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March 9th, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Analysis: Over 15.5M Illegal Aliens in U.S. Costs Taxpayers $150B Annually More than 15.5 million illegal aliens live in the United States today, costing American taxpayers over $150 billion annually, analysis from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates. The FAIR analysis estimates that taxpayers pay some $182 billion in annual costs for illegal aliens at the federal, state, and local levels. That cost is only minimally made up by illegal aliens contributing $32 billion to the economy, making the annual net cost more than $150 billion. Put another way, illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children are costing each taxpayer nearly $1,200 every year. Most significantly, the cost of illegal immigration has skyrocketed since 2017, when the annual cost was estimated to be $116 billion. Likewise, since only last year, the cost has increased by $7 billion. “… in just 5 years, the cost of illegal immigration has increased by nearly $35 billion,” the FAIR analysis states. ” This rapid increase is a consequence of the ongoing border crisis and a lack of effective immigration enforcement.” The booming cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers comes as President Joe Biden’s administration has implemented an expansive Catch and Release network which includes a parole pipeline that provides border crossers and illegal aliens with work permits once they are released into the U.S. interior.

Gulf Cartel Cell Kills Two Americans, Two Rescued in Mexican Border City U.S. and Mexican law enforcement confirm that two of four U.S. citizens abducted in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, were killed by a Gulf Cartel cell. Breitbart Texas has confirmed through local authorities the identity of the crime boss responsible for the case. The other two Americans were rescued during a stash house raid Tuesday. Two survivors were turned over to U.S. authorities in Brownsville, Texas. Known in the criminal underworld as “La Kena or Ciclon 19,” Jose Alberto Garcia Vilano is the current Gulf Cartel operational leader in Matamoros. Mexican federal law enforcement sources revealed that La Kena has gunmen running security throughout the city and they would be the ones that shot at the four U.S. citizens. Ultimately, the order to take them would have to be given by La Kena or someone in his inner circle with his approval, the law enforcement source said. Breitbart Texas previously reported on La Kena having been demoted from boss in 2021, however, he has since recovered. It remains unclear how the pressure over the shooting and kidnapping of U.S. citizens will affect his criminal career.

Mayorkas Won’t Say Border’s a Crisis, Says Weather Driving Migration During an interview with Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday broadcast on Tuesday’s edition of CNN International’s “Amanpour,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refused to say the border is a crisis, argued that there are many issues facing the agency, such as the “extreme weather events” that he said are “triggering migration,” and stated that other nations have migration issues. Mayorkas cited Chile deploying its military to the border as an example of this. Mayorkas said that the threats facing the agency, which have grown in “diversity and complexity and footprint as well. You know, I speak often about the fact that homeland security is now converged with national security. We’re in an interconnected world. In the cyber realm, in cyberspace, borders are irrelevant. Foreign nation-states attack us through disinformation, by way of ransomware, and other means irrespective of borders. The challenge of extreme weather events, the gravity and frequency, not just here in the United States, but internationally and their consequences of triggering migration, the greatest level of migration that we’ve had in the hemisphere in decades and decades.”

Nolte: GOP Senators Angry Tucker Carlson Accurately Described January 6 as ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), among other RINOs, lashed out at Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson for accurately describing the mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, as “mostly peaceful.” Here we go: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans lashed out at conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday after he characterized the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as “mostly peaceful chaos.” A handful of other Senate Republicans on Tuesday pushed back against Carlson’s claim that Jan. 6 was “peaceful chaos,” with Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina blasting the remarks as “bullshit.” “I think it’s bullshit,” Tillis told reporters in the Capitol. On that day, a lot of people incited violence and committed acts of vandalism, and my guess is that more than a few of them were agents of the fascist FBI engaging in the kinds of unconstitutional behavior (blatant entrapment) the disgraced Bureau is infamous for. Anyone guilty of violence on that day should be punished. I believe that, and so does Tucker Carlson. He said so Monday night. This is not a difficult line to draw.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is telling stores to have customers remove their face masks Worries about the safety of New York City’s deli clerks and bodega workers have Mayor Eric Adams making an unusual request: Members of the public should lower their face masks to reassure store workers they’re not criminals, Adams and other city leaders said on Monday. “We are putting out a clear call to all of our shops, do not allow people to enter the store without taking off their face mask,” Adams said in an interview with radio station 1010 WINS. “Once they’re inside, they can continue to wear it if they so desire to do so,” Adams said of the policy. The guidance quickly caused a stir in New York City, where the terrible toll from the early COVID-19 pandemic prompted a mask mandate. At many stores, doors and windows remain plastered with reminders to wear face coverings. And in a town famous for its no-nonsense culture, questions immediately popped up about the wisdom of putting yet another onus on store workers — and whether armed criminals would follow new rules about masks. Some people also wondered if forcing those with compromised immune systems to remove their masks indoors might itself break the law.

DeSantis will try to bring tennis star Djokovic to Miami Open via boat to skirt Biden’s vaccine rule Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is asking President Biden to allow tennis star Novak Djokovic into the U.S. to participate in the Miami Open, and has requested permission to bring him to Florida via boat to circumvent the COVID vaccine mandate for foreigners. Mr. DeSantis, a Republican weighing a 2024 presidential run, slammed Mr. Biden for continuing to enforce COVID-19 vaccination requirements for foreigners seeking to enter the U.S. The rule has kept the unvaccinated Mr. Djokovic, a Serbian and number-one ranked tennis player in the world, from participating in any U.S. tennis tournaments. Mr. Djokovic has been denied access to the Miami Open, which is scheduled for March 19 through April 2 at Indian Wells. In the letter, Mr. DeSantis said thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants have been allowed into the U.S. through the southern border and called the ban on the top-ranked Mr. Djokovic, “unfair, unscientific and unacceptable.” He asked Mr. Biden to confirm by March 10 that Mr. Djokovic can enter the country “via boat.”

Upcoming this Saturday, is the free online world premiere of a documentary from Utah, called – “Utah: Safe and Effective? – An Apolitical documentary” It has been created by a group in Utah called the Health Independence Alliance, and is a grassroots effort to come to terms with the crisis of the last three years.

While there are already many documentaries out there that deal with the subject of covid vaccines, this particular effort is directed towards diagnosing the system of health itself. It interviews Utah’s doctors, nurses, and other individuals regarding the rollout of the vaccine, and takes a dive into the institutional forces that held sway behind all this, particularly politics and the profit motive. It looks for a different “cure” for the health system using a threefold “separation of powers”.

Regardless of political affiliation or nationality, if you are asking questions about the science behind the vaccine, the influence of politics, religion, media and profit motive on the vaccine question – this is the documentary to watch, and more importantly, to apply. It will be livestreamed three times to cover all regions of the globe, and will be followed by Q&A with the makers of the film.

Hour 2

Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts At first slowly but in recent weeks with seemingly gathering pace, two trends have emerged. On the one hand, many of the core claims behind lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are unravelling and the prevailing narrative has been in retreat on all three fronts. But there is still a long way to go, as indicated by the cussed refusal of the Biden administration to let Novak Djokovic play at Indian Wells. On the other hand, the explosive lockdown files in the UK have blown apart the official narrative. We the sceptics were right in our dark suspicions of the motives, scientific basis, and evidence behind government decisions, but even we did not fully grasp just how venal, evil, and utterly contemptuous of their citizens some of the bastards in charge of our health, lives, livelihoods, and children’s future were. “Hell is empty, And all the devils are here” (Shakespeare, The Tempest) indeed. They will have to build a new circle of hell to accommodate all the perpetrators of evil let loose upon the world since 2020. A mistake is when you spill coffee or take the wrong exit ramp off the highway. Lockdown was a policy pushed hard by politicians and health chiefs even against scientific dissent and substantial public opposition, using tools from every tyrants’ playbook of disinformation and lies whilst attacking and censoring truth. The depth of public opposition went unrecognized because the fear-peddling media colluded in not reporting on protests.

Omission of Children’s COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths In Australia Raises Concerns  Australia’s drug regulator was slow to update the country’s Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) despite several deaths being attributed to the vaccine, including two children, aged 7 and 9. The information came to light following a Freedom of Information request by an Australian doctor that found the delayed response from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Senator Gerard Rennick said he would push for independent oversight of the TGA. “A third independent medical party should examine the evidence as the TGA has a conflict of interest because they approved the vaccines and would therefore be held responsible for the deaths of these children due to poor regulatory oversight,” Rennick told The Epoch Times.  The senator also said he was concerned that the TGA was soft-pedalling the risks with the COVID-19 vaccines, especially around myocarditis and cardiac arrests. “They are definitely downplaying the risks. They do not have enough information to rule it out given the known link between the vaccines and myocarditis and myocarditis and cardiac arrests,” Rennick said. As of March 6, the DAEN states that since the beginning of the vaccination rollout in Australia, 137,576 adverse events have been reported relating to the range of COVID-19 vaccines. Of those, 134,224 are believed to be directly related to the vaccines, while 980 are vaccine-related deaths.

U.S. Schools Have a Drinking Water Problem — They Can’t Get the Lead Out A new report by Environment America Research & Policy Center showed most states fall short in providing oversight for lead in schools — and the testing that has happened to this point shows widespread contamination from rural towns to major cities. On a recent day in this 19th-century mining town turned tourist hot spot, students made their way into the Granite High School lobby and past a new filtered water bottle fill station. Water samples taken from the drinking fountain the station replaced had a lead concentration of 10 parts per billion — twice Montana’s legal limit for schools of 5 parts per billion for the toxic metal. Thomas Gates, the principal and superintendent of the small Philipsburg School District, worries the new faucets, sinks and filters the district installed for roughly 30 water sources are temporary fixes. The high school, built in 1912, is likely laced with aged pipes and other infrastructure, like so much of this historic town. “If we change faucets or whatever, lead is still getting pushed in,” Gates said. The school in Philipsburg is one of hundreds in Montana grappling with how to remove lead from their water after state officials mandated schools test for it. So far, 74% of schools that submitted samples found at least one faucet or drinking fountain with high lead levels. Many of those schools are still trying to trace the source of the problem and find the money for long-term fixes. In his Feb. 7 State of the Union address, President Joe Biden said the infrastructure bill he championed in 2021 will help fund the replacement of lead pipes that serve “400,000 schools and child care centers, so every child in America can drink clean water.”

Big Food, Big Pharma colluding to keep Americans DIABETIC and OBESE to maximize profits Former Coca-Cola consultant-turned-whistleblower Calley Means has warned that Big Ag, Big Food and Big Pharma are keeping people poisoned, overweight and unhealthy to maximize and protect their profits from the sale of toxic food and so-called anti-obesity medication. Means made the warning during a recent appearance on the podcast of English actor Russell Band, “Stay Free With Russel Brand.” “This is a scandal that I think is the biggest story in the country right now,” said Means. “This is not complicated … We are being poisoned from a rigged food system and the medical system is profiting.” Central to Big Food and Big Pharma’s plan is Ozempic, a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a semaglutide injection allegedly designed to help improve insulin sensitivity and weight loss. The FDA has approved Ozempic for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, to improve blood sugar levels along with a healthy diet and regular exercise and reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke or death in adults with Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Study: People who eat diets rich with leafy greens show fewer Alzheimer’s signs People who eat a leafy green-rich diet along with other fruits and vegetables may develop fewer signs of Alzheimer’s-associated amyloid plaques and tau tangles in their brains, according to a new study by researchers from Rush University in Chicago. The study, published Wednesday in the journal Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, followed 581 people with an average age of 84 years. It found that the study suggested that those who ate the green leafy diet, along with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts and fish may have fewer amyloid plaques and tau tangles in their brain than people who do not consume such diets. The study probed participants following the MIND and Mediterranean diets. While some elements in the two diets are similar, the Mediterranean diet recommends vegetables, fruit and three or more servings of fish per week. The MIND diet prioritizes green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens along with other vegetables prioritizing berries over other fruit, and recommends one or more servings of fish per week.

Questions of The Day!

Hi RSB and Super D!
6 and a half years ago my daughter was hit by a drunk driver, she has lots of metal in her body to put her back together. She is now married and wanting children, they are having a difficult time conceiving.
In January she had a miscarriage. Recently she had some tests done, she has been told her anti-mullerian hormones are low and so is her iron. Do you have any suggestions for them? Thank you in advance!


Hello RSB and Super Don! Last question for a while promise. Please explain the hep c and b pcr test. My husband is a week away from being given a script for the hep curing 6 week pill. Im trying to tell him dont do it. I was diagnosed with hep c in 1993. They told me i would die. Thank you. I will get him to listen to your reply.


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