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ENCORE! The new rules of medicine, Pandemic-Industrial Complex, Global food shortage, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’, Historic Fertilizer Crunch, Bee Pollen, Organic chicken lockdown, Dr. Brad Nelson, The Emotion Code, Removing emotional baggage, Energy medicine, Aspirin alternatives and MORE!

December 16th, 2022 3-5 PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

The new rules of medicine In case you missed the memo from the CDC that went out about the new rules of medicine, here’s a copy.

Date: January 20, 2021
: Rchelle Walensky, Director of the CDC
To: Everyone
Subject: New rule changes to both science and medicine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the unprecedented number of deaths due to COVID-19, the following changes to science and medicine shall apply until further notice. It’s for the greater good:

  1. Doctors should always follow the guidance of the CDC and NIH, even when it is wrong.
  2. Any doctor who contradicts what the CDC or NIH say shall have their license to practice medicine revoked.
  3. The CDC, FDA, and NIH are always right. So is the IDSA. However, in the event of a disagreement, the CDC always wins.
  4. Unless you are an infectious disease specialist, your opinion on infectious diseases does not matter because you are not qualified to render an opinion.
  5. Ivermectin doesn’t work. There will always be “insufficient evidence” to recommend it, no matter how much evidence there is.
  6. Peer-reviewed published systematic reviews and meta-analyses are now considered to be “insufficient evidence” even if there are multiple ones (like there are for ivermectin).

Why the Pandemic-Industrial Complex Won’t Go Away According to the most reliable experts – those who have been correct in their interpretation of data throughout the Covid era, most prominently John Ioannidis of Stanford — the Covid pandemic is over. Thus, Covid joins a long list of pathogens that coexist with humans and that we deal with in a focused and local manner, as necessary, if and when outbreaks occur. Like the flu. We do not test ourselves for these pathogens if we have no symptoms, we do not isolate people even if they do have symptoms, we do not expect the entire population to get vaccinated against these pathogens, and we do not obsessively track the rise and fall of cases in the population. That’s where we should be with Covid right now. If the CDC announced tomorrow that the pandemic is over, here are some of the big changes we would see

Biden official says food shortages will push farmers to green energy: ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ A top Biden official said Sunday that the global food shortage crisis would push farmers toward relying on more green energy. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Chief Samantha Power told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” Speaking of the global consequences of Russia’s war with Ukraine, the Biden official said that fertilizer shortages would provide farmers the opportunity to “hasten” their “transition” from fertilizer to more “natural” resources. “Fertilizer shortages are real now because Russia is a big exporter of fertilizer. Even though fertilizer is not sanctioned, less fertilizer is coming out of Russia,” she explained. “As a result we’re working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost and this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to make eventually anyway. So never let a crisis go to waste.” Power added that the administration was still asking Congress to pass more relief. Last week, President Biden requested an additional $33 billion from Congress for military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine. “But we really do need this financial support from the Congress to be able to meet emergency food needs, so we don’t see the cascading deadly effects of Russia’s war extend into Africa and beyond,” she said.

Can the World Feed Itself? Historic Fertilizer Crunch Threatens Food Security For the first time ever, farmers the world over — all at the same time — are testing the limits of how little chemical fertilizer they can apply without devastating their yields come harvest time. Early predictions are bleak. In Brazil, the world’s biggest soybean producer, a 20% cut in potash use could bring a 14% drop in yields, according to industry consultancy MB Agro. In Costa Rica, a coffee cooperative representing 1,200 small producers sees output falling as much as 15% next year if the farmers miss even one-third of normal application. In West Africa, falling fertilizer use will shrink this year’s rice and corn harvest by a third, according to the International Fertilizer Development Center, a food security non-profit group. “Probably farmers will grow enough to feed themselves. But the question is what they will have to feed the cities,” said Patrice Annequin, a senior fertilizer market specialist for IFDC based in Ivory Coast. When you add increased hunger across West Africa on top of existing risks like terrorism, “this is absolutely dangerous for many governments in our region.” For the billions of people around the world who don’t work in agriculture, the global shortage of affordable fertilizer likely reads like a distant problem. In truth, it will leave no household unscathed. In even the least-disruptive scenario, soaring prices for synthetic nutrients will result in lower crop yields and higher grocery-store prices for everything from milk to beef to packaged foods for months or even years to come across the developed world.

Question of The Day!

Hi Guys.
I heard you talking about taking Bee Pollen–My question –Is there a particular brand you take?-Is it liquid or capsules and how much do you take? Also can you speak to the –JAB and snake Venom?
Thank you Bill

University of Arizona researchers find link between COVID deaths and snake venom Snakes are starting to play a big role in COVID-19 research. Scientists from the University of Arizona have discovered an enzyme, similar to one found in rattlesnake venom, that could be driving COVID-19 deaths. “We found evidence that there was an enzyme, a snake-like enzyme, in the blood of people who were in extraordinarily high levels,” says Dr. Floyd Chilton, the senior author of the study with the University of Arizona, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Scientists have worked on this study for the past year and a half. It was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The snake-like enzyme is found in healthy people at low levels to prevent bacterial infections. In severe cases of COVID-19, it’s doing the opposite. “These high levels of this enzyme are looking at those tissues in the organs and saying, ‘you look like a bacteria, let’s shred your membranes. Let’s put these organs out of their misery,’” says Dr. Chilton. Dr. Chilton says what’s even more remarkable is where we can go from here in the fight against the pandemic. “Can we come up with specific therapeutics that will not care which variant is coming toward it? Can we come up with specific therapies to address this devastating disease?” says Dr. Chilton.

Hi Robert and Super Don, if I drink CardioMiracle twice a day is that enough B vitamins daily or do you take a extra supplement?

Bird Flu Puts Organic Chickens Into Lockdown From Pennsylvania to France Organic and free-range chickens have been thrown into lockdown. Egg-laying hens that normally have access to the outdoors can no longer roam as freely or feel the sun on their beaks as some U.S. and European farmers temporarily keep flocks inside during lethal outbreaks of bird flu, according to egg producers and industry representatives. The switch comes as a surprise to shoppers already shelling out more money for eggs due to cullings of infected flocks. Consumers pay extra for specialty eggs, thinking they come from hens that can venture out of barns. U.S. watchdogs say retailers and egg companies must do a better job informing customers that hens are kept inside, as shoppers track their spending amid record global food inflation. Keeping birds inside is safest for now, according to government officials, because a single case of bird flu results in entire flocks being culled. The virus can also infect humans, though experts say the risk is low. In France, where the government has temporarily required farmers to keep chickens indoors since November, some retailers are defying obligations to post clear information for consumers about the mandate, according to checks of grocery stores by Reuters. “I didn’t know that they had to stay inside,” said Josephine Barit, 34, a shopper at a small Paris store that had no indications hens may have been confined.

Hour 2

Special Guest – Dr. Brad Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C. (ret.) is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractor and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology.

His bestselling book, “The Emotion Code,” is helping people all over the world to improve their lives by ridding themselves of their imbalanced emotional baggage. Many users of The Emotion Code® technique have reported finding freedom from emotional problems such as sadness, anxiousness, and anger, as well as physical problems including fatigue, discomfort, and disease. A key element of The Emotion Code is removing emotional baggage that may have clustered around the heart, interfering with one’s ability to find love and success. Dr. Nelson has coined this cluster of emotions the “Heart-Wall,” and it has been called “the most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.”

Dr. Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, in 1988. As a practicing holistic Chiropractor, Dr. Nelson specialized in helping those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and successfully helped patients from across the United States and Canada until his retirement from active practice in 2004. Since 1995, Dr. Nelson has lectured internationally on alleviating chronic and incurable diseases through energy work, and restoring balance to the 6 key elements of health in the body. In 2009, he channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as The Body Code system, which was designed to teach students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas. The Body Code is being used successfully by doctors and laypeople alike to improve the health of thousands of people all over the world.

Dr. Nelson is an acclaimed and popular speaker on the international seminar circuit and now travels to many countries around the globe, teaching The Emotion Code Seminar. He has been a guest on countless radio and television shows, and has presented his very timely message to millions around the world.

Dr. Nelson and his staff operate a network of certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners that spans the globe. Since all of Dr. Nelson’s methods can be done at a distance, most of these practitioners have reported finding new freedom and abundance in their own lives by working with clients over the phone or internet.

Question of The Day!

I’m a 61 year old grandma. I listen to your show daily, it’s fantastic! I eat very well, all organic and make ABSOLUTEY everything from scratch. I take no pharmaceuticals, not even aspirin. I feel terrific and have no health issues- except for anxiety. At my last appointment with my therapist in 2016 (I was seeing him for anxiety) before he retired, discussed with me that I should consider that I might have PTSD. I initially dismissed that notion and also thought that it wasn’t that big of a deal and at that time I felt that it did not have much of an effect on my life. I’ve never been in the military, never been assaulted or in physical danger so I didn’t think it was possible for me to have this. With time I realized that it was slowly getting worse and when something would happen (startle me) I would react in a BIG way, like scream and jump if I got startled. At the funeral of my uncle, who was in the military, I knew there would be the gun salute and I thought I would be ok because I knew in advance that guns would go off. Much to my surprise, it made no difference whatsoever. With each shot, I screamed and jumped no matter how hard I tried to remain calm. In public if something happens to startle me, it is quite embarrassing and sometimes humiliating. These occurrences are becoming more common and more intense. I had discovered that cardiovascular exercise helps immensely with anxiety. I had started running in 2019 ( I HATE running by the way) at the YMCA and I worked my way up to a mile. When the scamdemic hit, they closed the YMCA and I haven’t been back. I do get out and walk a few miles each day, but that doesn’t give me the same relief that running does, but somehow I can’t motivate to run again. What other options are there for PTSD? Any ideas? Thanks!
P.S. If it makes any difference, I know the source of my anxiety. It began in 2015 when I went from blue pill to red pill, (if ya know what I mean) and I did not handle this information well-and am still not handling it well-obviously. lol


The Aspirin Alternative Your Doctor Never Told You About Millions use aspirin daily without realizing its true dangers. The good news is that there is a natural alternative which preliminary research indicates is safer and more effective. WARNING: Never discontinue a pharmaceutical product without the guidance of a physician. Doing so could have serious, if not life-threatening side effects. This article is for informational purposes only. Nothing here is intended as or should be substituted for medical advice.  Aspirin is taken faithfully by millions every day as a preventive measure against heart attack, often without the user having any awareness of the serious health risks associated with it, some potentially fatal. You can view over 60 adverse effects of aspirin on the’s aspirin research page if you have any doubts about how serious a concern this is. Indeed, only a few days ago, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) published a final recommendation statement on aspirin advising AGAINST starting its use for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in individuals aged 60 years or older.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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