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ENCORE! Fauci unleashed, Hank Aaron questions, CDC reporting stops, Mortality math, Sally Banks, Trinity School of Natural Health, Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center, Deprogramming agenda, Media trust tanked, Patriot party prospects and MORE!

October 28, 2022 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Fauci unleashed: Doc takes ‘liberating’ turn at center stage Dr. Anthony Fauci is back. In truth, the nation’s leading infectious-diseases expert never really went away. But after enduring nearly a year of darts and undermining comments from former President Donald Trump, Fauci now speaks with the authority of the White House again. He called it “liberating” Thursday to be backed by a science-friendly administration that has embraced his recommendations to battle COVID-19. “One of the new things in this administration is, if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess,” Fauci said in one pointed observation during a White House briefing. “Just say you don’t know the answer.” Fauci’s highly visible schedule on Thursday, the first full day of President Joe Biden’s term, underscored the new administration’s confidence in the doctor but also the urgency of the moment. His day began with a 4 a.m. virtual meeting with officials of the World Health Organization, which is based in Switzerland, and stretched past a 4 p.m. appearance at the lectern in the White House briefing room.

Hank Aaron, 86, receives COVID-19 vaccine and hopes to inspire other Black Americans to do the same Hall of Famer Hank Aaron was vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Morehouse School of Medicine health clinic in Atlanta on Tuesday. Aaron, 86, hopes that his willingness to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will inspire Black Americans to do the same, he told The Associated Press. “I don’t have any qualms about it at all, you know,” Aaron said. “I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this. … It’s just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country.” According to The Associated Press, a December survey showed 40 percent of Black people said they would not get the coronavirus vaccine. Aaron received the first of two doses of the Moderna vaccine alongside his wife, Billye, former U.N. Ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young and former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan.

Doctors forge ahead to allay fears about COVID-19 vaccines Baseball legend Hank Aaron was a game-changer in his prime, but the retired slugger didn’t imagine he could come off the bench to help defeat COVID-19. “I’m 80-something — there’s not much I can do to help,” the Hall of Famer says. But when Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) in Atlanta asked Aaron to join other Black civil and human rights leaders in getting inoculated at a Morehouse Healthcare clinic in front of TV cameras as part of MSM’s campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy among communities of color, the former Atlanta Braves star stepped up. “I can understand the hesitancy” about getting a vaccine that has not been widely used before, Aaron says a few days after the media event earlier this month, which drew coverage by news outlets throughout the country. “I did it so that other people can feel comfortable” about getting the vaccines, he explains. “The most important thing is to get the country back to where it’s supposed to be.” Public vaccinations of trusted figures are among the countless ways that medical schools and university hospitals are working to combat skepticism about the safety and effectiveness of the first two COVID-19 vaccines among racial and ethnic communities, especially Black, Latinx, and immigrant populations. Doctors are speaking at online community meetings, appearing on radio and TV shows that serve minority audiences, and using websites and social media to explain how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed and how they work — and to answer questions from nervous listeners.

Hank Aaron, Hall of Famer and one-time home-run king, dies at age 86 Hank Aaron, legendary slugger and Hall of Famer, has died at the age of 86, the Atlanta Braves announced Friday morning. CBS46 in Atlanta first reported the news. Aaron established himself as an inner-circle all-time great during the course of his 23-year career with the Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers from 1954-76. In said career, Aaron hit .305/.374/.555 (155 OPS+) with 624 doubles, 755 home runs, 2,297 RBI, 2,174 runs, 3,771 hits and 240 stolen bases. He retired as the all-time home run leader and held the record for decades. He’s still the all-time leader in RBI and total bases. He also holds the record for the most All-Star games at 25 and the most seasons as an All-Star at 21 (for a stretch, MLB held two All-Star games per year). The 1957 NL MVP, Aaron also won three Gold Gloves and two batting titles while leading the league in home runs four times, RBI four times, runs three times, hits twice, doubles four times, slugging four times and OPS three times. He won the World Series with the 1957 Braves and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his first try in 1982.

CDC Stops Reporting on Experimental COVID mRNA Injection Side Effects The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released its weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and for the second week in a row, there is no new data on adverse reactions to the two FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) COVID mRNA injections. The last report on the experimental injections and the adverse side effects was from January 6, 2021, and only covered the first week of injections with the experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA shots, with an emphasis on allergic reactions and anaphylaxis shock. The report on January 6th did not cover the Moderna injections which have also received emergency use authorization by the FDA. Injuries and deaths due to the experimental COVID injections are being reported in the U.S. and around the world, so why is the CDC not examining these adverse side effects and reporting on them? The lack of reporting certainly cannot be blamed on the change in administrations, because an MMWR report was published this week and covered the following topics:

Halfway through this winter of Covid, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year. Something doesn’t add up Although the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus in the UK are higher than they’ve ever been, in total, not many more people are dying than in any other cold season. Is the mainstream media finally waking up to this? A recent article in the Telegraph is one of the first in a mainstream outlet to even suggest a challenge to the official coronavirus narrative. These days, that narrative claims that the ‘second wave’ is actually deadlier than the first. (Recently, some Branch Covidians have been claiming a ‘third wave’, but there is not yet a united front on that.) The basic reasoning of the article is sound, even if it is long overdue. It laments how every day, the media solemnly reports the latest figures on Covid deaths. Presenting this figure in isolation results in graphs such as this one, which does indeed seem to show that we are at the height of a second, worse phase of a pandemic. But, like any statistics, daily death numbers are meaningless without context, which the media rarely provides. They do not provide context because, if they did, the public might see a graph such as this one, from the Telegraph article. It quite clearly shows the spring spike in overall mortality, which was caused by Covid (plus lockdowns). After that ends in summer, we see… nothing. Overall mortality ever since, even through this winter, hovers at around the five-year average. And overall mortality, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, is the only true way to know whether you are in a pandemic or not – all other figures can easily be fiddled.

Special Guest – Sally Banks

Sally graduated from St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing in Sioux City, Iowa in 1985. She later received her Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma in 2000. She transitioned from a twenty-year career in the medical field as a Registered Nurse and clinical nurse instructor to pursuing her true passion, a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her studies in natural health led her to Trinity School of Natural Health where she received certifications as a Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant, Natural Health Professional, and Naturopathic Doctor. After being introduced to many naturopathic modalities she became focused on studying Dr. Bach’s remedy system and enrolled with the Bach Centre in England. She completed her two upper-level Bach programs in the U.S. and is now listed on the Bach Centre.s world-wide registry of Bach Flower Registered Practitioners. More recently she has added bioenergetic feedback to her practice and is a Certified ZYTO Specialist. Sally lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Kevin. They have five children, ten grandchildren, and a thirteen-year old St. Bernard-Mastiff mix, Duke.

Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Democrats’ ‘deprogramming’ rhetoric the opposite of Biden’s calls for ‘unity’ Democrats, members of the mainstream media and Big Tech are elevating their rhetoric about their political opponents to alarming heights, Sean Hannity said Monday. The “Hannity” host pointed to calls from figures like former “Today” host Katie Couric and Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson that Trump supporters must be “deprogrammed” of what they describe as dangerous groupthink.  “This kind of rhetoric is now commonplace on the left,” Hannity said “[Robinson] wondered [on MSNBC] how mostly White, mostly Republican voters, how do we deprogram them? Into what? Little socialists like you?”  He then played a clip of Robinson calling Trump voters “members of a cult” and demanding they have their personal ideology essentially forced out of them. Couric called it “bizarre” to watch Republican lawmakers “believing the garbage they are being fed 24/7 on the Internet [and] by their constituents.” She claimed such lawmakers bought into a “big lie” and wondered, like Robinson, how they are “deprogrammed.” “Reeducation camps, deprogramming, OK,” Hannity said. “According to the press wing of the Democratic-Establishment Socialist Party, you, we the people, we need to be deprogrammed or put in reeducation camps because our political opinion differs from theirs.”

Will Democrats Embrace the Imperial Presidency Now That Their Guy Is in Charge? After Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, I hoped that “electing a preening, petty, thin-skinned, whiny, vindictive, vacuous, mendacious, boorish bully” would prompt “a reconsideration of the absurd hopes and cultish veneration that surround the presidency.” I suggested that “a ridiculous president will encourage Americans to take the presidency less seriously.” And as Trump went on to assert various kinds of extraconstitutional authority, I hoped that example would encourage his opponents to see the wisdom of dethroning imperial presidents and restoring the separation of powers. With Trump gone, however, some Democrats seem determined to forget that lesson. “Joe Biden Must Not Shy Away From the Full Power of the Presidency,” says the headline above a New York Times op-ed piece by University of Chicago law professor Eric Posner. “During the presidential campaign,” Posner notes, Biden “was not shy about criticizing then-President Donald Trump for abusing his executive authority.” But Posner, who seems to be drawing the wrong pointers from his 2020 book The Demagogue’s Playbook, warns that such constitutional concerns are dangerous to the Democratic agenda now that Biden has replaced Trump. As Posner sees it, untrammeled presidential power is a problem only when Americans make the mistake of electing the wrong president.

NEW POLL: Media Trust at an All-Time Low, Nearly 60% Think Press ‘More Concerned With Supporting an Ideology’ Than Informing Public A new poll finds that trust in the media has never been lower, and that a majority of Americans believe the outlets bringing them their news are more interested in pushing a political agenda. According to a survey conducted by the global communications firm Edelman (via Axios, which obtained the results exclusively), 46 percent of Americans trust traditional media. That’s the lowest number ever recorded in the 20 years that Edelman has obtained the data. That mistrust stems, in large part, from a widespread belief that delivering the news is not the No. 1 priority for people who deliver the news. The Edelman survey found that 58 percent of Americans think “most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.” And 56 percent of people believe the fourth estate is “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.” The Edelman number tracks with Gallup’s findings. Gallup, over the past decade, has consistently put the percentage of Americans’ trust in media in the low 40s.

Here’s How Donald Trump’s ‘Patriot Party’ Could Become a Political Force “Goodbye. We love you. We will be back in some form,” Donald Trump said at the end of his final speech as president of the United States. “Have a good life. We will see you soon.” But how soon? And in what form? These questions prompted much speculative chatter Tuesday, after The Wall Street Journal published a short, anonymously sourced article stating that “Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party,” to be named the Patriot Party. If serious (always a critical “if” with Trump), the former president’s trial balloon has the potential to disrupt America’s two-party balance in the most significant way since the Kansas-Nebraska Act split the Whigs in 1854, helping give rise to the Republican Party. If the 45th president takes his ball and goes home, he won’t be alone. While Trump’s public approval has consistently been the lowest of any modern president—and closed with a thud—it remains high among Republicans: 79 percent, according to a January 15–17 Morning Consult poll. His average GOP approval rating during the past four years was a record-tying 88 percent, per Gallup. (Among Democrats, it was a record-shattering low of 7 percent.) Until further notice, he remains the most popular figure in the party. A January 15–18 Civiqs poll showed that Trump voters, by a two-to-one margin, preferred characterizing themselves as “Trump supporters” rather than Republican Party supporters.

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