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Jan 3, 2019 7-9PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Hour 1 – Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Democrats refuse to talk border security until shutdown ends Democratic leaders emerged from a White House meeting Wednesday to say they are willing to talk border security but not until after Congress ends the partial government shutdown, signaling that more than a week away from Washington has only deepened the impasse. President Trump says he’s ready to negotiate on his $5 billion border wall demand, but warned that he’s prepared for a prolonged shutdown fight, too, unless he sees some give on the part of Democrats. “It could be a long time. It’s too important a subject to walk away from,” he said during a Cabinet meeting, looking ahead to a new Congress with a Democratic House majority to be seated Thursday. Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi laid out her plans to reporters at the White House, saying as soon as her troops are seated they’ll try to pass a bill to reopen the government, using legislation based on bills that were written by Senate Republicans over the last months. “We have given the Republicans a chance to take yes for an answer,” she said. Democrats are hoping congressional Republicans are ready to break with Mr. Trump.

Putin: I Have This New Hypersonic Missile, You Know… While most of you were opening up gifts around the Christmas tree this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin was unwrapping another “present” for the people of his nation. It came in the form of an apparently successful test launch of their new Avangard hypersonic missile system. While questions remain over precisely how functional this new weapon is, claims that it has an intercontinental range at speeds in excess of Mach 5 have military observers rightly concerned. And why Putin would want to engage in this sort of saber-rattling, potentially violating standing missile treaties, remains something of a mystery. (Washington Times)

Chinese Consumers’ Confidence Sags, Casting a Pall Over the Global Economy For years, no matter what was happening elsewhere, global companies bet billions upon billions of dollars that China’s consumers would keep spending money. Now, just when the world economy could use their financial firepower, they are no longer so quick to open their wallets. The latest sign of a slowdown in spending in China came Wednesday, when Apple unexpectedly slashed its financial forecast, citing disappointing iPhones sales in the country. The weakness followed reams of other data — declining car sales, lagging retail spending, a slumping property market, a tougher job market — that suggest Chinese consumers may be losing their once unshakable confidence. That could have a big impact on a world looking for engines of growth, on companies that counted on China’s continuing expansion and on global investors who have long viewed China as a steady source of profits.

Presenting your 2020 Roster There are a lot of reasons that we love baseball. But one of the best things about America’s pastime is that the season is long.  Whichever team you like is today in contention for the World Series. We are still six weeks from the start of spring training, but it will still be true in May and, for most of the teams, all the way until the All Star break, halfway through the season. The Democratic nominating process for 2020 is going to be a great deal like that.  You will find below our first list of contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. There are 35 individuals who have at least expressed interest in running. Some have already filed papers, some have set deadlines for themselves, while others seem more likely to be just musing in the media.  We don’t care… yet. For now, you just need to be a person who can credibly campaign and at least be considering a run.

Permission not Required: “Open Carry” Bill Filed in South Carolina House A bill prefiled in the South Carolina House would make it legal for South Carolinians to open carry firearms, fostering an environment hostile to federal gun control. Reps. Michael Pitts (R-Laurens) and W. Brian White (R-Anderson) filed House Bill 3363 (H.3363) on Dec. 18. Currently, South Carolina gun owners must first attend training through a certified South Carolina CWP instructor before they can get a concealed weapons permit. H.3363 would amend Section 23-31-210(5) of the 1976 Code concerning “concealable weapons” so that they “may” be carried concealed “or openly on one’s person.” The bill complements another bill prefiled for the 2019 session that would allow people to conceal carry without a permit. If passed, H.3363 would take a small step returning to the original vision of the founders, in which citizens had a duty to be armed rather than need permission to carry. In the original 13 colonies, all but Quaker (pacifist) Pennsylvania required able-bodied men to have a working musket and respond to musters. It’s why George Mason said at the Virginia Ratifying Convention that the militia was “the whole of the people, except for a few public officials.” The Founders wanted militia to defend the colonies, not a standing military that could threaten liberties

Washington Bill Would Provide Way for Parents to Opt Children Out of Some Vaccines, Reject FederalNarrative  A bill prefiled in the Washington state House would provide an avenue for parents to opt out of some mandatory vaccines and push back against federal narratives on vaccinations. A coalition of six Republicans filed House Bill  1019 (HB1019) on Dec 5. Under current law, children in Washington state must receive certain vaccinations in order to attend school or daycare, but the law also allows for exemptions based upon medical, philosophical and religious grounds. HB1019 would provide another avenue for parents to opt out of some vaccinations by allowing for serologic proof of immunity, based upon positive antibody titer test results. Antibody titer can be attained naturally or through vaccination. Therefore, an unvaccinated person may have positive antibody titer. Additionally, for many vaccines, the initial dose or series may be sufficient for the development of positive antibody titer, and exposure to subsequent doses may not significantly enhance the antibody titer level. Under this scenario, vaccination needlessly exposes one to the risks associated with vaccination.

Hour 2 

13 “Gross” Things You Can Do To Make Your Immune System Stronger There are so many things you can do to boost your immune system, as a way of keeping your body as healthy as possible. The go-to advice here usually includes sleeping well, eating well, and keeping your stress levels in check. But there are also a few “gross” things you can do to be healthier, too. And they all involve boosting your immunity. “The immune system is composed of cells and organs that help prevent and fight infection,” registered dietician Ysabel Montemayor, tells Bustle. “It is important to strengthen it to lower the chances of getting sick.” And in some ways, this includes exposure to dirt, germs, and other nasty things. “Many believe that more bacterial exposure may strengthen the immune systembecause the body learns how to protect itself from those bacteria,” Montemayor says. “Due to this belief, some may develop ‘gross’ habits, such as washing your hands less often.”

Special Guest AJ Lanigan!

A.J. Lanigan studied at the University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy from 1971–1975. A.J. has been fascinated with various disciplines of immunology for almost 30 Years. After several successful ventures in the medical space, he discovered the immensely researched compound Beta-1, 3D Glucan.

At the time of its inception, Beta Glucan was prohibitively expensive and economically unfeasible for the average person, “When I began, only two companies were widely selling to consumers; they sold a 2.5mg capsule, in a 30-count bottle for $40.”

After teaming with key manufacturers, A.J. was able to develop a process that significantly improved the purity and cost effectiveness of Beta Glucan, making it exceedingly more affordable:

I breached the market with The First US-Made Beta Glucan that served to provide a Safe, Effective, and Affordable Supplement.”

Since its emergence on the marketplace, A.J.’s Beta Glucan has been recognized in the medical literature as,

The Only Relevant Immune Modulator
Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

In the past 20 years, dozens of Universities and Teaching Hospitals have published the safety and effectiveness of his product:

– Harvard
– Cornell
– Tulane
– Mayo Clinic
– Memorial Sloan Kettering

Today, A.J. Lanigan has teamed with some of the most brilliant researchers of our time; helping to drive the publication of several medical journals, books, videos and educational lectures. His works are now used worldwide as the backbone for understanding the Immune System, as well as the Safety and Benefits of Beta Glucan.

For years the earth alone has provided the necessary means for good life and abundant health. In the past half century, people have proliferated at such a rapid rate that our society now relies on technology to expand the earths resources to provide for the growing population. These “innovations” modified our foods, our environment and even the air we breathe in ways that are no longer healthy and life sustaining.  The rate of disease, such as cancer and diabetes, has exploded and is found in unprecedented numbers of people. More and more people are reliant on synthetically derived prescription drugs that, many times, do nothing to change the source of the disease but simply mask the symptoms.

Better Way Health’s mission is to help people restore and/or maintain optimum health through a more natural means. The body is innately an amazing protector and healer and the products we provide work with these natural qualities and enhance their performance. The company was founded by Dave Perkins who through his own struggle with disease and years of research found what he believes the body needs to heal itself from the constant onslaught of pollutants, chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to everyday.

Beta-1, 3D Glucan modulates the immune system to provide support and balance. It is unlike other immune supplements that simply stimulate or change the immune response in an unnatural way. Over 50 years of research from prestigious universities (Harvard, Louisville, Tulane, Stanford, and more) documents the benefits of Beta Glucan. Transfer Point’s Beta-1, 3D Glucan is scientifically proven to be the Most Effective Immune System Supplement on the Market.

Beta KIDS® is an immune support supplement for children! The small, delicious fruit-flavored chewables provide a daily dose of proven immune support with natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is effective and completely safe for prolonged use.

  • Made with natural ingredients and sweeteners
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33 Tweets About The Keto Diet That Will Make You LOL The New Year has officially arrived, which means so has the desire to revamp eating habits. And it seems everyone is going ketoThe ketogenic diet, aka keto, is a low-carb eating plan that aims to propel the body into a state of ketosis (basically when your body burns fat for energy). According to doctors and nutritionists, the keto diet has pros and cons, so it’s best to do your research and chat with your physician before diving in. The keto life calls for lots of fat and protein, and very little sugar and carbohydrates. This means foods like cheese, avocados, meat (including seafood), nuts and eggs are acceptable. Fruits, grains, root vegetables and added sugar are off-limits. Needless to say, going keto can be a challenge, as well as a source of humor. And, like other trendy eating plans, the keto diet has become the subject of jokes from the funny folks of the Twitter-verse.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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