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June 15th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

US Surgeon General: Coronavirus face masks promote freedom The US Surgeon General on Sunday urged people to wear face coverings, saying they will promote freedom during the coronavirus pandemic.Dr. Jerome Adams pushed back on the idea that face coverings infringe on freedoms, saying they’re important to slow the spread of coronavirus and reopen the economy.”Some feel face coverings infringe on their freedom of choice- but if more wear them, we’ll have MORE freedom to go out,” Surgeon General Adams wrote in a tweet Sunday morning.He said face coverings lead to less asymptomatic spread of the virus, which leads to more places opening sooner.”Exercise and promote your freedom by choosing to wear a face covering!” Adams said in the tweet, which also included a photo of him in a mask.Public health officials have emphasized the importance of face coverings amid the country’s reopening, given that people without symptoms could unknowingly transmit Covid-19. The coverings are primarily to prevent people with the virus from infecting others.Earlier guidance from US officials didn’t recommend widespread masking, but in April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended face coverings for the general public in places where social distancing is difficult to maintain, like grocery stores.

A California county no longer requires masks after former health officer resigns over backlash A southern California county will no longer require residents to wear masks in public after threats of violence over a stricter mask mandate forced out the former county health officer.Orange County, California, now only “strongly recommends” residents wear cloth face coverings when in public. The guidance comes from the county’s interim Chief Health Officer Dr. Clayton Chau, who is also director of the county’s Health Care Agency.Under former Chief Health Officer Nichole Quick, all Orange County residents were required to wear a face covering outside their homes when it wasn’t possible to keep at least six feet of distance from another person, according to a Health Care Agency web page published before Quick’s resignation.Residents and officials received Quick’s mask mandate with derision. The county sheriff said his department would not enforce the mask rule. Quick required heightened security toward the end of her run, too, after threats of violence. County officials said she received a death threat during a meeting that allowed public comment, CNN affiliate KABC reported.Quick resigned earlier this week.Protests over mask mandates have turned violent since states began reopening in May. A town in Oklahoma revoked its mask requirement within a day of enacting it after residents threatened violence. And customers in Michigan are accused of fatally shooting a Family Dollar security guard who told them they needed to wear masks to enter the store.

Despite virus surge, Arizona governor won’t require masks Coronavirus infections are surging in Arizona. Hospitalizations are increasing and more people are dying since the state relaxed stay-at-home orders last month.But in one of the nation’s COVID-19 hot spots, Gov. Doug Ducey is not requiring residents of the Grand Canyon state to wear masks in public, and it seems a good many people agree with him.In shopping malls, restaurants and the crowded bar scenes of Scottsdale and Tempe, most patrons have disdained the use of cloth face masks that health officials advocate to help slow the spread of coronavirus.Robert Fowler, a truck driver in Phoenix, wears a mask as required for work but otherwise he goes about mask-free.”I’m not worried about it,” Fowler said while waiting for a table Thursday at Snooze A.M. Eatery, where the patio was full and only employees were seen donning face masks.Despite COVID-19 case numbers trending upward, Fowler has no plans to change.”Everybody’s going to get COVID one way or the other eventually,” he said. “People are gonna do what they want to do regardless.”In a red state with a Republican governor, the trend seems to be to follow President Donald Trump’s lead. Get the state reopened and keep the face masks in your pocket—that’s where Ducey kept his Thursday during a news conference in which he dismissed concerns that the dramatic increase in virus cases may overwhelm hospitals.

COVID-19 liability waivers now part of going to hair salons, gyms, theme parks and more Arlington, Virginia, resident John Breyault’s first haircut in months included a few extra steps that had never been a highlight of his pre-pandemic trims. “Before they let in me in the door, they took my temperature and had me sign a COVID-19 liability waiver,” recalled Breyault, a public policy expert with the National Consumers League. Long a part of high-risk activities like skydiving, liability waivers are expected to become commonplace in ordinary settings where social distancing is a challenge. That includes theme parks, live events, beauty salons and doctors’ offices. Even Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is requiring people who go to his political rallies to formally agree they won’t sue the president or other parties if they contract COVID-19 after attending a gathering.”Consumers should expect to be asked to sign more of these liability waivers at least for the foreseeable future,” Breyault said.In signing the hair salon’s waiver himself, the policy expert was heartened to read in the document about the steps the business is taking to curb the spread of the coronavirus, such as requiring employees and customers to wear masks. Without such reassurances, Breyault said he would have had second thoughts about the safety of the services being offered.”If you’re being asked to waive your rights, and the contract isn’t detailing what the company is doing to protect you, that would be a red flag for me,” he said.

Vaccine Ethics and Children: With COVID-19, Science Has Completely Lost Its Way COVID-19 science should have set a new standard for vaccine safety research. Instead, it has lowered the bar. Hear this well: COVID-19 vaccines are not – and never were – a fait accompli. Unless the science being conducted on COVID-19 vaccines is held to the normative standards for ethical clinical research, no ethical physician, parent, or politician should support their general use – regardless of ACIP, CDC, WHO and AMA, AAP and FDA expected rubber-stamp recommendations.  The regulatory system we have is fatally flawed and must be replaced with one free from profit motive.  I call this Plan B, and I and my supporters will from this day make every effort to insure these obsolete and captured organizations’ impairment of bona fide evidence-based medicine in the US and abroad is brought to an end.Most medical professionals and parents believe that vaccines are the best way forward to protect children from disease caused by infectious pathogenic agents.  In a recent article, Bill Gates reports that he suspects ”the COVID-19 vaccine will become part of the routine newborn immunization schedule.”Oxford has announced that its Phase II COVID-19 vaccine studies will include a group of children aged between 5-12 years.  Given the low susceptibility of children to illness from SARS-CoV-2 infection, the inclusion of children is, according to Oxford, warranted so the differences between their immune systems and those of adults challenged with SARS-CoV-2 antigens can be better understood.Any translational scientist or bioethicist should, on the grounds of elementary first principles of the ethics of clinical research, object vehemently to the inclusion of children in COVID-19 vaccine studies.  Here, I lay those principles out in the current context.

An existing polio vaccine could help protect against coronavirus, top experts say As the world works to produce an effective Covid-19 vaccine, some experts suggest an existing vaccine that almost everyone already gets might help.There is plenty of evidence that existing vaccines such as polio vaccines protect children against a wide range of infections and it’s worth trying them out against the new coronavirus, a team of experts wrote in Science magazine Thursday.An oral polio vaccine is safe, cheap, easy to give and widely available, with more than 1 billion doses produced and used annually in more than 140 countries, according to the team, which includes one of the scientists who discovered HIV and a vaccine expert from the Food and Drug Administration. The vaccine has nearly eradicated polio worldwide.The oral polio vaccine uses a weakened version of the polio virus. The live attenuated vaccines produce a strong and long-lasting immune response, vaccine experts said. They’re slower to manufacture than modern vaccines that just use a piece of genetic material from a virus, and the US and European companies working on coronavirus vaccines are focusing on quicker ways.It would make sense to at least test it to see if it helps against coronavirus, said Konstantin Chumakov of the FDA and Dr. Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, along with their colleagues.

Hour 2:

Political Polarization Peaking In America? Voters Embrace ‘All Or Nothing’ Mentality Along Party Lines You don’t need a study or headline to know that America feels incredibly divided right now. That being said, a new study from Penn State suggests that U.S. political polarization isn’t just getting stronger or more intense; it’s also spreading and encompassing more seemingly unconnected issues, and some topics that aren’t even political.Essentially, party lines and stances on one issue are becoming increasingly correlated. For example, a few years ago two people may have disagreed on abortion rights, but would have found common ground regarding taxes or gun laws. Now, however, politics have turned into much more of an “all or nothing” game. If two people can’t agree on one issue, they’ve never been more likely to disagree on all issues.“This study represents a different structural element of polarization, which is how different opinions and beliefs are related to one another in the population at large,” says study author Daniel DellaPosta, assistant professor of sociology and social data analytics at PSU, in a release.” This builds on a long line of work, often called opinion alignment.”DellaPosta’s analysis of a national opinion survey also revealed that less and less Americans hold opinions that both liberals and conservatives can conceivably agree on. Everyone is moving toward the more extreme ends of the political spectrum; there is less room for compromise.“People who have studied polarization in the past have often concluded that polarization has increased in some ways, but it is not occurring in the opinions in the population as a whole — and that’s been a somewhat comforting thought,” he explains. “In a sense, this study provides a less hopeful conclusion because it suggests that it’s not just that, for example, political parties have become more extreme, but that polarization has happened in the population itself.”

America’s Social Unrest Is About to Get Much Worse, Congress Fears With uncharacteristic speed, Congress is responding to a historic moment on issues of race in America by crafting legislation to reform police forces—proposals aimed at changing the culture and conditions that have led to the repeated killings of unarmed black Americans at the hands of police.But increasingly, lawmakers are concerned that Capitol Hill’s response to protesters’ demands for racial justice will be severely limited if it doesn’t include measures to address another powerful undercurrent of the nationwide protests: pervasive economic inequality that’s left black communities behind.That long standing inequality has been put into an even starker light by the circumstances of George Floyd’s death—his killer, Derek Chauvin, stopped him over an allegedly fake $20 bill—and by the coronavirus outbreak, which has put low-wage workers of color on the front lines of the pandemic, ravaged minority-owned businesses, and sparked massive levels of unemployment in their communities. Many of the economic relief measures that Congress approved in response to the outbreak—expanded unemployment insurance, a one-time economic stimulus, moratorium on rent payments in public housing—have lapsed or are set to lapse by the end of July. Failing to address those, said Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), could be a powerful factor that sustains and intensifies protests around the country, as job opportunities stagnate and families face eviction from housing. Beyer, chairman of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, said policymakers have to understand that the protests ignited in an environment where “people are suffering greatly from the recession, the coronavirus, the general systemic sense that things are far from fair in the U.S.”

 Full Steam Ahead: FCC Chairman Dismisses Pentagon, DoT, NOAA, and Energy Dept Opposition to 5G The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry.  Unfortunately, it never seems to work out that way on 5G or anything else.  Opposition to 5G has been issued by many respected American government agencies including the U.S. Navy, NOAA, NASA, the Department of Defense, and more.  Congress members have also asked that installation be slowed down during the pandemic.  The FCC says no.More from 5G Crisis:Despite major pushback from the Pentagon, Department of Transportation (DoT), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Energy Department, Ajit Pai continues to charge forward with plans to speed the rollout of 5G.“NOAA…said the FCC’s push to reallocate some spectrum would set back satellite-assisted weather forecasting decades. The Transportation Department warned about road safety when a patch of airwaves set aside for driverless cars was reassigned. The Energy Department opposed taking spectrum used by the power companies. Perhaps most memorably, the Defense Department raised alarms about the FCC’s April 20 approval of a mobile broadband network, saying the service will interfere with military and civilian GPS.”


 How Google is Manipulating COVID Related Search Results Amazingly, most users of Google still don’t understand the powerful spell that the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) holds over their minds and behavior. When it comes to COVID, it’s no less egregious, and it’s more important now than ever to question everything: https://questioningcovid.com/



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Fox Runs Monty Python Parody Post From Reddit as Example of ‘Infighting’ at CHAZ Protest Area in Seattle On Friday night, Fox News put on screen an image of a Reddit post that played off a famous Monty Python bit, mistaking it for a genuine message of discontent from among those at the so-called “autonomous zone” in Seattle.On Fox News Channel’s The Story, host Martha MacCallum read from a Reddit post that was shown on screen in a report on the self-declared autonomous zone around a police precinct, dubbed the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or or “CHAZ” by the demonstrators. Rapper Raz Simone has faced controversy and has been characterized in the press as the “Warlord” of the zone.In covering that apparent discord, MacCallum referenced the Reddit post as an example of discontent within the ranks. But, as you can see below, the post was an obvious take on a scene from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”It was actually a pretty funny Reddit post. And it’s a darn good reason for MacCallum to catch up on her Monty Python.That’s not to say there’s no controversy within the zone about leadership. The report included an interview with Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott, reporting from inside the autonomous zone. You can watch the full clip below.

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