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Oct 17, 2019 3-5PM ET

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Cummings, powerful congressman leading Trump probe, has died  Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a sharecropper’s son who rose to become a civil rights champion and the chairman of one of the U.S. House committees leading an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, died Thursday of complications from longstanding health problems. He was 68. Cummings was a formidable orator who advocated for the poor in his black-majority district , which encompasses a large portion of Baltimore and more well-to-do suburbs. As chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Cummings led investigations of the president’s government dealings, including probes in 2019 relating to Trump’s family members serving in the White House.

Al Sharpton’s Organization Has Canceled A “Both Sides” Vaccine Event “We said both sides must be heard—we haven’t taken a position yet,” the Reverend Al Sharpton said. The event was slated to occur this weekend in Harlem. An event hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton’s civil rights organization and poised to raise dangerous anti-vaccine viewpoints in Harlem this weekend was canceled by the group on Tuesday, after physicians and public health officials argued that the event was harmful and targeted the African American community. “We said both sides must be heard — we haven’t taken a position yet,” Sharpton said, asked about the National Action Network’s decision to host the event in the first place. Sharpton clarified that he was not hosting the event and was not even sure whether he’d attend. The free event, which was planned to be hosted by NAN’s chapter in Harlem, was slated to come just one month after New York City declared an end to its largest measles outbreak in nearly 30 years. The outbreak, largely attributed to vaccine misinformation and a dip in immunization rates in the orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, infected 654 people and cost the city over $6 million, spurring a repeal of religious exemptions to vaccines in the state.

Scrutiny of vaccine exemptions banishes some from schools Carl and Kerri Schwartz say they have good medical reason for not vaccinating their disabled 11-year-old son, Thorn, and until recently his local public school went along with their family doctor’s advice. That changed, the Schwartzes said, when New York state did away with religious exemptions for vaccines in the middle of a measles outbreak, and then clamped down on medical exemptions like theirs. Thorn is now barred from his school in Fairport while his parents challenge the district’s rejection of his exemption. Thorn Schwartz has autism, a developmental disorder that affects each child differently, and his father said a new state policy is leaving little room for exceptions. “It’s just so specific for that patient. If that doctor can’t tie a particular vaccination to this particular child’s body, it’s just denied. Period,” Carl Schwartz said. Amid a flurry of proposals to end personal-belief exemptions for vaccines in states around the country, families like the Schwartzes and others say the restrictions that passed in New York have led to unbending scrutiny and, in some cases, decisions that overrule the guidance of family doctors and force children into home-schooling.

Questions of The Day!

Greetings to all! okay high blood pressure. i take selenium 450 daily, 3 chromium daily,6 silica daily,vit d3 daily,omega 3 daily, b12 several times week. i basically only drink water and 1 or coffee daily. im 40 to 45 pounds over ideal weight. tons of pressure at work along with serious relationship issues. my dentist took my bp today and it was 178/98! it has been running in that range. i need help praying you tell me to adjust what i already have because im tapped out financially. much love and gratitude. i joined ur patreon membership and truly wish it could be at higher level. Lori


I was diagnosed with advanced uterine stromal sarcoma. During this last surgery, I lost a good kidney. I want to treat it naturally. I live in the between Houston and Austin. I need some nontoxic treatments that are not hard on the intestines. I have not had any chemo. I would be so grateful if Mr. Bell or someone would give me some direction as to where to go. I would like to go where the Rife machine is available. Please help. Thank you kindly.



Hey, you guys!

These last few weeks, I have been having headaches every single day and feeling very fatigued. I’ve always eaten quite a healthy diet (although I’ll admit I’m not always perfect). I began taking selenium, GTF chromium, and silica 3 – 4 times a day a few weeks ago and that’s the only thing I can recall changing in my lifestyle since the headaches and fatigue have started.

I did get my hands on some plus CBD (red and gold) and have been taking these morning, noon, and night to help with the headaches.

What am I doing wrong? I’m 24 and have never had any known health issues.

Thank you guys for all you do. ♡

Hour 2 – vScienceBites With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny!

“Small bites you can remember
– to bite them in the behind”

vScience Bites

Radio with Robert Scott Bell

small bites you can remember

to bite them in the behind

Date: October 17, 2019


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1. The Illness

More than 200 papillomaviruses have been identified and completely sequenced. Of those, more than 150 are Human papilloma viruses. Nearly 40 types can be sexually transmitted and 15 types are considered to be oncogenic. The association between HPV and cervical infection has been extensively, starting in the 1970s.

Cervical HPV infections are extremely common over a life time. More than 90% of infections are asymptomatic and resolve spontaneously within two years. In fact, HPVs can be isolated from skin swabs and plucked hairs from normal individuals in the general population. Therefore, In researchers admitted that, “There are almost no truly uninfected women.”

When a women gets a pap test, the results come back listed as a staging. Stage 0, carcinoma in situ, CIN1 and cervical dysplasia are all synonyms for mildly abnormal cells growing on the surface of the cervix.

Human papilloma virus infection is necessary for the development of CIN and progression of CIN to CIN 2 and 3, BUT most of these infections clear spontaneously, without progression. In fact, progression to invasive cancer occurs in approximately 1% of CIN1 infections, about 5% in CIN2 and at least 12% of CIN3 infections.

Neoplasia is simply a word for abnormal cells. It is NOT a word that means cancer.

neoplasm is a clump of abnormal cells that have coalesced into a tumor. The tumor MAY OR MAY NOT be cancer.

Therefore, this reinforces that Cervical Intra- epithelial NEOPLASIA is a risk classification for abnormal cells  it does not define the STAGE of a cancer.
2. The history of “HPV causes Cancer” myth

  • Virtually all cervical cancers have been ASSOCIATED with human papilloma viruses, especially HPV 16.
  • However, the majority of HPV-infected women with HPV DO NOT develop cervical cancer.
  • Women become susceptible to developing cervical cancer following HPV infection WHEN the infection doesn’t resolve on its own.
  • KEY: Environmental factors are required for the infected cells to progress to cancer.
    • Most important: smoking, BCP, multiple partners, POOR NUTRITION

REFERENCE: World Cancer Research Fund.



Normally, I would talk here a bit about ingredients, side effects and risk factors. It’s just too much to cover in 30 minutes. So, if you really want a thorough coverage of this topic, please go to VaccineU.com -> Gardasil. This is a 2-part module, more than 1 hour of information and at least 19 studies in your doc box.

>March 14, 2018  Multiple Sclerosis Journal – “Two Cases of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis after Human Papillomavirus Vaccination” – not an article.

This information was presented as a poster at the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) conference in 2018.

When you go to this link, search the page for “Gardasil” to find the info. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1352458517750967

14-year-old male presented with left retro-orbital pain and blurry vision in the left eye, diagnosed with left optic neuritis. … 

17-year-old female presented with blurry vision in the right eye, diagnosed with right optic neuritis. MRI brain showed right frontal enhancing lesion. 

The first dose of Gardasil was given two weeks prior to presentation.  These 2 cases and the others that have been previously reported suggest a temporal association between HPV vaccination and the onset of MSAlthough live, attenuated vaccines are generally not recommended in MS patients, Gardasil is an inactivated and recombinant vaccine, and does not contain any viral DNA [which is NOT true].
>January 1, 2019 – British Medical Journal (BMJ – “Ongoing inadequacy of quadrivalent HPV vaccine safety studies.” Full text

FAULTY RESEARCH – This study slams the Cochrane Review, stating that the meta-analysis of Gardasil Data shows the vaccines is safe. It’s really worth reading. Here are a few excerpts:
“…Girls sero-negative and PCR negative to types 6, 11, 16 and 18 at baseline record the highest incidence of systemic adverse events, the highest proportion of ‘moderate to severe’ systemic adverse events and the highest incidence of headache compared with women who evidenced prior exposure to vaccine HPV types at baseline.
“….The studies referred to as Future I,4 Future II5 and Villa6 published trials. QHPV licensing failed to identify the additional presence of polysorbate 80 within their controls. Injected polysorbate 80 is known to cause similar ovarian damage8… The threshold dose for ovarian effects is not known.

There are 19 vaccines that have polysorbate 80 or polysorbate 20:

>July 2018  Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology – “Risk of Spontaneous Abortion After Inadvertent Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Pregnancy.” FULL TEXT


 We reviewed records of women 12 to 27 years of age with a pregnancy between 2008 and 2014, compared risks for spontaneous abortion after Gardasil 4 in three exposure windows.

1) Distant: 16 to 22 wks before LMP – 4 to 5 months BEFORE getting pregnant

2) Peri-pregnancy: within 6 wks before LMP- 4 to 6 wks BEFORE getting pregnant

3) During pregnancy: through 19 weeks of gestation.


  • Distant exposure, 96 of 919 (10.4%) experienced spontaneous abortion.
  • Peri-pregnancy exposure, 110 of 986 (11.2%) experienced spontaneous abortion
  • During pregnancy, 77 of 895 (8.6%) exper. spontaneous abortion
  • (total of 283 babies…)

CONCLUSION: “In this observational cohort study, we found no association between Gardasil 4 exposure during or peripregnancy and risk of spontaneous abortion. {nothing mentioned about distant exposure}

This study supports current clinical practice, in which pregnancy testing is not routinely performed before vaccination.

In February 2015, the Gardasil 9 was released and recommended by ACIP to replace the Gardasil 4 vaccine. Therefore, in future work, we will evaluate spontaneous abortion risk after inadvertent exposures with this new vaccine.


Reminder: GARDASIL

(go to www.VaccineU.com  Teen Vaccines  Gardasil Course)


Vaxxter.com – new feature – Monthly Book Review – today, HPV on Trial


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