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September 3rd, 2021 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Fauci defends COVID boosters, says 3 shots will ‘likely’ be the new norm Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top medical adviser to President Biden, defended the administration’s decision to recommend coronavirus vaccine booster shots and said that three doses of an mRNA vaccine, not two, would be the new standard of full vaccination. “I would not at all be surprised that the adequate, full regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses,” Fauci said during a Thursday briefing of the White House coronavirus response team, though he noted that regulators would have to ultimately make that determination. Fauci presented data from Israel that showed waning immunity to the virus after about eights months that he said “supported the rationale for COVID-19 booster shots.” After the more transmissible Delta variant arrived in Israel in early summer, the number of positive coronavirus cases and severe COVID-related illnesses rose among vaccinated individuals between June and August. By then, many Israelis had been vaccinated for more than half a year, a testament to the speed with which the small, technologically advanced nation had conducted its inoculation campaign. Faced with an unexpected Delta-fueled surge, Israel began to administer booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine on July 30 to older individuals, who are the most likely to become ill with COVID-19. Less than two weeks thereafter, Israel saw what Fauci described as a “rather substantial positive impact,” with “a greater-than-tenfold diminution in the relative risk of both confirmed infection and severe disease.”

More than 80% of Americans 16 and older have some immunity to coronavirus, blood survey finds More than 80% of Americans 16 and older have some level of immunity against the coronavirus, mostly through vaccination, a survey of blood donations indicates. The survey, led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also indicates that about twice as many people have been infected with the virus as have been officially counted. More than 39 million Americans have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection since the pandemic started in 2020. The team, led by the CDC’s Dr. Jefferson Jones, set out to determine how close the US might be to some kind of herd immunity — although they do not claim to have any kind of handle on that yet. They worked with 17 blood collection organizations working in all 50 states plus Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico to test blood covering 74% of the population. In the end, they tested about 1.4 million samples. In July 2020, before any vaccine was available, 3.5% of samples carried antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. That rose to 11.5% by December, they reported in the medical journal JAMA. By May, 83.3% of samples had antibodies to the virus, most of them from vaccination. And while in July 2020, blood surveillance indicated the US was only counting one infection out of every three true infections, that fell to one in two a year later. This was all pre-Delta, the researchers caution. Plus, they didn’t measure the other part of the human response — one involving cells known as T-cells — and one that might induce broader immunity. But knowing who has antibodies can help inform public health efforts.

Vaccine passports linked to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in UK and Israel A new study from Imperial College London has found a link between COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and a perceived lack of free will over vaccine passports. The findings, taken from surveys of 1,358 people across the UK and Israel—two highly vaccinated countries—found that people who feel their sense of autonomy, or , is unmet by government incentives like vaccine passports are less likely to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Domestic vaccine passports, where people must prove their to stay in hotels and attend events for example, have been introduced across the world to restore freedom of movement within countries and encourage vaccination. However this new study, published in the journal Vaccines, highlights that such public health incentives might affect people’s vaccination decisions in unintended and undesirable ways. Vaccination is the single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from COVID-19, and current vaccines have demonstrated high levels of protection against symptomatic infection. Most eligible adults in the UK (57.3 percent) and Israel (62.3 percent) are now fully vaccinated, but 11 percent of eligible adults in the UK and 15 percent in Israel have yet to receive a first dose. These unvaccinated groups could undermine herd immunity, which requires meeting a threshold of vaccinated individuals to secure the safety of people who are unable to take the vaccine. However, not much is known about the at play in vaccine hesitancy, and how to tackle them.

Questions of The Day!

I have been ill since September. At first I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia via cat scan. From Sept to February I spent anywhere from four days to ten days in the hospital getting large doses of Iso Medrol steroid IV to help me breathe. Nothing cultured in the specimen samples and in February I was told there was no bacteria present yet I was still suffering respiratory illness. In February a biopsy revealed cryptogenic organizing pneumonia with fibrotic interstitial lung disease. From Feb to May I was in the hospital for one to four weeks per month again getting IV steroids and then oral Prednisone to take at home. I am also using home oxygen part of the time. I am down to 11mg of prednisone this week but am also taking 3K mg mycophenolate motefil. My extremities are numb and tingly. I am light headed most of the time. During this period of illness my muscles atrophied and I lost the ability to walk or stand. With PT I finally regained those but I am for all intents and purposed disabled. I have zero immunity and feel like crap most of the time. I am taking liquid curcurmin, C, D, zinc and potassium. Are there any other supplements out there that might supply some relief? Thanks.


I have CIDP chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. I am in a wheelchair.
Where can I find your colloidal silver protocol for tissue regeneration?
Thanks in advance


Looking for the video of Ula demonstrating how to nebulize the silver. Is there a link somewhere to it?
Thank you kindly


Any information about novavax … Good or bad…?

Hour 2

New study: Nursing home residents, health care workers lose more than 80% of their COVID-19 immunity six months after Pfizer vaccine A new, multi-institutional study led by Case Western Reserve University—in partnership with Brown University—found that COVID-19 antibodies produced by the Pfizer vaccine decreased sharply in senior nursing home residents and their caregivers six months after receiving their second shots. David Canaday, professor at the School of Medicine, and the research team studied blood samples of 120 Ohio nursing home residents and 92 health care workers. In particular, they looked at humoral immunity—also called antibody-mediated immunity—to measure the body’s defenses against the coronavirus. The researchers, including a lab team at Harvard University, found that individuals’ antibody levels decreased more than 80% after six months; the results were the same in seniors (median age 76) and caregivers (median age 48) and old alike, according to the study. After presenting their unpublished results directly to the senior staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), researchers were urged to get the data out in the public domain as soon as possible “so we could enter conversation and the decision-making process for booster vaccine recommendations,” Canaday said. As a result, the researchers published the findings on medRxiv, an online preprint server for health sciences studies co-founded by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), Yale University and the BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider, while the study is under review at a traditional peer-reviewed journal.

Nursing Home COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Protect The Most Vulnerable, But Pose a Hidden Threat to Residents Some two weeks before U.S. President Joe Biden announced on Aug. 18 that nursing homes must require their staff to get vaccinated or risk losing their Medicare and Medicaid funding, Genesis HealthCare, which manages about 250 facilities nationwide that offer long-term care and other services, had said its workers would need to be vaccinated. “The growing spread of the Delta variant makes clear that we need to increase our vaccination rates substantially to better protect our patients, residents and employees,” read an Aug. 2 memo to employees, noting that 65% of staffers were vaccinated at that point; employees had until Aug. 23 to get their shots. In the memo, Dr. Richard Feifer, the company’s chief medical officer, said that while voluntary vaccination of staff was appropriate after the vaccines were first made available, “the pandemic is different now.” With the U.S. in the grips of a fourth wave of COVID-19 fueled by the more transmissible Delta variant, many nursing home companies and other health care providers have, like Genesis, announced that staffers must either get vaccinated or agree to regular testing, or be fired or removed from schedules. Biden’s announcement means that other nursing homes will likely follow suit, as the rule is “effectively a mandate” given the industry’s dependence on Medicaid and Medicare funding, says Dr. David Grabowski, a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School.

Judge in Theranos trial dismisses unvaccinated people in jury pool U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, who is presiding over former Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’s fraud trial, said his reasoning for dismissing the unvaccinated people was because he wanted to ensure the health of jurors and their families. The wire service noted that both the defense and prosecution supported Davila’s decision. The subject of COVID-19 vaccination came up during a final juror questionnaire, which asked people if they had been vaccinated against COVID-19 or were scheduled to be vaccinated. A jury selection was ultimately reached with seven men and five women, in addition to five alternates, CNBC reported. Experts told Reuters that the move to dismiss unvaccinated people from a jury pool could alter the makeup and representation of the jury pool, which could in turn affect the fairness of the trial. Vaccination status has often fallen along partisan lines. The Hill has reached out to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California for comment. Theranos, a now-defunct blood testing startup, raised a significant amounts of money from investors in its heyday, but a 2015 investigation by The Wall Street Journal showed that there were limitations to the company’s technology, which ultimately affected the viability of the business later on.

90 school bus drivers who don’t want vaccines quit, CPS offering $1,000 to students without rides Chicago’s new COVID-19 vaccine requirement has prompted a lot of school bus drivers to quit. Chicago Public Schools said Sunday that 90 bus drivers quit between August 23-27.  About 70 of those drivers quit on the same day. “According to the bus companies, the rush of resignations was likely driven by the vaccination requirements,” the school district said. Like many districts across the country, CPS had anticipated a shortage of bus drivers before the city announced vaccination requirements. They had planned to work around the shortage by scheduling earlier pickups. But the loss of another 10 percent of drivers has left 2,100 students without a ride.  The district’s answer? To pay students to find their own way: $1,000 for the first two weeks of school and $500 a month after that. CPS said that the resignations has left the district with 770 school bus drivers. Ideally, they need another 500 more.

Washington Nationals VP Bob Boone resigns over team’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement, source says Washington Nationals vice president Bob Boone has informed the team that he will resign instead of complying with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all non-uniformed employees, a source confirmed to ESPN on Wednesday. Boone, 73, has been with the organization since 2005 and serves as a senior adviser to general manager Mike Rizzo. Boone was assistant GM and vice president of player development from 2006 to 2013. News of Boone’s resignation was first reported by The Washington Post. Boone was a star catcher for the Phillies, Angels and Royals from 1972 to 1990 and also managed the Royals and Reds between 1995 and 2003. He is the father of New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and former MLB infielder Bret Boone. Aaron Boone announced in March that he was vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition to the resignation of Boone, two scouts will not be with the Nationals organization next season due to the vaccine policy, according to a report by The Athletic.

Local WSDOT workers threatening to quit over vax mandate, what could the impact be? Local WSDOT employees say there’s a significant number of them fighting against the vaccine mandate, some threatening to quit, warning the impacts of their leaving could be huge. One of the workers Action News talked to says he is going to leave the job he’s had at WSDOT for the last 15 years come Oct. 18. He fears if the region loses more staff, the safety of the public could be at risk. “This has a real possibility of changing the way WSDOT looks from October 18 on, forever,” says WSDOT regional administrator Todd Trepanier. Geoff Gray is one of several employees at WSDOT’s South Central Region office saying he’s leaving Oct. 18 because of the vaccine mandate. “Covid is real, we know that and a certain segment of our society is high at risk, so this is not about that. It’s the other side of the coin, what is the cost benefit ratio?” says Gray. He’s organizing an effort to get Governor Inslee to walk his mandate back. Of the 460 employees based out of the South Central Region office, Gray says at least a couple hundred are in support of their efforts. “There’s pot holes that need to be fixed. There are bridges that are falling apart and we need people to fix those in a timely manner. If you have any reduction in force with an agency that’s already having staffing problems, it could very well be that we’re not going to be able to deliver on that,” says Gray.

The Pandemic Cause No One Wants to Talk About The underlying cause of our vulnerability to viral infection, from the coronavirus and beyond.  “The response of governments worldwide to COVID-19 has been virology-based, disregarding toxicological issues.” This is a key pullout from a new paper that should change the narrative around the COVID-19 pandemic. It argues that if we want to find the real culprit behind the pandemic, we must look beyond the coronavirus to the various factors that degrade our immune systems, which greatly increases the risk of dying or having serious complications from the virus. Strategies that target the virus—quarantine, repurposing old drugs, vaccines, etc.—address the most visible outcomes of the pandemic, but not the underlying causes that make many of us vulnerable to infection in the first place. We know that the vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 are among the elderly with comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, immune compromised status, cancer and obesity. According to the CDC, there were comorbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificates of as many as 95 percent of all COVID-19 deaths. These chronic diseases have been linked to what the study authors call “toxic stressor exposures” (chemical, physical, biological, or psychological stressors) that inhibit the immune system’s ability to deal with viruses. In short, it is the pervasive, constant exposure to toxic stressors in our environment, in combination with genetic factors, that cause us to develop diseases that impair our immune systems and make us susceptible to serious COVID-19 infection.

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