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February 15th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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A Peculiar Side Effect of Prozac: Fish Swimming in Our Waste Lose Their Individuality Just because you’re done with a Prozac pill, it doesn’t mean the pill is done. In fact, when you swallow something like an antidepressant, that’s not the end of the drug’s journey in the world. It’s the beginning. Most pharmaceutical drugs, including psychoactive medications such as fluoxetine (made famous under the Prozac brand), are only partially absorbed by the body when they’re ingested. The rest of the chemical subsequently ends up in your toilet, where it enters the sewage system. From there, whatever doesn’t get caught in wastewater treatment plants ultimately makes its way out into the ocean, unwittingly prescribed en masse to the marine wildlife living there. They were never patients, but they take the dregs of our doses all the same. There is nothing new about this. Studies have shown that downstream pollution from antidepressants essentially bathes fish in a drug soup – an insidious phenomenon that can affect their behaviour in strange ways we’re still only beginning to understand. “Collateral effects of psychoactive pollutants on wildlife are of increasing concern,” a research team led by evolutionary ecologist Giovanni Polverino from the University of Western Australia explains in a new study. “Psychoactive drugs target receptors of the human brain that are evolutionarily conserved throughout the animal kingdom; so it is perhaps not surprising that they can affect non-target species.”

JAB PASS Brits may have to show a Covid vaccine passport to go to pub or restaurant BRITS may have to show a vaccine passport to go to a pub or restaurant Dominic Raab suggested today. Proposals to introduce documents to let immunised Brits lead a normal life are “under consideration” he said. Whitehall has been looking at plans for vaccine passports to families to go on foreign holidays again.  But this is the first time a Cabinet minister has broken cover to say that businesses in the UK could use them to let in or bar punters.  He told LBC: “It is something that hasn’t been ruled out and is something under consideration.  “But of course you have got to make it workable.  “The thing, when I have looked at this – whether it is on the international, domestic or local level – you have to be confident the document being presented is something you can rely on. “That it is an accurate reflection of the status of the individual.  “I am not sure there is a fool proof answer in the way it is sometimes presented. But we will look at all the options.” Whitehall officials have been drawing up plans to use vaccine passports to let Brits jet off abroad for their summer holidays. And Boris Johnson hinted they could be used to unlock all sorts of activities forbidden by Covid restrictions. Quizzed on vaccine passports at a No10 press conference last week, he said:“When we’re in that different world, which I hope will be as soon as possible, then all kinds of apps and all kinds of possibilities will be open to us.”

Cuomo Didn’t Protect Seniors From COVID-19. But it Was the Media That Covered it Up Things are not looking good for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. After receiving an Emmy “in recognition of his leadership” and writing a bestselling book called American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the toll Cuomo’s leadership has taken is finally emerging. On Thursday, the New York Post broke the story that Melissa DeRosa, one of the governor’s top aides, apologized to Democratic lawmakers for fudging the number of nursing home deaths from COVID for fear of being investigated. Such an investigation was long overdue. One of the biggest scandals of the pandemic has been the number of nursing home deaths in New York City, many of them possibly linked to a March 25 directive from the Cuomo administration forcing nursing homes to take in people even if they had tested positive for COVID-19. It would prove a death sentence for thousands of seniors. And to fend off an investigation, the Cuomo administration underestimated the number of nursing home deaths by 40%. The true number was 15,000, not 9,056. But this isn’t just a government scandal. It’s a media scandal. For while the Cuomo administration was sentencing seniors to death, the media was busy fawning over Cuomo in a series of softball interviews, many of them conducted by his own brother.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Skips Andrew Cuomo Controversy, Still Finds Time to Tweet Moral Lectures at Republicans Situational ethics, like moral relativism, is a phrase frequently used in political punditry to ascribe to an opponent a lack of principle or to imply opportunistic or self-serving behavior. Separate from the philosophical definitions, in this context the essential premise is not that one judges the ethics of an act based on context, but rather that a person has or does not have ethical standards at all, depending on whether having them is beneficial or detrimental to one’s immediate ends. It is in that context that CNN’s Chris Cuomo used the phrase on Saturday, in tweeting about Republican leader Sen. Mitch McConnell taking to the microphone to offer a blistering condemnation essentially calling former President Donald Trump guilty of all the things that McConnell had just moments before voted to acquit him of.

It is an interesting criticism coming from the CNN anchor who has spent the last several days, if not the last several years, either avoiding negative reporting about his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, or actively attempting to counter that reporting. And worse, that his network seems to have adopted that same policy. Situational ethics indeed.

Little acts of love mean the most to Americans after living through 2020 A lot of things changed in 2020, including the priorities of many people when it comes to their life and family. A new survey finds seven in ten Americans say that 2020 changed their perspective on what truly matters in life. Simple things like dinner with family (44%), phone conversations with relatives and friends (42%), and having quality conversations (41%) top the list of things that respondents value more than ever. The OnePoll study of 2,000 people examined how such small actions have the power to create memories that brighten up a long, dark year, and also how people’s perspectives have changed. Almost two in three Americans say even though 2020 was full of heartache, they will remember certain tender moments from that year for the rest of their lives. From in-depth conversations with mom over video calls to hearing a girlfriend declare her love for the first time, respondents experienced some truly touching moments in 2020. Other respondents said they’ll remember precious moments like getting engaged, seeing a newborn smile for the first time, or a grandmother waving to her grandson through a window. The survey, commissioned by Nathan’s Famous, finds three in five people (59%) credited their loved ones for keeping them sane last year. Although time together doesn’t come without a few zany moments, 64 percent still said they love those close to them more than ever.

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As Millions Get Shots, F.D.A. Struggles to Get Safety Monitoring System Running More than 35 million Americans have received Covid vaccines, but the much-touted system the government designed to monitor any dangerous reactions won’t be capable of analyzing safety data for weeks or months, according to numerous federal health officials. For now, federal regulators are counting on a patchwork of existing programs that they acknowledge are inadequate because of small sample size, missing critical data or other problems. Clinical trials have shown both of the vaccines authorized in the United States — one from Pfizer-BioNTech and the other from Moderna — to be highly protective and safe against the coronavirus. But even the best trials have limited ability to detect adverse reactions that are rare, those that only occur in certain population groups, or which happen beyond the three-month period studied in the trials. Tracking adverse events once the vaccines are administered to the public at large is essential not just to detect problems but to build confidence in the safety of vaccines. In interviews, F.D.A. officials acknowledged that a promised monitoring system, known as BEST, is still in its developmental stages. They expect it to start analyzing vaccine safety data sometime soon — but likely not until after the Biden administration reaches its goal of vaccinating 100 million people.

Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home: the terrible dying after vaccination For the first time, there is an eyewitness report from a Berlin nursing home on the situation after the vaccination. It comes from the AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten retirement home in Berlin-Spandau. There, within four weeks after the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight of 31 seniors, who suffered from dementia but were in good physical condition according to their age before the vaccination, died. The first death occurred after only six days, and five other seniors died approximately 14 days after vaccination. The first symptoms of the disease had already appeared shortly after the vaccination. From information available to 2020News the patients have not been duly informed about the risks of this vaccine. One reason being that no detailed information about the novelty of this mRNA vaccine which has only conditionally been certified in the European Union have been provided. Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer and Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Committee spoke in a video interview with the whistleblower about the closer circumstances of the vaccination, the symptoms that occurred and the different nature of the deaths in temporal connection with the vaccination. On January 3, 2021, 31 female and male residents of the dementia ward “ground floor/protected area” had been vaccinated with Comirnaty. Relatives of another three seniors had objected to vaccination, and two residents were in terminal care, so no vaccination was given.

California woman, 78, dies after vaccination, though no sign of link A 78-year-old woman died shortly after being inoculated at a mass vaccination site in Los Angeles County, health officials announced Saturday, though there was no evidence the vaccine was at fault. The patient’s family said she had a history of heart illness, said Dr. Michael E. Morris, director of Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s vaccination program, in a statement. The woman “passed away unexpectedly” Friday after receiving Pfizer’s version of the Covid-19 vaccine about noon at the Kaiser-run site at Cal Poly Pomona, 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the doctor said. “While seated in the observation area after the injection, the patient complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel, she lost consciousness,” he said. “Paramedics on scene began CPR almost immediately and continued, but she ultimately could not be revived.” Her cause of death was yet to be determined, but the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said by email that there were no signs of allergic or anaphylactic reactions. “Her death does not appear to be related to the vaccine,” it said. The woman’s husband of 57 years was also vaccinated Friday.

Questions of The Day!

Hello, Just listened to Robert Scott Bell on Ty and Charlene Bollinger Truth about Detox summit. Does he have a website for his homeopathic protocols?


Hi Robert, my mother-in-law has peritonitis, she’s on antibiotics again and she’s on dialysis. I want her to try Cardio miracle but she had to get it ok from kidney doctor. I hear John Hewlett talk about all the great benefits on your show. What else can she take for this? She’s also having trouble keeping her blood pressure down? Thank you so much for your help.


Has anything been covered on hypoxia? A young girl in my neighborhood had shortness of breath and passed away suddenly.

Florida man uses COVID stimulus to build garden, spread message of food independence An East Tampa man is gaining notoriety after he used his COVID-19 stimulus check to start a garden at his home. He’s trying to share his produce with the neighborhood and teach others about food independence. Nearly a year after buying his first fabric pots on Amazon, Chaney – who goes by Spirit Mike – said moringas are still his favorite plant. “That is the Michael Jordan and the Kobe Bryant together,” he said. He used to buy moringa in powder form. But now he grows his own. The plant is considered a superfood. It’s high in vitamins and protein and is said to benefit weight loss, blood pressure, heart and eye health. It’s good for strong bones and is said to help fight anxiety and depression. And it’s perfectly suited for a subtropical climate like Florida’s. “If you were stranded somewhere and all you have his this and water you would not only survive, you would thrive,” Chaney said. “I don’t work out. All I did was add this to my diet and add flax seed fiber and I lost 65 lbs.” Before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, the land around Chaney’s house was barren. But as lockdowns came and supermarket shelves went bare, Chaney started to think of survival. When he went to the store, most groceries, especially the produce, was gone. He saw people arguing and fighting over household basics like bleach. “If the stores don’t have food, what am I going to do? I don’t know how to hunt. At that time I didn’t know how to fish,” he said. “I didn’t know anybody that grew anything or had the knowledge to grow anything.”

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