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Feb 27, 2020 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

White House seeks $2.5B for coronavirus, but Pelosi says that’s not enough President Donald Trump said Tuesday said that the United States was in “very good shape” when it comes to preparing for the deadly coronavirus illness known as COVID-19, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that only it’s a matter of when — not if — it will spread across communities in the U.S. “Ultimately we expect we will see community spread in this country,” Dr. Nancy Messonier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters on a conference call. While the CDC has been preparing for a possible outbreak, Messonier said hospitals and schools should be doing the same.

Democratic candidates slam ‘great genius’ Trump for botching coronavirus response Democratic presidential candidates criticized President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak during their debate Tuesday night, blasting budget cuts his administration has made to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and his thrashing of the U.S.’s international relationships. “This president has not invested like he should have in his budget. He tried to cut back on the CDC. He tried to cut back on the international organizations that would coordinate with the rest of the world. He hasn’t yet really addressed the nation on this topic,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. “I would do all of that.” Klobuchar was asked by the CBS moderators whether she would close the border to Americans who had been exposed to the virus, but she did not answer.

Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, hear constant warnings from allies about congressional losses in November if the party nominates Bernie Sanders for president. Democratic House members share their Sanders fears on text-messaging chains. Bill Clinton, in calls with old friends, vents about the party getting wiped out in the general election. And officials in the national and states parties are increasingly anxious about splintered primaries on Super Tuesday and beyond, where the liberal Mr. Sanders edges out moderate candidates who collectively win more votes. Dozens of interviews with Democratic establishment leaders this week show that they are not just worried about Mr. Sanders’s candidacy, but are also willing to risk intraparty damage to stop his nomination at the national convention in July if they get the chance. Since Mr. Sanders’s victory in Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday,

‘Bernie Sanders is your enemy’: Venezuala socialism victims sound the alarm With Sen. Bernie Sanders now the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president, even some on the left have expressed worry over what a self-described Democratic Socialist on the ticket in November could mean not only for Democrats’ chances of taking back the White House but also for their down-ballot odds, namely, control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Among Sanders’ most ardent supporters are college-aged voters, who favor the Democratic Socialist far more overwhelmingly than the broader electorate. However, from liberal MSNBC commentators Chris Matthews and Joy Reid to former Clinton campaign manager James Carville, a growing number of voices on the left are sounding the alarm, joining those with whom Campus Reform spoke more than a year ago.

Bernie Sanders admits he hasn’t a clue of the cost of his socialist stuff In a “60 Minutes” interview with host Anderson Cooper, Sen. Bernie Sanders acknowledged that he’s not yet put a “price tag” on much of the proposals he’s pushed. That’s kind of a big concern — yes? So was his obvious inability to look Cooper in the eye while answering certain questions. Deceive much? It’s the socialist way. After all, it’s one thing to run for president of the United States on promises of free college for all, student loan forgiveness for all, free health care for all, free, free, free everything for all. It’s another thing entirely to come down to Earth, admit the word “free” is code for Tax Paid — and let voters know how much they’re going to have to cough up for all those “free” programs and proposals. But that’s a socialist for ya — promise, promise, promise, pretend, pretend, pretend.

Colorado House Bill 1239 Vaccine Consumer Protection Act Concerning measures to protect consumers regarding vaccinations, and, in connection therewith, enacting the “Vaccine Consumer Protection Act”, which requires the dissemination of vaccination information to patients, the completion of a vaccination contraindication checklist, and the reporting of adverse vaccine reactions; prohibits the recommendation or administration of a vaccine to a minor without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian; prohibits certain actions against persons who delay or decline vaccinations; authorizes the assessment of fines; and requires the department of public health and environment to post information about the rights, duties, and penalties specified in the act on its website.

Hour 2

Special Guest Joshua Coleman

V is for Vaccine is a grassroots campaign to raise public awareness about very BASIC facts regarding vaccines that are not common knowledge. Through peaceful educational demonstrations, we are providing the public with  these basic facts and their sources to provoke thought and further research into a medical procedure that is not as innocuous as ​people are led to believe.

Oprah has teamed up with Pfizer Pharmaceutical’s on her “Health & Wellness” Tour. Pfizer makes the world’s best selling va((ine Prevnar13 aka Pneumococcal. Three months after the CDC and ACIP removed their recommendation for this ineffective va((ine Oprah starts promoting it on TV shows like “Ellen” as she promotes this Pfizer sponsored tour. V is for Va((ine educational demonstrations have been at EVERY SINGLE Oprah tour stop across the country. This Saturday (February 29) she will be in Los Angeles, California. We need all our V is for Va((ine activists in the surrounding area to come help educate the masses. You can come for the morning shift or the afternoon shift or if you’re able to stay for both. If you don’t have a V is for Va((ine sign yet or would like to purchase an additional one at the Oprah event please message Olivia Mikos. For more details on the event please join the event group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2375006936146145/

Metro area residents may take pass on coronavirus vaccine, poll finds Nearly half of metro area residents are unsure or would not take a vaccine to combat the spread of the coronavirus if one became available, according to a new poll commissioned by Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital in Oceanside. The poll, which will be released Wednesday, indicates that Long Island and New York City residents are less likely to travel, use mass transportation or attend large gatherings because of the coronavirus, which has sickened more than 80,000 people across the globe and killed more than 2,700 people, primarily in China. But although three in four respondents said they had received a flu shot this season, only 55% would become immunized for coronavirus — also known as COVID-19 — if a vaccine became available. Meanwhile, 14% said they would not take the vaccine and 31% said they were unsure.

New California school vaccine rules have left nurses, doctors and parents confused A pair of hotly debated new California laws limiting which schoolchildren can skip vaccines appears stuck in bureaucratic limbo, the result of uncertainty over how to interpret last-minute changes made before the legislation was signed last year by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Meanwhile, the state Department of Public Health, which is tasked with offering key guidance on the new vaccine laws, has been silent on the confusion over the rules. Senate Bill 276 calls for the public health department to create a standardized vaccine exemption form that doctors will electronically submit to the state for review beginning next January. Newsom insisted on a second piece of legislation — Senate Bill 714 — to ensure the new rules would be “implemented in an effective manner.”

Should the government force you to take your medicine? “Do you want to reject the new law that removes religious and philosophical exemptions to requiring immunization against certain communicable diseases for students to attend schools and colleges and for employees of nursery schools and health care facilities?” That’s a mouthful, but if you want me to translate for you, I’m happy to help. A new vaccine law was passed in the Legislature last session that removed the ability for parents to claim religious and philosophical exemptions to the required vaccines children need to obtain in order to enter schools. This makes the mandate impossible to get out of, unless you have medical reasons for not getting your children vaccinated. The ballot question is asking if you want to reject that new law. So if you don’t like it, you vote yes. If you do like the law you vote no.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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