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October 5th, 2022 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Most Americans don’t plan to get a flu shot this season — lots of them say they’ll mask to avoid germs instead Only 49% of U.S. adults plan to get their flu shot this flu season, according to a survey conducted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). Even 1 in 5 of those who are at higher risk for influenza-related complications say they won’t get vaccinated. People who are more likely to have severe outcomes from a flu infection include those over the age of 65, pregnant people, children younger than five years old, and individuals with underlying conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We know flu vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself and your family from flu,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, during the NFID’s conference on Tuesday. Most Americans agree. Nearly 70% believe that getting an annual flu vaccination is the best way to prevent influenza-related deaths and hospitalizations, the NFID found. And yet many people remain hesitant to get their vaccine. Instead, more U.S. adults are gravitating towards masking as a form of protection against the flu. A higher percentage of Americans (58%) plan to mask at least sometimes this flu season than intend to get vaccinated.

Special Guest Ross Pelton

Ross Pelton is currently the Scientific Director for Essential Formulas, Inc, based in Dallas, TX. As a pharmacist, he is an expert on pharmaceutical drugs and their life-altering side effects. As a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN), he counsels clients on diet, nutrition and natural therapies for a wide range of health issues. As a health care professional, Ross helps clients and other healthcare professionals utilize and integrate natural therapies and life extension technologies into their lives and/or practices to achieve a healthier, longer life. With over 30 years of research and scientific experience, Ross Pelton has turned his passion for educating people on health and life extension into a legacy for thousands of clients around the world. Whether its tackling tough subjects like Natural Therapies for Depression & Anxiety, Natural Therapies for ADD & ADHD, Preventing the Side Effects of Birth Control Pills and Natural Therapies for Sleep, Ross covers a myriad of subjects and speaks frankly about what you need to do naturally to take charge of your life. Ross Pelton began his career in the health sciences by graduating from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy in 1966. Ross worked as a pharmacist for a number of years before joining the Peace Corps in 1972. He taught high school chemistry for 2 years in Malaysia, and also closely observed the village shamans and native healing arts in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

CDC V-safe Data: Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Sought Medical Care After COVID Vaccination Hundreds of thousands of Americans sought medical care after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released on Oct. 3. Some 782,900 people reported seeking medical attention, emergency room care and/or hospitalization following COVID-19 vaccination. Another 2.5 million people reported needing to miss school, work or other normal activities as a result of a health event after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. The reports were made to the CDC’s V-safe program, a new vaccine safety monitoring system to which users can report issues through smartphones. The CDC released the data to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) after being sued over not producing the data when asked by the nonprofit. ICAN posted a dashboard summarizing the data. “It took numerous legal demands, appeals and two lawsuits, and over a year, but the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court order requiring them to do what they should have done from day one, release the V-safe data to the public,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing ICAN in the case, told The Epoch Times in an email. About 10 million people utilized V-safe during the period of time the data covers: Dec. 14, 2020, to July 31, 2022. About 231 million Americans received at least one vaccine doses during that time. The V-safe users reported about 71 million symptoms. The most commonly reported symptoms were chills (3.5 million), swelling (3.6 million), joint pain (4 million), muscle or body aches (7.8 million), headache (9.7 million), fatigue (12.7 million) and general pain (19.5 million). About 4.2 million of the symptoms were of severe severity. Users of V-safe filled in data for about 13,000 infants younger than two, reporting over 33,000 symptoms, including pain, loss of appetite and irritability. The data produced so far by the CDC does not include free-text responses, according to ICAN. The data covered fields where users checked boxes.

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Special Guest – KC Craichy!

KC is Founder and CEO of LivingFuel, Inc., a leading distributor of superfood nutrition, and author of the best-selling book SuperHealth – 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality and his most recent book The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!. Through his work, products and teaching, KC is on a mission to change lives.

The inspiration for success began with past health challenges of KC’s wife, Monica, former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA, who looked like the model of health on the outside but on the inside it was a different story. KC also had early struggles of being overweight and out of shape. Monica’s experiences of anxiety, fear, panic and depression more than 14 years ago and the futility of conventional medical approaches (drugs, psychotherapy) led KC to vow to find an answer. Through years of research and trial and error, Monica has gained back complete health and her vibrancy. Monica has not taken any medication since deciding to find the answer and today she and KC have five wonderful children.

KC wrestled with a challenge of his own: he was overweight. In high school, he discovered the power of proper nutrition which led to a life of research and understanding. He began to unlock the keys to maximum performance and metabolism and since has spent his adult life as a health-conscious athlete, forging a vision to develop a new approach to healthy living. It’s a simple, no-nonsense strategy that aims to help people of any age look, feel and live better.

Question of The Day!

Hi RSB and Super Don.
I’m going to feel bad asking this question, but I really think it might need to be discussed. I personally love Dr. Aseem Malhotra. I started following him years ago because he is in the low carb community and presented before Parliament on that subject. I also just like him and followed when his parents died. Of course, I watched the Safe and Effective A Second Opinion video and thought it was well done. These doctors and nurses/medical people ALL violated informed consent. Anyone who gave a shot to anyone without showing them the ingredients and possible side effects. ALL. Dr. Malhotra called it “willful blindness.” So, doctors were “fooled” into giving a possibly deadly shot to people. What are the consequences to them for that? Or they just didn’t want to speak up because they would lose their jobs. What are the consequences for that? Either they are cowards, or they lack wisdom. Either explanation begs the question of whether or not they are fit to be practicing medicine. I cannot personally imagine a scenario where Dr. Malhotra in any way thought he was promoting a gene therapy that would harm people. But did people take it because he promoted it and what consequences did/will they suffer? Is he responsible for this in any way? Can people harmed sue him or their doctors for malpractice? I am a person who believes in forgiveness and trust me I need a lot of it. But there are consequences when I do things. If I am drunk and I drive and kill someone, I go to jail. I can be forgiven, but I reap what I sow. I am not coming from a place of retribution, and I would not like to see good doctors suffer, but after watching these people who lost husbands or suffered and are still suffering great harm, what is the answer? Do you have any thoughts on this subject? It might be too hot to discuss on your show.
Who will see you at Tinley Park!!

What is ‘Christmas Creep’ and Why Can It Stress You Out? No, it’s not just you. The holidays really do start early these days, and we’re not talking about Halloween. In fact, retailers seem to have put the spooky season on the back burner and are already starting winter holiday sales this year. Walmart started its year-end holiday sales on Oct. 1, and its competitor Target isn’t far behind. The big box retailer announced it would offer its earliest access ever to holiday deals from Oct. 6-8. Amazon isn’t missing the early-holiday party either. The juggernaut is debuting Amazon Early Access this year, a two-day period of deals from Oct. 11-12 open to Prime members only. Walmart, Target, and Amazon are participating in what consumer behavior experts call “The Christmas creep.” “This is the tendency of retailers — both physical and e-commerce — to try and kick off holiday spending earlier and earlier in the season. For the American consumer, in particular, this tends to be oriented around Christmas gift shopping,” says Matt Johnson, PhD, a professor of consumer psychology at Hult International Business School in Boston, an instructor at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, and the author of Branding That Means Business. The holidays can be a money-making boon for retailers. In 2021, the National Retail Federation said holiday sales jumped 14.1% to a record $886.7 billion, and it appears retailers are banking on a longer season helping their bottom lines this year. “If a retailer can convince its consumer base that its holiday season begins earlier, the period in which they’ll spend at this higher rate is extended, which means more revenue for the retailer,” Johnson says.

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