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October 27th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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FDA panel endorses Covid-19 shot for kids 5-11 years old The Food and Drug Administration’s independent vaccine advisers voted Tuesday to recommend authorizing the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot for children ages 5-11, after deliberating whether everyone in that age group should be eligible for immunization.  Panel members voted 17-0 to recommend the shot, with one abstention. The question before the committee was whether the vaccine’s benefits outweigh its risks “based on the totality of scientific evidence available,” when the shot is given as two doses three weeks apart.  Data presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that children ages 5 to 11 are “at least as likely” as adults to contract Covid-19, and surveillance testing suggests pediatric cases are widely underreported. Hospitalization rates also are three times higher for children of color than for white kids, highlighting racial disparities also seen among adult patients. Kathrin U. Jansen, Pfizer’s senior vice president and head of vaccine research and development, applauded the vote. “About 10% of all weekly U.S. cases occur in children 5 to under 12 years of age with a potential risk of complications,” she said in a statement. “In addition, immunizing children will help to get us closer to herd immunity, with the potential to stem the pandemic sooner.”

10 Red Flags in FDA’s Risk-Benefit Analysis of Pfizer’s Plan to Inject Young American Children With COVID ‘Vaccine’ Where to even begin with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) preposterous risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” in children ages 5 to 11? Let’s start with my bona fides. I have a year of undergraduate statistics at one of the best liberal arts colleges in America (Swarthmore). I have a year of graduate statistics at the master’s program rated #1 for policy analysis (UC Berkeley). And I have a Ph.D. in political economy from one of the top universities in the world (University of Sydney). My research focus is on corruption in the pharmaceutical industry so I’ve read scientific studies in connection with vaccines nearly every day for five years. Earlier in my career, I worked professionally tearing apart shoddy cost-benefit analyses prepared by corporations that were trying to get tax breaks, contracts and other concessions from local government. Suffice it to say I’ve thought a lot about risk-benefit analysis and I’m better equipped than most to read one of these documents. The FDA’s risk-benefit analysis in connection with Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application to inject children ages 5 to 11 with their COVID-19 vaccine is one of the shoddiest documents I’ve ever seen.

As some police fight vaccine rules, DeSantis says Florida will pay them $5,000 to relocate: ‘We’ll treat you better’ Police officers across the country were among the first to become eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine, but some are still declining the shots, leaving them clashing with city leaders as immunization mandates go into effect.  In Chicago, days before police officers were due to report their vaccination status following a citywide mandate, the head of its police union urged officers to ignore the deadline and “hold the line.” Thousands of Los Angeles Police Department employees say they’ll seek vaccine exemptions after police officials filed a federal lawsuit against the city over vaccination and mask mandates. At least 150 officers, the Massachusetts police union recently reported, have resigned or submitted paperwork to do so over that state’s immunization requirements. And last week, the president of New York City’s largest police union said it plans to sue Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio for requiring all city employees to get their first vaccine doses before Nov. 1. But there is one state willing to take in unvaccinated law enforcement personnel who are terminated if they choose not to get immunized: Florida. On Sunday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced plans to offer unvaccinated officers $5,000 bonuses to relocate to his state and join the police force. “We’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement, because we do have needs in our police and our sheriff’s departments,” DeSantis said during an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. DeSantis, who told Bartiromo he hopes to sign such a bill in the next legislative session, urged officers in New York, Minneapolis and Seattle to relocate to Florida if their departments do not offer accommodations to those declining the coronavirus vaccine.

No vaccine, no problem: Indiana recruits Chicago cops upset by COVID mandates With thousands of Chicago police officers at odds with the city’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates, officials in the neighboring state of Indiana are trying to recruit disgruntled cops, some of whom are being punished for not complying. As of Oct. 15, all of Chicago Police Department’s roughly 12,000 officers are required to share their vaccination status, outlets report, and those who aren’t vaccinated must get tested for COVID-19 twice weekly. “Hey Chicago police officers, we’re hiring!” an Indiana State Police spokesman said in a tweet on Thursday. “No vaccine mandate … lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities.”Chicago police officers who don’t follow the new rules can have their pay and their powers suspended, WFLD reported. As of Tuesday, at least 21 officers have faced those consequences, police Superintendent David Brown told the outlet. Roughly two-thirds of Chicago’s officers have submitted their vaccine status into Chicago’s database, Brown told the station, and 82% of those are vaccinated.

Questions of The Day!

Hello my radio/Brighteon TV boyfriends!
You may have answered this before, but in lieu of Innate Response’s GTF Chromium not being available anymore (even through Choose to be Healthy), what would you suggest as a comparable alternative? I understand and have experienced it’s value to the health of my family and I, and don’t want to have to stop taking it.
Thank you for being such a beacon of health.

We know that viruses are not contagious, nor exist unless we are talking about destroyed cell debris or something. So how do we know the symptoms attributed to covid are caused by a bioweapon vs wearing masks and the common failure to crack windows during lockdowns? Is covid actually nanotech or biotech that powers through the body’s numerous defense barriers, or an upgrade in the telecommunications in the direction of 5G, or chemical agents, or microwaving the population, or what? Also, do we know yet if unvaxers get proximity symptoms from vaxers?
Thank you.

Comment of The Day!

Hi there, this is Valeri your happy retired PA-C! You had a caller who asked about the aspiration of the syringe when giving an intramuscular injection. She is absolutely correct that it should always be aspirated prior to depressing the injection. When I have watched most of these videos I do notice some people doing the “two-handed method” (this is where you hold the syringe with one hand and pull on the plunger with the other). I, however, was taught a one-handed method that can be done with the newer syringes that have a spring in them to self retract the needle after the plunger is completely depressed. Some may miss this method when watching. This can be done with one of the fingers holding the syringe. I would agree with your caller completely that I have noticed some of the videos don’t do either which makes me cringe, I imagine like some people do when they hear the word “moist”.

Fun fact for Super Don! You should aspirate not only to ensure you aren’t depressing in a vein, which is rare in the shoulder but also to ensure you aren’t depressing into the joint capsule which as you can imagine has terrible side effects.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

CDC Director: Unvaccinated Police, Government Workers To Be Sent For “Education And Counseling” Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to provide vaccine hesitant police and other government workers with “education and counseling” to make them “comfortable” about taking the shots. Walensky told Chris Wallace that “We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated.” “What we know from the police workforce is there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined,” she claimed, adding “So we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated.” Then came the kicker. “There is a plan, should these people not want to be vaccinated, towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated,” Walensky declared.

Harvard Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff: Hospitals Should Hire Nurses with Natural Immunity, Not Fire Them “Since the Athenian plague in 430 B.C. … we have known about natural immunity. So it’s strange that suddenly people are questioning that,” says Dr. Martin Kulldorff. Nurses and caregivers who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection have “stronger, longer-lasting immunity” than vaccinated individuals who have not been infected before, Dr. Kulldorff says, making these nurses and caregivers actually the “least likely to infect the residents.” Instead of firing them if they refuse to take the vaccine, hospitals and nursing homes should do the exact opposite: They should actively hire people with natural immunity and assign these individuals to the wards with especially vulnerable patients, he argues. Dr. Kulldorff is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a biostatistician and epidemiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is also one of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. We discuss the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, the politicization of science, and the Biden administration’s recent push to mandate vaccines for children.

Is a Preventative Breast Cancer Vaccine in Our Future? For years, experts have looked for ways to improve treatment options for people with breast cancer, which remains one of the most common types of cancer in the United States and beyond. But what about preventing the disease?  Cleveland Clinic has begun clinical testing of a novel vaccine designed ultimately to prevent triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Oncologist G. Thomas Budd, MD, the trial’s principal investigator, explains what’s happening and how the future of breast cancer prevention may look. This clinical trial is based on two decades of research and laboratory studies by Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute immunologist Vincent Tuohy, PhD, who showed that activating the immune system against a protein called α-lactalbumin prevented breast cancer in mice at risk for the disease. The research, originally published in Nature Medicine, was funded in part by philanthropic gifts from more than 20,000 people over the last 12 years. Now, a human trial will advance this research into people, focusing on individuals who have completed treatment for TNBC and are at risk of their cancer returning. The goal of the phase-one trial is to determine proper dosage in patients with early-stage TNBC and to optimize the body’s immune response to the vaccine.

Six reasons why it’s hard to lead a healthier life We know we should do it, and we often want to, but… Why is it so hard to live a healthier life? Professor of Behavioral Interventions in Population Health Marieke Adriaanse explains. The Scientific Council for Government Policy recently warned that healthcare will become unaffordable in the future. The Council estimates that by 2060, one person in three will have to work in healthcare, as compared to one in seven now. One of the solutions for this future problem is to lead a healthier lifestyle. But for many people, this is a huge challenge. Here’s why. “Science has convincingly shown in a multitude of studies that exercise offers a miracle cure for an incredible range of conditions. There has been much less research into how to stimulate people to exercise and adopt a healthier lifestyle. For far too long, our belief has been that it’s enough for a doctor to tell patients that a healthy weight will halve their risk of cardiovascular disease. We’ve been far too optimistic about people’s self-reliance, and ‘homo rationalis’ turns out to be a myth. Knowing that something is healthy doesn’t mean you’re motivated to do it, let alone that you’re able to.”

Can Brazil Nuts Protect Against Cancer? At The Truth About Cancer, we’re absolutely nuts about natural cancer prevention. But what if nuts could be the secret to a cancer-free life? Research shows that that may be just the case! In this article, we’re going to focus on Brazil nuts, which demonstrate incredible anti-cancer benefits. [We should clarify that, technically, the Brazil nut is a seed, not a nut (but it’s way harder to make seed puns). We’re going to refer to them as nuts here, just to keep things simple.] Brazil nuts are tree nuts native to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. Their smooth, buttery texture and nutty flavor are typically enjoyed raw or blanched. These nuts are energy dense, highly nutritious, and one of the most concentrated dietary sources of the mineral selenium. Selenium stimulates a variety of antioxidant pathways in the body and also reduces inflammation, regulates the immune response, and improves blood flow. Selenium can be one of the most potent sources for reducing inflammation. Brazil Nuts are a rich source of selenium, which is an essential nutrient linked to cancer prevention. Eating just one Brazil nut daily can significantly lower your risk of cancer. There has been a bounty of research that links selenium with cancer prevention.  It is said that selenium has a protective effect on cancer risk and should be included in the diet in one form or another. Consuming a sufficient amount of selenium might also prevent several types of cancers like head, neck, liver, breast, esophageal, skin, prostate, colorectal, lung, bladder, and blood cancers. Sufficient levels of selenium in the body are also linked to better immune function and better outcomes for infections, infertility, pregnancy, heart disease, and mood disorders.

Chemotherapy Reduces COVID Jab Protection, Study Says Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital, Austria, have demonstrated that the type of cancer treatment patients receive influences their COVID-19 shot response. Specifically, they found those undergoing chemotherapy had lower antibody levels than patients undergoing targeted therapy. The team studied antibody production following coronavirus vaccination in over 600 participants in two patient groups and in a control group made up of healthy hospital staff. “Patients with solid cancers were included, as were patients with blood cancers,” added Matthias Preusser who led the study published in JAMA Oncology. “Patients receiving chemotherapy had lower antibody levels than patients receiving targeted therapy,” explained lead author Maximilian Mair. In both healthy individuals and cancer patients, antibody levels were higher after full immunization with the licensed coronavirus shots than after only one dose but, even after full vaccination, antibody levels were higher in healthy individuals than in cancer patients. No differences were found between the various jabs, with most people having received messenger RNA (mRNA) shots in the study. “Overall, our data show that most cancer patients develop antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) protein after vaccination and therefore vaccination is generally recommended, but that vaccine protection is reduced by some cancer treatments,” concluded Preusser. A new study done by the University of Arizona Health Sciences has discovered the clash between chemotherapy patients and COVID-19. Results showed that chemo patients have a lower immune response to two doses of the injection, while some had no response at all.

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