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October 27th, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

FDA Slow-Walked Studies on COVID Vaccine Safety Signals in Elderly The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took more than a year to follow up on a potential increase in serious adverse events in elderly people who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to an investigative report published Tuesday by The BMJ. According to The BMJ, in July 2021, the FDA “quietly disclosed” the findings of a potential increase in four types of serious adverse events in elderly people who had received a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: acute myocardial infarction, disseminated intravascular coagulation, immune thrombocytopenia, and pulmonary embolism. The FDA disclosure lacked specific details, such as the magnitude of the increased potential risk, and the agency said it would “share further updates and information with the public as they become available.” The FDA did not alert physicians or the public, via a press release or any other means, The BMJ investigator said. Eighteen days later, the FDA published a study planning document that outlined a protocol for a follow-up epidemiological study for investigating the matter more thoroughly. The BMJ said: “This recondite technical document disclosed the unadjusted relative risk ratio estimates originally found for the four serious adverse events, which ranged from 42% to 91% increased risk. (Neither absolute risk increases nor confidence intervals were provided.)” That was over a year ago. “More than a year later, however, the status and results of the follow-up study are unknown,” The BMJ reported, adding: “The agency has not published a press release, or notified doctors, or published the findings by preprint or the scientific literature or updated the vaccine’s product label.” The BMJ report also alleged the FDA has not “ publicly acknowledged other published observational studies or clinical trial reanalyses reporting compatible results.”

University of Minnesota med school students pledge to fight ‘White supremacy’ at ceremony A medical school pledge ceremony as spoken by students at the University of Minnesota Medical School is raising eyebrows for the wording students reportedly recited. Among other promises made publicly in August, the med students pledged “to honor all Indigenous ways of healing that have been marginalized by Western medicine” — and to fight “White supremacy, colonialism [and] the gender binary.” Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor, reacted to the events, saying, “That’s a mess,” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” The students also noted in their public statements, “We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system.” Their spoken pledge included this line: “As we enter this profession with opportunity for growth, we commit to promoting a culture of anti-racism, listening and amplifying voices for positive change.” Said Dr. Siegel about the turn of events, “If we start having to give out herbs rather than [use] the latest technology, that might actually have an influence [on] patient care.” “They’re also committed to healing our planet — well, how about healing ourselves and healing our patients?” Dr. Siegel also said.

Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Skipped Meals, Didn’t Buy Groceries Due to High Inflation Nearly one in five Americans have skipped meals or did not buy groceries due to surging inflation, including 28 percent of Gen Z and 23 percent of millennials, according to a recent survey. Seventeen percent of respondents said they were receiving food items from a food bank, including 22 percent of millennials, while 17 said they have stopped buying healthier food options. Eighteen percent said they had skipped meals or did not buy groceries. Beyond facing food insecurity, the same survey also found that high inflation is forcing Americans to delay certain healthcare expenses. Fourteen percent of Americans have canceled or postponed plans to see a healthcare specialist, ten percent have delayed taking prescribed medication, and 11 percent stalled receiving a yearly physical. “As the price of health care and basic necessities continue to reach record highs, Americans have been forced to make tough decisions that sacrifice their health and wellbeing,” said Kristi Rodriguez, senior vice president of the Nationwide Retirement Institute, which commissioned the survey. “While these decisions are understandable and challenging, making short-term tradeoffs may have long-term impacts,” Rodriguez continued. The survey results continue to highlight how Americans are struggling to get by in the current economy under President Joe Biden, as prices for food and consumer goods have soared paired with rising interest rates.

Data: Pandemic Protocols Caused Plummeting Literacy, Largest Ever Decline in Math Scores New data shows pandemic-driven school closures caused plummeting reading scores and the largest decline in math scores in history. The findings, which come from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) — often called “The Nation’s Report Card” — which is conducted by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. The assessment shows declines for fourth and eighth graders in both reading and math from before the pandemic in 2019 — the last time the report was published. On average, math scores for fourth grade were five points lower than in 2019, while the eighth grade saw an eight-point decline from its 2019 numbers. Reading for fourth and eighth graders was down three points compared to 2019. Not a single state or region improved in math or reading scores at either grade level. These numbers come nearly two months after the national assessment showed the largest learning loss in 30 years, as Breitbart News reported. The dismal education numbers are connected to pandemic protocols followed by mostly Democrat-run school districts and advocated for by government officials, despite having little-to-no evidence to support the policies.

Millions of Americans Were Assigned ‘COVID-19 Violation’ Scores Based on Cellphone Data Collected During Lockdowns A voter analytics firm harvested data from millions of Americans’ cellphones during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and used the data to assign phone users a “COVID-19 decree violation” score and a “COVID-19 concern” score, according to a whitepaper released by PredictWise, the firm that harvested the data. The data, derived from “nearly 2 billion GPS pings” stemming from “ground truth, real-time, ultra-granular location patterns,” according to PredictWise, was then used to target election-related messages to voters during the 2020 election season. According to PredictWise, the firm “understood that there were potential pockets of voters to target with COVID-19 messaging and turned high-dimensional data covering over 100 million Americans into measures of adherence to COVID-19 restrictions during deep lockdown.” The data was collected with political purposes in mind, PredictWise said: “It doesn’t take a data scientist to know that COVID-19 was going to play a major role in the 2020 election. “This once in a lifetime pandemic took control of the political debate, our airways, and ultimately our lives.” Republican voters were specifically targeted based on the data that was collected: “PredictWise targeted Republicans who scored high on our measure of COVID-19 decree violation (folks who were on the go more often than their neighbors) and Republicans who scored low on our measure of COVID-19 decree violation (folks who mostly or always stayed at home) in the swing state, Ohio, and asked survey questions.”

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People Wearing Masks Are Less Likely To Indulge In Antisocial Behavior According to a recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, social scientists found that in Chinese society, masks might function as a “moral symbol” and decrease the likelihood of an individual engaging in any form of deviant behavior. The researchers — from Tsinghua University in China and MIT Sloan School of Management — analyzed 10 studies that focused on deviant behavior like fraud or cheating for money and breaking traffic and parking rules. The studies involved approximately 68,000 observations in China. For instance, in one of the 10 studies, the researcher closely scrutinized recordings taken by traffic cameras of an intersection. They repeatedly saw that mask-wearers were less likely to run red lights as compared to their maskless counterparts. To their surprise, they observed that wearing masks increases people’s moral awareness and obligations to the extent that they become far more likely to follow the rules for their collective safety. While the researchers acknowledged that those who still wear masks tend to be more cautious and so, following traffic rules is a sign of going out of their way to avoid mishaps. To rule out differences in people’s risk aversion, the team conducted other studies. They observed people’s behaviors while parking their bikes and found that mask-wearers park legally a lot more often than those who choose not to mask up. Similar results came up when it came to cheating for money.

Biden Touts Grocery Coupons For People Who Get Vaccinated Again The White House amplified multiple grocery stores and pharmacy chains’ offers to provide $20 vouchers for Americans who get another dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Officials are encouraging Americans to receive boosters before embarking upon holiday travel over the next two months. The White House said in a statement that President Joe Biden has called upon pharmacies to “double down” on efforts to increase vaccination rates, prompting the organizations to send “tens of millions of texts, calls, and emails to customers, multimedia marketing campaigns,” while federal pharmacy partners are extending hours and accepting walk-in appointments. “Over 20 million Americans, including nearly one in five seniors, have already rolled up their sleeves to get their updated COVID-19 vaccine, and the President will encourage more Americans to do so right away,” the White House said. “The President will get his updated COVID-19 vaccine, and call on everyone — including state, local, education, and business leaders — to do their part to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.” Albertsons, a grocery store chain with most locations in the western part of the nation, will discount groceries by 10% for people who receive the vaccine in-store, with total benefits capped at $20. CVS Health is likewise offering $5 off any regular purchase of $20, while Rite Aid will offer coupons for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. Southeastern Grocers will provide $20 vouchers when individuals receive their COVID vaccine and booster at the same time.

World’s Largest Nutritionists Group Accepted Millions From Food, Pharma and Big Ag in Exchange for Favors The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) accepted millions of dollars from food, pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies, had policies to provide favors in return, and invested in ultra-processed food company stocks, according to a study published Oct. 24 in Public Health Nutrition. AND says it is “the world’s largest organization of nutrition and dietetics practitioners” representing “more than 112,000 credentialed practitioners” including registered dietitian nutritionists and other food and nutrition professionals. The study was produced by public health scholars and U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit investigative public health group that obtained tens of thousands of pages of internal AND documents through state public records requests. The study describes a “symbiotic relationship” between the AND and corporations, and found the AND acts as a “pro-industry voice” with policy positions that sometimes clash with its mission to improve health globally. “The documents reveal a depressing chapter of corruption at this influential nutrition group,” said Gary Ruskin, executive director of U.S. Right to Know and one of the study’s co-authors. “If we’re going to get healthier, live longer and lower our astounding rates of obesity and diabetes, we’ve got to clean out the corruption at health groups like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.”

Question of The Day!

Hello, I am a family medicine physician from east central Illinois looking for a provider with expertise using homeopathic nosodes. I am about two hours away from St. Louis and Indianapolis. Specifically, my friend’s daughter is applying to nursing school and being asked to get an MMR vaccine per requirement of a training hospital she will be doing her clinical rotations. They have chosen not to vaccinate and have a religious exemption; however, this hospital is not accepting that. I am curious to know if, over time, with appropriate nosode therapy, is it possible to have reactivity on a titer test?
Thank you for steering me in the right direction.
Matt Dorner, MD

Natural Ways To Deter Centipedes In Your House  If you’re like me, the mere sight of a house centipede makes you a little jumpy! House centipedes (Scutigera coleoptrata) are indeed very unique in appearance but, (if I’m being completely honest) they are also a little creepy looking. However, knowing the house centipede is not a direct threat to humans makes me feel a little better. We are not on their menu…thank goodness! Still, we try to think of ways to deter centipedes in the most natural way possible. It is important to note, however, that the only way you could get stung by a house centipede is if you were to handle one or possibly step on one. If stung, you would end up with a tiny red bump. If you are sensitive (or allergic) to insect stings in general then medical attention may be needed. House centipedes are, for the most part, nocturnal hunters. They kill their prey by injecting venom usually behind their prey’s head. Since these little guys love cool and moist air, a popular place for them is in your basement and/or bathrooms. If you find that you have a centipede problem concentrated in these areas of your home, consider placing a dehumidifier in these areas to help bring the moisture levels down a bit.

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