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ENCORE! Canada Protests Escalate, Detroit bridge closed, Dr. David E Martin, Covid 19 and Anthony Fauci Dossier, Dr. Mollie James, Hospital ‘jailbreaks’, Punchy James Carville, Neil Young update, Rumble Joe Rogan offer, Cookware suggestions and MORE!

November 27th, 2022 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Protests Escalate at U.S. Border as Trudeau Blasts Truckers Then nearly century-old structure that connects to Windsor, Ontario was shut down in both directions late Monday. The land crossing is the most important link for goods moving between Canada and the U.S. and a crucial artery for auto parts suppliers and manufacturers. About 1.4 million trucks entered the U.S. through Detroit last year, almost all of them via the bridge. Another border crossing at Coutts, Alberta, which had already been partly blocked by truckers, was also completely closed for a time, the Canadian border agency said. It’s the main route for the province’s commercial vehicles bound for the U.S. and one of the busiest border posts in western Canada. The blockades represent a potentially dramatic escalation for protests that began in late January when a convoy of truckers moved into Ottawa, paralyzing Canada’s capital city. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned in an address to Parliament the demonstrators threatened to hobble the economy and undermine democracy. “This pandemic has sucked for all Canadians,” the prime minister told lawmakers in an emergency debate Monday evening. “Everyone’s tired of Covid, but these protests are not the way to get through it.”

‘Freedom’ protest closes bridge from Detroit to Canada Ongoing protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canada blocked traffic at Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Canada, on Monday evening. Protesters prevented motorists from passing over the bridge and eventually closed the span, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press. The Michigan Department of Transportation reportedly advised motorists to use a tunnel or take an alternate bridge to Canada instead. Gregg Ward, president of a ferry service between Detroit and Windsor, told the Free Press that the last time he remembers the bridge being shut down was in 1990 due to an independent trucker protest. Ward said the auto industry business will be particularly impacted by the bridge’s closure but that many businesses also depend on it to transport their goods for international trade. “They usually get [their goods] just on time. It all depends on how much inventory they had, and if they anticipated this,” Ward said. “I know there was an expected slowdown. I would bet most people didn’t think there would be a complete closure.” On Monday, multiple people were arrested over the “Freedom Convoy” protests and 500 citations were issued to demonstrators.

Special Guest – Dr. David E Martin

Dr. David Martin founded M·CAM® in 1998 and has served as its CEO and Chairman since that time. M·CAM® has been an international intangible asset underwriter and analyst firm spanning work in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance.

Dr. Martin is the developer of several innovation-based quantitative indices of public equities and is the Founder of the Purple Bridge Funds.  He managed the Innovation Alpha ETFs (NYSE:INAU; NYSE:INAG; and NYSE:TWAR).  He is the creator of the public equity index – the CNBC IQ100 powered by M·CAM® which now is reported as a leading economic indicator for the U.S. and Global Innovation Economy published by The Conference Board.

As a spokesperson for global financial and intangible asset accountability and quality reform, Dr. Martin has worked closely with the United States Congress and numerous trade and financial regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, and Asia in advocating and deploying infrastructure to support growing reliance on contract and proprietary rights in business transactions. Under the leadership of Dr. Martin, M·CAM® has supported the modernization of banking, intangible asset, tax, and accounting laws through its work with oversight agencies and policy makers. This work included work with the United States Congress, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the United States Departments of the Treasury and Commerce, the European Union and many other countries. Dr. Martin received his undergraduate (BA) from Goshen College, his Masters of Science from Ball State University, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Virginia.

Dr. Martin is a Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration.

Covid 19 and Anthony Fauci Dossier

This work was supported, in part, by a fund-raising effort in which approximately 330 persons contributed funds in support of the New Earth technology team and Urban Global Health Alliance. It is released under a Creative Commons license CCBY-NC-SA. Any derivative use of this dossier must be made public for the benefit of others. All documents, references, and disclosures contained herein are subject to an AS-IS representation. The author does not bear responsibility for errors in the public record or references therein.

Throughout this document, uses of terms commonly accepted in medical and scientific literature do not imply acceptance or rejection of the dogma that they represent. Over the past two decades, my company – M·CAM – has been monitoring possible violations of the 1925 Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous, or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare (the Geneva Protocol) 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction (the BTWC).

In our 2003-2004 Global Technology Assessment: Vector Weaponization M·CAM highlighted China’s growing involvement in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology with respect to joining the world stage in chimeric construction of viral vectors. Since that time, on a weekly basis, we have monitored the development of research and commercial efforts in this field, including, but not limited to, the research synergies forming between the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), Harvard University, Emory University, Vanderbilt University, Tsinghua University, University of Pennsylvania, many other research institutions, and their commercial affiliations.

Hour 2

Special Guest – Dr. Mollie James

Dr James is board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine. She trained at Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines and the University of Minnesota. After practicing for five years, she realized she needed additional tools to help her patients. Functional medicine was the answer. She combined functional medicine into her surgery practice for patients with GI issues presenting for endoscopy and it had immediate benefit to patients. By using interventions such as elimination diets and gut-healing protocols, patients would often say they felt the best they ever had.

She has been bringing functional medicine concepts into the ICU as well. One example is the important link between Vitamin D levels and COVID outcomes.

In 2016 she launched rebalance Functional Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa. They focused on gut health and hormone evaluation. Now she launches The James Clinic to best fulfill the unmet needs of patients, which became even more obvious during 2020. Convenient, accessible care and a direct physician-patient relationship without conflicts of interest is what most of us are looking for.

Dr. James has now become an activist for medical freedom, patients right to choose, and physicians right to practice medicine unencumbered.

Iowa doctor goes national and stages hospital ‘jailbreaks’ for COVID-19 patients An Iowa-licensed physician who has questioned the use of vaccines and face masks in fighting COVID-19 says that each day she treats up to 40 patients from around the country and is staging “jailbreaks” that involve pulling patients out of hospitals against the medical advice of other doctors. Dr. Mollie James, who operates a clinic in Chariton, is a surgeon and critical care specialist who trained at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines and the University of Minnesota. She has practiced in Des Moines, St. Louis and New York City. Her license is in good standing with the Iowa Board of Medicine. Much of what James says about COVID-19 contradicts the federal government’s advice on mitigation and treatment, a fact she readily acknowledges. She recently appeared on “The Tamara Scott Show,” a call-in talk show aired by Lindell TV, a video channel created by Mike Lindell, the My Pillow founder who has been active in spreading discredited claims of voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Scott is the Republican National Committeewoman for Iowa and has worked as a Statehouse lobbyist for Concerned Women for America and The Family Leader. In her Jan. 18 appearance on Scott’s program, James said she and a team of other health care professionals have arranged what she calls “jailbreaks” to get COVID-19 patients out of the hospital even if they’re still using bottled oxygen to help them breathe.

James Carville: I want to punch ‘piece of s–t’ unvaccinated people in the face Democratic strategist James Carville cursed out unvaccinated individuals on his podcast last week, saying anyone without a vaccine was a “piece of s–t” and he wanted to punch them in the face. On Thursday’s “Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt,” Carville and Hunt took a listener question wondering why President Biden would not pass a bill that bars unvaccinated citizens from interstate travel. “I wouldn’t be against that at all. I’d be for it actually, as long as you put ‘or testing.’ Before you get on a plane or bus or interstate train, you want to be vaccinated or tested. I don’t think the Supreme Court would allow him to do that,” Hunt said. “I don’t either,” Carville replied. “I don’t think he should expend much capital trying to get something done that’s going to get knocked down,” Hunt said. Carville continued by suggesting a law giving immunity to anyone for punching an unvaccinated person.

Neil Young Tells Spotify Workers to Quit Their Jobs Neil Young has issued another statement about Spotify, this time encouraging its employees to quit their jobs and other artists—not just musicians—to remove their work from the platform. “Join me as I move my money away from the damage causers or you will unintentionally be one of them,” he wrote. See the rest in full below. Pitchfork has contacted representatives for Spotify for comment. In Young’s latest missive, he also encouraged his audience to divest from major American banks, naming Citi, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America. Spotify removed Young’s work from the platform at his request in late January, with Young citing the misinformation of Joe Rogan’s podcast as his primary motivation. In the wake of Young’s departure, Joni Mitchell said that she, too, wanted her music removed from the platform. Other artists, including Young’s former bandmates David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills, expressed their support, but did not have the same ownership control that would allow them to likewise remove their work.

Rumble offers Joe Rogan $100M contract amid Spotify controversy Rumble is offering Joe Rogan a $100 million deal to join the Canada-based video platform in an attempt to woo the popular podcast host away from Spotify. “We stand with you, your guests and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski wrote in a note shared on Twitter. “How about you bring all your shows, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years? This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit.”  Representatives for Rumble, Rogan and Spotify did not immediately return FOX Business’ requests for comment. In 2020, Joe Rogan went exclusive with Spotify in a deal that could net the podcaster roughly $100 million. Rumble, which launched in 2013, reached a total of 39 million monthly active users in January, marking a 19% increase over the previous month. In December, the company announced it would go public through a business combination with special purpose acquisition company CF Acquisition Corp. as part of its mission to take on Big Tech as an alternative to YouTube. That same month, Trump Media & Technology Group announced it had entered an agreement with Rumble to provide video and streaming services to TRUTH Social, a social media platform expected to launch at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Super Don – could you discuss sometime on your show what kind of cookware you personally use in your home? I cook organic free-range eggs every day and I was wondering if there is a way to cook them without the sticky clean-up. Maybe Ula could address that sometime too. Thanks.

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