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ENCORE! Facebook grassroots purge, Dems martyr Trump, AOC censorship plan, Forever COVID, Vaccination Credential Initiative, FDA court win, Rob Verkerk, PhD, Alliance for Natural Health, PCR test failure, Natural immunity study, Lockdown science, UK bank mandate, Lockdown whims and MORE!

October 23rd, 2022 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

#WalkAway Campaign, Other Trump Activists Purged from Facebook In addition to banning President Donald Trump, social media companies are purging grassroots activists and organizers from their platforms as well, in what has become the widest-reaching big tech crackdown to date. The Facebook page of the #WalkAway Campaign, a movement started by former liberal Brandon Straka to encourage Democrats to “walk away” from the party, was permanently banned by Facebook shortly before President Trump was banned by Twitter. In a comment, Straka told Breitbart News that his page only posted testimonials of liberals who were leaving the left, and did not glorify the storming of the capitol last week. The page had over 500,000 followers at the time of its ban and was a major hub of conservative grassroots activity.

Democrats making martyr of Trump Democrats think they’re stamping out President Donald Trump from the American consciousness by first, erasing his presence from social media; second, impeaching him into shame so great he’ll want to stay out of the public arena; and third, going after all his supporters in a similar manner so that the entire MAGA movement is left shaking and trembling in boots, too scared to speak, too frustrated to vote. But what the Democrats are really doing is making Trump into a victim. More than that, into a martyr. A political martyr who dared stand by his political views and is now paying an ultimate in political price for it. You there, grab the stake; Nancy Pelosi’s got the hammer. Meeting’s at Liz Cheney’s house at dawn.  The left is so savaging this president that only the most ardent of anti-trumpery can seriously see it as his just due. Booting a man off Twitter, off YouTube, off social media platforms for the crime of offensive speech is dangerous enough territory for a free country to engage in and allow and even cheer. But booting the president of the United States? Silencing POTUS and separating him from direct, unfiltered communication with the people who elected him — and who want to hear from him, minus the whole mainstream media, hate-filled media, attack dog anti-conservative media biases?

AOC Wants to ‘Rein In’ Media After Capitol Riots In an Instagram livestream on Tuesday night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed a desire to “rein in” media to prevent the spread of disinformation. “Several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up ‘media literacy,’ because that is a part of what happened here,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a clip from the stream posted to Twitter by Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott. “We’re going to need to figure out how we rein in our media environment, so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.” “It’s one thing to have differing opinions,” the progressive congresswoman continued, “But it’s another thing entirely to just say things that are false. So that’s something we’re looking into.” Earlier in the broadcast, AOC excoriated President Trump, his allies, and his popular base. “White supremacists [were] ordered by President Trump to attack the Capitol,” she said, recounting her own experience with the January 6 riots that left five Americans dead. “There were acts of betrayal [by police]. And, to run in the Capitol and not know if an officer is there to help you or harm you, is also quite traumatizing.”

Moderna CEO says the world will have to live with Covid ‘forever’ The CEO of Covid-19 vaccine maker Moderna warned Wednesday that the coronavirus that has brought world economies to a standstill and overwhelmed hospitals will be around “forever.” Public health officials and infectious disease experts have said there is a high likelihood that Covid-19 will become an endemic disease, meaning it will become present in communities at all times, though likely at lower levels than it is now. Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel appeared to agree Wednesday that Covid-19 will become endemic, saying “SARS-CoV-2 is not going away.” “We are going to live with this virus, we think, forever,” he said during a panel discussion at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference. Health officials will have to continuously watch for new variants of the virus, so scientists can produce vaccines to fight them, he said. Researchers in Ohio said Wednesday they’ve discovered two new variants likely originating in the U.S. and that one of them quickly became the dominant strain in Columbus, Ohio, over a three-week period in late December and early January.

Broad Coalition of Health and Technology Industry Leaders Announce Vaccination Credential Initiative to Accelerate Digital Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Records A broad coalition of health and technology leaders today announced the creation of the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), committed to empowering individuals with digital access to their vaccination records based on open, interoperable standards. The current vaccination record system does not readily support convenient access, control and sharing of verifiable vaccination records. VCI coalition members are working to enable digital access to vaccination records using the open, interoperable SMART Health Cards specification, based on W3C Verifiable Credential and HL7 FHIR standards. VCI’s vision is to empower individuals to obtain an encrypted digital copy of their immunization credentials to store in a digital wallet of their choice. Those without smartphones could receive paper printed with QR codes containing W3C verifiable credentials. “The goal of the Vaccination Credential Initiative is to empower individuals with digital access to their vaccination records so they can use tools like CommonPass to safely return to travel, work, school, and life, while protecting their data privacy,” said Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project Foundation. “Open standards and interoperability are at the heart of VCI’s efforts and we look forward to supporting the World Health Organization and other global stakeholders in implementing and scaling open global standards for health data interoperability.”

Court Deals Blow to FDA’s Homeopathy Attack In a qualified victory, a federal judge ruled that the FDA may have acted improperly in upending decades of safe homeopathic regulation. Action Alert! Earlier this year, we reported on the FDA’s most recent attack against homeopathic medicines in which the agency effectively banned the sale of injectable homeopathic products. One of the companies, MediNatura, took the FDA to court, requesting an injunction against the enforcement of the FDA’s ban. While the injunction was denied, the court also denied the FDA’s motion to dismiss the case, ruling that the litigation can continue and the agency may have acted improperly in changing the regulatory framework that had governed homeopathy for decades.

Hour 2 – Special Guest Rob Verkerk, PhD

ANH-USA Scientific Director and Board Member

Robert is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 25 years experience in the field of agricultural and healthcare sustainability, having worked in academia, industry and the not-for-profit sector. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas as well as Europe. After leaving Imperial College London in 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health, which he has headed since. His background, as a scientist, campaigner and visionary, hold him in good stead for his dual role as Executive & Scientific Director of ANH-Intl as well as its regional European office.

Recovering from Covid gives similar level of protection to vaccine People who recover from coronavirus have a similar level of protection against future infection as those who receive a Covid vaccine – at least for the first five months, research suggests. A Public Health England (PHE) study of more than 20,000 healthcare workers found that immunity acquired from an earlier Covid infection provided 83% protection against reinfection for at least 20 weeks. The findings show that while people are unlikely to become reinfected soon after their first infection, it is possible to catch the virus again and potentially spread it to others. “Overall I think this is good news,” said Prof Susan Hopkins, a senior medical adviser to PHE. It allows people to feel that prior infection will protect them from future infections, but at the same time it is not complete protection, and therefore they still need to be careful when they are out and about.”

Twitter: studies since March 2020. Below are 30 published papers finding that lockdowns had little or no efficacy (despite unconscionable harms) along with a key quote or two from each This will be my first and possibly last tweet (thread) as I am mostly here to learn. It is prompted by a recent study questioning lockdown efficacy that is getting a lot of attention. It appears people believe it to be the first of its kind, but I have been collecting similar studies since March 2020. Below are 30 published papers finding that lockdowns had little or no efficacy (despite unconscionable harms) along with a key quote or two from each

Why your positive test result is likely wrong You’ve just got the news from your coronavirus test centre that your test was positive. You now have to self-isolate. If you don’t, you could face a fine up to £10,000, in the UK at least. When it comes to health, we’re all for monitoring. It’s a central plank of our blueprint for health system sustainability. But there has to be some caveats. Here are a few:

  • That the test must be accurate
  • If there’s a chance your test result might be wrong, you should be told
  • Any actions that follow from the test result must have been subjected to a careful balancing of risk and benefit – taking into account not only health-related factors, but also social and economic ones.

On all three of these caveats, testing as rolled out in most countries – including the UK’s Test & Trace initiative – fails spectacularly. We’re going to explain here why positive test results from RT-PCR tests are more than likely to be wrong – and why, if you’ve had a positive test result, you should make sure you’re re-tested. If compulsory self-isolation following a positive test result has a major negative impact on your work or other aspect of your life, you should think about demanding multiple re-tests.

UK Bank Threatens to Cancel Accounts if Customers Refuse to Wear Masks HSBC has said it will “reserve the right” to cancel the accounts of customers who refuse to wear masks inside its UK branches. The British-based bank — the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) founded in 1865 — said that masks are mandatory in all branches unless visitors have a medical exemption. A spokesman for HSBC told The Mirror on Tuesday that it advises its customers: “If you do visit us, please wear a face covering and maintain a safe distance from others. If individuals put themselves or our colleagues at risk, without a medical exemption, we reserve the right to withdraw their account.” In December, the British multinational froze the account of a church in Hong Kong that backed the pro-democracy movement. That same month, HSBC also froze the accounts of exiled Hong Kong lawmaker Ted Hui, his wife, and his parents, reportedly under the orders of Chinese Communist Party-controlled police.

It is not the police’s job to enforce the lockdown whims of ministers What is a police state? It is a state in which individuals are answerable to the police for the most routine acts of daily life. It is a state in which the police and not the law decide what is allowed. It is a state in which people have to hide their doings from their neighbours for fear of the twitching curtain and anonymous call to the police. It is a state in which ministers denounce activities of which they disapprove and the police are their compliant instruments. These things have happened in every totalitarian state of modern times. It is an unattractive spectacle. We are fortunate to live in a country with a tradition of ministerial reticence, the rule of law and sensitive policing. We are unfortunate to live at a time of national hysteria, when that tradition has been cast aside and every one of these classic symptoms of a police state can be seen all around us.


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