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November 10th, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Biden, Impervious to Change The red wave failed to materialize.  Republican gains will not end Joe Biden’s propensity to rule without Congress, in a dictatorial fashion, using only his pen and his phone.  Between now and 2024 little will change.  Everything depends on the 2024 presidential and congressional elections. They will decide the fate of the nation. Unwilling to limit his role to taking care that the laws be faithfully executed, Joe Biden, since his first day in office, has usurped congressional law-making, unilaterally issuing order after order affecting every American and aggregating to himself powers that the Constitution grants exclusively to Congress.  Biden’s usurpation is a tyranny largely unaffected by the political fate of Congress. While neither the Courts nor Congress can stop this renegade president from issuing executive orders that usurp legislative power, the Courts can declare (and have repeatedly declared) those actions unconstitutional, enjoining them.  Judicial review to block Biden’s excesses in the first two years of his presidency has proven the continuing indispensability of constitutional checks and balances.  The federal courts, and especially the Supreme Court, will remain an essential redoubt, a final bulwark in defense of individual liberty and of constitutional limits on power, presenting a superior checkmate to Biden’s moves to legislate.  That is among President Trump’s most important and lasting legacies.

The Long Road Ahead Some elections are still in play but it is fairly likely that the US 2022 midterm elections have resulted in a small Republican majority in the House whilst the Democrats retain control of the Senate. Just 24 hours before the elections, the betting markets I look at were giving well over 70% odds on the Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate. Add to that the experience that midterms tend to go against a sitting president and that the economy is in dire straits with inflation and reduced labour participation, and you have to say the outcome is a modest victory for the Democrats. With control of the Senate and the White House, team Biden will be able to push through more legislation. Hearings to hold the President and the administration to account for the last 30 months are now unlikely to happen. More importantly, the results show propaganda and disinformation still ‘works’ in what I think of as ‘occupied territory:’ the states with ongoing pressure to get vaccinated, to wear masks, and with a recent history of school closures and lockdowns. Whilst there might well have been some role for election fraud, the reality remains that the betting markets, which price in expected levels of fraud, overestimated the anti-Democratic sentiment. Lockdowns, school closures, vaccine damage, masks, etc., have not been the big vote-swinger that I had hoped they would be. Indeed, Team Lockdown has had a good day, for instance with wins in New York and California. The top-5 mentioned reasons for voting were inflation, abortion, gun control, crime, and migration. No mention of vaccines, freedom, or lockdown, and that’s in part because with few exceptions the Republicans did not campaign on those issues.

Republicans Have Won 6 Million More Votes than Democrats in House Races, But Gained Relatively Few Seats Republicans have won nearly six million more votes nationwide in races for the House of Representatives, but have flipped relatively few seats, suggesting talk of a “red wave” may have anticipated the overall mood of the country but not the final result of the election. According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday morning, November 10, Republicans have won 50,113,534 votes, or 52.3% of the vote, compared to 44,251,768, or 46.2% of the vote. Republicans lead by 6.1%, which is better than their average in “generic congressional ballot” polls, in which the party led by 2.5% in the final RealClearPolitics average before the election. But Republicans have only managed to flip nine seats thus far — likely enough to control the House, but far short of a “wave” result many anticipated. The mismatch between overall votes cast for Republicans and the actual result reflects the polarized nature of congressional maps. It also reflects the fact that Republican losses against many Democratic incumbents were very narrow. However, it could also suggest that Democrats ran a more effective campaign, concentrating resources where they were needed to defend their vulnerable positions.

Joe Biden Defiant: Red Wave ‘Didn’t Happen’ and ‘I’m Not Going to Change Anything President Joe Biden taunted the media, pundits, and pollsters on Wednesday for their predictions of a Republican “red wave” in the midterm elections, telling Americans he would not change his policies after Democrats did better than expected. “I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way,” he said. Biden held a press conference at the White House to talk about the midterm election results, where he argued that Democrats had a “strong night” even though there was strong possibility of losing their majority in the House of Representatives. When reporters asked the president about the future of his agenda and what he would change, Biden replied, “Nothing.” Voters, he argued, were “just finding out what we’re doing” on inflation. “The more they know about what we’re doing, the more support there is,” he claimed. Biden also mocked predictions of a Republican takeover in the midterms. “While the press and the pundits are predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen,” he said. He also dismissed pollsters for predicting tough races for Democrats. “I don’t look at them much anymore. I’m not quite sure how to read them anymore,” he said when asked about polls showing voters frustrated with inflation. Biden said he would speak with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday about working together when he became the speaker.

What will Pelosi do now? ‘The choice is hers to make’ As speculation builds around what Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will do next year, many Democrats say the party’s surprisingly strong performance in this week’s midterms yields a simple answer: Whatever she wants. Pelosi, who has served as the Democratic leader for the past two decades, has previously pledged to withdraw from the top of the party at the end of this term, clearing space for a younger crop of ambitious lawmakers to climb into the leadership ranks. And a number of Democrats intend to hold her to the promise. Yet the unexpectedly strong turn for House Democrats in Tuesday’s elections has strengthened Pelosi’s hand as questions churn around her political fate, according to sources on and off of Capitol Hill. The party’s good night, many Democrats said afterwards, means Pelosi can remain the top leader — if she so chooses. “She’s in the power position. We overperformed, and the wave never materialized,” said Ashley Etienne, Pelosi’s former communications director. “So, the choice is hers to make.” While Republicans remain the favorites to control the lower chamber next year, Democrats stunned the political world Tuesday by clinging to dozens of seats in tough battleground districts and deflecting the type of midterm wave that routinely hammers the party of the incumbent president. The development has buoyed Democrats, who have been on the ropes for most of the cycle amid a volatile economy, and frustrated Republicans who were hoping a considerable majority would help them neutralize President Biden through the second half of his first term.

Blowout: Ron DeSantis Defeated Crist by over 1.5 Million Votes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) defeated Democrat challenger Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) by over 1.5 million votes, representing a drastic shift from his victory in 2018, when he won the governorship by 32, 463 votes or less than half a percentage point. The race was called Tuesday evening for DeSantis, who soundly defeated his challenger. On Wednesday morning with over 95 percent of the vote in, DeSantis led Crist with 59.4 percent of the vote (4,607,597 votes as of Wednesday morning) to Crist’s 40 percent (3,100,603 votes). For greater perspective, in 2018, DeSantis narrowly defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum, garnering 4,076,186 votes to Gillum’s 4,043,723 statewide — a difference of 32,463 votes. Perhaps most stunning is the fact that DeSantis took traditionally blue counties this time around. Some of the most significant gains made for Republicans occurred in traditionally blue Miami-Dade. Democrat Andrew Gillum took that county in 2018 by over ten percent. But this time around, DeSantis bested Crist in the county by 11 percent. Similar trends were seen areas like Palm Beach: DeSantis delivered his victory speech Tuesday evening, concluding that Florida has “rewritten the political map” and adding that it is “apparent that this election we will have garnered a significant number of votes from people who may not have voted for me four years ago.” “I just want to let you know I am honored to have earned your trust and your support,” he said, explaining that Americans have already been voting with their feet. “The results of that behavior has been just as stark as our landslide victory today; states and cities governed by leftist politicians have seen crime skyrocket. They’ve seen their taxpayers abused. They’ve seen medical authoritarianism imposed, and they’ve seen American principles discarded. The woke agenda has caused millions of Americans to leave these jurisdictions for greener pastures,” he said, identifying Florida as the “promised land” for many.

Hour 2

Pfizer Works to Fast-Track More Vaccines for Pregnant Moms, Despite Mounting Evidence Rushed COVID Shots Harmed Babies On Nov. 1, Pfizer issued a press release about an investigational vaccine for pregnant women the company said will protect babies from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Not coincidentally, RSV is the latest viral bugaboo to hit the headlines, with frantic news accounts of “overwhelmed” hospitals sounding eerily reminiscent of the early coronavirus fear-mongering. Buoyed by the successful global marketing of its COVID-19 jabs — an estimated 49% of pregnant women worldwide reportedly views the vaccines favorably and almost 1 in 4  pregnant women in the U.S. took them — Pfizer is hoping to hit another home run with the RSV vaccine. The vaccine maker said it intends to seek U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval by the end of the year. The FDA, meanwhile, has been busy handing out “Breakthrough Therapy” designations to Pfizer as if they were papal dispensations, signaling a regulatory willingness to speed up approval not only for Pfizer’s RSV vaccine but also for a maternal Group B Streptococcus (GBS) vaccine the company is developing. To this expedient end, the FDA allowed Pfizer to “stop the [RSV] study short,” halting enrollment at about 7,400 participants — though the trial was supposed to involve 10,000 pregnant women. Researchers devoted to vaccine orthodoxy pay lip service to the need for an extra-high evidentiary bar for pregnancy vaccines — stating that such vaccines should not only prove they reduce illness, with minimal reactogenicity in the woman, the fetus and the neonate, but should also “demonstrate safety or lack of evidence of harm.” However, those turn out to be empty words.

Board-Certified Obstetrician cries “STOP” (Updated) Dr. Thorp, the author of this essay, reached out to me yesterday with an apology. The version he had sent me for publication was actually a draft (his mistake). He asked if I could insert the final version in lieu of what he had sent me. When I reviewed the document, I soon realized that the newer version had a lot more data – including a series of graphs and tables as well as more references. It is almost twice as long as the original. This version is richly populated with more facts and statistics, although the conclusions remain the same. Therefore, rather than just editing the article, I have decided to republish it. Dr. Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a very busy clinician his entire career he has also been very active in clinical research with about 200 publications. Dr. Thorp is an extremely busy clinician and researcher. He has seen over 22,800 high risk pregnancies in the past three years. He has served as a reviewer for major medical journals, has served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, and also served the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Special Guest Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Carrie Madej has a great love for humanity and the sacredness of life. Her trust and faith are in our Creator and Father in Heaven and Yeshua/Jesus Christ. His only begotten son who sacrificed His life to save us. Dr. Carrie believes that the body, mind, and spirit are equally important in achieving wellness, and that the balanced body has the inherent ability to heal itself. She believes a physician should be a teacher of health to the patient, as well as identify the causes of dis-ease, in order to have an optimal body. Dr. Carrie Madej is originally from Dearborn, Michigan and received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She then completed her traditional internship at The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia and internal medicine residency at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Dr. Madej served as a private clinician and medical director of clinics in Georgia until 2015. Dr. Madej also served as an attending physician for the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia Campus, where she mentored students in clinical applications of internal medicine for 8 years. She is a public speaker and was featured in the documentary, “The Marketing of Madness” about the overuse of prescription psychotropic medicines. Dr. Madej now dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements.

Majority of Canadians support return of face masks in indoor public spaces if deemed necessary: survey Most Canadians say they would support or share some support for the return of face mask mandates this fall in indoor public space if deemed necessary by officials, according to a new survey conducted by Nanos Research. The poll conducted for CTV News found seven in 10 Canadians said they would support the return of face masks mandates to some extent. Fifty-two per cent said they would support the return of such mandates, 17 per cent said they would “somewhat support” them, while 22 per cent would be against them. Eight per cent would be “somewhat” opposed to the idea. At a national glance, Canadians across the provinces evenly agreed to the idea of the mandate, with respondents from most provinces reaching over 60 per cent in agreement. British Columbia reported the highest support with 72 per cent, followed by 71.4 per cent in Ontario, 71.3 per cent in the Atlantic, 65.3 per cent in Quebec and 62.9 per cent in the Prairies. Of those opposed, respondents in the Prairies made up the highest percentage with 36.4 per cent, followed by 32.3 per cent in Quebec, 28.7 per cent in the Atlantic, 27.3 per cent in B.C. and 26.9 per cent in Ontario. Women were more likely to agree to the return of the mandate with 72.6 per cent saying they would show support, compared to 64.4 per cent of men in agreement. The survey also found 34 per cent of men would be opposed to the mandate in comparison to 26.1 per cent of women.

Copper a clue in the fight against cancer For cancer cells to grow and spread around the human body, they need proteins that bind copper ions. New research about how cancer-related proteins bind the metal and how they interact with other proteins, opens up potential new drug targets in the fight against cancer. Human cells need small amounts of the metal copper to be able to carry out vital biological processes. Studies have shown that the level of copper in tumor cells and from is elevated, and the conclusion is that cancer cells need more copper than . Higher levels of copper also mean more active copper-binding proteins. “Therefore, these proteins are highly important to study when it comes to understanding the development of cancer and deeper knowledge about them can lead to new targets for treatment of the disease,” says Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, professor of chemical biology at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Most cancer-related deaths are due to the fact that metastases—secondary tumors—form in several places in the body, for example, in the liver or lungs. A called Memo1 is part of the signaling systems that cancer cells use to grow and spread around the body. Previous research has shown that when the gene for Memo1 is inactivated in breast cancer cells, their ability to form metastases decreases.

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