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November 26th, 2021 3-5PM ET

ENCORE Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Polly Tommey

Polly Tommey is the mother of Bella, Toby and Billy, her 20 year old son with autism. Polly is a leading autism advocate and activist and has appeared as a spokesperson for individuals and families living with autism. Polly has appeared in print and television media around the globe and has tirelessly initiated autism campaigns directed at political leaders and society in general to increase awareness of autism. Concerned that current access to specialist autism service and facility provision (especially following educational years) remains insufficient Polly founded The Autism Trust charity in the UK in 2007 which has a facility in Berkshire and recently as a 501(c)3 non profit in Austin Texas that is currently building an inspirational center that will offer both residential and outpatient resources to individuals and families living with autism. Polly co-authored her book “Autism- a practical guide to supporting your child’s quality of life” released by Piatkus in 2011. Polly founded the Autism Media Channel (2010)that has produced over 60 videos for the European Sky Information Channel and successful documentaries and films including “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis

Special Guest Jonathan Tommey

Jonathan Tommey is married to Polly and has three children, Bella, Billy (autistic) and Toby. Following Billys diagnosis Jonathan became an advocate for autism in the UK and completed a second degree in clinical nutrition to set up a nutritional clinic to support individuals with autism. He is co-author of Autism- A practical guide to improving your child’s quality of life by Piatkus publishers March 2011 and has provided multiple articles for the Autism File magazine (since it launched in August 1999 www.autismfile.com ). As a family, the Tommey’s moved from London in the UK to Austin Texas to set up The Autism Trust and he also co-founded his online nutraceutical and information company www.practitionerselect.com. He is currently the Director of Development at The Autism Trust.

Special Guest Anu Vaidya

Anu started his career as an audio/video production engineer, and consultant, from a very young age. Working on projects ranging from purely entertainment to charity organisations, Anu has used his skills as a filmmaker/photographer/video editor to bring stories to audiences around the world.

Anu has always been curious about the way the institutions of society function, with a healthy amount of skepticism. When Del Bigtree approached him less than a week before taking off on the Vaxxed tour, after explaining the movement, Anu realised that this was finally a way for him to use his skills to help people, and really make a difference.

‘Measles’ Caused by MMR Vaccine Reaction, Acknowledged by NH State Officials  A case of falsely identified ‘measles’ caused by the MMR vaccine, reported in the New Hampshire Union Leader, is receiving attention for revealing something health authorities and the mainstream media normally unilaterally deny: the newly vaccinated sometimes express symptoms identical to the disease they believe the vaccine prevents.

The report describes the case as follows:

“The Keene-area child believed to be infected with measles was probably experiencing a reaction from the measles vaccine, and the public is not at risk of a measles outbreak, state health officials said.

Earlier this week, state officials said that the child had visited a church and school in the Keene area and warned that those near the child were at risk of exposure.

It was New Hampshire’s only supposed case of measles, and the news piggybacked on outbreaks in New York and California, where health officials blamed parents who did not immunize children against the disease.

But early Thursday afternoon, state officials said additional laboratory test results suggest that the live-attenuated measles-mumps-rubella vaccine was responsible for the child’s symptoms.”

As a result of this discovery, the Department of Health and Human Services  suspended public health warnings and interventions stating, “There is no contagious measles known to be circulating in the community.”  

According to the Union Leader article, the Connecticut DHHS also stated in their release that approximately 5 percent of individuals vaccinated with the MMR vaccine develop a fever and rash reaction — symptoms that are indistinguishable from natural measles infection.

The Coming Care Crisis as Kids With Autism Grow Up The Medicaid provider had assured her that this was the best option, so Marie Solomonik walked into the day-habilitation center in Queens, New York, with all the optimism she could muster. Marie was with her husband, Eddie, on this rainy March morning to scout out the facility for their son, Anthony, who has autism. “This place makes my skin crawl,” Marie whispered. “Just promise me you’ll keep an open mind,” Eddie responded. In the past, centers like these had been a torment for Anthony. There was the time in middle school when another boy hit him in the face with a metal lunch box. There were the girls in the park who mocked him relentlessly for being nonverbal. And there was the incident during gym class when he tripped on the treadmill and got caught in the conveyor belt. By the time anyone noticed him trying to scream, nearly all the skin had been flayed from his knees. The horrors were enough to persuade the school district to cover the costs of a specialized schooling program on Long Island, where Anthony has since seen steady improvement. But the Solomoniks had now lost their funding: On March 4, Anthony turned 21, the age at which people with disabilities are no longer entitled to a free public education under federal law—a juncture often called the “services cliff.” And for many American families, the drop off this cliff leaves them scrambling, with few, if any, suitable options.

Camps harden vaccine rules amid US measles outbreak As the United States battles its worst measles outbreak in 25 years, summer camps are tightening their policies on vaccines, with some prepared to turn away children whose parents opted not to vaccinate them against the disease. With more than 10 million American children attending summer day and overnight camps, camp owners and industry associations said they are urging parents to follow medical experts’ advice to prevent their camps from becoming transmission sites for the highly contagious and sometimes deadly illness. Scott Rosmarin, whose family has operated Rosmarins Day Camp in Monroe, New York, for three generations, said he has already sent past camp families a letter warning that he will turn away longtime campers if their parents cite religious or philosophical objections to the vaccine. “I used to accept kids if they had a religious exemption, but now I’m not,” Rosmarin said in a phone interview from his camp in the Hudson Valley, about 50 miles (80 km) north of New York City. “If I lose a couple kids, I lose a couple kids … You’ve got to do what’s right.”

Officials fighting US measles outbreaks threaten to use rare air travel ban Health officials in five states have warned people believed to be infected with measles and planning to travel that a federal regulation could prevent them from boarding planes. All eight individuals agreed to cancel their flights after learning the government could place them on the “do not board list” managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Martin Cetron, director of the agency’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, which tracks disease outbreaks. “The deterrent effect is huge,” even in cases like these where the government’s authority was not invoked, Cetron said. The agency had been contacted about the individuals by health officials from New York, California, Illinois, Texas and Washington state, CDC officials said. Officials are often reluctant to talk about the government’s travel ban authority “because it is a politically charged and politically visible request,” said Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health policy at Georgetown University. The step is less restrictive than other public health measures like isolation or quarantine, but it “is seen as a government using its power over the people and the states, which is kind of toxic in America right now,” said Gostin. “There is nothing unethical or wrong about it. It’s just plain common sense that if you have an actively infectious individual, they should not get on an airplane.”

Pennsylvania Bill Would Prevent Doctors from Refusing to Treat Unvaccinated Patients Legislation proposed in Pennsylvania’s General Assembly would prevent doctors and health care facilities from discriminating against unvaccinated patients. Doctors would be required to treat unvaccinated families in their practice, limit tactics used to place pressure on patients to use vaccines and prevent medical staff from requiring parents or guardians to sign a liability waiver if they decline or delay one or more federally recommended vaccines. The bill would also protect doctors from being penalized by health insurance companies for providing health care to unvaccinated patients and prevent child protective services employees from instigating a neglect investigation of parents solely based on a parent’s choice to delay or decline vaccines. House Bill 286, also known as the Informed Consent Protection Act, would “support parents in obtaining fair and equal access to medical treatment for their children regardless of their child’s vaccination status.” The bill’s primary sponsor is Representative Daryl Metcalfe. Co-sponsors include Rep. Jim Cox, Rep. Dawn Keefer, Rep. Russ Diamond, Rep. Rich Irvin, Rep. Lee James and Rep. Rob Kauffman

Anti-Vax Movement Spreads To Pet Population The growing anti-vax movement has spread to the pet population. Fewer dog and cat owners are opting to get their furry friends vaccinated. One local dog owner told CBS13 when she got her dog his shots “his throat and face and eyes swelled up and he got hives all over his body.” Veterinarians say that reaction is rare. They remind us most pets react just fine when they get vaccinated. Dr. Illiana Halperin told us, “It’s incredibly rare that we get an adverse reaction to a vaccine.” How rare? One in 10,000, Halperin told CBS13. In fact, the real danger is what can happen when dogs or cats don’t get their shots, especially for things like Rabies or Parvo. Experts say there’s no truth to the growing myth that pet vaccinations can routinely cause things like seizures, brain injuries or even death. Still, some aren’t convinced, telling us, “I mean I’m not gonna take that risk again.” As a reminder, your pet is required to be “up” on their shots before you drop them off at a doggy daycare or a boarding facility. In California, by law, your puppy needs a Rabies shot by the time they’re four months old.

Special Guest Zen Honeycutt

Zen Honeycutt is the Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, a non-profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. With the motto “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids ” Moms Across America has grown rapidly, over 600 leaders have created nearly 1000 community events in all 50 states in the past 5 years. Moms Across America empowers and amplifies the voice of the mom locally and nationally to create healthy communities by raising awareness about GMOs and related pesticides in our food. Zen has been featured on major mainstream news stations and documentaries. She is an international speaker, and author of Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment and a Celebration of Community.

Special Guest Patti Finn 

The Good Health Lawyer is well known nationally for her important legal work involving vaccination rights,  and has  appeared on CNN, CBS, Fox News, InfoWars, WPIX, Autism Media Network, NPR Radio and dozens of radio talk shows throughout the United States and Europe on the subject of autism, children’s health and religious and medical exemptions to refuse vaccinations. The firm’s cases have been reported in the New York Times, New York Law Journal, The Post and New York Daily News, Natural News, Newsday, USA Today  and  Reuters, to name a few, receiving national news coverage of the firm’s important cases detailing the struggles of her clients who have been seriously injured by vaccines. Ms. Finn and her precedent setting cases are an important part of the legal effort to protect parental rights and health rights of all Americans, particularly when it comes to issues of  unavoidably unsafe childhood  vaccines. Patricia Finn, Esq. and her talented legal team represent individuals injured by vaccines in the United States Court of Claims Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  A recent notable case settled by the firm involved a young man from New York who was paralyzed after receiving a routine childhood vaccine.  He was compensated an estimated $44 million in damages.

Patricia Finn, Esq., is experienced in the religious and medical exemption process for work related or school required vaccinations.  The firm assists in preparing religious exemption statements for those qualified.  The firm assists clients in the medical exemption approval process when needed.   The firm handles multiple i 601 waivers cases and hearings each year, and we file appeals of denials of exemptions when appropriate.

Ms. Finn litigates in state and federal court on behalf of those injured by vaccines.  The firm works tirelessly to protect the Constitutional Rights of Americans to refuse unwanted vaccines, for your right of  informed choice, and most important, to protect vulnerable children from vaccine injuries caused by too many, too soon school required vaccines.

Special Guest Brian Burrowes

Brian Burrowes began working with the Autism Media Channel team in 2009. A producer, editor, motion graphic and visual effects artist from Toronto, Canada, who relocated to Austin, Texas in 1999, Brian has worked in film and television, producing, editing and creating visual effects for feature films, documentaries, and numerous television commercials for clients ranging from ESPN to Time Warner Cable.

As a cinematographer he has filmed behind the scenes for Troublemaker Studio’s productions of “Predators”, “Spy Kids 4” and “Sin City 2”, as well as second unit photography on Bright Shining City Production’s “Deeper and Deeper.” Brian first teamed up with Andrew Wakefield and Polly Tommey as co-producer and editor of the award-winning documentary “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?,” which cemented his position as a core member of the Autism Media Channel team.


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