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October 15th, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Facebook and Twitter restrict controversial New York Post story on Joe Biden Facebook and Twitter took steps on Wednesday to limit the spread of a controversial New York Post article critical of Joe Biden, sparking outrage among conservatives and stoking debate over how social media platforms should tackle misinformation ahead of the US election. In an unprecedented step against a major news publication, Twitter blocked users from posting links to the Post story or photos from the unconfirmed report. Users attempting to share the story were shown a notice saying: “We can’t complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful.” Users clicking or retweeting a link already posted to Twitter are shown a warning the “link may be unsafe”. Twitter said it was limiting the article’s spread due to questions about “the origins of the materials” included in the article, which contained material supposedly pulled from a computer that had been left by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019. Twitter policies prohibit “directly distribut[ing] content obtained through hacking that contains private information”.

Jack Dorsey offers lame ‘clarity’ on blocking Hunter Biden bits Twitter’s top dog, Jack Dorsey, responded to the massive swell of outrage that came when his company blocked the New York Post and the White House’s Kayleigh McEnany over a Hunter Biden report that put Joe Biden in a bad light with a tweet that acknowledged poor messaging. No d’oh. That’s called a lame attempt to sideline criticisms. The thing is Twitter always blocks people without explaining why; conservatives have long ago learned that conservative viewpoints are not acceptable to liberal-leaning tech giants and that blocking — censorship — is part of the posting game. In other words: The locking of the Post’s account and McEnany’s feed for sharing that Hunter Biden was allegedly asked by a Ukrainian executive to “use his influence” with his then-vice president father was hardly surprising. It did, however, generate huge outrage, with Republicans in Congress taking to Twitter to retweet the same Biden story — a la daring Twitter to lock their accounts, as well.

YouTube Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation YouTube is cracking down on content peddling Covid-19 vaccine falsehoods, including banning anything that suggests a vaccine would kill people, cause infertility or be used to implant microchips into people getting vaccinated. The video platform has pledged to delete videos containing misleading claims about Covid-19 vaccines, it said in a blog post. Videos contradicting expert consensus from health authorities, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), will be removed. Content that features discussions about “broad concerns” over the vaccine will be permitted to remain, according to a spokesman speaking to Reuters. YouTube says it has removed over 200,000 videos featuring dangerous or misleading Covid-19 information since February. Covid-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories have been running rampant on social media. Baseless claims and theories include everything from 5G somehow causing the pandemic to vaccines being used to make millions infertile to Bill Gates microchipping everyone.

CDC needs to keep its COVID-19 nose out of Thanksgiving The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Robert Redfield just issued a quiet warning of possible COVID-19 case hikes during Thanksgiving festivities. Memo to CDC: Enough. Stay out of Thanksgiving. And don’t even think of getting involved in Christmas. Americans don’t need to be told by the government’s leading health bureaucrats that gathering in groups can lead to the transmission of germs. That’s what third-grade science class is for. Lecturing on the obvious, at this point in the coronavirus game, only falls on deaf ears. Annoyed ears. “[W]hat we’re seeing as the increasing threat right now is actually acquisition of infection through small household gatherings,” Redfield said, CNN reported. “Particularly with Thanksgiving coming up, we think it’s really important to stress the vigilance of these continued mitigation steps in the household setting.” So cancel Thanksgiving? Make it a virtual visiting Thanksgiving? Well, Redfield didn’t say that. He didn’t have to — a so-called medical expert quickly stepped in and carried the water for him.

Mnuchin Says Nancy Pelosi Is Blocking Stimulus to Avoid Giving Trump a Win Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday that Congress is unlikely to enact economic relief legislation before the November 3rd election because Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats do not want to deliver anything that President Donald Trump could portray to voters as a win. Mnuchin said that he continues to talk with House Leader Pelosi but Democrat political resistance to striking a deal prior to the election is “definitely an issue.” Speaking at a Milken Institute conference on Wednesday, Mnuchin said that the two sides “continue to make progress on certain issues but on certain issues we continue to be far apart.” Mnuchin said he spoke with Pelosi for an hour and Wednesday and the two are set to speak again tomorrow. But there is little chance that a deal will be struck in the next three weeks. “At this point, getting something done before the election and executing on that will be difficult,” Mr. Mnuchin said. Pelosi has shown little interest in passing a deal in recent weeks and instead has dug in with Democrat demands for a $2.2 trillion stimulus plan. On Wednesday she sent a letter to fellow Democrat lawmakers spelling out a long list of demands that she said she would continue to insist upon.

Experts Slam The White House’s ‘Herd Immunity’ Plan The White House is reportedly embracing a herd-immunity approach focused on “protecting the elderly and the vulnerable” but experts are calling the plan dangerous, “unethical”, and equivalent to “mass murder”. The news comes following a petition titled The Great Barrington Declaration, which argued against lockdowns and school and business closures and got almost 500,000 signatures – although some of them were fake. “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health,” the declaration states, adding, “The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.” Essentially, herd immunity is when enough people are immune to a disease, like Covid-19, that the disease can’t be transmitted as easily and thus provides indirect protection.

Hour 2 – Special Guest Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen is a researcher, independent investigative journalist, writer and voice for health freedom on the front lines of society’s shift towards higher consciousness.  Jefferey is constantly working behind the scenes to spotlight the untold, censored and under-reported stories of our time. His mission in life is to teach & empower others to take back their power and heal themselves. As a compelling writer, active researcher, and creative force his work has been catapulted into the mainstream. Jefferey was recently featured in the documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. His writing has been featured by RT, Natural News, InfoWars, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, GreenMedInfo, The Truth About Cancer and countless others. Along with being a regular guest on national and international television networks and radio shows, his articles are read by tens of thousands weekly. In addition, he has set himself apart with his growing library of unique and original spoken word pieces.

Second Wave Of Politicized Lockdowns Missing Science and Sanity Both the U.S. and U.K. are wrestling with another round of lockdowns. The science doesn’t justify it. The science, in fact, opposes the idea of a second lockdown on several fronts. Even so, it appears to matter little to the Science™ health ‘officials’ and government factions attempting to impose a second suffocating bamboozle upon the life, liberty and prosperity of their nations’ populace. ‘Refusing to cave to criticism’ writes The Washington Times, coronavirus Taskforce member Dr. Scott Atlas has stuck to his guns, and the true science, to warn about another round of lockdowns. “We know the harms are tremendous to closing schools and businesses. I don’t know why that is not front and center. That is the most important reason why I’m here,” he told The Washington Times. Warning his views have been distorted in the media while others in the public eye have been “instilling fear” instead of addressing the damage caused by lockdowns.  Efforts to isolate and neutralize Dr. Atlas as an outlier in his views have failed. What began in August in Belgium, as health professionals signed open letters opposing more lockdowns, has now gone global with the Great Barrington Declaration. The Great Barrington Declaration was drafted last week in Great Barrington, MA. It calls for an end to widespread COVID-19 lockdowns. Epidemiologists Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (from Harvard,  Oxford and Stanford, respectively), were the first signatories on the Great Barrington Declaration.

Pandemics, Presidents & Press Paranoia The fight for America’s soul escalates by the day.  Much of the planet appears on the verge of a new set of restrictions and lockdowns. Spain, the U.K., and some American states are already clamping back down, an unwelcome sequel to the blockbuster bomb from last spring. Like Hollywood, which seems to refuse to learn any lessons about insulting its audience, the medical/political establishment seems hell-bent upon ignoring any lessons learned from the first lockdown- faltering economies, explosive nursing home mortality rates, mass childhood anxiety and depression, increasing deaths of despair. All of it again unaccounted for and unacknowledged by ‘experts’ and ‘officials’ planning round two.  Fortunately, Team Science and Team Humanity now have a seat at the table in this debate as it plays out on the global stage. Record protests are now happening regularly in several European countries, with little sign of respite.  While CNN is busy “reporting” to its bleating acolytes that things will never go back to normal and we’ve all just got to shrug and accept it, the science is far far far from settled. It’s clear to nearly everyone that lockdowns caused undue harm. That must be why outlets like CNN have switched to pure pro-new normal psychological operations, reminiscent of Tokyo Rose during World War II. As the controversial camps spar over science and professional recommendations, ABC News reports that the CDC is slowing its pace for releasing new coronavirus health guidance. The agency hasn’t updated its position since September 24th.  Meanwhile, CDC director Robert Redfield and White House coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Scott Atlas keeps appearing in competing public Q&As to transmit the truest, most up-to-date science surrounding the coronavirus. For readers keeping score, Dr. Atlas is in the lead.

Special Guests – Jerry and Christy McGlothlin

Jerry McGlothlin is CEO and founder of Special Guests, a boutique publicity agency specializing in using techniques of social activism to procure publicity for his clients on Talk Shows including on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and numerous radio talk shows. Jerry McGlothlin has been featured in thousands of times in publications including The Washington Post, O’Dwyer’s PR, and The New York Times. Editorials and articles by Jerry McGlothlin have been published in hundreds of news outlets including USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and Israel National News. In addition to running a publicity agency, Jerry McGlothlin is a producer of multiple full-length motion pictures, and is a television show talent agent.

Christy McGlothlin is the CEO of Home Rule LLC, a homecare skilled nursing and nanny service, a book author, motion picture film producer, talk show  host, and mother of 7 children

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