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Emord’s Sacred Fire of Liberty, Ominous omnibus bill, FDA homeopathy policy, Thou Shalt Nots of Public Health, Title 42 update, Border crisis, Hour 2 ENCORE – Sean “The Cigarette Killer” Cohen, Quit nicotine addiction, Krave Kicker, Vaxxing your brain and MORE!

December 22nd, 2022 3-5 PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Congress Releases $1.7 Trillion, 4,155-Page Omnibus Bill Congressional appropriators dropped the $1.7 trillion, 4,155-page omnibus spending bill at 1:30 A.M. ET Tuesday, giving lawmakers days to read it before the government shuts down Friday. The bill would fund the government through September 2023 and would boost defense spending by $76 billion, totaling $858 billion. Domestic spending is $773 billion. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has chalked up the higher increase in defense spending compared to domestic spending as a Republican victory, even though Democrats managed to pass their $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which boosted domestic expenditures on climate change and other leftist domestic priorities. Among other priorities, the bill includes: $45 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. This is billions more than the $37 billion Biden requested $5 billion in earmarks for 3,200 projects $47 billion for the National Institutes of Health $1 billion for Peurto Rico’s electrical grid $600 million to address water issues in Jackson, Mississippi The Senate version of the Electoral Count Reform Act, which would change the process for lawmakers to object to the certification of the presidential election Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) push to have a ban on TikTok on government devices is included in the omnibus

Explaining the FDA’s New Homeopathy Policy There’s been some confusion about what the FDA’s newest attack against homeopathy means—let us untangle some of these knots. Action Alert! Last week, we reported on the release of the FDA’s final version of a document describing how the agency will treat homeopathic medicines moving forward. The headline of that article was “FDA Declares Homeopathy Illegal.” Consumers have been justifiably outraged by this move by the FDA, but there has been some confusion about what specifically is happening. To clarify what we said in our previous article: homeopathic medicines are not going to disappear overnight. You are still going to be able to access many homeopathic medicines. As we wrote last week, OTC homeopathic medicines for cold and flu, teething, allergies, and other less serious conditions that can resolve spontaneously with or without treatment are likely safe for the time being. That being said, this FDA guidance is a serious threat to homeopathic medicines because it sets the stage for the agency to remove homeopathic medicines easily and with very little evidence or support. Why? Because the agency argues in the guidance that by the letter of the law, homeopathic medicines are currently being sold illegally because they have not been “generally recognized as safe and effective,” nor have they gone through FDA approval as new drugs. So, if it wants to, the FDA now has the legal authority to remove any homeopathic medicine from the market. But, according to the guidance, the FDA is not going to do that. Instead, the agency says it will exercise “enforcement discretion” by focusing its actions on certain categories of products such as injectable products, products with safety issues, products intended for serious conditions or vulnerable populations, etc.

We Need a List: Thou Shalt Nots of Public Health On March 20, 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York uttered the following in defense of his “New York State of Pause” executive order: “This is about saving lives and if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” This was received by many, especially in the media, as proof of his compassion and great leadership. In reality, it was proof of exactly the opposite; only a morally bankrupt man would utter those words. If he uttered these words cynically then he was being rhetorically manipulative to exploit the fact that many contemporary humans have substituted sentimentalism for actual moral thinking. If, however, he meant them sincerely, then he subscribes to one of the basest forms of the moral framework known as consequentialism and he would be able to justify nearly any atrocity that he found politically expedient. If we are to avoid a repeat of the moral crimes of lockdowns and mandates, we must understand the dangers of consequentialist thinking in public health and be able to formulate a valid moral structure that serves the actual common good. In summary, consequentialism is one of the various modern projects to create a system of ethics that does not require grounding in Divine Law or the Natural Moral Law. Rather than beginning with a list of a “Thou shalts” and “Thou shalt nots,” it is instead suggested that one apply the simple rubric that any action which has more good consequences than bad consequences is a good moral action and any action which has more bad consequences than good consequences is a bad moral action.

Chief Justice John Roberts Puts Brakes on Biden’s Ending Title 42 at Border Chief Justice John Roberts has halted a lower court’s decision that would have lifted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Title 42 public health authority at the United States-Mexico border in days, used to stem waves of illegal immigration. Last month, a federal judge struck down Title 42 — the CDC authority first imposed by former President Trump in 2020 that allowed Border Patrol agents to quickly return illegal aliens back to their native countries after arriving at the border. Rather than appealing the decision, President Joe Biden’s administration asked the court for five weeks to end Title 42, ensuring that the authority would be lifted on December 21. While Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is now appealing the decision, they are not seeking to keep Title 42 in place. On Monday, Republican attorneys general from 19 states asked the Supreme Court to preserve Title 42 by placing a stay on the lower court’s decision. Roberts, in an announcement hours later, issued an administrative stay, keeping Title 42 in place while Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) files a brief. The stay means that enforcement of Title 42 could remain in effect at the border while the issue is pending appeal in federal court. As Breitbart News recently reported, thousands of migrants had been waiting in Mexico to rush the border when Title 42 was supposed to end. As part of the plan to deal with a record level of illegal immigration, El Paso, Texas, officials had asked Biden to open Fort Bliss as a migration intake center.

Karine Jean-Pierre faces backlash after claiming the border is not open: ‘A bold-faced lie’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the border was not “open” and that anyone suggesting otherwise was doing the work of human smugglers in another ridiculed press conference Monday. A major topic during the briefing was the looming expiration of Title 42, a public health rule in place since March 2020 that has been used to stem the growing border crisis by turning away migrants. Though border towns have expressed concerns over daily arrivals potentially doubling from the impact, the White House has been hesitant to explain how it plans to prepare for the impact of the expected 9,000 to 15,000 new arrivals per day. Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre argued that these reports and the potential end of Title 42 don’t suggest the border is open and attacked anyone who claims that to be “spreading misinformation.” She also said, “”It would be wrong to think the border is open. It is not open.” These claims incurred the wrath of Twitter as users claimed the press secretary was “gaslighting” the country by refusing to recognize the historic numbers of border crossings under the Biden administration. “I want to be very clear here. The fact is that the removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open,” Jean-Pierre said. “Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers who, again, are spreading misinformation which is very dangerous.”

Hour 2 Encore

The Mysterious Case of Zika-Microcephaly’s Disappearance In 2015, a viral pandemic from Northeast Brazil exploded into the news, supported by breathless public health alarms that Zika — a flavivirus acknowledged for decades as harmless — was now suddenly responsible for congenital microcephaly (babies with small heads; diminished intellect). WHO-aligned experts within Latin America recommended that women forgo childbirth indefinitely — possibly until a Zika vaccine’s fabrication (still unrealized). Massive panic predictably ensued. Not a single case of human medical illness had previously been attributed to Zika — a near twin of the dengue virus (which itself brings a million South American “bone-break fever” cases, yearly) – – and never with any associated congenital microcephaly. Brazil’s medical research establishment treated the Zika- (and later microcephaly-) claims with initial skepticism — but were twice overwhelmed by vested parties’ self-serving media leaks – the latter of which spiraled into full-fledged national panic. The upheavals from Zika-microcephaly included outsized public health overreactions: travel advisories; Brazilian soldiers on the streets; indelible fear; emergency injunctions proposed for abortion; the eternal absence of more than 100,000 “ghosted” Brazilian children (babies not conceived during the panic).

Special Guest Sean “The Cigarette Killer” Cohen

Sean David Cohen is a contributing writer for, where over 150 of his articles have been published on subjects ranging from chemicals in foods to natural remedies to strategies for quitting the smoking addiction. He has appeared on the Hampton Roads talk shows to present his unique strategies. Cohen has written two novels and a book called 14 & Out, which will be published by Köehler Books in December, 2013. He appears on blog talk radio monthly to expose GMO (genetically modified organisms/food) and teaches a smoking cessation class in his hometown. He has a bachelor of arts degree in journalism with a focus on mass communication, and a master’s degree in education from the University of Georgia.

How to “Bio-Hack” the Cigarette or Vaping Habit and End Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is the third most addicting drug in the world, right behind cocaine and heroin. In the long term, nicotine is a depressant, but in the short term, it’s a stimulant, and it saves the smoker from what I termed the “cigarette hangover.”

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you, but do they know why? If they did, they might understand why they’re so addicted to it, and they might be able to “bio-hack” their way out of it, and naturally.

Cigarettes, among other chemicals, contain ammonia, bleach, bug killer, and weed killer pesticides. These are the ultimate culprits of the “cigarette hangover” that comes when the nicotine wears off after just 30 to 45 minutes.

Every smoker knows that feeling when they “need” a cigarette. It’s that creeping in of nervousness, anxiousness, and a headache that will all just keep getting worse, until that new nicotine hits the heart and brain. But wait, there’s a hack for all that – and it does NOT involve using nicotine, caffeine, or sugar.

Scientific research from the Baylor College of Medicine reveals the NUMBER ONE reason smokers relapse and return to smoking after trying to quit is LOW dopamine levels. There’s a tropical herbal supplement, called mucuna pruriens*, that boosts dopamine production naturally. The L-dopa contained in the seed of mucuna is a precursor of dopamine and improves levels of dopamine in the brain.

By hacking dopamine levels without an addictive substance, the body is able to build back its normal dopamine production and the nicotine cravings are extinguished. Once the smoker has detoxified his/her body of the ammonia, bleach, and pesticides, there is no more cigarette hangover on the way, so the natural dopamine “hack” can be reduced, and the addiction cycle is broken.

The physical nicotine addiction is broken in 3 to 4 days, but the low dopamine levels must be addressed for at least two weeks, if not longer, otherwise, most smokers who quit will return to their cancer sticks as soon as stress rears its ugly head. Once they smoke just ONE cigarette, they are dragged back into the habit. That’s why the nicotine patch and nicotine gums fail 96% of people who try them, they just keep people addicted.

This “relapse” can be avoided by utilizing the natural dopamine hack that combines herbal adaptogens (superfoods) and key supplements, namely vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, which helps balance the central nervous system.

This “bio-hack” is ideal for people trying to quit smoking or vaping, and it’s part of a proprietary formula called Krave Kicker, the world’s first truly natural nicotine alternative that kicks nicotine cravings for up to 4 hours, with zero nicotine, zero caffeine, zero sugar, and nothing artificial.

VAXXING YOUR BRAIN: Google trying to “immunize” users against misinformation with new “Info Interventions” propaganda scheme To better control the thoughts and actions of modern humans, tech giant Google has announced the launch of a new brainwashing propaganda scheme called “Info Interventions.” The project aims to “teach” Google users which information to avoid as “false” while training them to spot and accept only information that Google deems as “true.” If used as intended, Google users will be “immunized” against online “misinformation.” This “pre-bunking” plot is Google’s latest dystopian attempt to squelch online free speech – though instead of simply banning or censoring content, Google is now attempting to rewire the brains of humanity to automatically filter our “disinformation.” According to the company, users will be presented with “accuracy prompts” as they search and browse. These prompts are designed to train users into clicking only the links that Google wants them to click. As stated by Google, the scheme is all about “reminding individuals to think about accuracy when they might be about to engage with false information,” adding that these Info Interventions “can boost users’ pre-existing accuracy goals.” Google says it is drawing from behavioral science research to develop the most effective brainwashing tools it can, calling it a “gift to the world”. (Related: Remember in 2017 when a Google executive announced that he believes immortality will be achieved by the year 2029?)

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