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June 9th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Pfizer/BioNTech Initiates COVID-19 Vaccine Trial In Children Below 12 Years: Reuters

  • Pfizer Inc (NYSE: PFE) – BioNTech SE (NASDAQ: BNTX) will begin testing its COVID-19 vaccine in a bigger group of children under age 12 after selecting a lower dose shot in an earlier stage of the trial.
  • The study will enroll up to 4,500 children at more than 90 clinical sites, Reuters reported.
  • Based on safety, tolerability, and the immune response generated by 144 children in a Phase 1 study, Pfizer will test a dose of 10 micrograms in children between 5 and 11 years of age and 3 micrograms for the age group of 6 months to 5.
  • The vaccine has been authorized for use in children as young as 12 in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, and they receive the same dose of 30 micrograms as adults.



Can Employers Require People To Get The COVID Vaccine? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 20% of employed Americans said they worked from home; by the end of 2020, that percentage jumped up to 71%. Now, with nearly half of the U.S. population vaccinated, people are starting to head back to their offices. But a new, looming question has presented itself: Are companies allowed to mandate their employees get vaccinated before deleting Zoom and ditching their WFH sweatpants? The answer is yes, but it’s a little complicated. On May 28, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced that employers can legally require returning employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; the commission also said that companies can encourage employees to get jabbed, even by offering incentives. However, when it comes to employees who can’t receive the vaccine due to barriers or disabilities, companies aren’t allowed to be “coercive,” and they are expected to implement accommodations. This is in line with the EEOC’s stance on company policies about the flu vaccine: Mandates are allowed, but employees should be able to claim exemptions. “As a reasonable accommodation, an unvaccinated employee entering the workplace might wear a face mask, work at a social distance from coworkers or non-employees, work a modified shift, get periodic tests for COVID-19, be given the opportunity to telework, or finally, accept a reassignment,” wrote the commission.

27 Experts Launch Citizen Petition Demanding FDA ‘Slow Down and Get the Science Right’ Before Approving COVID Vaccines A group of 27 clinicians, researchers and advocates last week filed an urgent Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging the agency not to prematurely grant full approval to any COVID vaccine. “Premature FDA approval of any COVID-19 vaccine could negatively impact the health and safety of U.S. residents, with global ramifications considering the international importance of FDA decisions,” the group said. The FDA citizen petition process, described in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Part 10), allows individuals and community organizations to request the agency make changes to health policy. At any time, any “interested person” can request the FDA “issue, amend or revoke a regulation or order,” or “take or refrain from taking any other form of administrative action.” In their petition, the group outlined many unanswered questions surrounding the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccines, and detailed how data must be collected before the FDA considers granting any vaccine full approval. “We are concerned that the premature licensure of a COVID-19 vaccine can seriously undermine public confidence in regulatory authorities, particularly if long-term safety issues were to emerge following licensure,” petitioners wrote.

FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever Would a sane person mix a patient sample (containing various sources of genetic material and never proven to contain any particular virus) with transfected monkey kidney cells, fetal bovine serum and toxic drugs, then claim that the resulting concoction is “SARS-COV-2 isolate” and ship it off internationally for use in critical research (including vaccine and test development)? Because that’s the sort of fraudulent monkey business that’s being passed off as “virus isolation” by research teams around the world. A colleague in New Zealand (Michael S.) and I (CM) have been submitting Freedom of Information requests to institutions in various countries seeking records that describe the isolation of a SARS-COV-2 virus from any unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient. Our requests have not been limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, or limited to records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to any records describing “COVID-19 virus” (aka “SARS-COV-2”) isolation/purification performed by anyone, ever, anywhere on the planet. Every institution has failed to provide even 1 record describing the isolation aka purification of any “COVID-19 virus” directly from a patient sample that was not first adulterated with other sources of genetic material. (Those other sources are typically monkey kidney aka “Vero” cells and fetal bovine serum).

Question of The Day!

Robert, my wife and I sat on the front for your talk last Friday. I have 2 questions,
1, You mentioned that you had changed your 2 grow boxes into 10 and made them so they did not use as much water. What did you do?
2. Our 11 kids and their spouses have organized an adult family get together for late June. Several have had the vaccination due to work,etc. I am 73, had a stroke 2 years ago and have had 3 stents.. My wife are totally against these vaccines and are afraid that they will eventually become the overwhelming scourge mentioned in D&C 45. Can I get the spike protein by my kids touching me? Thanks

Plexiglass is everywhere, with no proof it’s keeping Covid at bay Sales of plexiglass tripled to roughly $750 million in the U.S. after the pandemic hit, as offices, schools, restaurants and retail stores sought protection from droplets that health authorities suspected were spreading the coronavirus. There is just one hitch: Not a single study has shown that the clear plastic barriers actually stop the spread of the virus, said Joseph Allen of Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health. “We spent a lot of time and money focused on hygiene theater,” said Allen, an indoor-air researcher. “The danger is that we didn’t deploy the resources to address the real threat, which was airborne transmission—both real dollars but also time and attention.” “The tide has turned,” he said. “The problem is, it took a year.” For the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, top health authorities pointed to larger droplets as the key transmission culprits, despite a chorus of protests from Allen and other researchers. Tinier floating droplets also can spread the virus, they warned, meaning plastic shields can’t stop its transmission. Not until last month did the World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fully affirm airborne transmission.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

The mRNA vaccine revolution is just beginning NO ONE EXPECTED the first Covid-19 vaccine to be as good as it was. “We were hoping for around 70 per cent, that’s a success,” says Dr Ann Falsey, a professor of medicine at the University of Rochester, New York, who ran a 150-person trial site for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in 2020. Even Uğur Şahin, the co-founder and CEO of BioNTech, who had shepherded the drug from its earliest stages, had some doubts. All the preliminary laboratory tests looked good; since he saw them in June, he would routinely tell people that “immunologically, this is a near-perfect vaccine.” But that doesn’t always mean it will work against “the beast, the thing out there” in the real world. It wasn’t until November 9, 2020, three months into the final clinical trial, that he finally got the good news. “More than 90 per cent effective,” he says. “I knew this was a game changer. We have a vaccine.” “We were overjoyed,” Falsey says. “It seemed too good to be true. No respiratory vaccine has ever had that kind of efficacy.”

Houston Hospital Suspends 178 Workers Who Refused to Get Vaccinated One Texas hospital isn’t messing around with its vaccine mandate. According to The Washington Post, the Houston Methodist Hospital has suspended 178 employees without pay for two weeks after they refused to comply with their bosses’ demand that they take coronavirus vaccines in order to protect their patients. Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom wrote in an internal message that 24,947 employees were fully vaccinated by Monday’s deadline, but that the rest have been told to stay away. “A small number of individuals have decided not to put their patients first,” wrote the CEO. “I know that today may be difficult for some who are sad about losing a colleague who’s decided to not get vaccinated. We only wish them well and thank them for their past service to our community.” Boom said 285 employees were given medical or religious exemption from taking the vaccine, 332 were granted deferrals for pregnancy or other reasons, and 27 of the suspended workers have taken their first shot. If they are not fully vaccinated by June 21, they face permanent termination.

Nurse: Houston Hospital Instructs Employees NOT To List Vaccine Adverse Reactions Houston Methodist Hospital is forbidding its workers from listing any adverse reactions to the Coronavirus vaccine on official records, according to a Houston Methodist nurse. Nurse Jennifer Bridges appeared on The Highwire with Del Bigree to drop the shocking revelation. (READ: Here Is The Full Story of Fauci, Gates, and Medical Tyranny). “But every time a nurse or another employee comes out with an adverse reaction, they basically tell them in the ER, they’re like, ‘No, it’s not an adverse reaction. This is just an intolerance.’ And they don’t report it properly and they don’t address it properly,” Jennifer Bridges told Del Bigtree. (WATCH A CLIP OF HER INTERVIEW HERE). “And I’ve actually been in contact with somebody in the hospital system that deals with, like, the charting and the finalization of people’s charts…They have told me that officially Methodist has told them, ‘Do not list any adverse reactions on anybody’s chart related to the vaccine.’ Like, people are being told to not talk about this, not address it, and not label it on charts basically. Like, us ourselves as employees, have to go to the system and document these adverse reactions because Methodist is not doing it,” nurse Jennifer Bridges told Bigtree.

Maine says 8 vaccinated residents died ‘with COVID-19’ The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that eight residents who were fully vaccinated against coronavirus have died with COVID-19, including some who were inoculated while receiving end-of-life care. A coronavirus infection acquired 14 days post-final vaccination dose is considered a “breakthrough case.” As of June 4, the state had reported 387 such cases. Breakthrough cases are expected, the CDC has previously said, and there may be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who still get sick, are hospitalized or die from the virus. A spokesperson from Maine’s CDC explained that the eight people’s deaths “met the criteria to be COVID-19 related after fully vaccinated,” but noted that these individuals “died with COVID-19, not ‘of COVID-19.’” Nationwide, out of the 135 million people who have received a COVID-19 jab, there have been 3,016 hospitalized or fatal vaccine breakthrough cases reported to the CDC as of June 1. Of those cases, 535 involved deaths, 16% of which were reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19. The CDC reported 23% of the hospitalizations reported were asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.

St. John’s Wort Plant: A Little Known Cancer Aid? The yellow-flowering St. John’s Wort plant (SJW) is widely known as an herb that can help elevate mood and ease depression. What may not be known about this unassuming yet hardy plant (scientific name Hypericum perforatumis) is that its anti-inflammatory and detoxification capabilities may also provide assistance for those with cancer. The scientific evidence regarding St. John’s Wort and depression couldn’t be more clear. But just in case this is the first time you are hearing about the healing capabilities of the St. John’s Wort plant, here are just two of the major studies that have been done on the subject: A meta-analysis conducted in 1996 in Germany found that SJW extract (SJWE) is “more effective than placebo for the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression and less likely to cause side effects than commonly prescribed antidepressants;”According to the Cochrane Report of Systematic Reviews for 2008, St. John’s Wort is better than placebo for patients with major depression as well. They found that its effects were similar to typical antidepressants and resulted in much fewer (if any) side effects. If you are concerned about cancer or are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, research has found a direct link between depression and the development of cancer. A January 2017 study conducted at the University of London analyzed the data from 160,000 people and found that those who suffered from “psychological distress” had a 32% greater chance of cancer morbidity. According to Dr. David Batty, one of the researchers: “The results show that compared with people in the least distressed group, death rates in the most distressed group were consistently higher for cancer of the bowel, prostate, pancreas, and esophagus and for leukemia.” Even if you are not considering St. John’s Wort as part of a natural healing protocol (more about that in the next section), if cancer has gotten you down or if you have a history of depression and/or toxic anti-depressive drug use, switching to St. John’s Wort may be an option worth discussing with your healthcare provider.

5 Cancer-Fighting Essential Oils & 5 Ways to Use Them Essential oils are one of the most potent forms of plant-based medicine in the world. From killing viruses (like coronavirus), to promoting relaxation, to soothing skin scrapes, to supporting the immune system, essential oils offer countless benefits to your life. To be clear – the use of these oils is no “fad.” Essential oils have thousands of years of history in traditional medicine, in the most ancient of cultures. The Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks… they all used essential oils. From the times of Biblical medicine on through to today, essential oils are used throughout the world. Until fairly recently they’ve been better accepted and popular outside of the United States… but I’m happy to see that so many Americans are catching on to the immense benefits of these healing oils. One of my favorite examples of the long history and effectiveness of essential oils is about a group of thieves in England who, despite daily contact with corpses who had succumbed to the Black Death (the plague), didn’t get sick. The story goes that the King heard about these men who would enter the homes of those taken by the plague, rob them of all their valuables, yet did not fall ill from the highly contagious disease. The King had these thieves captured and when they were brought in front of him, he demanded they reveal their secret. They confessed to being from a family of a long line of apothecaries. They were familiar with the immune protection provided by certain blends of oils, which they would rub all over their bodies, before going thieving. They say the King forced the men to reveal their recipe and then subsequently used the oils to protect himself and his family from the ravages of the Black Death. They also say the recipe is still in the Royal archives to this day.

A woman’s diet might help her avoid breast cancer Women whose diets tend to feed inflammation may have a heightened risk of breast cancer, a preliminary study suggests. The study, of more than 350,000 women, found that the more “pro-inflammatory” foods women consumed, the higher their breast cancer risk. The term refers to foods thought to contribute to chronic low-grade inflammation throughout the body—a state implicated in various disease processes. The findings do not prove cause and effect, the researchers said. But they do add to evidence that diet can affect the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Unsurprisingly, a pro-inflammatory diet is full of the usual suspects. It’s high in red and processed meats, sugar and saturated fats, said Carlota Castro-Espin, the lead researcher on the study. That type of diet, she said, might contribute to breast cancer because it promotes inflammation, and also because it’s lacking in foods that fight inflammation. Those foods are no surprise, either. They include vegetables, fruits, beans, fiber-rich grains and “good” unsaturated fats. So the findings square with the general advice on healthy eating, according to Castro-Espin, a PhD student at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, in Barcelona, Spain.

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