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Feb 4, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

First childhood flu helps explain why virus hits some people harder than others Why are some people better able to fight off the flu than others? Part of the answer, according to a new study, is related to the first flu strain we encounter in childhood. Scientists from UCLA and the University of Arizona have found that people’s ability to fight off the is determined not only by the subtypes of flu they have had throughout their lives, but also by the sequence in which they are been infected by the viruses. Their study is published in the open-access journal PLoS Pathogens. The research offers an explanation for why some people fare much worse than others when infected with the same strain of the flu , and the findings could help inform strategies for minimizing the effects of the seasonal flu.

When it comes to milk you should go full-fat, especially with kids Milk has had a bad rap in recent years. A rise in veganism and concerns around intolerance to the creamy white drink has seen a surge in popularity of milk alternatives, and multiple myths still surround the drink, including beliefs that it worsens the symptoms of a cold. But when it comes to kids, cow’s milk is a must-have — and always in its fattiest form, experts say. Milk is a good source of calcium, iodine, vitamins A and B12, and fat — and it’s the fat that helps children meet their energy requirements, says Lucy Upton, a specialist pediatric dietician and spokesperson for the Association of UK Dieticians.”Fat is very important in children,” says Upton. “They have very high energy requirements.” The three key energy sources for kids are dairy, protein and carbohydrates, and kids need significantly more energy per pound (or kilo) than adults. “The average two-year-old needs 80 calories per kilogram of weight,” she says, highlighting that adults need less than half that amount.

How do we test for coronavirus, anyway? As the recently discovered coronavirus has rapidly spread beyond its origins in China, health authorities around the world have needed to quickly develop testing capabilities. In the United States, that task has been performed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which has published its methodology and is currently in the process of applying for an emergency waiver to allow medical-testing facilities to perform these tests. But if you’re not familiar with the tools of molecular biology, the CDC’s testing procedure might as well be written in another language. What follows is a description of how to go from an unknown virus to a diagnostic test in less than a month.

The Chinese virus, HIV, and a stranger on a train In my research on so-called epidemics and viruses over the last 30 years, I’ve examined a point very few people want to think about. Does the virus being promoted actually exist? It might seem absurd to ask that. “Well, of course it exists. Why else would experts be saying it’s causing disease and death? Why else are they developing a vaccine?” I don’t buy that reply at face value. Never have, never will. Let me illustrate with a short tale. —Word goes out to an elite intelligence agency that a stranger on a train is a spy, and he is dangerous. He must be captured. The Agency sends a few people to board the train. Who is the spy? What does he look like? Unknown. The agents move from car to car looking at passengers. From “past experience” in profiling suspects, they decide their target is probably a man in sleeping car 100. They knock on his door. He opens it. They place him under arrest.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING SPRING 2020 BOOT CAMP We are determined to change the world with the Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp Course and Training. For the first time, we will be offering the Boot Camp in SPANISH. All of the Word Documents that including the module outlines, course objectives, and module quizzes have all been translated to Spanish. The instructional videos have been translated into Spanish! Our plan is to continue to add language translations until we can further our reach around the globe. The fee for the course is the same – $595 if paid in full and $349 if paid in two installments –           and you’ll get BOTH the English and Spanish versions! 

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Global rates of cancer are set to soar by 60% in the next two decades if rates of smoking, hepatitis and HPV don’t decline, WHO warns Driven by persistently high rates of HPV, hepatitis and smoking – especially in low-income countries – the world could see 60 percent more cancer cases in the next 20 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned in a new report. Over 80 percent of these are expected to be diagnosed in low-income countries, according to the report released on Monday. In the US, progress against cancer has been astounding as falling rates of smoking and better treatments for even though hardest-to-beat forms of the disease improve survival odds. Other nations are not so fortunate and have had to invest their limited resources in fighting infectious diseases and keeping mothers and babies alive through pregnancy and infancy.

Questions of The Day!

Thanks for the info on the Qi devices ( I asked a question recently and Paul was on to answer it- very helpful). I have a comment and then a question. So my comment is that I just learned that T-mobile has launched 5G nationwide by utilizing their already existing cell towers. Crazy. Their 5G coverage map on their site shows basically all of America being covered with 5G. They told me when I called that it was launched in December nationwide and that all the other companies are following now and that they just got to be first because they won the bid. I know that they want to put up the small cells every few houses but all of us are already being hit with 5G from cell towers and I am not sure people know that. So heads up to everyone if your listeners start having weird new symptoms could be that. That leads to my question… along with the Qi device I also want to get my family on selenium given we live just over a 1/4 mile from a tower. I know you have talked about this many many times and I am sorry to have to ask again but for adults and children (12 and 8) how much should we be taking of the whole food form? Thanks so much Robert and Super Don! You guys are awesome!


Hi Robert & Super Don!

I recently submitted a question regarding an aunt in Italy and a protocol for osteoporosis. Would the protocol be the same for osteoarthritis?? Another aunt, age 72, has had osteoarthritis for some time. Would love to help her.

Many thanks – your wisdom has been such a help to our family.


Hi there Shane again,

Hi Rsb and Super D, I wanted to thank you both as well as all your guests and the rest of us that listen for the true words that we get to enjoy, truly love everyone.

I have an issue with my girlfriend, Melissa, I know crack your jokes lol, no seriously, she has had receding gums for a while now like at least a year or longer now, is there anything that would or will reverse this perminantly?

I would suspect the loading phase of silica?

She has been brushing her teeth with a silver based toothpaste to keep the pain, real bad pain and bacteria at bay. Can you give us some insight and reverse this problem without costly surgeries and hassle, please!!!

Love you Rsb, Super D and the rest of your listeners as well ❤. God bless you all.



What are your go to items for dealing with an infection, for me I have one in small gland near the prostate, in an area probably low blood flow that has been there for some time. Have used Silver Hydrosol, Oil of Oregano but find hard on my stomach, Garlic when not going to be around a lot of others. Not really wanting to use an Antibiotic unless last resort.


Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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