Nass said the snake venom stuff is “hooey.” My analysis says yes, let’s move on to more productive pathways. I share two possible explanations for their presence in COVID-19 patients, one of which I favor over the other. Snakes were first floated as a potential intermediate host organism by a very early speculative report covered by SciAm in Jan 2020 that found codon usage bias most similar to snakes of all things. Codon usage bias is determined by the percentage of times specific codons (triplet nucleotides) are used to bring specific amino acids in place in protein sequences. It’s suggestive, but very, very weak and has not been taken seriously by anyone as sufficient evidence indicating snakes were the intermediate hosts. Reading the 2021 venom paper cited by Bryan Ardis, here is my breakdown: In Italy, with 20 COVID-19 samples and 10 control (non-COVID-19 patients), 5 plasma samples from COVID-19 patients and 3 fecal samples had evidence of proteins of unknown origin detected using a protein assay that led to the finding of animal venom proteins in their blood or feces. They sequenced the proteins and found multiple types of venoms, including snake venom proteins. That’s it. It’s a small study. Here’s one amino sequence from their study that seems to share similarities across many of the venom types from different animal species: MKLVLAIVLILMLVSLSTGAEESGQEISMVGPPLYIWDPIPPCKQLDEDCGYGYSCCEDLSCQPLIEPDTMEITALVCQIESA  (Learn how to analyze DNA and RNA sequences this summer in our Bioinformatics class at IPAK-EDU taught by yours truly.)

What I think of the Bryan Ardis video, “Watch the Water” On April 14, 2022, a group of my colleagues met with Dr. Ardis and Dr. Tau Braun to discuss their discoveries. It was interesting in that opinions of the group varied widely from “this is totally worthless” to “I think we have to take this seriously.” I asked, “what’s the big message you are trying to convey?” Answer #1: “We are dealing with a venom problem.” The point is that if you realize that, you can apply solutions from a familiar domain. I then asked, “What’s the most important behavioral change you’d want people to make?” Answer #2: “Halt the vaccine immediately.” I needed to leave the call early to hop on the VSRF call. Bottom line: Collectively we don’t buy the story. We do agree the vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped. There is a nice writeup on this at About Those Venom Proteins… and that article links to Meryl Nass’s writeup. Looks like this is a hot topic considering the number of comments :). In this article, I give my overall reaction and then specifically respond to some of the key points in the video. We do agree there is evidence that the virus sequences are similar to snake venom but it’s not long enough to make a call on this. But as for the other assertions (such as it’s a poison spread through the water), nobody thinks that is the case. I’m going to have some water checked, just in case.

Dr. Dave Rasnick Challenges Dr. Bryan Ardis’ Snake Venom Covid Hypothesis/ Based on Ardis’ Interview In: Watch The Waters

Hour 2 ENCORE – Special Guest – Paul Barattiero!

Why Is Antioxidant Water So Important?

The Problem

In each of our bodies, we have cell damaging activity happening on a daily basis. This is something that neither you nor I can stop from occurring in the body. But it is something we can battle with hydrogen.
A by-product of the ATP production process or fuel generation process in the cell is the creation of oxidative stress. This is a part of life and can’t be helped. When this process goes unchecked, then the body is unable to balance the damage being done on a cellular basis.

It’s kind of like if the police decided to go on vacation and never come back, chaos and crime would terrorize the city…. Sadly this happens too often in our bodies where the oxidative stress is left unchecked and able to run rampant in our bodies.

Due to our physiological design, our bodies should be able to fight this naturally. However, We have disrupted and damaged this process to the point of no return in many individuals. With the pollutants in our environments, misunderstood dieting, poor water quality, and excess stress in our lives, cancer and disease is increasingly on the rise.

It’s an epidemic.

The Solution: Antioxidant Water

Luckily, we have taken the time, spent the money, and found the solution. The body fights oxidative
stress with hydrogen. After studying the body and how it tries to fight oxidative stress with hydrogen, we found that it did so through a special and unique relationship with bacteria in the gut and body. This special microflora or bacteria creates hydrogen as a byproduct of fermentation and food breakdown inside the gut. Instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to find a new version of this, we came up with a way to create hydrogen and dissolve it into water for easier access to the body.
We call it, Echo® H2 Water.

As you drink our water, you are flooding the body with millions upon millions of molecules of hydrogen each day. You are providing the body with the tools necessary to combat oxidative stress and get the body back into balance. This is the ultimate solution in hydration and oxidative stress combat.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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