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ENCORE! Alex Newman, COP27 New 10 Commandments, Global wealth redistribution, Climate reparations, James Lyons-Weiler, The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, Vaccine mRNA Molecule, Fauci perjury, Alzheimer’s miracle drug, Liver health superfoods and MORE!

February 19, 2023 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. In addition to serving as president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc, he has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine, a contributor to the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more. He has also written for numerous newspapers and magazines such as the Gainesville Sun, Liberty magazine, The Diplomat magazine, Crisis magazine, Swiss News magazine, Sunshine State News, Campus Reform, Alachua County Today, and many more. Over his career as a journalist, he has interviewed current and former heads of state and countless other fascinating people. His work has been featured at Drudge, Breitbart, Fox News, and many other outlets. And his writing has been published in major newspapers across America.

New UN ‘Climate’ Religion Seeks to Update Morality, Ethics The Deep State’s new “climate” religion focused on the environment and care for “Mother Earth” rather than sin, salvation and the Creator, is emerging alongside a growing United Nations push for a new system of morality and ethics, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this special episode of Behind The Deep State filmed at the top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt. A global coalition of leaders from various faith traditions including pagans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and even an Amazonian shaman went up to Mt. Sinai just days before this was filmed to repent of their climate sins and unveil what was originally described as the new Ten Commandments. In interviews with The New American, the leaders of the movement referred to it as an “addendum” to the Ten Commandments and defended their vision of “leveraging” faith communities to supposedly save the climate. Meanwhile, the UN Development Program put out an important document ahead of the COP27 calling for a new moral and ethical system to replace the old one—based on the original Ten Commandments, which the UN claims “evolved” with mankind—as the previous moral code was apparently not suitable for protecting the climate. Interestingly, numerous scientists over the years have argued that the “climate cult” was in fact working to create a new religion, where repentance for CO2 emissions rather than sin would become the norm. And here we are.

UN Climate Summit Agrees to Rob You for “Reparations” overnments and dictators assembled at the annual United Nations Climate Conference agreed to seize massive amounts of wealth from what’s left of the western middle classes to pay global warming reparations to the UN and third world governments, explained The New American’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind the Deep State. Having just returned from the UN COP27 Summit, Alex saw the process first hand. The program, described as payment for “loss and damage” caused by western CO2 emissions, is expected to cost trillions of dollars. In exchange for the money, third world kleptocrats will work to keep their people in poverty and make sure they are not allowed to use their own resources. Communist China, meanwhile, will be laughing all the way to the bank as it continuities to increase its CO2 emissions while paying nothing in climate reparations. In fact, the Deep State behind the UN is grooming Beijing for a leadership role in the New World Order.

At UN, Religious Leaders Explain “Addendum” to 10 Commandments & “Third Covenant” Amid the United Nations COP27 “climate change” conference in Egypt, religious leaders from various faith traditions gathered in Sinai, London, and Jerusalem to repent of their climate sins and unveil what one organizer described as an “addendum” to the Ten Commandments. In this interview with The New American magazine’s foreign correspondent and senior editor Alex Newman, the figures also touched on what was referred to as a “Third Covenant” to build on the two referenced in the Bible. The controversial exercise, which is deeply intertwined with UN efforts to bring religious people on board, drew heated criticism from various Christian voices and Americans concerned about globalism and efforts to unify world religions. In this exclusive, unique interview, Alex talks to four key players in the movement: Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development chief Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Serafim , Peace Department CEO James Sternlicht, and Mattias Boehning with the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center. The leaders also discuss their vision of religious cooperation in dealing with everything from perceived environmental issues to consumerism and materialism.

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It’s not too late to stop being a tool of oppression Death rates are still above normal in many countries of the world. The medical experts don’t know why. It could be from the long-term complications from past Covid infections, or it could be from the impacts of novel vaccines, or it could be from the delayed treatments due to lockdowns. Or perhaps it is from a mixture of these causes, or even from some other factor altogether. Even writing those two sentences induced in me a feeling of trepidation. I find myself readying for the annoyance or even aggression from some people. Which is odd: people did not behave so stridently on public health issues before 2020. I think the decay in normal scientific dialogue and policy scrutiny is a significant lasting damage from the last few years. It is why I am not going to let it lie. Instead, I hope we can all learn more about why people became so badly informed and aggressive towards others who reached conclusions different to their own. Only then might we avoid making matters worse when future public health crises occur. And if the excess mortality does not return to normal, then we are already within an ongoing health crisis right now.

Special Guest James Lyons-Weiler

James “Jack” Lyons-Weiler, PhD is a Pittsburgh-area scientist, lecturer, and author, who has worked collaboratively for over twenty years on over one hundred research studies. After conducting research in Amazonia on prehistorical shifts in climate change, he focused on questions of how to best understand evolutionary biology, and to questions on the origins of biological diversity. Thanks to a Sloan Foundation fellowship, he was then able to shift focus to biomedical problems in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infectious disease and many other aspects of clinical, biomedical and translational research. To provide a lasting monument to his mother, and to help others share advances in cancer research, he served as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the open access, peer-reviewed research journal Cancer Informatics (Libertas Academica). An expert in study design, complex data analysis, genetics and systems biology, he has written three books: “Ebola: An Evolving Story” (2015), “Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research” (2016), and “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism” (2016). For “Causes”, he reviewed over 3,000 research studies, and he cited >2,000 in the final product. He is currently CEO/Director of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, which conducts research without profit motive to “Reduce Human Pain and Suffering Through Knowledge.” A regular featured guest on many radio shows focused on public health, Dr. Lyons-Weiler has reached millions with his defense of science as a way of knowing. He sees the public’s current widespread distrust in science as misplaced, because individual scientists and corporations should be held accountable when they mislead the public for profit motives, not the entire enterprise of science.

On the Sudden Death Pathophysiology of the Vaccine mRNA Molecule Brief summary by Dr. Rennebohm, author of the summary below: The Morz et al. study “documents the abundant presence of vaccinal spike protein in the capillaries of the brain and heart, and he shows how this is associated with vasculitis, necrotizing encephalitis, and myocarditis.”   The above image (from the Mörz article: shows a cross section of a capillary in the heart. It demonstrates the presence of an abundant amount of spike protein (the brown material to which the red arrow points) within endothelial cells, which are the cells that line the inner wall of the capillary. There is endothelial cell swelling, and there are a few mononuclear inflammatory cells within the wall of the capillary. The spike protein was demonstrated to be of vaccinal origin, not from SARS-CoV-2 infection. The above image (also from the Mörz article) is a cross section through a capillary in the brain. It shows prominent signs of vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessel wall). The vessel is filled with hemolyzed blood, which is normal in autopsied cases. The many tiny blue cells that are present in the walls of the vessel (immediately surrounding the hemolyzed blood) include many lymphocytes (inflammatory cells). The presence of numerous lymphocytes in the wall of this vessel means that the vessel wall is inflamed—-i.e., the vessel is experiencing vasculitis.

Did Double-Boosted Fauci Commit Perjury During a Seven-Hour Deposition? Double-boosted Anthony Fauci spent 7 hours potentially perjuring and implic ating himself as (gasp!) an unreliable and not credible source of information. For all that he couldn’t recall. or couldn’t remember, double-boosted Anthony Fauci: Claimed he never advocated for lock-downs (provably false). Could not cite a single study showing masks stop COVID-19 and then made the court recorder wear a mask because she had sniffles, and said “The last thing I need right now is to get COVID”. Claimed he never discussed censorship with Mark Zuckerberg. Claimed he never gave a moment’s notice to the Great Barrington Declaration (provably false). This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real Anthony Fauci.

NEJM Study Finds First-Ever Reduction in Rate of Progression of Alzheimer’s… Is Lecanemab a Miracle Drug For AD? NEJM: van Dyck et al., 2022 Lecanemab in Early Alzheimer’s Disease (Full text available) Lecanemab is a humanized IgG1 monoclonal antibody that binds with high affinity to Aβ soluble protofibrils The study found a massive clearing of amyloid with consequent reduction in the rate of progression of Alzheimer’s diseases symptoms. Only 6.9% of patients had to drop from the trial due to side effects. Side effects included brain bleeds (17% of participants) and brain swelling (13%) (See the adverse events effects section, below) and the full study at NEJM (You have to sign up, but this article is free after that). A total of 1795 participants were enrolled, with 898 assigned to receive lecanemab and 897 to receive placebo. The mean CDR-SB score at baseline was approximately 3.2 in both groups. The adjusted least-squares mean change from baseline at 18 months was 1.21 with lecanemab and 1.66 with placebo (difference, −0.45; 95% confidence interval [CI], −0.67 to −0.23; P<0.001). In a substudy involving 698 participants, there were greater reductions in brain amyloid burden with lecanemab than with placebo (difference, −59.1 centiloids; 95% CI, −62.6 to −55.6). Other mean differences between the two groups in the change from baseline favoring lecanemab were as follows: for the ADAS-cog14 score, −1.44 (95% CI, −2.27 to −0.61; P<0.001); for the ADCOMS, −0.050 (95% CI, −0.074 to −0.027; P<0.001); and for the ADCS-MCI-ADL score, 2.0 (95% CI, 1.2 to 2.8; P<0.001). Lecanemab resulted in infusion-related reactions in 26.4% of the participants and amyloid-related imaging abnormalities with edema or effusions in 12.6%.

5 Best Superfoods That Support Liver Health Ever wonder why some British singers sound American when they sing? Or why we call it a middle finger when it’s not? (Think about it—your thumb isn’t a finger.) We ponder all sorts of strange things, but honestly, when was the last time you thought about your liver? You worry about your heart and brain, but you rarely concern yourself with your liver health, despite it being just as essential for life. Like your appendix or spleen, the liver is just—well, chopped liver. But your liver deserves your attention—your praise, even. After your skin, it is the second-largest organ in your body, and it is a workhorse! Scientists say it performs 500 duties that are critical to your life. It breaks down your food, removes toxins from the blood, and clears other medications from your body. It manages your cholesterol levels, helps your body absorb fats, and it regulates hormone levels. This unsung hero doesn’t get much attention until something goes awry, like scarring from too many drinks (cirrhosis) or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a symptomless infiltration of fat into the liver often caused by being obese, having high triglycerides or LDL cholesterol, or having diabetes. Like type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders, you can reduce your risk of NAFLD and other liver problems by maintaining a healthy bodyweight and eating healthy and exercising, the same old practices of healthy living of which you’re well aware.

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