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July 2nd, 2020 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Trump: ‘I’m All for Masks,’ Just Not Mandatory; ‘I Looked Like the Lone Ranger’ President Donald Trump told Fox Business Network’s Blake Burman on Wednesday that he supports wearing masks to prevent transmission of coronavirus, but that he did not want to make wearing masks mandatory. The president’s comments came during a White House interview that aired Wednesday. Trump suggested in March that Americans cover their faces — at a time when few officials were advising the use of masks — but has since resisted wearing one in public.

Burman: Speaking of COVID-19, Goldman Sachs put out a model yesterday saying that if there is universal masks, it would be a net positive for GDP. We know the IHME model says that if there were universal masks, that it would be beneficial, it would save lives. So if there is an economic benefit, sir, and there is a public health benefit, sir, why not go forward and say there should be mandatory masks all across this country?

Trump: Well, I don’t know if you need “mandatory,” because you have many places in the country where people stay very long distance. You talk about social distancing. But I’m all for masks. I think masks are good. I would wear — if I were in a group of people and I was close –

Misguided ‘defund police’ movement undercuts effort to change culture, experts warn Racial justice activists are cheering the huge budget cuts to police departments across the country, though officers say the downsizing hurts one of the most effective means of changing police culture: recruiting a new generation of officers. Police departments already were having trouble retaining and recruiting police officers before the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died in police custody, divided the nation over the role of law enforcement officers and spurred calls to defund the police. “If you want diversity, if you want quality candidates, you have to go out and find those candidates. That costs money,” said Sgt. Matt Cobb, who oversees recruiting for the Topeka, Kansas, Police Department. “If we don’t have the money to recruit people, then how do we fix the things people have said about us?”

American individualism falling to socialism, globalism, collectivism Joe Biden, the Democrats’ hope for president this November, just said in an interview on KDKA in Pittsburgh that one of his first White House acts would be to make the wearing of face masks mandatory for every man, woman and child in America. Required. Not recommended, but required. Let freedom reign? Not exactly. It’s the new normal: Government ordering citizens this way and that way; government deeming what’s best for individuals, and dictating accordingly. “I would do everything possible to make it required that people had to wear masks in public,” Biden said. What once was law and order and limited government has turned into governance by personal dictate. And the dictates don’t even have to come from those who are duly elected. America’s got the thugs in the streets insisting on the removal of statues, memorials and monuments deemed offensive; the anarchists in Seattle successfully staging a takeover of public streets, patrolling away police with their own armed guards; a Black Lives Matter leader taking to national television and coyly telling a shocked audience that he “could be speaking … figuratively,” or he “could be speaking literally” — but that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it,” as Fox News wrote.

Trump veto threat falls flat as anti-Confederate campaign gains steam Even a blunt veto threat from President Trump could not halt rising momentum on Capitol Hill Wednesday to strip the names of Confederate generals and officials from military bases around the country. With both the House and Senate pushing to pass the massive annual defense policy bill in the coming days, even some of Mr. Trump’s most loyal Republican allies were betting — or hoping — the hot-button Confederate base renaming issue would not result in a presidential veto. Mr. Trump’s threat largely fell flat among lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who felt the president is unlikely to ultimately act on his comments once Congress agrees to the language of the $740.5 billion defense legislation. “I hope the president will reconsider vetoing the entire defense bill, which includes pay raises for our troops, over a provision in there that could lead to changing the names,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, told Fox News. Lawmakers were working into the night on the bill, which sets spending targets for the Pentagon but also weighs in on a slew of defense issues, from military pay rates and racism in the ranks to veterans health care and Mr. Trump’s plan to slice the American troop presence in Germany by nearly a third.

Rockland County, Probing New Cluster, Uses Subpoenas as People Resist Contact Tracing Health officials are investigating a new cluster of eight or more COVID-19 cases in Rockland County tied to a large party earlier this month, but they’re running into trouble with contact tracing because people refuse to cooperate. The county plans to resort to subpoenas, as it did during its measles outbreak some years ago, to compel people to work with contact tracers as they work to contain a new potential outbreak. It may mark the first time in the tri-state area that such a measure has been taken over COVID contact tracing noncompliance. That party linked to the new potential cluster was the first of three large parties in Rockland County in the last two weeks. It was hosted June 13 by someone in New City who was sick with coronavirus at the time, sources say. County officials said Wednesday that the host knew they were symptomatic and held the party anyway. Officials trying to contain further spread say multiple people who attended one or more of the three parties have refused to cooperate with contact tracers. That strategy, along with testing, is critical to mitigating future spread, officials say.

Coronavirus: Could ‘immunity passports’ create an antibody elite? Governments around the world are testing citizens for coronavirus antibodies, to work out whether people have had the deadly Covid-19 disease. Some countries are setting up so-called “immunity passports” and others may follow suit. The idea is that a passport would certify that you have had coronavirus and will not carry or contract the disease again, opening up a way out of lockdown restrictions for the holder. But is this theory correct? And will it create a group of antibody-carrying elite who can date, travel and work as they wish, while others are still limited by health precautions? Pam Evans, from Aberdeen in Scotland, has just had a rude awakening to the new reality of internet dating. She says that a man who was interested in meeting her took a novel approach. “I had one guy at the weekend: ‘I’ve just been tested last week for Covid so I know I’m clear, we should meet up’ And I said: ‘Oh no, absolutely not’… he became just absolutely abusive straight away.” Pam’s hopeful date was trying to take advantage of his apparent negative coronavirus test result as a reason to break lockdown rules to visit her.

Hour 2

Special Guest Meryl Dorey

Back in 1994 we were feeling that the government and the medical community, in general, tended to exaggerate the safety and benefit profiles of vaccinations whilst downplaying their risks and true effectiveness.

For that reason, our group was formed with the express purpose of:

  • promoting discussion about medically-referenced information on vaccine safety and effectiveness;
  • lobbying to ensure that vaccinations are never made compulsory for Australian children; and
  • supporting those who have chosen not to vaccinate or to vaccinate selectively.

From the beginning, we have operated as a volunteer-run community organisation. We used to be a membership and donation driven group whose only sources of funding were provided by our membership and sales of books, videos and DVDs in our web shop.

In 2009 however, an organisation was set up with the goal of forcing our organisation to close down. This group has filed dozens of complaints against us with various government departments and media outlets. They do not believe that freedom of speech or communication should be protected in Australia and want to close down the debate on this issue.

As a result of one of these complaints, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) issued a public warning against the AVN. We fought against this warning and won our case in the NSW Supreme Court on the 24th of February, 2012. The HCCC were ordered to pay our costs and removed the warning. The Supreme Court stated that both the investigation and the warning were Ultra Vires (beyond their power) and their conduct of this investigation was illegal.

You can read more about both the complaints and the HCCC investigation here.

PRESS RELEASE: Australian VaxXed Bus Mobilises The Truth About Vaccines Thanks to the help and support of members of the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. (AVN), Australia has become the first country outside of the United States to have its own Vaxxed Bus. This bus – a 34-foot Coachman Mirada – will take to the road starting July 2020 to perform citizen journalism that Aussie corporate media refuses to do. Families of those who have died or been permanently injured by vaccinations will finally have an opportunity to tell their stories to the world. The bus will also be documenting stories of families who have chosen not to vaccinate, learning their reasons, and the health outcomes of their unvaccinated children. Like the bus in the US which has recorded the stories of over 8,000 victims of vaccination since its launch in 2016, Australia’s Vaxxed bus will not only provide a way to bring support and information to every area of this vast nation, but it will also be a mobile billboard and a vehicle for bringing screenings of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth and other documentary films about health and health rights to an increasingly interested and active community of parents and health professionals.

Vaccination and the Media – Conflicts of Interest in Australia Around the world there’s a constant barrage of articles in the mainstream corporate media berating ‘anti-vaxxers’ and hindering citizens asking legitimate questions about vaccination policy. In Australia recently The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have published a series of articles with an ‘anti-vaxxer’ theme – what is the motive behind the labelling and marginalisation of people who ask questions about vaccination? This is especially important to consider now as research on questionable coronavirus vaccines is being fast-tracked around the world. Conflicts of interest are clouding this issue. For an Australian perspective, see below independent vaccination campaigner Elizabeth Hart’s challenge to former politician Peter Costello. Costello is now Chairman of an Australian government investment fund which includes over a billion dollars’ worth of vaccine company shares, while he also chairs a media company which publishes articles demeaning and marginalising people who question the ever-increasing number of lucrative vaccine products being added to the vaccination schedule. There’s a murky story to uncover about relationships between the media and vaccine industry…and connections with government. We the people have to work on exposing this scandal ourselves…

Questions of The Day!

Can silicea remove metal foreign bodies that are lodged in the human body?


Hi Robert, I was wondering what your take on cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is. Do you think it’s too much THC, too little CBD, or just too much cannabis. Thank you.


Robert, I completely agree with you when it comes to wearing a mask. It’s a psy-op, that can elevate the fear levels in the minds of gullible people and also harm them. You mention that wearing the mask can lead to “Idiopathic Hypoxia”. I would like to point out that it is not idiopathic, it is Iatrogenic Hypoxia. Mask is recommended or is even mandated and it can certainly lead to reduced oxygen intake which in turn can give rise to hypoxia. So it is a condition caused by a medical procedure. Hence, Iatrogenic Hypoxia.
Please let me know your comments. – Bala


Hello Robert, my friend fractured her ankle and had surgery on it and it didn’t heal properly, her doctor suggested another surgery but she doesn’t want to. Can you recommend what she can do to help heal her tendons and ankle bones so she can go dancing again? Thank you so much for this show. – Yolanda

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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