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ENCORE! Richard Pearl, WAS TRUMP RIGHT? Hydroxychloroquine study, CDC emergency meeting, Teen Myocarditis, Another FDA resignation, University vax mandates, Anti-vaxxer identity, Dr. Scott Jensen, Censorship, Minnesota politics, Health Freedom, Individual liberty and MORE!

August 24th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:


Special Guest Richard Pearl!

WAS TRUMP RIGHT? Hydroxychloroquine drug touted by Trump as Covid treatment can increase survival rates by 200%, study finds THE drug hydroxychloroquine can increase a Covid-19 patient’s survival rate by up to 200 percent, according to a fresh study. Donald Trump was mocked by critics for touting the malaria drug as a potential cure for coronavirus last year. But it has since emerged that ventilated parents with a severe case of the virus and treated with high doses of hydroxychloroquine with zinc have a better chance of successfully battling it. In March 2020, Trump said he was taking the drug to prevent Covid. He was infected with the virus in October 2020. Trump was lambasted by members of the scientific community for suggesting that hydroxychloroquine was a miracle but on Wednesday, his allies highlighted the Saint Barnabas Medical Center study. It was carried out in New Jersey on 255 patients and published by the site medRxiv on May 31 as MAGA fans flocked to Twitter to highlight it. Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, wrote: “Oh” with the quote that the “study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times.” Donald Trump Jr also weighed in, noting: “In the last week alone, we’ve learned that the media, so-called fact-checkers and their Big Tech enforcers lied to us about the lab-leak theory, Hydroxychloroquine and the clearing of Lafayette Square. “All to hurt Donald Trump. What else are they lying about?”

CDC to hold ’emergency meeting’ on heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccines An advisory panel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will hold an emergency meeting on June 18 to discuss rare reports of heart inflammation after doses of COVID-19 vaccine. The meeting comes as the CDC looks into few cases of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscles, in young people and adolescents who received the shot. During a meeting of the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee on vaccines on Thursday, the CDC revealed that it had identified 475 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in people younger than 30 years old. Preliminary data suggested that the vast majority of such patients had fully recovered from their symptoms.The data further suggested that the number of cases was higher in people aged 16-24 after the second vaccine dose. But Tom Shimabukuro, a CDC vaccine safety official, cautioned that not all of the reported cases of these conditions would actually be true cases, CBS News reported. “It’s a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison because, again, these are preliminary reports. Not all these will turn out to be true myocarditis or pericarditis reports,” Shimabukuro

Third member of FDA expert committee resigns over controversial Alzheimer’s therapy decision A third member of a Food and Drug Administration expert panel has resigned over the agency’s contentious approval of an Alzheimer’s therapy this week, a sign of a growing backlash over the decision. In a letter to acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock on Thursday, Aaron Kesselheim, who had served on the FDA’s advisory committee for nervous system therapies since 2015, wrote that the approval of Biogen’s Aduhelm “was probably the worst drug approval decision in recent U.S. history.” “It is clear to me that FDA is not presently capable of adequately integrating the Committee’s scientific recommendations into its approval decisions,” wrote Kesselheim, the director of Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Program on Regulation, Therapeutics, and Law. He also cited the FDA’s decision to approve Sarepta Therapeutics’ eteplirsen for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2016 over the recommendation of the advisory committee in his decision to quit. Kesselheim’s resignation follows those of neurologist David Knopman of the Mayo Clinic and neurologist Joel Perlmutter of Washington University in St. Louis. Perlmutter wrote in an email to STAT Tuesday his decision to quit the panel was “due to this ruling by the FDA without further discussion with our advisory committee.” Knopman, whose resignation was first reported Wednesday by Business Insider, was recused from the aducanumab panel because he had been a trial investigator.

Questions of The Day!

I am in need of a way to conquer my child’s University in Connecticut who is mandating she has the Covid vaccine against her free will. I cannot find a doctor to help and the University does not accept Religious exemptions. She has always had reactions to intramuscular injections as well. They accept a non-medical exemption which they will decide if it qualifies. Any suggestions on how I can fight this war against the University since this vaccine is only a EUA vaccine and not approved. I only have till July 15, 2021 to submit an exemption. I need help ASAP.
L. Bernier

Just listened to your show from june 9th and it was perfect, shall I say DIVINE timing. I just signed up to do Trinity’s natural health professional and herbalist course, so I can quit my job and open my own wellness/tea/herb shop. I’m very excited but also nervous, so please bring on Tom Woods! I need all the encouragement I can get for opening my own business.
Thanks to your show and people like you I’m finally taking the jump. Thanks RSB!

8% of U.S. population identifies as being fully anti-vaxxer, A&M survey According to the study, 8% surveyed always identified as an anti-vaxxer, while 14% identified as an anti-vaxxer sometimes, leading to what experts at Texas A&M find “surprising and concerning”.

Hour 2

Special Guest – Dr. Scott Jensen

Fellow Minnesotans,

We have some serious issues to diagnose and treat if we want to be a state that truly thrives again. A pandemic ravaged our most vulnerable populations in congregative care and our Governor took no pinpointed actions to stop it. As our cities burned, our brave and capable State’s National Guard soldiers were forced to sit on the sidelines by our governor. As the science told us we could safely reopen small businesses and schools, our current administration sided against responsible business owners, parents, and children. Our kids were locked out their schools while children in our neighboring states and local private schools attended full time and in person. Within Minneapolis public schools our inequities have grown deeper.

But our diagnosis is far from hopeless. My vision is not just of a return to normal for Minnesota, but of leadership that trusts and respects the people. We can have real science guiding the decisions we make. We can trust parents and students to do what’s right for them and their unique situation and not be given one size fits all solutions by lifelong bureaucrats. We can cherish our small businesses, restaurants, and employers – not take them for granted. We cannot make policy using speculative models that aren’t peer reviewed and measured and updated with facts as time progresses. Our great State has suffered under unilateral control, partisan bickering, and political brinksmanship by the parties and politicians. Given our history and resources I truly believe Minnesota can be a beacon rather than a laggard in recovery and healing. We need a new vision, a new prescription. That is why I am running for Governor. It’s time for a new direction in Minnesota.

My relationship with my patients is based on mutual trust and decision making. Together Doctor and patients seeking facts and paths to recovery. That is who I will be as your governor. I will work with science and facts as I do every day as a medical professional. I will trust and empower you to make the best decisions for your family. We will reopen all of our business and schools safely. Instead of inefficient vaccine rollouts, unneeded morgue purchases, and standing by silently as our cities burn, my administration will pinpoint our areas of need and implement solutions where they are most essential and when called for meet the urgency of the moment.

I hope you will join me at this critical time for the State of Minnesota.

Please join us.


Dr. Scott Jensen

Health Freedom is Critical!

Justice Alito said it best when he said our response to COVID-19 has brought “previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty”.

The very thing this country was built on is now under threat by over-reaching government, which wants to maintain its power at the expense of its people. We stare down the proverbial barrel of vaccine passports, elimination of private health data, extensive restrictions which harm our children, and a total sacrifice of REAL science to the altar of POLITICAL science. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the real test of our courage. The real test starts right now, as some of the worst and most destructive policies are being conceived in real time.

This past weekend Dr. Scott Jensen received a standing ovation at the Minnesota Holistic Round Table Summit – where he discussed HEALTH FREEDOM as a way to continue to preserve the American way of life and protect our families. Dr. Jensen is the only candidate who has put himself at real risk to protect such promises, having had his medical license threatened numerous times just for asking hard questions and telling hard truths. We must support him to be the next Governor of Minnesota. Our children’s privacy, our individual rights, and the very fabric of the American way rely on it. Tim Walz has proven that he does not respect such rights, that he will enact policies indefinitely which harm Minnesotans.

Let us stand together and say “Health freedom and Health privacy are NOT negotiable!” Our next governor must prove that he or she is a FIGHTER for such rights. Dr. Scott Jensen has already proven that he’ll take on those hard conversations and decisions, even as his professional reputation is under siege. It’s time for a return to normalcy, but a return to normalcy will not happen unless we fight for it. Dr. Scott Jensen is that compassionate fighter.

The rights of you and your family are Dr. Jensen’s top concern. It’s time for a completely new direction in our state. Let’s heal Minnesota.

-Team Jensen

New research shows link between politics, boredom and breaking public-health rules People who are more prone to boredom and who are socially conservative are more likely to break public-health rules, according to new psychology research. While previous research demonstrated a connection between being highly prone to and breaking social-distancing rules, this study demonstrated the association was more prominent as participants’ increased. “Many public-health measures such as wearing a mask or getting a vaccine have become highly politicized,” said James Danckert, professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo. “People who find these measures a threat to their , and who suffer from boredom a lot, find breaking the rules helps them re-establish a of meaning and identity. Boredom threatens our need to make meaning out of life and some things such as politics can strengthen our sense of identity and meaning.” For the study, researchers asked more than 900 people to respond to questions about boredom, and adhering to public-health measures such as wearing a mask or not socializing outside one’s household. They then applied a variety of statistical analysis techniques to explore the relations that underly these elements.

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