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February 23, 2023 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

U.S. Government Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over U.S. Pandemic Policies The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a legally binding accord with the World Health Organisation (WHO) that would give it the lawful authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic. The Epoch Times has more. Despite widespread criticism of the WHO’s response to the Covid pandemic, US Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra joined with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in September 2022 to announce “the U.S.-WHO Strategic Dialogue”. Together, they developed a “platform to maximise the longstanding U.S. Government-WHO partnership, and to protect and promote the health of all people around the globe, including the American people.” These discussions and others spawned the ‘zero draft‘ of a pandemic treaty, published on February 1st, which now seeks ratification by all 194 WHO member states. A meeting of the WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) is scheduled for February 27th to work out the final terms, which all members will then sign. Written under the banner of “the world together equitably,” the zero draft grants the WHO the power to declare and manage a global pandemic emergency. Once a health emergency is declared, all signatories, including the United States, would submit to the authority of the WHO regarding treatments, government regulations such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, global supply chains, and monitoring and surveillance of populations.

To Increase Equity, School Districts Eliminate Honors Classes A group of parents stepped to the lectern Tuesday night at a school board meeting in this middle-class, Los Angeles-area city to push back against a racial-equity initiative. The high school, they argued, should reinstate honors English classes that were eliminated because they didn’t enroll enough Black and Latino students. The district earlier this school year replaced the honors classes at Culver City High School with uniform courses that officials say will ensure students of all races receive an equal, rigorous education. These parents disagreed. Select coverage from the WSJ’s education bureau on the state of schools and learning, curated by bureau chief Chastity Pratt and sent to you via email. “We really feel equity means offering opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds, not taking away opportunities for advanced education and study,” Joanna Schaenman, a Culver City parent who helped spearhead the effort, said in the run-up to the meeting. The parental pushback in Culver City mirrors resistance that has taken place in Wisconsin, Rhode Island and elsewhere in California over the last year in response to schools stripping away the honors designation on some high school classes.

Exclusive — Trump Slams Biden for Visiting Ukraine Before East Palestine: ‘Get Over Here’ Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News that President Joe Biden should have been in East Palestine, but “chose to go a different route,” referring to Biden’s recent trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. “Get over here,” President Trump said to Biden. “I think he should’ve come here. I think he should’ve been here. He should’ve been here, and he chose to go a different route,” President Trump told Breitbart News while visiting residents inside a McDonalds in East Palestine. On Wednesday, Trump visited East Palestine, where he delivered truckloads of thousands of bottles of water. Meanwhile, President Biden, as well as U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, have yet to even step foot in the small Ohio town. While visiting a creek in East Palestine on Wednesday, Trump was asked what his message is to Biden, to which the 45th president said, “get over here.” On February 3, a train operated by Norfolk Southern derailed, spilling toxic chemicals and sparking a fire. Ohio authorities later ignited five train cars to get rid of the toxic chemicals in a controlled environment, which created a dark plume of smoke, captured in photos that circulated on social media and sparked concerns across the world.

On this day in history, Feb. 23, 1945, US Marines raise American flag over Iwo Jima, captured in heroic photo Six United States Marines raised the American flag atop Mount Suribachi amid horrific combat on Iwo Jima, the intense wartime scene captured in perfect angle and frame by photographer Joseph Rosenthal, on this day in history, Feb. 23, 1945. The raw power of the image instantly gripped a nation at war with Nazi Germany in Europe and imperial Japan in the Pacific — young American fighting men unfurling the Stars and Stripes on a remote island far from home in World War II. Its power endures today. “The flag raising became a symbol synonymous with American victory in World War II and what the nation can accomplish when we all pull together and unite for a just cause,” Owen Connor, senior curator of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, told Fox News Digital The photograph hit the front page of almost every newspaper in the United States within days. It’s been duplicated and admired endlessly through the decades and endures as the most powerful image of heroism in American history. The Marines in the photo represent a broad cross-section of the American people.

Medical Freedom Forum – Scottsdale If you’re passionate about medical freedom, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear from top experts in the field as they come together for an insightful Medical Freedom Forum!

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No cow needed: Oat and soy can be called milk, FDA proposes Soy, oat, almond and other drinks that bill themselves as “milk” can keep using the name, according to draft federal rules released Wednesday. Food and Drug Administration officials issued guidance that says plant-based beverages don’t pretend to be from dairy animals – and that U.S. consumers aren’t confused by the difference. Dairy producers for years have called for the FDA to crack down on plant-based drinks and other products that they say masquerade as animal-based foods and cloud the real meaning of “milk.” Under the draft rules, the agency recommends that beverage makers label their products clearly by the plant source of the food, such as “soy milk” or “cashew milk.” The rules also call for voluntary extra nutrition labels that note when the drinks have lower levels of nutrients than dairy milk, such as calcium, magnesium or vitamin D. They would continue to allow labels that note when plant-based drinks have higher levels. Fortified soy milk is the only plant-based food included in the dairy category of U.S. dietary guidelines because of its nutrient levels. The new guidelines are aimed at providing consumers clear nutrition information, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said in a statement. The draft rules do not apply to nondairy products other than beverages, such as yogurt. The National Milk Producers Federation, an industry trade group, applauded the call for extra nutrition information on drink labels, but said they rejected the FDA’s conclusion that plant-based drinks can be called milk because it’s a “common and usual name.”

Most US states failing to protect schools’ water from lead contaminants, study finds Could drinking from the school’s water fountain put your child’s health at risk? The odds are higher than parents might think, according to a new report from the Environment America Research & Policy Center in Denver, Colorado, called “Get the Lead Out.” Researchers examined each U.S. state’s policy in regard to preventing lead contamination of drinking water. More than half the states got a failing grade of an F. Eight states received a D and 13 got a C. Only two states — New Hampshire and New Jersey — plus Washington, D.C., scored a B. Could drinking from a school’s water fountain put your child’s health at risk? A new report called “Get the Lead Out” gave many states a failing grade.  John Rumpler, lead author of the study and clean water program director for Environment America, said an F generally means a state has done “little to nothing” to stop lead contamination of schools’ water. “Many of these states now have limited, voluntary testing programs, but testing doesn’t make the water any safer,” Rumpler told Fox News Digital via an email.

Most Americans are uncomfortable with artificial intelligence in health care, survey finds Most Americans feel “significant discomfort” about the idea of their doctors using artificial intelligence to help manage their health, a new survey finds, but they generally acknowledge AI’s potential to reduce medical mistakes and to eliminate some of the problems doctors may have with racial bias. Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer programs that can solve problems and perform tasks that typically would require human intelligence – machines that can essentially learn like humans can, based on the input they have been given. You probably already use technology that relies on artificial intelligence every day without even thinking about it. When you shop on Amazon, for example, it’s artificial intelligence that guides the site to recommend cat toys if you’ve previously shopped for cat food. AI can also help unlock your iPhone, drive your Tesla, answer customer service questions at your bank and recommend the next show to binge on Netflix. Americans may like these individualized services, but when it comes to AI and their health care, it may be a digital step too far for many.

Here’s why dioxins are the most toxic chemical class known to man In 2020, Restoration & Remediation (R&R) published a fascinating article about dioxins that classifies them as the most hazardous substance in structure fire environments – and for good reason. Whenever a building or object containing chlorinated chemicals catches fire – this includes the “controlled explosion” of the derailed Norfolk Southern freight train in East Palestine, Ohio – dioxins and other deadly compounds are released. However, typically speaking, very little attention is given to this toxic release. Concerning structure fires, the federal government is primarily focused on asbestos and lead, all the while ignoring the threat of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), other heavy metals, particulate matter, and dioxin release. “When newer homes or buildings suffer fire damage, testing for any kind of hazardous substance is typically deemed unnecessary,” explain Briana C. Scott and Sean Scott, writing for R&R. “Occasionally, testing will be conducted for the presence of soot, char, or ash in structures near wildfire areas. However, it is almost unheard of for this type of testing to be performed to identify the composition of the combustion byproducts to determine whether any hazardous substances are present.”

Scientific literature shows chlorophyll-rich chlorella to be among the most effective nutritional supplements for dioxin DETOX A freshwater algae variety known as chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) could be the solution to all the dioxin contamination occurring in East Palestine, Ohio, following the Norfolk Southern train derailment and “controlled explosion.” Research published in the Journal of Nutrition back in 1999 reveals how chlorella helps to accelerate the excretion of dioxins in rats exposed to the deadly class of toxins. Japanese scientists tested the natural substance on Wistar rats exposed to Yusho disease-linked rice oil contaminated with dioxins from a 1968 mass poisoning incident involving polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). A control group of mice was fed four grams of a standard basal diet while the dioxin group of mice was given 10 percent chlorella and 0.2 mL (milliliters) of the contaminated rice oil once during a five-day experimental period. Between days one through five, the chlorella group excreted polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin (PCDD) congeners and polychlorinated dibenzofuran (PCDF) at levels 0.2-11.3 and 0.3-12.8 times greater (P < 0.05), respectively, than those of the control group. The researchers also looked at the fetal excretion of PCDD and PCDF congeners between days eight through 35. All the rats were given the basal diet for one week followed by either more of the basal diet or the 10 percent chlorella diet group. “The fecal excretions of PCDD and PCDF congeners in the group fed 10% Chlorella were 0.3-3.4 and 0.5-2.5 times greater (most, P < 0.05), respectively, than those of the control group,” the study found.

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