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June 9th, 2022 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Democrats Block Bill Providing Additional Security for Supreme Court Justices House Democrats on Wednesday stalled a bill that would have provided additional security for Supreme Court Justices on the same day a man was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a unanimous consent request on the House floor to bring up S. 4160 for a vote. S. 4160, which passed the Senate by a unanimous vote, would have allocated additional security for the justices’ family members. Despite McCarthy’s request, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats failed to comply with McCarthy’s proposal to bring the bill to vote. McCarthy condemned the House Democrats for their refusal to vote on the bill and noted that their refusal came on the same day a man was arrested for plotting to kill Justice Kavanaugh. In the early morning hours Wednesday, law enforcement arrested a man near Kavanaugh’s Maryland home. Authorities later charged the California man with attempted murder.

Biden White House Deflects: ‘The Economy Is in a Better Place than it Has Been Historically’ The Biden White House is attempting to deflect from the dire state of affairs — rampant inflation and ever-rising gas prices — as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday claimed that the administration understands but asserted that the economy is “in a better place than it has been historically.” “We understand that people are feeling — feeling this. They are feeling the increase of prices, which — with food, in particular, right now, and gas.  That is — that is something that we understand,” Jean-Pierre said during Tuesday’s press conference. “What we’re trying to say, what I’m trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically,” she continued, contending that the U.S. is “in a good position to take on inflation.” “We are in a good position to really start really working on lowering prices,” she continued: We leave that piece to the Federal Reserve.  They have the monetary policies to deal with the best — to have the best tools to make sure that we bring down inflation.  That’s the — that’s the pain that the American family is feeling. And so, that’s what we’re saying.

American trust in government near ‘historic lows,’ Pew finds Uncle Sam isn’t a trustworthy dude. He was in 1964, when Americans gave the government he symbolizes a positive rating of 77 percent. Since then, public trust has fallen to a disturbing 20 percent, “near historic lows,” according to a Pew Research Center report released this week. Unfortunately, that low approval rating reflects “decades of distrust,” the report said, and “a sentiment that has changed very little since former President George W. Bush’s second term in office.” Yet the troubling picture painted by the broad bush obscures points of appreciation and hope. “Americans’ unhappiness with government has long coexisted with their continued support for government having a substantial role in many realms,” Pew found. Significant majorities say the government does “too little” on issues affecting certain groups, including the low-income, middle-income and retirees. Trust in government is higher not only when government works better, but also when people have a better understanding of what government is doing, according to Teresa W. Gerton, president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration, a congressionally chartered nonpartisan think tank.

Biden’s base abandoning him, youth, women, minorities, unions President Joe Biden is going to need a lot more than a plea of “C’mon man” to bring his base back. In new polling provided exclusively to Secrets, he is losing support among younger voters, suburbanites, women, minorities, especially Hispananics, and union members. And the reason is simple: They think the country is headed in the wrong direction and by a country mile. Two Zogby Polls from Zogby Analytics lay out the problems facing Biden. In one sizing up the economy, just 27% believe the country is headed in the right direction, down from 51% just a year ago. In the other, just 43% approve of Biden’s job performance, 49% don’t. He is underwater with most groups, even Hispanics where 45% disapprove and 44% approve. “It is almost summer, and the temperatures are heating up, but President Biden’s job approval continued to be chilly and underwater,” said Jonathan Zogby’s analysis. As with other polls, Biden’s situation is worse than it was for former President Donald Trump at this stage of his presidency. At this point Trump’s job approval was 46% approved/51% disapproved. Zogby found that inflation is impacting Biden’s approval ratings and the direction of the country most.

Republicans seek answers from FDA re: recommended Covid-19 vaccine for babies and toddlers Republicans Bill Posey, Louis Gohmert, Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson are among 18 members of Congress who have signed a letter asking for the FDA to answer questions about the recommendation that it’s safe for children ages five and under to get Covid-19 vaccinations. According to the letter, the FDA recently “lowered the efficacy bar for Covid vaccines for youngest children,” and the members of Congress are asking why. They are also asking for the agency’s calculation of how many lives will supposedly be saved by such a program. That’s a calculation made to justify use of vaccines since they have side effects. The question is particularly relevant in young people since scientists and CDC agree that almost none in that population suffers serious illness from Covid-19, but the scientists say the vaccines can cause serious side effects that may not be visible for months or years, including blood clots and heart attacks. Additionally, studies indicate most young people now have natural immunity to Covid. A special government advisory panel meets a week from today, on June 15, to consider authorizing the vaccine in that population. Supporters of Covid-19 vaccination and vaccine mandates in young people say the vaccine is safe and effective, and makes sense to give to children at zero statistical risk of serious illness.

Bill raising age to purchase semi-auto weapons passes The House passed a bill raising the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon to 21 on Wednesday. The legislation has almost no chance of becoming law as the Senate pursues negotiations focused on improving mental health programs, bolstering school security and enhancing background checks. But the House bill does allow Democratic lawmakers a chance to frame for voters in November where they stand on policies that polls show are widely supported. “We can’t save every life, but my God, shouldn’t we try? America we hear you and today in the House we are taking the action you are demanding,” said Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas. “Take note of who is with you and who is not.” The House voted on separate titles of the bill before taking a final vote. The portion increasing the minimum age for semi-automatic purchases was approved by a vote of 228-199. The push comes after a House committee heard wrenching testimony from recent shooting victims and family members, including from 11-year-old girl Miah Cerrillo, who covered herself with a dead classmate’s blood to avoid being shot at the Uvalde elementary school. The seemingly never-ending cycle of mass shootings in the United States has rarely stirred Congress to act. But the shooting of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde has revived efforts in a way that has lawmakers from both parties talking about the need to respond. “It’s sickening, it’s sickening that our children are forced to live in this constant fear,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Hour 2 Special Guest – Anna Maydonova

Anna Maydonova is the kind of brave that this world needs right now. A child abandoned by her biological father at 4, a new father-figure arriving in her family’s life at ten years of age. A knight in shining armour that provided for his family and seemed to be exactly the kind of person this broken family needed. But before long this man revealed his true colours. A military man who became verbally abusive, ruled with an iron fist and ultimately committing the worst sin of all, systematic sexual abuse of Anna from age 15 until 21. This abuse resulted in two pregnancies that then became forced illegal abortions. Even after Anna was able to flee the grip of tyranny, an enduring legacy of fifteen consecutive miscarriages followed, a direct result of the botched abortion. Anna is now the epitome of a success story. Reclaiming her power, forgiving the complicit parties, but never absolving them of their responsibilities. Anna is the world’s best life-optimization coach, empowering humans with her ultimate courage in lifting the lid of shame, pain, judgement and guilt. You will be deeply moved by Anna’s relentless desire to empower a generation of people to confront this subject head on and educate on how to heal, thrive and prevent this type of abuse from happening ever again. Fearless in her approach, Anna continues to inspire those that hear her message of hope.  Anna lives in the beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with the man of her dreams.


Questions of The Day!

I watched your interview on the Jonathan Otto series and am hoping you’ll send me the anti-venom remedy you mentioned that one can take post jab to attenuate possible side effects. I remember Lachesis, but don’t know if you mentioned Apis, Ledum, Crot h(?) or any of the others. Approximate dosages recommended would also be helpful. I’ve signed up to receive your notifications
Sincerely yours,


I have nothing but love and respect for what you do. Thanks for all the great shows. That being said, I’d like you to question James Lyons Wyler on viral causation theory and specificity of Covid tests. Don’t shy away from the debate. You know that “viruses” are not the cause of disease. Be strong!


I have a small right inguinal hernia that I have been dealing with for the past five years and attempting to use nutrition to heal vs suggested “surgery” (at every annual physical exam). The bugger doesn’t want to heal too fast. Have been inconsistently focusing with selenium, collagen (periodically) Vitamin C. Have tried poultices featuring marshmellow root as ingredient for a few months and currently again using. I still am amazed that poultices can work as well as some say. I hardly eat sugar but once a month in any form I know of. One beer a week. I am 6′ , 160 lbs and thin and active. Do you have any thoughts? I am willing to pay for a Facetime type appointment. I would appreciate hearing from you in some way. Thank-you.!

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