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Feb 6, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Senate acquits President Trump of both impeachment charges The Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday ruled President Trump not guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, rejecting Democrats’ five-month impeachment crusade as weak and saying the president’s fate is better decided at the ballot box. Though the outcome was never much in doubt, Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah Republican, did make history by becoming the first senator ever to vote to convict a president in his own party. He joined Democrats in condemning Mr. Trump for abuse of power, but they were in the minority, and Mr. Trump was acquitted on a 52-48 vote. Mr. Romney did side with Mr. Trump and fellow Republicans for the obstruction vote, which was defeated by 53-47. Both were well shy of the two-thirds needed to convict and oust the president.

Nancy Pelosi, in ripping SOTU speech, disdains all America, not just Trump House Speaker Nancy Pelosi barely let PresidentDonald Trump wrap his State of the Union, and she was already putting on the show, standing dramatically and tearing a paper copy of the speech for all of the watching world to see — and then, later explaining her no-class act as the “courteous” thing to do. Make no mistake about it. Pelosi’s performance wasn’t aimed just at the president. It was a show of disdain for all the president’s supporters — for all of patriotic America. For all the deplorables out there she hasn’t been able to control and conquer. This is a woman who’s done nothing but divide to conquer since Trump took over the White House. She’s called for summers of resistance; deceived the American people about impeachment — saying on one hand, impeachment wasn’t a possibility without nonpartisan support, while ultimately pushing impeachment on the wings of utter partisanship; saying on one hand the president’s offenses were national security issues that warranted immediate conviction, while ultimately allowing the articles to be held in the House for more than a month to allow her Democratic minions to pressure and shame senators into voting “guilty.” The list goes on.

What Year Did Healthcare Become a Natural Right? Bernie Sanders declares with piety, “Healthcare is a human right.” His statement may sound reasonable, because when we think about someone without healthcare what comes to mind is pain, suffering, and the loss of hope and dignity. Bernie is correct that no one in a country as prosperous as ours should be without some form of healthcare. However, is healthcare truly a right? It may sound terrible to some, but the answer is no. Healthcare is not a right nor can it ever be, for very sound reasons. Before we delve into what are actual rights, I have a simple question for Bernie: exactly when did healthcare become a right? Healthcare cannot possibly be a natural right since healthcare—as we tend to define it today—was not in existence when humans first roamed the planet. Until healthcare was invented, it could never have been a right. So, if it wasn’t a right from the dawn of time, when did it become a right in Bernie’s mind? Whichever date he picked, it would be an arbitrary number.

South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates Who owns your body? A growing number of legislators in South Dakota believe you do. They have introduced a bill to not only end vaccine mandates in the state, but all future medical mandates that my be introduced in generations to come. One hundred and fifteen years ago this month, the US Supreme Court made a decision that because there was a deadly smallpox epidemic, the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts was allowed to charge a pastor five dollars to opt out of a city wide vaccine mandate. The law didn’t apply to children. That precedent has been the basis for the mandate of dozens of now liability-free vaccines for children and adults, where no epidemic (or even one case) exists, at the costs of thousands, or even hundred of thousands, per year to opt out. It is even the basis on which the Supreme Court ruled that women can be force sterilized, for the good of themselves and society, of course. Bad precedent, plus a century, has resulted in the legalization of actual war crimes.

Hour 2

Special Guest Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, functional medicine consultant, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. She is also the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page.

Doctors on TikTok Try to Go Viral, They have M.D.s, but are they up for this challenge? For decades, sex education in the classroom could be pretty cringey. For some adolescents, it meant a pitch for abstinence; others watched their teachers put condoms on bananas and attempt sketches of fallopian tubes that looked more like modern art. On TikTok, sex ed is being flipped on its head. Teenagers who load the app might find guidance set to the pulsing beat of “Sex Talk” by Megan Thee Stallion. A doctor, sporting scrubs and grinning into her camera, instructs them on how to respond if a condom breaks during sex: The pill Plan B can be 95 percent effective, the video explains. The video is the work of Dr. Danielle Jones, a gynecologist in College Station, Tex., and so far has racked up over 11 million views. Comments range from effusive (“this slaps”) to eye-rolling (“thanks for the advice mom” and “ma’am, I’m 14 years old”).

12th coronavirus case confirmed in the US Wisconsin health officials confirmed the 12th coronavirus case in the United States on Wednesday. The patient, who recently visited Beijing and who was exposed to known cases of coronavirus while traveling, tested positive for coronavirus and has not been hospitalized, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The individual is isolated at home and is in good condition. Health officials will monitor the patient’s close contacts, as well as the health care workers who cared for the individual, for signs of illness. “The risk of getting sick from 2019 novel coronavirus in Wisconsin is very low,” Jeanne Ayers, a state health officer, said in a statement. The new case marks the 12th confirmed case of the novel virus in the United States. While this was announced, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is shipping newly approved coronavirus tests to health labs across the country Wednesday so states can begin their own coronavirus testing.

Coronavirus updates: The latest news on the outbreak and the global response Two more charter flights have been sent to the Chinese city of Wuhan to evacuate American citizens, according to a U.S. official with knowledge of the plans. Over 500 people are expected to board the planes which are scheduled to land at U.S. military bases Friday. Passengers will then be quarantined to check for symptoms of the respiratory illness. The evacuations are happening at a critical time because a second American citizen has been diagnosed with coronavirus in Wuhan, the U.S. official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Both are being treated at a hospital in the city, which is the epicenter of the disease, they said. — Abigail Williams

Questions of The Day!


I have vocal cord dysfunction due to acid reflex in the past. The doctors want to inject Botox in my vocal cords. I keep Telling my doctor absolutely not!! My question is what are my alternatives?
I have been using 1 teaspoon of silver 3 times a day Plus using 1 teaspoon in a nebulizer a day.
I’ve been drinking tea with licorice root & Marshmallow root to soothe the throat.
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Hey Robert!

Thanks for answering my question! To follow up on T-mobile’s 5G. I was/am still wondering about how far the 5G coming from cell towers is able to travel because I know the small cells will not travel far but the reason I think that whatever is now coming from the towers is different is because I have two neighbors who have regular networks and then also 5G networks and their coverage is strong (five bars) for their 5G. And one of these neighbors lives farther away from the tower than I do. Also on their site they say they are able to reach 200,000,000 people with their current 5G coverage. They also say this goes out into the country, penetrates through concrete walls like in parking garages and into basements. And that their 5G “goes farther and is more reliable” than anyone else’s. I personally am not technologically savvy AT ALL, but they say that they use low band and that it is 600MHz whatever that means. So, I am not sure what is now coming from the towers but it seems that we are being hit with stronger EMFs than ever before and that has been since early December. Anyway, just wanted to give a little background into why I thought it was getting to people now even in the absence of small cells. Thanks again for all that you guys do!!!!

Merck’s Vaccine Division President Julie Gerberding Sells $9.1 Million in Shares—Is She Jumping Ship? SEC filings reveal that Merck’s Vaccine Division President Julie Gerberding sold over half her Merck shares in January for $9.1 Million. That transaction followed a spate of bad news for Merck’s flagship Gardasil vaccine. Last month, Cancer Research UK announced an alarming 54% rise in cervical cancer among 24-29-year-olds, the first generation to receive the HPV jabs. The following day, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine published a withering critique of Gardasil’s crooked clinical trials, “It is still uncertain whether human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination prevents cervical cancer as trials were not designed to detect this outcome.” As Gerberding knows, those trials revealed that Gardasil dramatically RAISES (by+44.6%) the risk of cervical cancer among women with a current infection or those previously exposed to HPV. That may explain the cancer explosions in England and other nations with high inoculation rates in young girls up to age 18; Australia, Spain, Sweden and Norway. A 2019 study of Alabama girls found the highest cervical cancer rates in the state’s most heavily vaccinated counties.

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