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June 17th, 2020 3-5PM ET

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 FDA Warns Four Manufacturers of Unapproved Injectable Drugs Labeled as Homeopathic The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to four companies for selling unapproved injectable drug products labeled as homeopathic that can pose serious risks to patient health and violate federal law, as part of the agency’s efforts to protect Americans from potentially harmful products that are labeled as homeopathic.The FDA is particularly concerned about unapproved injectable drug products labeled as homeopathic because they are injected directly into the body, often directly into the bloodstream and bypass some of the body’s key natural defenses against toxins, toxic ingredients and dangerous organisms that can cause serious and life-threatening harm. Additionally, unapproved drugs that claim to cure, treat or prevent serious conditions may cause consumers to delay or stop medical treatments that have been found safe and effective through the FDA review process.“The FDA’s drug approval requirements are designed to protect patients by ensuring, among other things, that drugs are safe and effective for their intended uses. These unapproved injectable drugs are particularly concerning because they inherently present greater risks to patients because of how they are administered,” said Donald D. Ashley, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

 Virginia Legislature Gives CDC, Board of Health Power to Mandate Vaccines for School Children In the 2020 Legislative session, the Virginia Legislature passed H.B.1090, a bill that amended a law requiring children attending public and private schools in the state to receive vaccines (§ 32.1-46. Immunization of patients against certain diseases).1 Virginia Delegate Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) was the lead sponsor of H.B. 1090 introduced on Jan. 8, 2020, which proposed to automatically mandate that children enrolled in daycare or school receive all current and future vaccines recommended by the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).The final bill, passed by the Senate in March, granted Governor-appointed members of the Virginia Board of Health the authority to add federally recommended vaccines to the schedule required for school attendance with the exception of the annual influenza vaccination. The bill included an exemption from the requirements of Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4006 et seq. of the Code of Virginia), effectively blocking Virginia citizens and elected legislators from participating in the decision-making process that creates new vaccine mandates for children.Under the U.S. Constitution, duly elected representatives in state legislatures have authority for making public health laws for state residents.

An Army of Volunteers Is Taking On Vaccine Disinformation Online AS RESEARCHERS, PHARMA companies, and governments around the world are racing to make a vaccine against the pandemic coronavirus in record time, there’s a growing concern that many Americans won’t want it when it arrives. In a series of recent polls, only about half of US adults say they would get a Covid-19 vaccine, even though more than 1,000 people are still dying from the disease every day in the US. Some of those surveyed are rightly concerned about the perils of rushed science. But according to one poll conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov, more than a quarter of Americans would decline a shot in part because they believe Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates is trying to slip them a microchip.Conspiracy theories thrive in times of great uncertainty, and the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a petri dish for particularly harmful ones. This one can be traced back to May 4, when a little-known filmmaker named Mikki Willis posted a 26-minute video called Plandemic to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and a designated website. It featured a discredited scientist describing a bizarre, unsubstantiated plot by global elites like Gates to use a vaccine against the virus to seize power. These ideas, hailing from many sources, had already been swirling on many parts of the internet and were congealing into a narrative involving Gates and microchips, but the Plandemic video became their biggest signal boost. According to an analysis by The New York Times, the video spent about three days incubating on Facebook pages dedicated to conspiracy theories and the anti-vaccine movement. Then, like any efficient pathogen, it went viral. Just a week after its release, the now widely debunked video had been viewed more than 8 million times.

Are we all OCD now, with obsessive hand-washing and technology addiction? One of the hallmarks of obsessive-compulsive disorder is contamination fears and excessive hand-washing. Years ago, a patient with severe OCD came to my office wearing gloves and a mask and refused to sit on any of the “contaminated” chairs. Now, these same behaviors are accepted and even encouraged to keep everyone healthy.This new normal in the face of a deadly pandemic has permeated our culture and will continue to influence it. Many stores now prominently post rules mandating face masks and hand sanitizer use and limit the number of customers allowed inside at one time. Walkers and joggers politely cross the street to avoid proximity to each other.Only a few months ago, this type of behavior would have been considered excessive and certainly not healthy.So, where do doctors draw the line between vigilance to avoid being infected with the coronavirus and obsessive-compulsive disorder that can be harmful?This is an important question that I, a psychiatrist, and my co-author, a wellness and parenting coach, often hear.Since the start of the pandemic, it has become more challenging to assess behaviors that were once considered excessive. Many behaviors previously considered pathological are now considered essential to protect human health and are applauded as adaptive and resourceful.Before COVID-19, concerns about compulsive use of the internet or internet addiction, characterized by overuse and overdependence on digital devices, were growing.

Norway ends virus tracing app over privacy concern Norway has suspended use of its smartphone app meant to track and trace coronavirus contagions after a public spat between health authorities and the information watchdog.Geir Bukholm, an official at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said the decision Monday to delete data and halt any further information gathering from the app “weakened the country’s preparedness” should the infection rate increase. The app was being tested in three municipalities.But the Norwegian Data Protection Agency said, amongst other things, that the low infection rate meant data gathering on the app could no longer be justified against privacy concerns.Norway currently has between 50 and 100 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus, according to the NIPH. There are between 20 and 50 new cases each week.Fearing a second wave or localized spread of the infection, the health directorate will argue in a meeting with the data watchdog on Friday that the technology should be turned back on.European governments have been rolling out smartphone tracing apps to help beat back any fresh coronavirus outbreaks. Norway was one of the first out of the blocks but its “Smittestopp” raised concerns because it used GPS tracking and uploaded data to central servers every hour.The app was suspended ahead of an Amnesty International report analyzing contact tracing apps from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, which found that the Norwegian app was one of the most alarming for privacy because of its “live or near-live tracking of users’ locations.” The rights group said it shared its findings with authorities earlier this month and urged them to change course.“This episode should act as a warning to all governments rushing ahead with apps that are invasive and designed in a way that puts human rights at risk,” said Claudio Guarnieri, head of Amnesty’s Security Lab.

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 Fauci: why the public wasn’t told to wear masks when the coronavirus pandemic began Medical masks and cloth face coverings are now a common sight when venturing out in public amidst the coronavirus pandemic; most states require them as part of reopening plans, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocates their use.This wasn’t always the case. When the coronavirus pandemic hit stateside, face masks were strictly recommended as personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care professionals. According to Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert and a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, masks weren’t advised to the public from the start because of the anticipated PPE shortages.Speaking.


Study: Coughs, Sneezes That Sound Disgusting Fill Bystanders With Fear These days, everyone is hyper aware of every cough, sneeze, and sniffle. It’s dangerous business doing any of that stuff in public right now, as most people will probably assume you’ve become a walking COVID-19 infection center. Interestingly, a new study from the University of Michigan finds that people are actually quite inaccurate when it comes to picking up on legitimate illnesses based on sounds.Even before COVID-19, researchers say that people have always been inclined to assume someone else is really sick after hearing a simple cough or sneeze. In reality, however, many of these perceived warning signs of illness are nothing more than a tickle of the throat or occasional sneeze.The more “disgusting” we perceive a sound to be, the more likely we are to attribute that sound to an infection or illness.“We find no evidence that perceivers can reliably detect pathogen threats from cough and sneeze sounds, even though they are reasonably certain they can,” says Nicholas Michalak, the study’s lead author and a psychology graduate student, in a release.Previous research had found that people are pretty good at picking up on illnesses via sight or smell. But, according to this study, when it comes to sounds, most of us “over-perceive” the presence of a pathogen or infectionTo come to their conclusions, the study’s authors held four experiments. In each scenario, participants were asked to determine whether or not a series of coughs and sneeze sounds were made by people dealing with an infectious disease or not. All four experiments yielded absolutely no evidence that people are capable of making this distinction based on sounds alone..

COVID Vaccine Will Only be Good for a Short Time – Multiple Shots Will be Needed Pharmaceutical companies racing to fast-track a COVID vaccine are already warning the public that any vaccine that comes into the market will probably only offer temporary “protection,” laying the ground work for a COVID vaccine that will probably be similar to the annual flu vaccine, where a new shot is needed every year.The flu vaccine is already the most dangerous vaccine in the market, comprising the bulk of settlements for injuries and deaths in the U.S. Vaccine Court. (Previously published reports for vaccine settlements for injuries and deaths by the DOJ are found here.)FiercePharma, the marketing trade publication for the vaccine industry, quoted AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot from an interview he gave on a Belgian radio station:“We think that it will protect for about a year.”FiercePharma also reports that AstraZeneca expects to have their vaccine ready by October this year:Soriot said that “if all goes well, we will have the results of the clinical trials in August/September,” as quoted by Reuters.“We are manufacturing in parallel,” he added. “We will be ready to deliver from October if all goes well.”Soriot is not the only one saying that multiple shots will be needed for COVID treatment. Dr. Fauci has said the same thing, as Marco Cáceres reports in this article from The Vaccine Reaction.

COVID-19: Conspiracies, Vaccines & Bill Gates There are lots of things about this pandemic that seem a bit “off,” starting with its origin. We reported in early February that reports that the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan food market were false. We reported that the virus was likely man-made and probably originated in a secret bio lab in Wuhan.That story was widely criticized, and virtually all major media outlets insisted that the virus was natural, that its transmission originated with bats, and that it definitely started spreading from the food market. But that narrative – even according to the U.S. government – is changing.We’ve now learned that the market in Wuhan doesn’t even sell bats, and that the nature of this virus is unique in a way not possible through natural means. In a unique turn of events, even a major media outlet like the New York Post has begun to call out the media for obstructing the truth. They published an article about 3 weeks after ours questioning the origin story we’d been given regarding the coronavirus.Here’s their story:Way back on Feb. 23, The Post ran an opinion piece by Steven Mosher saying that we couldn’t trust China’s story about the origins of COVID-19. He argued that the virus might — might — have jumped to the human population thanks to errors at a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, rather than via that city’s now-notorious “wet market.”The piece was widely read online — until Facebook stepped in.The social media giant’s “fact checkers” decided this was not a valid opinion. If you tried to share Mosher’s column on Face­book, the social network stuck a “False Information” alert on top, saying that finding was “checked by independent fact-checkers” and preventing your friends from clicking to connect to the original article to see for themselves.

The Sordid History of Vaccines & COVID-19 Before discussing the coronavirus vaccine, let’s quickly recap the history of vaccines and the reasons that so many of us choose NOT to inject ourselves or our children.Vaccines have long been touted as the medical “saviors” of the modern world. The eradication of diseases like smallpox and measles has largely been attributed to the “miracle” of vaccination.But is that the truth?Let’s review the facts about measles and the MMR vaccine.From 1959-1962 – just before the vaccine was introduced – measles was fatal in only 0.01% of cases. And while the number of unvaccinated children has quadrupled since 2001, from 2000-2016 measles deaths decreased by 84%. But there are other factors at play when it comes to the dangers of measles.Malnutrition, especially vitamin A deficiency, is a primary cause of about 90,000 measles deaths annually in underdeveloped nations. In the U.S. and other developed countries, up to 92% of hospitalized measles patients are low in vitamin A. Better nutrition and hygiene may explain the decline in measles mortality even before the vaccine existed.And the numbers that are used to scare us into submission are not numbers that you can trust. About 90% of measles cases are benign and go unreported, meaning that reported cases of measles only constitute about 10% of all cases. Using reported cases to calculate mortality rates results in numbers that are artificially inflated by a factor of 10.One of the biggest issues with vaccine safety is a lack of research. While most drugs spend months or even years in testing, vaccines can be approved in as little as a few days. There are no “true” placebo control groups, since each vaccine is tested against an older version of the same vaccine or another vaccine. And the side effects listed on the insert often contain all the same symptoms as the disease itself, making it impossible to prove efficacy.

  The Top 5 Cancer-Fighting Healthy Fruits You Should Be Eating One of the interesting things about dealing with cancer naturally as opposed to conventionally is the fact that there are myriad ways to go about doing it. Physiologically speaking, one treatment might work better for one person, while another fares better for someone else − and the type of cancer involved also makes a huge difference. But the one element that nearly all natural treatments seem to have in common is diet, which is why it’s important to learn which foods exacerbate cancer and which foods help keep it at bay.Throughout my journeys, I’ve uncovered many exotic foods from around the world (including right here in the USA), that science has shown possess powerful anti-cancer properties. Many of these foods are fruits that, in my opinion, everyone should be eating on a regular basis as part of a holistic, cancer-preventative lifestyle. And among these, a select few cream-of-the-crop contenders stand out as being the world’s most viable for preventing and treating cancer.Here are five of the top healthy fruits to include in your anti-cancer diet…#1: Soursop Fruit (Graviola)This tropical, spiny green “superfruit” is a prized species of the Annona plant genus. It boasts a dense array of phytonutrients and antioxidants that studies show are highly effective at destroying cancer cells and warding off chronic disease. Soursop is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.Annona muricata is known to help prevent infections, minimize inflammation, protect eyesight, and quell digestive upset, among many other beneficial uses in maintaining health.


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